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yoonmin au—

jimin’s life turns upside down when a boy knocks on his door claimimg to be his brother. his half brother changes the family dynamic, creates tension in the house, steals all attention in school, and now even yoongi likes him better.

everything but yoongi, please.
> thanks to @134340_HOME for the pretty moodboard

> the story will be focused on the relationship and friendship between jimin and taehyung, and their family dynamics, but of course yoongi is very very important too.

> little angst, jealous jimin, insecure jimin, coming of age
this au is a commision out of my drafts, meaning it’s my original idea and the commisioner picked it up for me to finish writing it so please give it lots of love. if you’re interested in an original commission, dm me so i can send you my list of prompts.

Jimin was texting Yoongi underneath the table, the elder was rambling about a book he read he thinks Jimin will like and Jimin is just typing his reply asking Yoongi to come over and lend him the book when his mother calls him out. “Jimin, no phones on the table.”
“Wait, I’ll just reply to this…” Jimin doesn’t want to let got of his phone just yet.

“Jimin… no phones,” it’s now his dad who reiterates, which means they're serious about the no phones rule but Jimin wants to reply to Yoongi.

“I’ll be over soon!” he pleads and types faster.
“Yoongi won’t die if you don’t reply to him in twenty minutes,” it’s his mother who starts, and she's teasing of course. His father laughing slightly is the confirmation of it.

“He’s still going to be there after dinner, Jimin,” his dad decides to join in the teasing.
Jimin blushes because his parents are laughing and they know he likes his best friend, likes him way more than just a friend and they’re always joking about it. Jimin should be glad, at least they aren’t mean about it. “Okay,” Jimin mumbles after quickly telling Yoongi he’s busy.
It was a regular dinner, like one more of many days Jimin spends with his family. Teasing him about Yoongi died down as his parents started talking about the trip they are planning on making before classes start again for Jimin. He's about to reply when someone rings the bell.
At the moment, Jimin didn’t know what that sound will later mean to him.
Jimin thinks it’s Yoongi even though it’s unusual for the elder to come over without Jimin telling him he’s ready but he stands up nonetheless. “It must be Yoongi!”

“Jimin ah, you should have told him to come after dinner,” his mother scolds but Jimin barely catches it.
When he opens the door he doesn’t see Yoongi.

There’s a boy outside Jimin has never seen in his life, he’s tall but looks around Jimin’s age. He’s wearing a big coat but looks like he’s cold nonetheless. “Umh hi”?

The boy bows. “Good night. Does Park Dowon live here?” he asks
“Umh, yeah, he does…” Jimin looks inside his house. “Sorry, who are you?” Jimin asks.

“Kim Taehyung.” He’s handsome, Jimin notices, and he offers Jimin a charming smile. “He might remember me if you tell him my name. I really need to talk to him. I don’t know if he’s home...”
Jimin nods slowly. “He is! Wait here, I’ll go find him.” He closes the door and walks back to the dining table where his parents are talking calmly. Jimin will later realize he should have treasured the moment a little longer. “There’s a boy looking for you outside.”

“A boy?”
Jimin nods. “His name is Kim Taehyung.” The name is strangely easy on his tongue.

“Huh, weird,” Jimin’s mother mutters. But his dad doesn't say anything. Jimin sits down again and watches his dad stand up, watches his dad walking to the door, and then a loud: “I’ll be back soon”
Jimin and his mother look at each other and quietly continue to eat. His dad didn't even step back into the house to talk to them.

His dad disappeared for around half an hour.
Jimin texted Yoongi telling him to come by later, that he’ll let the elder know when to come. Yoongi only sends a sleeping face emoji Jimin ignores. “Do you think it’s something serious, mom?”

It's been thirty minutes. “I don’t know, Jiminie. But your dad isn't answering”
Jimin stands up and crosses the table to be able to sit on the chair closer to his mother. She's looking at his phone. “Do you know a Kim Taehyung, mom?”

“No,” she murmurs. “I don’t.” And then it’s quiet between them. She wasn’t lying, Jimin will find out later, she didn't lie.
Once Jimin’s dad is back, he looks pale. His father calls her mother’s name, eun-chae, and she stands up slowly towards him. They are whispering and the atmosphere is tense. Jimin plays with his fingers underneath the table.

She lowly asks, “Jimin, could you go upstairs?”
Jimin waits for anyone to come up to his room. His mother looked empty and his dad looked anxious in a way Jimin had never seen him. He wonders if something bad happened but can't imagine what.

He feels like it’s been years when his mother knocks on the door. “We need to talk.”
Cross legged on his bed around nine pm with his mother sitting on the border close to him, Jimin finds out his father has a son Jimin has never meet before and the boy needs somewhere to stay because he wants to go to University in Seoul and his mother is moving back to Daegu.
It’s quiet between the two. “Is he here right now?” Jimin asks, voice barely a whisper.

She shakes her head. “We’re going to talk to his mother, he didn’t tell her he was coming here….and...I don't think she knows...” Her lower lips quivers when she talks.

“Are you okay?”
His mother blinks. Silence. “He’s younger than you.” Jimin looks away, his parents married after his mother got pregnant but they were together at the time he was born. Had been for long. That means he cheated on her not while married but... “He was born two months after you.”
Jimin leans over to hug her, it's a tight hug, desperate even. “I love you Jimin,” she whispers to his neck. “I’ll do anything for you to be happy.”

