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For those still following me after the quoted tweet but unclear what I'm getting at, I'll explain. It entails recounting some history. Thread begins.
If you tend to liken Antifa to fascists, you probably know much of this but the bits you don't know or which haven't occurred to you before are vital, not only to understand my tweet but the plight of our people.
Antifa, i.e. anti-fascists, believe in communism, and their opposition to fascists is genuine. Whatever similarities they have, the differences are more important. I will explain why the perceived similarities are so often overvalued.
Of those who think Antifa are fascists, some think this because they see street violence as quintessentially fascist. Typically this group is almost entirely ignorant of communists, whose record of street violence, let alone state violence, is vastly greater.
The others think that fascism is a kind of ultimate evil. Thus they think the worst thing anyone can be likened to is a fascist, and that doing so helps recruit others to oppose them. They correctly perceive that calling someone a communist often has a less striking effect.
The first group are simply wrong and can only be cured of the error by overcoming their ignorance of communism.
The second have a distorted view arising out of the second world war. This view is constantly reinforced both by leftists (most of whom sympathise with Antifa because they detest/dread fascism, while few oppose communism so strongly) and conservatives of the Churchillian kind.
The leftist treatment of fascism as an ultimate evil needs no explanation, and it causes the left no problems.
The rightist, Churchillian treatment of fascism as ultimate evil is absurd and has been crippling to the right since it was first adopted. Indeed, it is so crippling that it may be the primary reason why conservatives have done nothing but retreat and surrender since the war.
Our people have been made defenseless by this union of the whole left and the Churchillian right. There has been a real, effective left, who tell a history they believe and which suits them, while the right has been telling the same history, with which they undermine themselves.
This is because the Conservative Party started the war and pursued it to the end, and never since admitted any suggestion that they were wrong to do so. They have preferred to allow the false, Antifa history to stand, and indeed participated in it with idiotic but earnest ardour.
Fascism as an idea was conceived by Italian socialists, primarily Mussolini, who saw many of their comrades become internationalists during the first world war and thus turn against the very existence of their nation (and all nations).
The internationalists made common cause with, and mostly became, communists like the Bolsheviks who had just seized power in Russia. Mussolini furiously opposed this.
Fascism as a force arose in Italy in 1919 to combat an attempted communist revolution by those internationalists. Search 'biennio rosso', the red biennium. The communists used terrorism to seize private property and turn workers against owners and the state in order to take over.
Thus fascism is best understood as, at least in origin, an anti-communist movement. It was 'Anticom', though it then became a more fully-fledged ideology and system of its own. Hitler's National Socialists were sufficiently similar as to be fairly categorisable as fascists.
Fascism in Italy and National Socialism in Germany forestalled the spread of communism to those two countries and beyond. The failure of the Bolsheviks to spread their communist revolution to Germany was especially inhibitory to the communist cause.
Until the mid-to-late 1930s, leaders of other Western countries typically had a degree of sympathy with fascism, exactly because it opposed communism, which they all feared.
In many cases they also admired its apparent economic benefits, which at least in the immediate term helped ordinary people weather the ongoing depression (and this also helped keep desperate people away from turning to communism).
Though Churchill was genuinely anti-communist and had some sympathy with fascism, he totally detested Hitler and his cause from the mid-30s, and sought an alliance with the Soviets, frequently meeting and scheming with ambassador Ivan Maisky, as evidenced in Maisky's diaries.
Neville Chamberlain, PM from May 1937 to May 1940, rejected fascism but was vehemently anti-communist. He sought to avoid war with Hitler's Germany and repudiated the mounting calls from Labour and Germanophobic Conservatives for an alliance with the Soviets.
Chamberlain struggled against the anti-Germans factions, and began to be pressured into unwise foreign policy moves to curtail Germany's attempts to regain the lands seized from it under the unjust Treaty of Versailles, one of Hitler's highest priorities.
In early 1939, under extreme pressure from Parliament, cabinet and press, Chamberlain offered a guarantee of Polish sovereignty. The guarantee placed Britain diplomatically between Germany and the Soviet Union in the latter's favour.
Hitler was amazed at the absurdity of it, but continued with his unconventional diplomatic style that had already achieved a great deal.
Poland, however, believing that it had the solid backing of Britain, became totally intransigent toward Germany, with which an anti-Soviet alliance had until then been likely.
Hitler believed that Britain would sensibly forsake the Polish guarantee and stay focused on the Soviet threat. Britain had already endorsed France's withdrawal from France's ridiculous and insincere alliance with Czechoslovakia the year before at the Munich summit.
Chamberlain, however, had no way to hold his government together while maintaining peace, and dreaded that if it fell, Churchill would take over and launch an insane total war against Germany, thus making common cause with the Soviet Union.
Thus Chamberlain formalised a full alliance with Poland, useless to Britain and indefensible by it, a few days before the German attack and, when Germany attacked, fulfilled the alliance and declared war against Germany, as did France. Hostilities did not yet follow.
From Sept 39 to May 40, Chamberlain tried to limit the war, believing that blockading Germany would either bring down Hitler, whose economy was precarious, or force him to negotiate a peace allowing Chamberlain to continue as PM and resume joint opposition to the Soviet threat.
However, the anti-German extremists, led by Churchill, continued to gain in influence, Churchill came into the cabinet, pressed for the Norway campaign, mismanaged it, and anti-Germans in Parliament and the press ridiculed and humiliated Chamberlain as though he was to blame.
Meanwhile, the Soviet Union watched with amazed delight and massed its forces, its chances of conquering the whole of Europe increasing by the day. Britain had quietly acquiesced in the Soviet conquest of eastern Poland less than three weeks after the German invasion of the west.
