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1 / Thread this will be my thread on #elitepedophilia , aimed at people who simply cannot believe that rich people abuse, torture, murder, and even eat the youth.

2/ This thread is dedicated to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who said:
3/ The first inkling I ever had that people cooked their babies was when reading the Bible, specifically passages about a deity named Moloch.

4/ It wasn’t just the Canaanites: many other cultures have carried out this abomination in some form or another.

5/ It doesn’t matter what you or I believe about this.

What matters is:

- Other people believe in it
- The practice has survived generations
- The people carrying out these abominations believe they get a benefit from it.
6/ There are various ways to approach this subject. Some people look at it from a spiritual angle, others look at human trafficking aspects. I am going to look at this from a fairly secular layman’s understanding of transnational crime.
7/ If Hollywood has taught is anything, it’s that gangs use a series of tasks to accomplish a couple of things:

- Weed out potential undercover cops
- Ensure loyalty by making others complicit in crime

This makes intuitive sense to just about anyone.
8/ You are a gang leader. One of your lower level associates has recruited a prospective member to the gang. How do you ensure this prospect is not an undercover police officer? It’s a Hollywood trope that you’re going to ask him to do a rail of blow.
9/ After that, you’re going to test this prospect by assigning him a weekly theft quota. He’s going to start out with robberies, progress to autos, and then break and enters. Each task allows him to demonstrate proficiency with criminal skills.
10/ Within 5-10 years, hopefully he’s running his own chop shop down at the wharves exporting Lamborghinis and BMW’s, generating cash flow for the entire gang.
11/ Do you see what I’m getting at here?

Whether it’s gangs, the government, alphabet agencies, the church, unions, mafia, police, military, corporations, multi-level marketing....

They all have something in common: the pyramid structure.
12/ For various reasons, this structure acts as a social filter that rewards and selects for traits of psychopathy.

13/ To move up a rung, you must violate, if not sear, your conscience.

14/ One man’s testimony, Ronald Bernard, corroborates this. First he’s simply managing money. Then he’s doing increasingly shady financial transactions. Finally, he’s invited into the inner circle, where he’s asked to abuse a child.

15/ The simplest theory is that #elitepedophilia is an outgrowth of the psychopathy that exists at the top of pyramid structures.

It is the glue that binds, and a way for psychopaths to identify one another.

It is a form of Mutually Assured Destruction.
16/ Game theory predicts that when we both have damning info on eachother (akin to having nukes), we are inclined to cooperate and accept a little bit of double crossing one another.
17/ Cold hard logic suggests it would be beneficial to obtain dirt on as many people as possible because blackmail is a tainted form of gaining cooperation, favours or money out of people.
18/ In the USA, this is known as “Brownstoning”.

In Russia, it’s called “Kompromat”.

19/ Brownstoning starts with parties, free flights on billionaire jets, charity balls, etc.

After scoping out a target, he or she gets invited closer to the inner circle, aka the afterparty.

George Webb explains it well:

20/ If you accumulate enough compromising material on a large number of influential people, this material will allow for blackmail. Imagine how much influence you would have by making most of DC complicit in your criminal enterprise. underthegrayline.wordpress.com/tag/operation-…
21/ The minute someone steps out of line, you expose their proclivities to ensure the compliance of everyone else.

22/ I can’t even begin to cover the long list of DC sex scandals, so here’s a list:

23/ And if politicians can’t be corruptible through sex, they can be had with money. Those who accept dirty $$ are corruptible, and move up the ranks, just like a gang member.

24/ Surely, some people realize the “benefits” to be had by supplying a steady stream of “fresh meat” to this sex-and-money filled swamp.
25/ The procurers themselves can be come wealthy and influential people, partly through money, but mostly because they are privy to the proclivities of so many influential people.
26/ So what of this darker, more sinister stuff about rituals and abuse? At first it was hard for me to believe, but as more and more people speak up about it, there seems to be a pattern.
27/ Cathleen O’Brien said she was raised in this sort of abuse, tied to governemnt mind control programs, and also to blackmail operations. Politicians wanted prostitutes who could be programmed not to recall anything.
28/ Teal Swan’s story: “When you side with a victim... it puts you in a moral dilemma. I am essentially asking people to re-write their entire version of reality”.

29/ Toos Nijenhuis, who said that “the one who didn’t get an erection (at the sight of child sexual abuse) fell down a hole and his genitalia was cut off”

6:30 of video
30/ Fiona Barnett, who claims to have witnessed a ritual sacrifice.
31/ I could go on. There is an entire playlist on youtube dedicated specifically to this type of victim testimony. youtube.com/playlist?list=…
32/ Of course these women have their critics, and people have suposedly debunked it as “Satanic Panic 2.0”. But this is the age of Me Too. More and more victims are coming forward and it’s not just a few isolated instances. A pattern seems to be emerging.
33/ David Icke has been screaming about this for years.

Once in a while we see a scandal of this nature emerge, such as the Franklin Cover Up, but it is quickly cast down the memory hole by the media.

34/ I believe the reason for #elitepedophilia is threefold:

- Coruption of innocence (goes back to the Garden of Eden)
- Mutual blackmail is mutually assured destruction
- Demonstrating a seared conscience moves one up the pyramid

Matthew 4:
35/ What does any of this have to do with Jeffrey Epstein, though? I suspect because it follows a similar pattern. One day you’re taking a free flight on a billionaire’s jet, the next, you’re getting a “massage”, and then he finally has you on hidden camera at his island.
36/ And as this story unfolds, I expect the details to become more lurid. I also expect the mainstream media to make every effort at narrative control, to focus over here and not over “there”.
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