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The problem with trying to defend religion with logic is that it almost always backfires. Now, The question of who Jesus is,I will not be able to answer, not with Logic, and neither did you, or could you.
Before you can prove anything to be fact with books in the bible, you must first prove those books to have authority. For if the they can be shown to have no authority, then they cannot be evidence of anything that can be called fact.
Mathew and Luke gave in the first and third chapter respectively, the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Now if the two of them had agreed, that alone would not prove said genealogy to be true because it could nonetheless be a fabrication, and yet they contradict each other in every way.
Now as far as Logic goes, If Mathew speaks the truth, then Luke speaks falsehood and vice versa and because there is no authority in beliving one more than the other, there is no authority in beleiving either.
and if they cannot be belived even in the very first thing they say, and set out to prove, then they cannot be belived in anything that comes thereafter. Remember, Logic is a uniform thing and as for revelation, were we to admit it played any role, cannot be contradictory.
So either Mathew and Luke were imposters, or the books ascribed to them have been written by other persons and their names slapped on it to give it authority, as is the case with virtually every book in the old testament. Now read carefully...
Mathew gives us the genealogy from David to Joseph to christ and tells us there were 28 generations. Luke does the same but tells us there were 48 generations. What is more astonishing is that the only names that appear in both lists are David and Joseph.(open your bible).
Therefore if these two writers set out with a falsehood as I have shown with logic that they did, why then should we believe anything they say afterwords? If they manufactured his human Genealogy of Jesus, how in the name of LOGIC can they be believed in his Divine Genealogy?
The evidence we have on the conception of Jesus is heresay. The angel spoke to none of us anymore than it spoke to the writers of the bible. The angel spoke to mary,and as far as logic goes, even that is admitting more than is true for neither Mary nor Joseph reported this.
It is heresay upon heresay and we cannot in the name of Logic accept this as evidence... SURELY NOT IN THE NAME OF LOGIC.
Now lets look at your argument.
You say Jesus would be a terrible person and a hypocrite and mumu if he was lying about his Godhood.
Logic and history tells us that one man can be all that and more for exactly the same reason. Over time, Men have claimed to be God or Jesus and have lived morally unquestionable lives to back it up. If this is evidence of Godhood, then you might as well have murdered LOGIC
With the greatest respect to character of Jesus, he was a virtuous & amiable man. The morality he preached & practiced was of the most benevolent kind; and though similar systems of morality had been preached by Confucius, & by some of the Greek philosophers, many years before,
and by many good men in all ages, it has not been exceeded by any. This alone is not evidence of Godhood. not even close. You say conceived and carried out a plan of unparrarelled beneficience and gave his life for it. Logic says he did not and could not.
The claim that Jesus, who somehow is God, and also the son of God, was from Heaven to earth to save us from eternal damnation by giving his life is consistent only with the ignorance of those who know nothing of the extent of the world.
It is neccessary that the means to be employed in the accomplishment of any end be equal to accomplishment of that end or said end cannot be accomplished. This is precisely where finite and infinite power and wisdom discovers itself. The dinstinction between Man and God is clear.
Man will more often than not, fail to accomplish his end mostly because of his natural defecience of the power to the purpose or for his lack of wisdom to apply said power, were he to possess it. However it is impossible for infinite power and wisdom to fail as man would.
Merely looking at the Creation will instantly leave the observer in no doubt as to the power and wisdom behind it. It speaks a universal language to all Men.
You will now observe the difference between infinite Power and finite power and wisdom
The Bible tells us that it took God 6days to create the world as we know it. Leaving out how incongrous '6 days' appears when applied to God we can still agree that this story contains the idea of Almighty power acting with infinite wisdom to create the universe in a short time.
The eternal salvation of man, LOGICALLY, is of greater urgency and importance than his creation and as we are told by Jesus that this salvation depends soley on our belief of him as God and nothing more pretentious,
does it not follow that the execution of said task would at least be similar with regards to the means and urgency employed in the creation? To suppose that God would take greater care in the creation and organisation of inanimate object than he would in saving millions,
which he created in his image is an insult to his goodness and Justice. First of all it took longer time to make a baby than to make the universe. 9 months gone and lost while mary was pregnant, roughly 40 times longer than it took God to create the universe.
Jesus(God) was at least 30 years old before he began to preach said salvation before which millions of souls had died without knowing it. It took 300 yrs after for the books called the new testament to be compiled in a written copy. Another 1000yrs before it could be circulated.
For neither Jesus nor his apostles were versed in the art of printing and publishing. The means of making this salvation universally known did not exist therefore following Logic, it cannot be said to be the work of God and by inference, Jesus cannot be said to be God... LOGIC
Had Jesus Christ inscribed this salvation on the face of the sun & moon in a language universally known to all men, in 24hrs, everyone would have seen & believed. Alas, 2000+ years since Jesus came, some parts know not of him & of those that do, a great number do not believe.
In the structures of the universe, God has made known to us his wisdom and power & everything ascribed to him must be tried by that standard. The result is this; the story of Jesus has not one trait in its character, means employed that bears the least resemblance to the power
and wisdom of God as demonstrated in the creation of the universe. AS FAR AS LOGIC GOES, Jesus Christ is not God.
Anyone that believes consistently that Jesus Christ is God and in imitating his Character and teachings, finds himself closer to God in terms and ideas,
must be unto something. I believe in the moral Character of Jesus Christ and I find it unrivalled when compared to that of any before or after him. He may well be God, but this conclusion cannot come from a logical examination of the bible and all the facts therein. Cheers!
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