Saw this photo of @dr_iyaz with Shaheem in Saudi shaking hands, showing camaraderie I guess 🤔
Looking at the photo, you immediately notice how swollen his feet are. I am no doctor or expert, but I don't think it will be comfortable for him to walk, given the condition his feet is.
Especially given the amount of weight that they are supposed to carry. Just look at the size of this man. It's unbelievable. A friend of mine jokingly said he looks like ”he eats enough food to end hunger in a poor African village”.
It very obvious his diet is really bad. And if he continues on with his current bad diet like that, he is going to have serious health problems, and his life may end getting cut short due to those problems.
This guy is also an Islamic hate preacher, and even advocates for FGM. He is truly a despicable man. Most Muslims include in their prayers request for good health and a long life, despite the promise of virgins, rivers of wine and countless other things too many for these tweets.
Now me and many others like me would be quite happy with one less hate preacher in the world given how toxic and corrosive they can be on society. Almost like a cancer. Our world would be a little bit better without someone the likes of Iyaz.
But I also feel sorry for these people. People like Iyaz, the fundamentalist crazies of Islam, and even regular everyday religious Muslim too. Because they are all victims of bad ideas. Bad ideas about life, food, connecting with people, this planet, our place in the universe.
All of it. I mean really. This guy probably worries about his health. He thinks about his family, people he love and who loves him. He probably prays for good health and longevity because of those people in his life, desiring to be there for them and so forth.
But is any of that ever going to happen to these people? Is this ”God” going to help any of these people get healthy or live longer? No. If they really needed something on in this world they would need to rely on science to get it done, all the while ”praying” to an imagination.
Now coming to how fat and unhealthy looking @dr_iyaz is, here is my advice t this guy. I suggest you cut carbs out of your diet. This is going to be hard to do at first, because everything in the Maldives has carbs in it. You should just eat meats (fish included) and vegetables..
...based meals. And you should also cut out sugar from your diet completely. Think of your body as a Petri dish where a whole bunch of chemicals get mixed. The sugar and carbs convert to glucose in your body and the glucose is primarily used as a source of fuel for energy.
That's a very short Twitter friendly layman's explanation. I told you that as a context to explain why you need to cut the carbs and sugar. As soon as you cut them, the stores of glucose in your body will start depleting as it all gets used up for energy.
Now you will pretty quickly start feeling weak by day two. Don't worry, you are just going into sugar withdrawal at this time. Sugar is basically just slow poison really.
Now keeping in mind that the human body is evolved, and has nothing to do with your imaginary creator God Allah, it adapts quickly to changing environments, diets etc as survival depends on this ability to adapt. We know this because of science.
Anyways, coming back to your depleting glucose stores in your body, the next few days are going to be quite miserable. It's going to last for about a week from when you cut the carbs and sugar out of your diet.
Now you may be wondering what does your body use for fuel if all the glucose in the body is gone. How do you recover and gain your strength without all the glucose giving you energy? I am glad you wondered. Because I am going to tell you.
Our body has a built in evolutionary response to this lack of glucose in your system. Your liver will start producing something called ketones as a response. And they get released into your blood stream. Long science short, it then starts to convert your fat stores into energy.
This is also the humans body's natural response to starvation. But the good news is you are not dying. Because you are eating a meat and plant based diet (minus carbs and sugar), you are still going to get all the nuirtitions you need from those.
Now after the first week is over, you will start to regain your strength, and you will already noticed that you have started to lose weight as well. You will first loose the water weight in your body.
The swelling on your feet should start to disappear by then and your face will also look much fresher. You will also notice improvements in mobility, and mental clarity by the end of the second week.
Two to three months into the diet, you will probably have shed all the extra weight that you are carrying and probably would get you off any meds you are taking. Once you cut the carbs completely, you can actually eat a high-fat diet, because you are now basically burning fat...
...for energy. And with the reduced weight and all the extra energy that you have, you should probably start exercising. Do you know why that's a good idea?
You see, when you are this fat, and with gravity (not just a pretty theory you know) pulling down on it, your anatomy’s biomechanical alignments off, because the evolved (again not a theory) body is designed to compensate for those things like extra weight to keep the person...
...functioning as optimally as possible. And in that compensation, many anatomical structural issues will emerge, and you probably feel them now even. Joint and hip pains and so forth including muscle fatigue. So you will need to start exercising.
Now as soon as you hear the word exercise, you will start thinking about the repetitive movements of Islamic prayers. Yeah, I hate to break it to you. That does fuck all as any meaningful exercise goes.
Evolution fun fact: when you don't use your muscles, they wither away, atrophy and die basically. Dr. Brendan Egan explains this in his TED talk. I recommend you check it out.

Find it here:
Now evolution fun fact 2: when you start using your muscles, they gains strength and start being amazing as well. No good needed.

Anyways, coming back to your advice. You should start your exercises with maybe just stretching exercises for about a couple of weeks.
You can look on Youtube for some handy quick stretching guide videos and instructions. This will help your muscles activate and be primed for extra load carrying with exercises. You will need to to some weights based strengthening exercises and some cardio workout.
Few months into the zero carb diet and exercises you will start feeling like a completely new person and the results will be life-changing for your and by extension your family and loved ones too.
Now keep in mind, none of this will be possible, with your imaginary God and religion and useless time waste of a prayer. Science has solutions and answers for you.

Now you can choose to take my advice and follow a scientifically proven method into good health.
Or you can refuse my advice and get some ”authentic Islamic science” to help you. Dip a fly into your drinks, eat a bunch of black seeds or whatever, drink some camel urine and do some cupping (hijaama) for extra measure.
I assure you at this point you can test for yourself if science or your religion is right. Do some tests and find for your self. If you end up taking my advice and following a scientific approach, your future self will thank you forever.
Anyways. Good luck with your health. Take care of yourself.


#ExMuslim #Atheist #NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
*no God needed.
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