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uraraka needing money ASAP so she approaches todoroki, yaoyorozu, bakugou, and iida since they’re the wealthiest in class, and asks if they’d be willing to give her money in exchange for her doing whatever they wanted: laundry, homework, -

“riding my cock.”

bakugou’s grin is crude and suggestive, and the way he licks his lips radiates hunger.

he’s side eyeing her, a nasty glance that has her pulling her skirt lower and her cheeks a brigh shade of red.

“bakugou,” yaoyorozu gasped, “that’s extremely inappropriate!”
“did you not hear pink cheeks? she said anything.” bakugou reached forward and pinched her face. “ain’t that right, princess? you’re desperate if you’re asking us.”

embarrassment swirled in her stomach, and uraraka felt like her lunch was going to come back up as she nodded.
“i... i am.” she admitted, earning soft looks from yaoyorozu and iida. “i really need the money. it’s urgent. so... so if that’s what you want... then i’ll do my best to make it worth it.”

“uraraka,” iida started, “that’s not necessary-“

“i’ve never had sex before though...”
iida’s eyes widened, and yaoyorozu set a hand against her mouth as she stared down at her.

“isn’t that fucking cute. she’s a virgin.” bakugou teased and uraraka looked away. “why don’t you-”


uraraka’s eyes widened, and she watched as tododoki shoved bakugou aside.

he met her eyes, and she fell a chill creep up her spine as she saw him holding a black card between his fingers.

“¥100,000 if you come to my room friday night.” he told her and she was at a loss for words. “i’ll pull it out. i’ll transfer it. however you want.”
“you can’t be serious...” yaoyorozu gasped and uraraka reached to shake todoroki’s outstretched hand.

“tch. what are you? cheap? all of daddy’s money and that’s all you’re willing to spend?” bakugou sneered. “¥200,000 yen if you let me pop that little cherry of yours, sugar.”
“¥250,000.” iida whispered and uraraka looked up at him, but he kept his gaze to the wall behind her.

“iida...” tododoki trailed off and yaoyorozu closed her eyes.

“if you’re sure, uraraka, i... i would like to help you. ¥275,000.” she offered her, making uraraka’s head spin.
uraraka looked up at all of them and then covered her face as she thought of them all being willing to spend so much on her body.

“hey, don’t cover yourself,” todoroki told her, “there’s a reason we’ll spend so much on you.”

“you’re really cute, uraraka.” yaoyorozu agreed.
bakugou smirked and then grabbed uraraka’s jaw before pulling her close to him despite her weak protests.

“has anyone ever fucked this pretty mouth of yours?” he asked and she felt her face burn red. “no, huh? i bet you never even kissed someone, round face.”

“i’d pay to be the first to make a mess of this virgin mouth.” bakugou hooked a finger past her lips and then pushed it into her mouth. “suck.”

“bakugou, our classmates will be here in any second-”

“i said, fucking suck.” bakugou demanded and uraraka nodded. “thatt’a girl.”
uraraka hollowed her cheeks out before gently reaching for bakugou’s wrist, her pinky lifted to keep him from floating away. she pulled his finger out, then licked along the length before flicking her eyes open and up to his darkened ruby irises.

“like this, bakugou?”
“fucking shit.” he breathed out, two fingers filling her mouth and pressing deeper towards her throat.

all their eyes were on her as she choked, wide brown eyes watering in a way that had all four students in front of her fidgeting as she met all their eyes one after the other.
“bakugou,” iida cleared his throat and then set a hand on his shoulder, “that’s-that’s enough-”

“uraraka, why don’t you decide who you want first before ANYONE,” yaoyorozu glared at bakugou, “oversteps their boundaries.”

“as if she has boundaries.” bakugou mocked.
“uraraka, if you want to make the most money... you should... see us all.” todoroki told her.

“all of us? we can’t... the dorm rooms-” yaoyorozu reminded, but iida cut her off.

“i can... reserve a room at a nearby love hotel.” iida told them and bakugou looked around.
“why the hell not? then i can make pink cheeks here scream and not have to worry about all those extras bothering us.”

uraraka rubbed her arm as she thought about how she should go about doing this. four people, one night, and she’s never done this before.

she should say no.
she really should say no.

she doesn’t know her body, or what she likes, or even what she hates. or their bodies, what they like, or what they hate.

nerves are eating her up, but soon their classmates will be coming in and they won’t have alone time again in awhile. she has to.
this is money she needs, her parents need.

“o-okay.” she nodded, trying to be confident in herself. “friday night. but i make the prices, and-and if you want extra things, that’s extra money.”

“deal.” todoroki was the first to agree. then yaoyorozu, bakugou, and finally iida.
“maybe if we like you, we’ll keep playing your game.” bakugo chuckled and uraraka met his eyes.

“it’s not a game. it’s business.”

“whatever you say. as long as i have this ass,” bakugou squeezed her skin through her school skirt, “bouncing on my cock, i don’t care what it is.”

friday rolls around faster than usual, and she’s staring at herself in the mirror inside of the girl’s showers, eyeing her freshly shaven skin and sports bra.

“i wish i had something... nicer.” she murmured and then picked at the strap. “maybe i should go braless?”
the door is opening soon after, and she turned to see jirou standing there with a small bag.

“so... momo told me you have a date with iida tonight,” she said and uraraka covered her face with her hands. “she ordered these for you. it’s just some clothes she said.”
uraraka took the bag, and jirou awkwardly rubbed the back if her head. “don’t stay out too late, alright? there’s a lot of creeps around.”

“got it. thank you, jirou.” uraraka said and waited for the door to shut before opening up the bag.
inside was, to out it simply, lingerie, but it was unlike anything she’s ever had or seen.

were these panties supposed to have a hole in the middle? and was this bra supposed to have so many straps? she asked herself.

“it is cute.” she admitted and then sighed. “i have to.”
there’s also a dress inside, and a pair of heels that has her wide eyed.

“people can walk in these?” she whispered and then looked in the mirror. “i-i can’t-”

the door opened up, and she grabbed her towel immediately to cover her body to see yaoyorozu stepping inside.
“are you ready?” she asked and uraraka shook her head. “do you like the set? i bought it with... us in mind but for you. pink is your color.”

“it’s racy-”

“it’s supposed to make you feel good.” yaoyorozu told her as she stepoed up to her. “may i?”

uraraka nodded.
yaoyorozu’d hands were soft as they moced the towel, and she cupped her cheek before smiling kindly.

“you’re very beautiful,” she complimented and then pointed in the mirror, “three boys are probably creaming their pants ught now just imagining you. and i’m no better, really.”
“i know you’re shy, and this is your friend time, but it’s okay.” yaoyorozu promised as she pushed the hair from uraraka’s face with one hand and reached for the dress with the other. “put this on. they’re ready to leave, so we shouldn’t keep the boys waiting.”
uraraka nodded, and then looked at the heels. “am i that short?”

