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‼️STORYTIME‼️ How I skipped practice for some 🍆💦💦’ #storytime
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Ok so Ik I ain’t been posting but ain’t nun been happenin..😭 I’m back I gotta couple for y’all to !
Let’s start this off with the weeks before , so before all this happend I’ve been crushing on this nigga a while I’m not the type to tell u I like u just catch the hints💁🏽‍♀️.. anyways
I’ve only told one person who I liked or thought was cute , which was him I would always catch him looking at me tho so ig he does the same 😬!
Anyways fast forward , me and my besties was in the at the gym at practice there’s a gym there .. anyways we were getting ready to put that work in and all of a sudden a loud ass group of niggas walk in‼️‼️
My bestie eyeing one and I’m just annoyed I’m about to turn around and put my earbuds in and I see him 😍! Yoo I was freaking out I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself making sure i look okay 👌🏽.
I had on some nike outfit they were legging shorts and a bra (work out bra) , I come back and my bestie ain’t not where to be found 🤦🏽‍♀️! I was so mad I’m pacing around looking for er
And boom 💥 bump into this nigga turning a corner , I kinda almost tripped and he start laughing . I’m just now looking looking at him and when I looked at him a good time woosh bitch 😍😍!!!
Lil .. lil description of em .. brownskin , tall asf like 6,6 or sum 😂... curly long hair (neck length cut around the sides ) muscular , smelled good , white teeth dimples , nice eyebrows he might get those bitches done 😂💀’
I’m just looking like I lmao I really didn’t know what to say and he’s like “excuse you?” Me : “ your ran into me “ him : “ yea whatever you the one fell” 😐’ me : yea ok , ima continue looking for my freind .. I start walking off this nigga wait a little then walk wimmie🙃.
I’m like “I can’t catch a break “ in my head I don’t want him seeing me like this ... we den walked and talked all the way around the damn gym, I’m texting her like where tf she at her “ oh I left I was hungry lol” bitc-
I’m like “this bitch” he start laughing and his little freind come behind him yelling some “ AYE AYE AYE MAN” we both turn around like wtf💀! He’s like “ aye man we finna go inna min cause I’m busy tmr “ him : “alright I’ll meet y’all by the car” , I’m finna walk off ..
And he’s like “aye sense yo friend ain’t here wanna ride home “ I’m like “ mmm yea ig” he’s like “alright ma” I lowkey liked that but I’m getting my stuff we walk out etc! 👋🏽
I’m in the backseat with this dude all type of thoughts in my head “ suck da mans dick right now “ “ bitch I can’t believe you in the car with him rn”. 😂 he’s put his little hand 🖐 on my lap .. my stomach my mf stomach .
I look at him like did u jus he smirk , his freind turn some music on and start singing and shit.. him: “ man, this kinda funny now but You was my crush for along time “ 😊 I’m like “ mmm “
Then we start getting to know eacother and he cracking jokes , I’m like *cocnut* (fake name ) “you to childish “ he’s like “ only for you ma” babeeyyy his voice is so sexy 😭
Anyways we get to his house I’m like “ this ain’t where I live “ coconut 🥥: “I know , you can just stay here for now “ we get out and he carry my stuff .
He open the door fa me and allat lmao , we get up to the living room I take my shoes off my nails were white and he was like “ damn yo feet hella pretty “ I’m like “ thanks boo” 💁🏽‍♀️ ..
He turn on the T.V and ask if I want snacks fast forward we chilling and he try the ole hand around the shoulder, and hands by the couchie .. 😭 , I’m like I just start talking and met this nigga today he’ll naw , we both just got back from gym .. 🙅🏽‍♀️
Coconut 🥥: nah it’s not what you think I just wanna get to know you I could care less about fucking you right now , I didn’t even say nun but w.e 😂! I’m like “ good cause it’s not gone happend “ even tho it did 💦😂 lemme chill ..
