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If you've followed SpyGate from the beginning - and I have - then you know that it came out months ago via anonymous sources in news reports that all of Hillary Clinton's St. Dept. emails were being automatically copied & sent to a Chinese-related email account.
So what changed today?

Documentation was released that verifies these anonymously sourced prior news accounts.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has now released documents that contain information that verifies that yes indeed, then-Secretary of State Clinton was having all her emails copied and forwarded to a Chinese companies' email account.

It's not an unverified rumor coming from an anonymous source at this point. The documentary evidence has just been made public.

"a DOJIG report on the matter" = a Department of Justice Inspector General report.


How many of you knew that the DOJ IG was re-investigating the Clinton email scandal?

How many of you knew that in addition to his FISA abuse report & the Comey report, he was ALSO about to release a Clinton Email investigation report related to her account being compromised?
Already see a bunch of concern trolls trying to frame the release of this new documentary evidence as meaning nothing.

Easy to spot, easy to block.

"Well we don't know who created that account, anybody coulda done it!

Wrong. We know who did it.

So a ton of classified info that Clinton deliberately put in emails on an unsecured server were ALL being sent to this CarterHeavyIndustries [CHI] email account, and then forwarded from there to a PRN server.
This is not speculation. Gov't officials are saying this happened.

They kept this detail under wraps until now, that the 'dummy email account' that Combetta created & was sending all of Sec. State Clinton's unsecured emails to was a [checks card] Chinese state-owned company.
So here is what the documentary evidence now shows, something Horowitz has known for around 2 years now, but only is declassified and released today just as Dan Coats steps down as DNI:

1) Hillary Clinton set up an unsecure email server
2) Every email created & sent from that unsecure server, or received on that unsecure server, was being copied and forwarded to a Platte River Network [PRN] server, specifically to an email account for a Chinese state-owned company.
Trump told you he was going to declassify it all, and on the very day DNI Dan Coats steps down this is released by the Senate committee.

Only the declassification is **starting** with the real evidence from the Clinton email investigation that Comey & McCabe suppressed.
Understand this: Comey, McCabe, Lynch, every single one of the people in charge at the time that first fake Clinton email 'investigation' was done, knew about this.

And they suppressed it.

Comey went out there & said 'no criminal intent' & Hillary was allowed to skate.
Here's the question that was asked years ago but never received an answer:

What kind of security clearance did Paul Combetta have? 🤔

If he has NO SECURITY CLEARANCE, & Clinton's emails are chock full of classified information & he's copying it all....?
Not only is Combetta copying all this stuff to a PRN server he's in control of, the emails are going straight into a 'dummy email account' of a company that is owned by the Chinese government. It's a state owned Chinese company.
Guy who likely had NO SECURITY CLEARANCE was **archiving** all of HRC's State Dept. tenure emails on his own unsecure server.

Who told Combetta to do this?
Here's @IvanPentchoukov doing what a reporter is supposed to do: asking all the right questions.

Notice Ivan is responding here to an anonymous account STRONGLY demanding he back away from the Chinese company fact.

@IvanPentchoukov Why **DID** Combetta pick **that name** for the 'dummy email account' on the PRN server where he was archiving all of the emails - many of which remember are CLASSIFIED - from Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State?
@IvanPentchoukov I told you.

Trump will declassify it ALL.

Today they rolled out a BIG DOCUMENTARY PIECE of the puzzle about how Obama, Lynch, Comey, Yates, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper all suppressed evidence so Hillary could keep running for President & win the 2016 election.
@IvanPentchoukov Understand, what they did in ensuring Hillary Clinton skated away from her numerous crimes revealed in those emails so she could run for President speaks DIRECTLY to their motives in trying to first sabotage Trump's candidacy & then trying to sabotage him once he became President
@IvanPentchoukov That's why this is being declassified NOW. To show the clear motive these corrupt gov't officials had to launch all the dirty tricks they did against the Trump campaign and then against the Trump administration once Trump assumed office.

The dirty tricks we call SPYGATE.
@IvanPentchoukov Trump talks about having it all declassified, people picture this huge document dump.