“no, the boys are just very tall.” she reminded and uraraka let her slip them on her feet. “be careful walking. here, hold on to my arm.”

“i feel... naughty.” uraraka admitted. “you won’t tell anyone, will you?”
“our secret is safe.” yaoyorozu assured and uraraka nodded as she followed her out of the washrooms carefully.

she sees todoroki first, and he smiled softly at her before holding the door open.

it almost feels like some kind of a date, until she sees the other two by the gate.
she can’t say she’s never found her classmates attractive, especially during training sessions where there’s sweat, torn clothes, and confident, almost cocky grins, but there’s something a little different in the way she sees them now.

she didn’t even realize she stopped walking
until iids asks if she’s alright, if she’s having second doubts.

“you don’t have to. i’m sure some of us will be patient enough.”

but bakugou’s dirty, and he’s pulling aside his leather jacket to hold out a wad of cash from behind iida as her friend continues to reassure her.
she watched as he turned the wad, showing her the thickness of it before putting it back and moving his arms to point to the car.

“we can see you being desperate, bakugou.” todoroki told him.

“you placed your bet first. i bet daddy’s boy is a virgin too.” bakugou retorted.
“it’s not being desperate either, it’s motivation to not keep the damn driver waiting. get in the fucking car.” he said and uraraka crossed her arms.

“you guys can’t tell anyone. they think i’m going on a date with iida.” she told them and todoroki nodded.

“we won’t.”
“get in the car and i won’t.” bakugou told her, and she pushed her hair out of her face before stepping towards the vehicle.

“you’re unbelievable.” she mumbled.

“i’ll pay you more to keep your that shit attitude up.” he grabbed her arm and then leaned forward. “i like a fight.”
she turned away from him when he laughed, and then sat down in the expensive looking car. the seats were a shiny leather, one row facing another row, with neon lights and a window separating the backseat from the front.

“i took the liberty of asking for the long way there.”
she watched as todoroki sat across from her, and he looked around. “it’s not the best since it was last minute, but it’s comfortable. i assume you’d rather have this than be cramped on a train.”

“yeah,” she nodded and then looked beside her as an arm snaked around her shoulders.
cool leather pressed against her arm, and she swallowed back her nerves as she turned to him.

“can’t stop touching me, c-can you?” she asked, trying to sound as cool and nonchalant as he did, but failing.

“you sound ready to cry.” he pointed out and she gasped.

“i do not!”
“repeat after me,” he said and then lifted his pointed brow, “i’m uraraka ochako, and i know my worth.”


“i’m uraraka ochako,” he repeated as he oushed the hair from her face, and i know my worth.”

“that’s ridiculous-”

what was he trying to do?
what was his game? she was so confused.

“say it.”

“i-i’m uraraka ochako,” she said and he nodded, “and i... i know my worth?”

“tell four eyes over there.” he instructed and she turned to iida, who was talking to yaoyorozu. “shit eyes, round face has something to tell you.”
she fisted her dress in her hands and then met his eyes, “i’m uraraka ochako, and i know my worth.” she said more confidently than before, and he nodded.

“tell pony tail.”

and she did. her nerves slipping as bakugou encouraged her.

“now icyhot.”
todoroki grinned, and then nodding as he looked down at her knees and then pressed his foot against her ankle.

“yeah? and what’s that?” he asked as he slowly spread her legs apart. “the limousine?”

she took a deep breath, and then looked at bakugou, who just shrugged.
“fuck, i can’t give you all the damn answers.” he told her and todoroki scooted to the edge of his seat.

she looked back at him as he got closer, and she bit back her nerves to lean back and press her heel against his chest.

“you’re eager.” she squeaked as he dress lifted.
todoroki’s eyes trailed along her leg, eyeing the lace trim at the top of her thigh and the fabric of the dress that had lifted and exposed the baby pink of her matching panties.

she pushed him back, and todoroki allowed her too.

“we have some time before the hotel.” yaoyorozu
told them, and iida nodded. “i’m pretty hungry.”

“there’s a restaurant by the hotel.” iida told her and uraraka watched as todoroki grinned a smile similar to bakugou’s.

“there’s a meal right next to us.” he pointed out and all their eyes landed on her. “yaoyorozu, you can take
a bite.” he told her and uraraka looked up at her.

“i um...”

“god, is everyone here a fucking virgin but me?” bakugou asked and uraraka looked over her shoulder to him.

“your hand doesn’t count, bakugou.”

he looked at her and then nodded, a scoff falling from his lips.
“look who finally put on her big girl panties.” he said and she grinned before turning her attention to yaoyorozu.

uraraka looked around for a moment, and then slowly stood up before standing in front of her friend.

“is this seat taken?” she asked and yaoyorozu’s face went red.
“no,” she answered and uraraka setbher hands on her shoulder before pressing a knee into the leather seat.

“god, that’s hot.” bakugou commented as uraraka set herself on yaoyorozu’s lap.

“allow me to assist.” iida said and soon the bottom of her dress was being folded upwards.
two hands set themselves on uraraka’s waist, and she looked down at yaoyorozu’s chest, her eyes only traiking along her collarbones to her neck, then her lips.

“kiss her already.” todoroki told her and uraraka leaned down.

“i never kissed someone before.” she whispered.
“it’s okay. just follow me.” yaoyorozu said as uraraka took her ponytail down. “do what feels right.”

she nodded, and then threaded her fingers through long, inky black locks before pushing her forward to capture her lips, which tasted of strawberries and mint.
she gasped when yaoyorozu’s hands slid down to grip her ass, and the other took this as the moment to lick into her mouth.

the kiss was wet, and uraraka was just mimicking the movements yaoyorozu was doing, but she seemed content enough to not pull away, so it was good, right?
she suddenly felt the weight of her inexperience her, and she pulled away to take a deep breath of air and look down at yaoyorozu.

“was that... okay?” she asked quietly and yaoyorozy chuckled as her fingers curled lower.

“you should give yourself more credit.”
uraraka gasped when a finger teased the opening of her panties, and she lifted her hips higher.


large hands set down in her hips to keep her in place, and she turned to iida.

“you’re nervous. just trust us, okay? we got you.” he told her and she nodded.
yaoyorozu’s finger slowly trailed along her slit, not yet pressing deep enough to spread them, but just to tease.

“i can feel just how we you are and we’ve barely touched you.” she told her and uraraka felt her face heat as she curled her fingers into yaoyorozu’s shoulders.
“make her beg.” todoroki breathed out and uraraka looked to the two who were just sitting back and enjoying the show.