Events turned against the Soviets when Hitler's invasion of France, against the expectations of most of the world, succeeded in a mere six weeks despite France's large and formidable army.
Germany's success also finalised the ruin of Chamberlain, who died later that year, and Churchill became Prime Minister, incorporating the extreme anti-fascist, mostly pro-Soviet Labour Party into his National Government.
Churchill turned a limited war intended to force Germany to sign a moderate peace into a total war where annihilation of the enemy, an aim with no modern precedent, was explicitly exhorted, and where no price, in civilian lives, debt, colonies or morality would be too great.
Churchill had been in contact with Roosevelt for some years and they had a surreptitious understanding that Britain need only 'stand alone' until the USA found, or created, a suitable pretext to surmount its own people's opposition to joining Britain's war against Germany.
Thus all Hitler's peace offers were dismissed without consideration, and Hitler gave up in June 1940, then attempted to force Britain to negotiate by vanquishing the RAF, but had appointed the inept Hermann Goering to the task, and failed never knowing how close he had come.
To Stalin's horror, while his forces were still preparing to attack Germany (with whom it had a border thanks to the co-conquest of Poland), Germany struck first, having no hope of survival if it could not secure either its eastern or western border, as in the first world war.
Operation Barbarossa ultimately failed. In the process, the Germans slaughtered large numbers of civilians, being unable to maintain the advance over such vast spaces and share food with civilians while also dealing with millions of partisans and partisan supporters.
When Japan attacked the USA at Pearl Harbour, the Germans, having already effectively had the USA waging war against them for months before, declared war on the USA, enabling themselves to fight back.
Four years later, Britain, the USA and the Soviet Union brought Germany and Japan to total defeat and full occupation, having killed millions of their civilians (and continuing to for some time after). History was, as always, written by the victorious states' rulers.
Those rulers declared National Socialist Germany an unparalleled abomination and declared its war crimes uniquely atrocious and, as after the first war, blame them entirely for the war's occurrence.
Japan was also vilified for its crimes against the Chinese and South East Asians. However, Chinese and South East Asians had and have no sway over the governments and media of the US and Britain, while Jews did and do.
Thus, in league with the communists, Britain and the USA established the notion of fascism as an ultimate evil. This has been implicitly taught in the education system and mass media ever since.
Because fascists explicitly prioritised their own race and correctly perceived differences between people of different races, racialism and 'racism', i.e. preference for one's own, have been established as evil too.
As said above, the Ultimate Evil notion has suited the left perfectly. Simultaneously, it has severed the right from its own nature - opposing communism - and turned its fervour against the staunchest part of its own side.
All pre-war opposition to Churchillianism, and thereby to the alliance with the Soviets, was denounced as 'appeasement', which was held to connote weakness and idiocy in the face of 'the real threat', Germany, which had sought for years to co-operate with Britain.
Churchill's Tories were replaced by Labour in 1945, then returned in 1951 until 1955. The next two Tory Prime Ministers, Eden and MacMillan, had been strident 'anti-appeasers' too.
Though Labour and Tories jointly opposed the USSR through the Cold War, the threat it had presented to the whole world before the war of annihilation against Germany was effectively wiped from history, and fascism became portrayed as an insane ideology of 'hate' and genocide.
Most of the right has adopted the confused, Germanophobic, anti-European, Judeophilic deformity of Churchillianism. Perhaps once an understandable mistake, it is now, tragically, an unquestioned dogma for people who've been terrorised into rejecting any other perspective.
Rightist opposition to Churchillianism is immediately termed 'fascist', even when having nothing to do with fascism. The right, as though controlled by the left, agree that preferring one's own people is 'racism', which, 'as we know from the Nazis', must lead to genocide.
So effective is the disease that it leads us to accept policies drawing us toward our own genocide at this moment. And so in-folded is the thought of many of our own people, that they see Antifa, the street-level enforces of our people's destruction, and term them 'fascists'.
Antifa are communists who, since 1945, have added an explicit commitment to destroy all ethnic Europeans ('white supremacy') worldwide. They oppose anyone who, even indirectly, tries to defend us, calling them 'fascists' because it serves to portray their own aggression as noble.
Churchill fought 'the fascists', so Conservatives agree that anti-fascism is noble. Thus no Conservative politician has ever denounced anti-fascist terrorism (prove me wrong). Every Conservative now, even rank and file, is a Churchillian oaf colluding in our genocide.
To defend your people, you have to 'be a fascist', i.e. proudly stand up for your people whatever you are called, whoever attacks you. Never, for a moment, alter your course or bow or beg to be understood or forgiven because someone calls you 'racist' or 'fascist'.
They are trying to wipe us out. They detest the existence of everyone and everything we love. They are extreme in ways we can scarcely conceive. Adopting their language means not joining them in a noble 'stand' against evil but acceding to their desire to annihilate us.
Antifa are not fascists. They are communists as they always were. More importantly to us and them, they're anti-white. They want communism, but they want to annihilate whites even more. Churchillian conservatives, whether they mean to or not, will always assist them in doing so.
Don't be a Churchillian, for that is to oppose your own people. Don't be anti-fascist in any way, for any reason. Be what you are, not what they demand. Acknowledge that fascism exists because communists will wipe us from the earth and centrists will let them, as they always have
Fascists and 'fascists' are the only people who understand this and fight it. Do not use 'fascism' as a slur. Join your people for the first time in your life and take part in the fight for our survival. We are normal, and the people who vilify us are the extremists.
Stride through the taboos and realise the strength we find on the other side. We have the right to be 'racists', and we cannot defend our families without doing so. Prevent them becoming prey for others. Join in the revival of our people, the awakening from our nightmare.
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