That's not how it'll happen.

One part of the plot will be exposed at a time. Today a huge piece was exposed.
@IvanPentchoukov Let me tell you where this is headed.

I'm being asked "Weren't many of these people like Combetta given blanket immunity? They can't take that immunity back, can they?

Of course they can take it back.
@IvanPentchoukov If the blanket immunity can be demonstrated to having been given to these criminals by corrupt officials who were **suppressing evidence** of major crimes?

Hell yes.

Immunity granted to you by someone who became a CO-CONSPIRATOR with you in hiding crimes is worthless.
@IvanPentchoukov If I'm aware you committed a MAJOR crime, like for instance, TREASON, & instead of doing my job & prosecuting you for it, I enter into an agreement with you to COVER UP WHAT YOU DID & I grant you immunity, I just became a co-conspirator with you in your crimes.

@IvanPentchoukov Last rumors I heard was that DOJ IG Horowitz's FISA abuse report is finally coming out in September.

If so, then getting this Clinton email info out now makes perfect sense, to set the stage as to WHY these people at Obama's DOJ/FBI/St Dept/CIA were hellbent on stopping Trump.
@IvanPentchoukov Ready for another bombshell?

I haven't seen any evidence yet that Clinton even KNEW about this PRN server that Combetta was using to archive all her St. Dept. emails.

She destroyed the 33,000 emails under subpoena on the server SHE had control of, using BleachBit.
@IvanPentchoukov IF it turns out Clinton didn't know what Combetta was doing, and he was forwarding ALL of her St. Dept. email traffic from the 1st server Hillary knew about to the PRN server she didn't know about, those 33,000 missing emails were in Combetta's possession.
@IvanPentchoukov So the issue of if Combetta ever transmitted any of these Clinton emails from that PRN server to any other source is now a very important question.

Did he just archive them to that server and then SIT on them?

Or did he transmit them to anyone?
@IvanPentchoukov Remember, this guy doesn't have a security clearance. His just having ACCESS to these emails is a huge crime.

And now the issue of what happened to a COMPLETE ARCHIVE of all of HRC's St. Dept. emails is raised.

Is it still complete? If so, who has it?
@IvanPentchoukov "Aw rats, Comey's not going down for leaking! They decided not to pursue it!"

Yeah. Now you just saw a big reason why.

Why invest US Attorneys & time & $ nailing this guy on leaks to the media when you can nail him on THIS.
@IvanPentchoukov "Well let's see here, prosecute this guy for writing memos to himself & then leaking 1 of them to the NYT's


for covering up major crimes involving classified information to the point he GRANTED IMMUNITY to the criminals & became a co-conspirator with them."

Tough call!
@IvanPentchoukov Actually I'm being sarcastic.

That's not a tough call at all.

I'm just a layman here, but I know which one I'd pick.
@IvanPentchoukov And some fast work by @IvanPentchoukov who just posted this report at The @EpochTimes, to which I hope all of you will subscribe and read!

@IvanPentchoukov @EpochTimes And now I have to end this thread and get to writing.

I still have research I'm doing for a column I'm writing on the release of the Ohr 302's.

And I've been asked to write for Quillette.com.

And now this stuff broke today!


@IvanPentchoukov @EpochTimes ADDENDUM:

@IvanPentchoukov, who you should all follow, just put up this new article on the Chinese gmail account!

@IvanPentchoukov @EpochTimes Again, the very relevant question comes up: why did Combetta pick **THAT NAME** for the email account where he was creating a complete archive of all of HRC's State Dept. emails?
@IvanPentchoukov @EpochTimes Hey what's Huber been doing?

Ah, nothin'.

Nothin' at all.

Nothin' to see here, folks!

Keep looking OVER THERE.

@IvanPentchoukov @EpochTimes Ya don't suppose one of those things Huber has been working on involves the CONTENTS of those 33,000 emails Hillary Rodham Clinton was so determined to forever remove from existence that used BleachBit™ & had Blackberries destroyed with a hammer, do ya? 🤔
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