“yeah, i bet she’s never even touched herself before. pink cheeks is just dying to know what it feels like to be fingered open.” bakugou agreed. “make her beg.”
“w-what?” she rushed and then looked at yaoyorozu.

“have you...” she trailed off and uraraka shook her head.

“uraraka, how?” iida asked breathlessly and she felt her entire body heat. “how are you so innocent and inexperienced when you look like this? you look like sin.”
“if you don’t rip open the top of her fucking dress,” bakugou grit and uraraka felt iida’s hands yank the neckline down so her tits could spill out.

“it tore!”

“fuck, it’s one dress. do you know how many more we can buy you?” iida asked, and uraraka felt his breath by her ear.
his hands immediately cupped her chest through her bra, and yaoyorozu pressed her lips against uraraka’s neck as she used her palm to grind against her clit.

a bolt of something sharp, something... tingly ran theough uraraka’s body, and she bucked her hips forward for more.
“y-yaoyorozu,” she stammered as iida began to oull the cups of her bra down as well. “can you...”

“can i what?” she asked and uraraka let out a heavy breath as yaoyorozu pressed harder.

“you know...” she trailed off and iida chuckled.

“you’ll have to use the right words.”
she let out a sharp whimper when iida’s fingers pinched on her nipples, and she immediately covered her mouth at the embarrassing sound.

“that was hot.” todoroki gasped and uraraka squeezed her eyes shut as yaoyorozu bit lightly on her neck. “uraraka, let us hear you.”
“speak up.” iida told her before pressing his lips against her jaw. “if you want yaoyorozu to fuck you open with her fingers, you’ll have to say it.”

“god dammit, four eyes. who knew you were a pervert?” bakugou laughed and uraraka reached one hand behind her to hold iida with.
“that’s...i... a-ah,” uraraka whined as yaoyorozu teased the opening of her cunt with the tips of her fingers, “- i can’t.”

“closed mouths don’t get fed.” todoroki reminded and uraraka bucked her hips.

“she’s dripping all over my skirt.” yaoyorozu grinned against her neck.
“be a good girl and tell yaoyorozu what you want.” todoroki continued to push, and uraraka bit down so hard on her bottom that she was sure it split.

“y-yaoyorozu...” she pleaded, causing the other girl to slowly dip her fingers further, “please.”

“please what, babygirl?”
“please...” she struggled and the. three her head back to iida’s shoulder as he palmed her tits. “please f-fuck me with your fingers.”

“of course.” she agreed and uraraka felt her stomach twist with that same exotic rush from before as yaoyorozu’s fingers pressed inside of her.
“she’s so tight.” yaoyorozu gasped and there was a chorus of groans. “i can feel her clenching down so tightly on just one of my fingers.”

“she’s a perfect virgin, what do you expect?” bakugou grit as he palmed himself theough his jeans.

“imagine how good she’ll feel
sucking in your cock instead.” yaoyorozu told them and uraraka curled her nails into her skin as she began pumping her finger at a steady pace. “so wet, hot, and unbelievably tight.”

“if i didn’t know any better, i’d say you want us to bust right here.” tododoki breathed out.
“she wants us to cream ourselves so she can have more of pink cheeks to herself.” bakugou explained and uraraka felt her thighs twitch as yaoyorozu pressed a second finger in.

“she’s dripping down my wrist.” yaoyorozu continued to update them, and bakugou snarled.

“shut up.”
“i bet she tastes so sweet.” iida said and todoroki agreed.

“y-yaoyorozu...” uraraka panted as she grinded her hips against her hand. “more. please. it-it feels so good. i... i never thought-”

“what? something so dirty can be so good?” iida asked and she nodded fervently.
uraraka jolted when yaoyorozu’s fingers pressed against something inside of her, and she reached down to hold on to her wrist as the heat spread throughout her body.

“is something wrong?” she asked and the car got quiet.

“n-no. i-i need you to do that again.” she confessed.
“that place... it felt good.”

“i thought she was going to cockblock.” todoroki sighed and iida chuckled.

“she wouldn’t do that. she wants us just as bad as we want her, huh, doll?” he asked and uraraka responded with a broken moan as yaoyorozu’s fingers found that same spot.
“i wanna feel.” iida said, one of his hands leaving uraraka’s chest to find her cunt, feeling shere yaoyorozu was fucking two fingers into her.

“i-iida!” uraraka shrieked when his finger slowly sunk inside of her right beside yaoyorozu’s.

“i think we’re almost there.”
uraraka glanced at todoroki as he pointed out the window, and she widened her eyes when the window separating the backseat from the driver opened up.


she covered her face as bakugou snickered, and iida hissed quietly.

“you squeezed down so hard. you like that.”

“i think she does.” yaoyorozu agreed and uraraka tried moving, only for them to tighten their hold on her.

“ah ah, we aren’t there yet.” iida told her and she covered her mouth as he began grinding the butt of his hands into her clit as yaoyorozu’s fingers sped up.
“i think i want to make you cum before we get to the hotel.” iida whispered and she shook her head quickly as todoroki continued conversing with the driver.

“no, around the corner.” he corrected, and uraraka felt tears in the corner of her eyes as she stared at the open window.
her stomach was tightening and curling with an unfamiliar feeling, and she was inching away from their bodies, but they held her tighter.

“where do you think you’re going?” iida asked and she pressed her hand harder against her mouth as she moaned louder. “don’t be shy now.”
“you’re gonna cum, aren’t you?” yaoyorozu asked and she nodded quickly.

“hey, icyhot,” bakugou called and todoroki turned around, “we’re getting pretty /close/, aren’t we?”

todoroki’s eyes widened when they landed on uraraka, and he immediately shut the window.
“i shut it so you can stop trying to be quiet.” he told her, but uraraka shook her head as she tried closing her knees despite them being around yaoyorozu’s thighs.

iida took his hand from her chest and then pinned her wrist down so she couldn’t hide behind her hand anymore.
“you’re gonna cum all over our fingers, aren’t you?” yaoyorozu asked as uraraka panted heavily.

“without even asking? how rude.” bakugou mocked.

“i-iida-ah,” uraraka’s pitched voice moaned loudly as her hips bucked, “y-yaoyorozu! please, p-please...”

“please what?”
“i wanna... i need... i-please. can i c-cum? i’m so-”

“we know.” yaoyorozu soothed. “go ahead, babygirl. go ahead and cum. it’s alright.”

“you were so good for us, doll.” iida praised and uraraka felt the coil that had been building in her stomach finally release.
uraraka’s body trembled and her eyes were squeezing shut as light tears streaked down her face. her voice was just shy away from a scream, and her mind went hazy for a moment as she forgot where she was.