I ask to use the restroom and I’m texting my bestie like “ bitch come pick me up” I’m way to nervous rn 😭! I go back and start putting my shoes back on .. coconut 🥥: where you goin so fast ? Me : my bestie picking my up inna min coconut : awe.. maybe we could hang another time.
And he ask for my number ... 😭! I give it to em and my bestie picks me up and another day passes ..
Ok this way to long so ima skip the week thing and get straight to the point ❤️!
Me and him been talking for a min making me laugh buying me shit I didn’t even ask for just mentioned ... so sweet❤️! Anyways
This is the second day of practice... this is where we get into the base of it , I’m already a pro not to brag so I could careless about skipping it 🥳’
Coconut 🥥 blowing my phone up Bc I didn’t awnser for a hour , he’s mad at me and not awnsering me calls or text 🥺😩..
So I get the bright idea 💡 to “make it up to him” and I get in the shower 🚿 wash up shave , my hair was in a wash in go curly and coconut love when I wear my hair curly so I’m like why not 🙃!
I put on some pink underwear and a bra with biker shorts and a orange shirt and orange Nike’s , and I get into my car 🚗 and drive off.
I’m nervous the closer I get to his house 🏠... a bitch stomach really got butterflies 🦋, I pull up and he gave me the key to his house , yea we talking talking 😭!
I open the door and look around no where to be found , I go upstairs and he in his room getting dressed 😩!
He look like he just got out the shower , and his hair was all wet and so was his chest 😍🍫! Yo I was so wet lmao , he didn’t even see me so I run in his room and take his towel off ..
And he’s like “ bro wtf you scared the fuck outta me... what do you want “ I’m like stop 🛑 being like that baby ... idk what it was but as soon as I said baby , BONER ALERT 🚨 lmao nah fr maybe it was the tone of my voice
And I couldn’t stop staring at him bro I was drooling and stuff , he’s still barely mad just don’t wanna admit it ..😒 so I’m touching all over him and stuff and he’s like “ stop playing Man” I’m like “ you know you like it “ 💁🏽‍♀️
I’m rubbing his chest and I’m going down for his dagger yes I said dagger 😭🙃! And now I’m jus stroking it real slow , and he’s like “ fuck-“ but said it real quiet .
Then I tease him and let go y’all biggest mistake ever, this nigga grab me pick me up and slam me on his bed not even joking .. he’s like “you wanna play huh” I’m like “you not gone do shit “ wrong again❌😭
He like “ I’m not “ then snatch my pants off and move my panties out the way and start going ham he was doing all kinda tricks , ⬆️⬇️↖️↙️⬅️⤵️⤴️! Now y’all know why his name coconut , I’m moaning hella loud 😩 and he’s like “ you like dat huh?”
He starts fingering me and saying how tight I am I haven’t did it in a while so that’s why😭! I’m moaning louder and louder then outta no where I’m like “ put it in me daddy “ he’s feeling all in my breast and fingers me faster and puts it in💦💦
That mug felt so good in bih he was going slow at first then he hugs me Bc were in missionary and starts going faster and faster , he takes it out and rubs it on my clit and puts it back in then kissing 😽 all over my neck , I’m moaning I came like atleast 100 times 😭
He takes it out and starts jerking it off I’m still shaking but I manage to grab it and suck it and lick it and stuff and he’s moaning and he cums in my mouth I swallowed just Bc 😭! And I keep sucking it and he tryna push away but I keep going ,
He pushes me off and I’m laying down and he’s kissing my kat felt so good bro ..😭
After I’m still laying there and he gets in top of me and starts kissing me and we making out and He’s like “so what this mean , I’m really tryna fuck with u not just sex and shit” ❤️ I’m like “ whatever floats yo boat daddy” he laughs and cleans us up .
After we watch tv which ended up with him eating me out again .. 🥳🥳! Anyways I get home and we ft I missed practice but it didn’t matter Bc I had it in lock , he’s always there to watch me practice then we get some to eat 😭! Y’all should I keep this one ?
Anyways MOTS: Fuck practice and fuck some dick otay😂 lemme chill but yea !!!!
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