“we’re here.”

“what icyhot means is hurry the fuck out.” bakugou rushed.
todoroki was the first to leave, and uraraka felt her body being shifted and adjusted.

“your dress is a little... indecent.” yaoyorozu commented and bakugou scoffed.

“you just finger fucked the shit out of her and that’s “indecent”?” he asked as he pulled his jacket off.
uraraka took it and then pulled the leather around her shoulders before taking todoroki’s hand. her legs shook as she tried walking, and she held on to him tightly as iida chuckled.

“perhaps we should have waited.” he half heartedly apologized, and yaoyorozu smiled softly.
“she’ll be okay.”

the car drove off, and todoroki held on to uraraka as they walked up to the lobby.

iida looked at the board and then pressed the button to a room that appeared larger than the others.

“did you really reserve a room?” todoroki asked, amusement in his tone.
“my brother may have... called and asked to keep it open.” he defended. “be quiet and just go to the room. it’s 503.”

“you asked your fucking brother?” bakugou mocked as uraraka giggled.

“sex is a healthy part of life and he understands that! now stop questioning me!”
“you’re so cute, iida.” uraraka grinned at him as they went up to an elevator.

he mumbled took a deep breath. “you were cute too when you were cumming on our fingers.”

uraraka blushed a deep red and then squeezed her thighs together as she felt slick begin to drip.
“she’s gonna look real fucking cute on her knees worshipping my cock.” bakugou breathed out and uraraka pressed a hand between her thighs.

“bakugou, shut up-”

“no one cleaned you up, huh?” todoroki asked and uraraka widened her eyes when she was being pressed against the wall.
“i was in such a rush, i forgot.” yaoyorozu answered.

“look,” todoroki trailed his finger along her thighs and then held the glistening finger up for her to see. “you’re a mess.”

“are you gonna do something about it?” she asked and he sucked his finger into his mouth.
the doors opened, and todoroki hummed. “don’t get ahead of yourself. you don’t know what i can do.”

she swallowed thickly, and todoroki offered his arm for her to hold on to before they began walking to the room, which iida took the duty of opening for them all.
the room was large, with a bed even bigger than yaoyorozu’s, but that’s all she managed to see before todoroki was pushing her flush against his body.

“still want me to do something about this?” he asked her, his hand slipping between her thighs to cup her soaked cunt.
“i’m gonna check the closet for a vending machine. i wanna get something.” yaoyorozu told them and iida agreed.

“oi, icyhot, stop being a greedy bastard.” bakugou snapped and uraraka felt calloused hands wrap around her waist and neck. “you look fucking hot in my jacket.”
“bakugou...” uraraka breathed out as his hand tightened around her neck snd forced her to turn to look at him. “todoroki-”

she pressed her knees together as todoroki’s fingers pulled on her panties, outlining the soaked fabric around the cut out as bakugou lifted the dress up.
“i’m about to set this dress on fire.” bakugou snapped and todoroki chuckled.

“who needs fire when you can do this?”

he grabbed two fistfulls of the fabric and then pulled, hearing the stitching rip and then watching as it fell to the floor by their feet in rags.
“what do i wear when we leave?” she asked and bakugou shrugged.

“what’s so bad about walking around like this? you’d make a lot.” bakugou told her and she widened her eyes as he pulled her hips against the tent in his jeans. “so many people would want a piece of this ass.”
“don’t say that!”

“he’s right.” todoroki agreed.

“well, i don’t want strangers touching me. just you four.” she told them and the two boys looked at one another.

“just us? no one else?” bakugou adked and her breath was caught in her throat when bakugou grinded against her.
“so you’re our personal little slut?” todoroki said and she shook her head. “i like the sound of that.”

“i’m not-“

“god, the innocent ones always end up being the freakiest.” bakugou cut her off and then bent her over. “i wanna switch, icyhot. i called her mouth, asshole.”
“we’re not about the end this so fast. come on, have some class.” tododoki told him and then tilted her gaze up. “how about we take this to the bed?”

“please.” she said and bakugou huffed.

“am i gonna have to beg to get my dick wet?”

“you can leave.” uraraka offered him.
bakugou leaned forward. “excuse me?”

she reached behind her and then threaded her fingers through his blond hair before grinning. “i said, you can leave.”

“and who do you think you’re fucking talking to?”

she mimicked his grin. “you. or are you deaf?”
he nodded and then looked around before grabbing her arm and then dragging her to the bed.

she leaned back on her hands and then tilted her head to the side as she stared at the two boys, slowly spreading her legs to expose her almost bare pussy.

“bakugou, come here.”
“here, get on the bed.” todoroki directed and bakugou pressed his knees into the mattress before pressing uraraka’s face into the front of his jeans.

“todoroki... can you take bakugou’s shirt off?” uraraka asked and bakugou froze.


“i don’t think-"
“you want my mouth? let him take your shirt off.” she said and bakugou scoffed.

“don’t forget why we’re here.”

uraraka nodded and then reached into the pocket of the jacket hanging off her shoulders.

“actually, i have your money, and you want me. i can make the rules.”
“you bitch...” bakugou narrowed his eyes and she grinned.

“you wanted attitude. don’t ask for what you’re not ready for.” she told him and he nodded before looking over his shoulder.

“hurry up, icyhot. i think we need to show pink cheeks here just where her place is exactly.”
“it appears she’s gotten more confident.” todoroki agreed.

she leaned back and watched as todoroki reached for his shirt and then slowly peeled the black fabric over his head.

“what‘s happening?” she heard iida ask and bakugou pointed at them.

“what happened here, stays here.”
“anyways, we found the condoms and lube,” yaoyorozu said as uraraka began unbuckling bakugou’s belt. “and i got a small vibrator.”

“why the hell would we need a vibrator?” bakugou asked as he threaded his fingers into uraraka’s hair.

“because i have... plans.” she told him.
“your plans will have to wait.” todoroki said and uraraka gasped when she felt a thumb press against her clit. “i want to make her cum on my tongue.”

“shouldn’t we... undress first?” iida asked and bakugou scoffed.

“no one needs to be naked for me to fuck her mouth.”
uraraka shoved his jeans down his hips, and then widened her eyes when she came eye to eye with his boxer clad cock.

he threaded his fingers through her hair, and then pressed her face against him. “look me in my eyes and ask to suck my cock, princess.”
uraraka sucked in a deep breath when she felt two fingers spread her pussy open, and then something wet and warm gently swirling around her clit.

“bakugou,” she shakily breathed out before looking up into his dark eyes, “can-can i...”

“can you want? where’s that attitude now?”
bakugou pulled down the waistband of his briefs and her jaw dropped slightly as she eyed his cock, all long, thick, and dripping just because of her.

“f-fuck,” she whispered and then looked up at him, “bakugou, will you please let me suck your-your cock?”
“go ahead, princess.” he urged and she pressed a kiss to the head. “just watch your fucking teeth.”

she nodded and then curled ther lips around the tip as the bed dipped beside her. she hollowed her cheeks and then sucked, trying to get used to the strange feeling.
she moaned as todoroki pressed his tongue into her, and she attempted to close her legs around his head, only for him to pry them open and pin them down against the bed.

“fuck,” bakugou grit, “you gonna suck or are you just gonna sit there and moan on my cock?”
she pulls off for just a moment. “it’s too big. i... i can’t fit that much in my mouth.”

“he’s big?”


uraraka opened her eyes to look at iida, and then down at where yaoyorozu was pulling his pants down, and even bakugou seemed annoyed.

“shut the fuck up, four eyes.”
she focused her attention on bakugou, on his cock, and then took a deep breath before wrapping her hand around him.

her tongue licked up the underside, and she looked up at bakugou as he nuddged her head down lower.

“you talk so mean, but you’re being so gentle with her.”
“hah?” he asked and uraraka swirled her tongue around him. “i’m being smart. i don’t want her getting sick on my dick.”

“you know, i could eat her out for the rest of my life, and never complain.” todoroki said breathlessly. “she’s so sweet.”

“i know.” iida agreed.
she felt bakugou slowly oush her head further down, and she felt her eyes water as her throat tightened around him.

“o-oh shit,” bakugou hissed, “that’s it.”

she moaned around him when she felt todoroki’s tongue heat slightly as he licked into her
“you like my cock, princess?” bakugou asked and then pulled her off to listen to her rushed gasps.

“yes, bakugou,” she answered and then swirled her tongue around the tip. “you can use my mouth.”

“i know i can.” he scoffed and then watched as she began sucking again.
“you’re taking his cock so well,” yaoyorozu said and uraraka closed her eyes as bakugou began thrusting his hips.

“if her throat is this good, i can’t wait to find out how that little cunt is gonna feel.” he said and she squeezed the base of his cock as her toes curled.
“actually,” todoroki started, “i believe i was the one who was going to get to take her virginity.”

“no. i gave the highest number.”

“fuck you both, it was me.” bakugou laughed breathlessly as he pressed his cock as deep as it could go before uraraka was sputtering and choking.
uraraka’s vision was blurry as she coughed. spit and precum dribbled from her mouth, and she looked at bakugou as he began arguing with the other three.

“boys are so useless.” yaoyorozu told her. “get his attention. there’s a beautiful girl on his dick and he wants to argue.”
uraraka nodded with determination, and then began to jerk his cock with her spit as lube.

“you also wanna suck right here,” yaoyorozu told her and then cupped bakugou’s balls.

“where the fuck do you think you’re to-oh,” he grunted and then leaned forward. “fucking hell.”
“if we’re playing the number game, i gave the highest number.” yaoyorozu reminded them and uraraka licked from bakugou’s balls to sucking on the base of his cock.

“mm, bakugou,” she moaned and then looked up at his scrunched up face, “don’t you wanna cum in my mouth?”
“there’s her face too.” yaoyorozu reminded. “isn’t that what you wanted? you can paint her face with your cum. imagine how pretty she’ll look.”

“please, bakugou?” uraraka asked in an attempt to end the fighting. “i bet you taste good.”

“of course i do.” bakugou breathed out.
“let me have a taste.” she begged, her hand stilling around his cock. “didn’t you wanna fuck my mouth? it’s right here all for you.”

bakugou threw his head back and then moaned, his fist curling into her hair before yanking her forward to bury himself in her throat again.
“what a fucking slut,” bakugou hissed and uraraka hummed as she lifted her arms to claw at his back. “just begging to be covered in my cum.”

she could feel her own throat clenching as he continued to violently fuck into it, and she gagged when her nose pressed against his skin.
he let out a choked moan at the tightness, and uraraka weakly pushed against him as she felt his hips gently rock and grind deeper inside.

“fuck fuck fuck, you can do it, princess.” he rushed as he gripped her hair harder, “little longer. come on. be a good fucking girl.”
“she’s extremely red.”

uraraka felt her eyes flutter close, and her chest burn with the need for oxygen, and bakugou quickly pulled her head back.

she leaned her forehead against his thigh and then coughed, heavy gasps filling the space between.

“you-you alright, pink cheeks?”
she looked around him to see todoroki no longer between her legs, and then gripped the opening of his jeans before pushing him to the bed.

“take your jeans off now.” she spoke, her voice coarse, and he folded his arms behind his head.

“take them off for me.”
she yanked on his jeans, and yaoyorozu took a spot on the bed beside him to watch. then came his briefs, and she got on her hands and knees above him.

“i don’t mind this view either.” he said breathlessly, his finger pulling down her bra to expose her tits.

“me neither.”
large hands gripped uraraka’s hips and she turned around to see todoroki.

“we decided that we both want to fuck you, but since it’s your first time, and he’s... well endowed, so maybe he shouldn’t be first.” he explained and she took a deep breath before nodding.
“it’s alright. when she gets used to this, you can fuck her all you want.” bakugou reminded and there was a silence.

“used?” yaoyorozu asked and uraraka blushed. “you want to keep this up?”

bakugou scowled, and then ignored everyone’s eyes. “stop looking at me. i’ll kill you.”
“it’s not our decision,” iida said and uraraka looked down.

she leaned onto her forearms, and then ignored their curiosity to kitten lick to bakugou’s cock.

“let’s discuss that later. for now, iida, come lay down. bakugou’s about finished anyways.” yaoyorozu instructed.
“sh-shut up, i ah-am not. i can o-out last all these a-can you stop for a fucking second so i can tell these assholes off?” bakugou spit and uraraka grinned as she sucked on the tip.

“you’re cute, bakugou.” todoroki chuckled.

“what the hell?” bakugou asked. “what are you?”
“i’m just stating facts.” todoroki replied.

“bakugou is cute.” yaoyorozu agreed and uraraka began taking more of him into his mouth. “he acts so big and bad-“

“but he’s a minute away from orgasming. top.” iida noticed and uraraka hummed as a heavy hand pushed her to take more.
tears filled her eyes as bakugou hissed, and there were multiple soft voices above her telling her how good she was for holding out for him.

“how’s her throat feel?”

“‘s not the best,” bakugou admitted, “but i’d be a fucking liar if i said it wasn’t great.”

“you’re shaking.”
uraraka wiggled her tongue against his cock as he shallowly bobbed her head, and iida coo’ed.

“look up at bakugou, doll.”

her gaze flicked up to his ruby irises, and the sound bakugou let out could only be described as a whine.

“look how cute he sounds.” todoroki mocked.
“f-fah... fuck you.” bakugou said through grit teeth ass his cock twitched. “i’m gonna... god dammit, i am close.”

yaoyorozu slowly lifted uraraka’s head, and bakugou glared at her.

“babygirl, why don’t you tell bakugou hos much you love his cock?” she suggested.
“bakugou,” she pouted and then licked underneath the rounded tip that was leaking precum, “i love your cock so much. it fills my mouth so good.”

“yeah?” he pressed as she used her hand to jerk his cock quickly. “you like it when i fuck your cute little mouth, princess?”
she nodded enthusiastically and he bit his bittom lip tightly.

“i love it so much.” she gasped and then smiled as bakugou cupped her face. “i didn’t think i’d like it so much, but i miss the feeling already.”

“hear that, four eyes?” he smirked. “she’s my cute little slut.”
uraraka giggled and then gasoed when bakugou’s fingers tilted her gaze higher.

“i-i’m cumming. fuck, uraraka, urara-“ bakugou moaned, his cock twitching and pulsing in her hand.

she felt hot strips begins to paint her face, and she stuck her tongue out to try and get a taste.
a heavy drop sourted in her tongue, and she immediately closed her mouth to swallow it down.

the texture was strange, the taste foreign, but she forced her tongue out against anyways.

“you look so fucking lewd.” bakugou breathed out and she peaked an eye open.
her hands slowed on his siftening cock, and she licked her lips while staring into his eyes.

“does he taste good?” yaoyorozu asked and she reached for her.

“wanna taste?” she stuck her tongue iut and there was a chorus of groans as yaoyorozu licked at her tongue.
uraraka gasped as she felt todoroki grind against her, and yaoyorozu deepened the kiss, sucking the taste of bakugou’s cum off her tongue and smearing some on to her own nose and cheek.

“if you wanted some, you should have fucking asked.” the blond teased as he shifted spots.
yaoyorozu pulled away, and then smirked. “i have high standards for the cocks that come anywhere near me. you don’t meet them.”

“you’ll eat those words, ponytail.”

“i bet you could suffocate me with this thing, iida.” she teased, high off the satisfaction of making bakugou cum.
“i uh... it’s not my intention.” he assured and uraraka looked behind her.

“todoroki, where are you?” she asked and he rubbed the back of his neck.

“i... wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be too much at once.” he explained.

“you’re so thoughtful.” she beamed.
“i’m not glass.” she reminded him. “it’s okay. i can take it.”

“are you sure-”

“if you won’t hurry, i know someone who will.” she hinted and he immediately gripped her hips tightly.

she smiled triumphantly and then looked up at iida. “what do you want? i’ll do anything.”
“his dick so big, i almost feel bad.” bakugou breathed out and uraraka gently licked along the underside.

“maybe if’m not tired, you can take tododoki’s spot.” she offered and he shook his head.

“it’s alright-”

“it’s such a waste if you don’t get what you want.” she sighed.
“do you... by any chance, take the pill?” yaoyorozu asked and uraraka looked at her.

“well... yeah-”

“aren’t you a virgin? why would you need it?” iida asked and uraraka shushed his confused rambling by tonguing the entrance of his cock.

“so condoms...” todoroki trailed off.
she gently jerked iida’s cock, and then turned to look at todoroki. “only if your wallet can support it and you swear on your dad’s credit card you’re clean.”

“i’m gonna fill you up. so much that you’ll be dripping for days.” he said and she turned to iida and yaoyorozu.
“if you don’t want to take his spot after, i guess i’ll just use my mouth.” she told him and he chuckled.

“you can suck me off all you want, but i change my mind. i’m gonna fuck you,” he said and she felt a chill run up her spine, “and i wanna watch yaoyorozu eat you out after.”
“she can use that little vibrator she got and make her cum again.” todoroki agreed and uraraka felt her heart pound.

“i bet she’d fucking love that.”

yaoyorozu licked her lips and met uraraka’s eyes. “my fingers, my mouth, all that’s left to make you cum on is my cock.”
“y-your wh-”

she was cut off mid-sentence as todoroki pressed the tip of his cock against her cunt, teasing her by skipping the head past her lips but not inside.

“make her cum on that too.” iida said and uraraka felt her head spin as yaoyorozu nodded.

“another time.”
“please don’t make me beg, todoroki,” she whispered, her hand clenching tighter around iida’s cock as she bucked her hips, “i need you.”

“you make it so hard to be considerate.” he grit and uraraka held on to iida’s thick thigh. “i heard first times hurt.”

“shh, i got it.”
yaoyorozu stood off the bed, and for a moment nothing happened, until a strady buzz was filling the room and electricity was coursing through her veins.

“ah!” she screamed in shock, her thighs trembling with a brand new sensation. “yaoyorozu-“

“go ahead, tododoki. slow, okay?”
“that means you do your job here, princess.” bakugou guided her head to iida’s cock.

she nodded and but before she could lick along the underside of his cock, she felt the slow press of todoroki against her cunt.

it was an entirely new sensation compared to fingers,
and she squeezed her eyes shut as she felt her body slowly opening up for him. the stretch burned, and the slide was slow, but the pain was dulled by the gentle circles yaoyorozu was rubbing against her clit with the vibrator.

“you alright?” iida asked as and she nodded quickly.
she rested her head on his thigh, her mouth agape but not sound coming out as todoroki stilled.

“f-fuck me.” todoroki whispered as he took a deep breath and threw his head back.

“she’s tight, huh?” bakugou asked and todoroki nodded. “

“so fucking tight. so-so good.”
“you’re doing so well. such a good girl.” iida praised and she looked up at him.

there was another gentle nudge, then a smooth slide, and she couldn’t help the little noises she was making, the “ah’s” and the “yes’s” she never actualy meant to repeat, but ended up doing anyways.
“rip off a band-aid, babygirl. it gets better, i promise.” yaoyorozu told her as she reached to wipe a tear. “do you trust us?”

two hands cupped her tits, and she reached for a wrist with one hand while the other stayed wrapped around iida.

“y-yeah, i trust you.” she nodded.
“t-todoroki, do it.” she rushed and he nodded, his head hung low so low that his bangs covered his face.

fingers curled around her hips, and he immediately slapped his hips against her’s to get the last couple of inches inside.

she cried out loudly, but bucked her hips anyways.
“hurts.” she whimpered as tears burned at the corner of her eyes. “y-yaoyorozu, iida, h-hurts.”

“shh. focus on yaoyorozu playing with your clit, okay? it feels good, doesn’t it?” iida shushed.


her body lurched as yaoyorozu pressed down, and she let out a broken moan.
“t-tell me when i can move, uraraka.” todoroki choked out.

her body felt like jelly, mixed signals of pain and pleasure intermixing as she tried straightening herself out.



she never finished, only sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth as a distraction.
he sucked in a deep breath at the feeling, and she hummed.

instead of focusing on the trobbing of her walls around todoroki, she buried iida deeper into her throat, hoping it’d get better sooner if she wasn’t sitting there just waiting.

“thatt’a girl.” bakugou praised.
“hah,” iida breathed heavily, “uraraka-”

“todoroki, move slowly.” yaoyorozu instructed and uraraka felt him gently grind against her as iida’s cock began pressing into her throat.

“i can see her neck bulging.” bakugou commented and she felt her face heat. “that’s fucking hot.”
she choked harder as todoroki slowly pulled out, and the drag of his cock making her stomach twist and her toes curl.

the push in made her nerves light in fire, and she lifted herself from iida’s cock to take a deep breath.

“t-tododoki... feels b-better.” she encouraged.
“yeah? good.”

“should probably turn the vibrator off now, ponytail. she’ll be too sensitive.” bakugou advised and uraraka reached for iida’s hand.

“i want you to do what bakugou did.” she instructed and he nodded.

“yeah, alright, i can fuck your mouth.” he swallowed thickly.
yaoyorozu turned the toy lower, rather than off, and uraraka’s thighs trembled as todoroki’s slapped against hers softly.

“i’m gonna speed up a little bit. is that alright?”

she nodded before kissing iida’s cock. “do what you want.”

“you shouldn’t say things like that.”
“with reason.” yaoyorozu reminded and todoroki nodded.

“it’s taking all my willpower not to go too rough.” he confessed. “i just want to see her sobbing and begging for me to let her cum on my cock.”

“someone has issues.” bakugou commented.

“someone cums in two minutes.”
uraraka choked as iida began to fuck into her mouth, and yaoyorozu sighed. “boys... stop being petty.”

“just fuck her.” iida said, and uraraka moaned around him as she felt todoroki slam his hips against hers.

“iida, tell me you want to see her cry too.”

“i... kind of, yes.”
uraraka looked up at him, and he gave her a lopsided grin. “you’re very beautiful when your mouth is stuffed full of my cock and you’re all teary eyed.”

she closed her eyes and then squeezed the base, jerking what she couldn’t fit to the speed her was fucking into her mouth.
her thighs jiggled with each slap of his hips, and the tip of his cock pressed deeper and deeper everytime he jerked forward.

“i got an idea. icyhot, take her hands.” bakugou instructed.

she let go of iida’s cock and then reached her hands behind her to grab on to todoroki’s.
her heart leaped as she was being held up by her shaking legs alone, and there was a low chuckle as her arms were pulled harder.

“that’s good.” bakugou admired and uraraka felt both of iida’s hands hold her face as he propped himself up on both knees as well.
iida began thrusting his hips as he tugged on her hair, and she gagged each time his cock slipped deeper than before, unable to do anything but take whatever he was giving.

todoroki did the same, using her arms to pull her back the same time iida pushed her away.
bakugou reached beneath her chest, his fingers pinching and pulling roughly on her nipples as todoroki chuckled breathlessly.

“it’s her first time having sex and she’s being used like a cocksleeve. is this how you imagined it, uraraka? being fucked on both ends like a whore?”
iida pulled out to let her gasp for breath, and she immediately shook her head. “no-”

“probably with love, or someone special.” iida joined.

“well, i LOVE the way her virgin cunt feels around my cock, so does that count?” todoroki asked and her body burned with embarrassment.
“how lucky am i to be the one to pop your sweet little cherry?” todoroki rammed his hips forward and ripped a scream from her mouth. “i just had to name the right price and you were ready.”

“open,” iida told her and she opened her mouth so wide that her jaw ached. “good girl.”
“i think i like the idea of doing this all the time.” todoroki admitted, and uraraka squirmed when one of his hands heated around her wrist. “feels like you were made to be fucked by me.”

“don’t go getting cocky.” yaoyorozu warned, fingers inching the vibrator back up a knob.
“our pretty slut.” iida agreed, and yaoyorozu took a deep breath as she trailed one hand down to her neglected pussy, watching as uraraka’s was speared on and off todoroki’s cock.

“no one’s touched you yet, ponytail.” bakugou told her and she chuckled.

uraraka shivered as todoroki’s hips changed angle, fucking up into her as he reached his left hand away and then smacked her ass.

she jumped at the force, a moan caught in her throat as iida held her face half way along his cock.

“fuck, she got so tight shen i did that.”
“bakugou’s hard again.” yaoyorozu pointed out and the blond chuckled.

“princess is busy being pampered,” he told her and then flicked his eyes up to hers, “why don’t you come here and help me? i bet you feel good too.”

“i do, but we’re not here for each other.”
“who said there’s rules to an orgy?”

“i’d call it a gangbang.” todoroki corrected and uraraka felt lightheaded and dizzy and iida refused to pull out of her mouth.

“she’s not fit to keep going. she looks ready to pass out.”

“my bad.” iida grit. “it just feels too good.”
when he finally pulled his hips back, uraraka coughed and heaved, spit waterfalling from her mouth as tears flowed freely down her face.

“t-tododoki,” she gasped as he she threw her head back, “right there. please! i-i’m gonna, please-”

“you’re gonna cum already?” he asked.
“didn’t you want crying and begging?” iida asked as he pressed his soaked cock against her cheek.

“yaoyorozu, turn it up.” todoroki said and suddenly the little vibrator pressed against her clit was buzzing wilding back to life.

a loud cry tore from her throat as she shook.
“why don’t you ask us real nice and pretty, and we’ll see?” todoroki asked, but the thought of forming any sort of coherent words seemed far fetched at this moment.

at this moment, all she could muster was broken sounds, syllables of words that resembled their names and please.
her body laid limp, and she dropped her head low as iida pumped his cock to the sight of her getting pounded by todoroki.

“i wa-wanna cum-” she struggled as her fussy fluttered around todoroki, but he only smacked his left hand on to her ass and chuckled.

“you can do better.”
“be a good girl and ask properly, doll.” iida told her and she whimpered as todoroki’s hips stilled, opting to grind and rub his cock deep inside.

“ple-ease!” she wailed as yaoyorozu pressed the vibrator harder against her clit. “t-todoroki! iida-ah-”

“little bit more.”
she bit the inside of her cheek as a fresh wave of frustration hit, and she took one hand back before holding herself up to fuck back against todoroki.

“are you that desperate?” he asked as he met her half way, their thighs slapping together roughly.

she nodded pitifully.
“you just have to ask them, princess.” bakugou told her and she gripped the blankets in her hand.

she looked up at iida with watery eyes as todoroki slowly began rocking his hips again, and he smiled.

“got something you wanna say, beautiful?” he asked and she swallowed thickly.
“please... can i please cum? please?” she begged, and iida turned her head so she could look back at todoroki.

“can you wait out just a little bit longer, sweetheart?” todoroki asked and she cried out as he began drilling his cock in and out of her again. “you’re doing so good.”
“shh, it’s alright.” iida soothed and uraraka gasped as todoroki’s cock twitched inside of her. “we got you, alright? you know we’ll take care of you.”

she held on to his thigh and then squeezed her eyes shut as todoroki’s hips jerked and his thrusts grew more sporadic.
“you’re doin’ good, princess.” bakugou told her and she reached for him. “so good.”

“uraraka,” todoroki practically whined, “i’m gonna cum. i-i’m-”

she gasped and then clawed at bakugou’s shoulders as something hot and wet spilled inside her and began filling her up.
iida moved from in front of her face, and she panted heavily as she felt todoroki pull out, leaving her empty and clenching around nothing.

“i’m not gonna last more than a minute. that’s fucking hot.” iida said as he stared at her gaping cunt and the cum dripping out.
todoroki collapsed on the bed beside her, and she reached for him.

“i don’t know how you can take so much.” he breathed out and uraraka held on to both boys as she felt the tip of iida’s cock press against her sore cunt.

“it’ll be fast.” bakugou assured.

“you got this.”
iida slowly sank in, his cock opening her up wider than todoroki had, and she buried her face into todoroki’s shoulder.

“you can cum whenever you like now, babygirl.” yaoyorozu told her and she choked out a moan when iida bottomed out.

“s-so big. c-can’t-”
it felt like a lifetime as iida’s cock dragged in and out of her and his hands held her waist so tight it could bruise.

“iida, iida, iida,” she chanted as he repeatedly hit that good spot inside with every stroke, her stomach twisting with a familiar burn.
“you can.” yaoyorozu helped and uraraka felt her body seize as iida’s thighs slapped against her’s. “come on, little bit more.”

“c-cum,” she cried. “i-i’m gonna cum.”

“you deserve it. go ahead, doll.” iida panted and then reached to rub her clit alongside yaoyorozu.
she collapsed fully on to bakugou and todoroki as her body shook and trembled, her orgasm hitting her a million times harder than before.

“o-oh fuck,” iida gasped.

“feels like she just doesn’t wanna let you go, huh?” todoroki asked and iida nodded.

“i’m close too-”
“cum for me iida,” uraraka gasped, “please-”

“you think seeing his cum in her was hot? imagine yours.” bakugou told him and yaoyorozu switched the vibrator off to set it on the dresser beside the bed.

“uraraka,” iida groaned and then let out a shaky breath, “i-i-‘m gonna-”
his hips thrusted forward one last time before that same hot, wet feeling began to fill her, white painting her insides again.

“kinda feels like she’s milking you dry, huh?” tododoki asked and iida’s chuckle was light, breathless, but his pant was heavy.

“yeah, it’s so good.”
“lay down on your back, babygirl.” yaoyorozu told her after iida had pulled out to join them on the bed.

“yaoyorozu, i-i don’t think i can go again.” uraraka whimpered when her legs were spread apart again.

“we’re not. i just wanna clean you up, is that okay?”

uraraka nodded.
she laid down on her back, and bakugou gently propped her up against his chest.

her toes curled as yaoyorozu used two fingers to spread her lips apart, her tongue darting out to flick at her sensitive clit before licking up the trail of cum that was making a mess on the bed.
her legs clenched shut, but todoroki held on and iida held the other so she was unable to close herself up.

“t-too much, yaoyorozu-”

“it’s okay.” iida told her as a tongue dipped inside, licking her open and making her writhe and shake.

“is it good?” bakugou asked.
uraraka nod was frantic, and yaoyorozu hummed before looking up at them.

“amazing.” she grinned and uraraka felt bakugou’s cock jump from where it was pressed against her back. “tastes even better knowing she’s so sensitive. she clenches down so nicely around my tongue.”
“yaoyorozu, m-momo, please. i can’t. i reallt can’t.” she whimpered and there was a soft chuckle.

“i guess i’ll save making you cum with my tongue for another day.” she told her. “it’s okay. you did so good, babygirl. absolutely amazing.”

“you were perfect.” todoroki agreed.
“l’ll run a bath for us, but girls only.” yaoyorozu said as she licked her lips.

“yaoyorozu, you don’t...” uraraka struggled to find the words through her post orgasmic bliss. “want anything?”

“baby, i just wanted to know what it’s like to be with a girl. i’ve never done it.”
“so we watched you lose your lesbian virginity?” bakugou asked and uraraka shifted as she felt something sliding against her back.

“yeah, so do we get to watch you lose your gay virginity?” she asked and uraraka giggled as the sliding stopped. “i can see todoroki’s arm moving.”
“mind your own damn business.” he snapped and uraraka shifted around all the bodies near her.

“he tastes good, wanna try?” yaoyorozu asked as she pointed to her tongue.

“i’ll kill you, ponytail.”

“i... kind of like this.” iida told them all and uraraka looked at him.
“me too.” todoroki agreed and bakugou crossed his arms.

“you all made fun of me last time i said anything. fuck you.”

uraraka rubbed her head as yaoyorozu helped her stand.

“what they mean, is if you ever need money again...” yaoyorozu trailed off and uraraka blushed.
“or if you don’t need money.” iida told her. “anytime, really.”

“i’m always looking for an excuse to take money from my old man. if you ever need anything, just ask. we don’t even need to have sex if you don’t want.”

“i will slap a bill on that ass anyday.” bakugou grinned.
“i’ll keep that in mind.” she smiled and then held on to yaoyorozu.

“next time,” yaorozu whispered to her, “it’s my turn to make you cum on my cock, alright?”

uraraka nodded and she smiled as they stepped to the bath, ignoring the window that was pointed to the bed.
“that window is a fucking tease.” bakugou grit as he held on to todoroki’s wrist. “fucking go faster you useless bastard.”

“if i speed up, you’ll cum so fast that even iida can’t keep up.” todoroki told him and iida covered his mouth as he stifled a laugh.

“oh fuck you!”
[ fin!! finally!! this was so long, and my first ever real thread and nsfw piece in like... forever. hope this was okay. i know i typo’ed a lot, but i’m so busy that i just rush it out, so sorry 😬 ]
while this is blowing up, yall should check out my ao3: gothgirlclub. here’s some stuff i’ve written (tdbk) (krbk)
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