"I'd do anything for you too," he mumbles. "What are you going to do?" he decides to ask.

"I don't know," she says truthfully.
"I don't know what I should do," she confesses. Jimin doesn't let her go. "But I'm going to be with you, that I know." Jimin nods and plays with her hair that falls long on her back. "I'm going to stay with you and... it's been sixteen years." Since Jimin was born. He nods.
When Jimin's alone in his room and it’s dark, he gets a call. He thinks he should ignore it because he's not in the mood but he knows who's calling so he grabs the phone and answers.

“Can you stop ignoring me Jimin? You know, I’ve been waiting for a while. Can I come over now?”
Jimin doesn’t answer but Yoongi must hear him breath. “Ah, I know it’s late, but you know I’m leaving tomorrow so I wanted to see you before I’m back for classes…” Yoongi coughs. "You know, to give you the book I liked so you could read it." Jimin moves around in his bed.
It hurts Jimin to say no. “It’s better if you don’t come over tonigh, Yoonie.” He doesn’t know how to explain. “Something happened,” he says at the end.

He wants Yoongi to come though, he could use some cuddles with his best friend right now or just have Yoongi here next to him.
Yoongi, of course, notices right away “Are you okay, Jiminie?”

“Yeah, I guess I am. Just don’t hang up.”

“I won’t.” He falls asleep with Yoongi murmuring about something on the other side. The sounds calms him enough to understand that this moment right now, is a turning point.
The next morning his father isn’t home. "You two fought?" he asks to his mother, afraid.

"We talked," she decides to say and Jimin thinks the word explains enough. When he arrives at night, he tells Jimin. Jimin repeats the moment on his head over and over after days.
Jimin is on the couch, texting Yoongi who is already on the road, and his dad walks up to him with a cup of tea. His mother stands behind him as to make sure his father says the right thing to Jimin.

And that’s when Jimin finds out he will have to live with his half brother.
There’s tension in the house because there must have been a conversation between his parents that Jimin doesn’t know the details from. He knows they've agreed to helpt Taehyung, that's how they said it. They agreed to do the right thing about Taehyung. that's how they said it.
Jimin only knows his mother is upset, he knows his dad leaves their room at night to go to sleep to the car and he knows they stay everynight to talk and they do for hours because Jimin can hear them. Jimin doesn’t blame her of anything, he actually wonders why hasn’t she left?
Jimin doesn’t want to leave Seoul, he’s conflicted because even if his dad was not loyal to his mother all those years ago he’s been here for the last fifteen years. He's Jimin's father, and he was never bad. Maybe he yelled at Jimin once for sneaking out but he can't hate him.
But staying with them also means that his father wasn’t in the other boy’s life during those years and that’s what Jimin's mother is upset most of the time, when they fight, it's usually because the man his mother loves isn't bad. But Jimin doesn’t like to think about that.
Taehyung moves in with them on a Sunday and Jimin already decided he doesn't like Taehyung, because he's made his break horrible, his parents cancelled their trip together and now they fight, and everything is weird and Jimin really doesn't like him. He's mad at Taehyung.
Jimin locks himself in his room during the whole ordeal and only goes out to eat but convinced his mom to let him eat upstairs. Hopefully he doesn't have to share room with Taehyung because their house has a computer room that will now belong to the new member of the family.
It’s not easy. Jimin wasn’t expecting for it to be easy because he truly resents Taehyung. He resents him because everything has changed and he won’t have a normal dinner ever again. Even with him inside the house, his parents keep fighting and Jimin doesn’t want to talk to him.
He is sad and he isn’t replying to Yoongi’s texts, he doesn’t know how to start explaining the whole situation to the elder and he actually doesn’t want to tell him at all, because he doesn’t want to say out loud what happened between his parents. He doesn't want it to be real.
Jimin just stays quiet.

He’s quiet in the mornings, and he’s quiet in the afternoon and it's easy because no one talks in the house except for his parents at night. He doesn't get why Taehyung wanted to come to a place like this. Jimin just wants Yoongi to come back.
The silence only lasts until the third day. It's surprising it lasted that long.

Jimin can't sleep and he walks inside the kitchen around three in the morning. Taehyung is already there. Jimin considers leaving and then going down the starts again when the other boy is gone.
But he also feels like it would be too dramatic for him to turn around once the younger has already seen him. He guesses he has no option.

Jimin walks to the cabinet for a glass and he ignores Taehyung's eyes on him. He catches Taehyung drinking from a mug and it’s steaming.
When Jimin moves to pour water on his glass he sees the milk box outside the fridge so he figures that’s what Taehyung is drinking. What a baby. He woke up to drink hot milk.

Jimin finds it annoying.
The moment is obviously tense between the teenagers but Jimin thinks it’s going to be over soon, he gulps down the water as fast as he can but unfortunately he’s not fast enough. “Can you talk to me?” Taehyung asks to the silence.

Jimin breathes once. Twice. “I don’t want to.”
Jimin sees Taehyung hold the mug closer, his jaw clenches. The sink is broken so there’s a drop falling every couple of seconds and he focuses on that instead. “We’re living together! You can’t ignore me forever”

That boy doesn’t know what Jimin is capable of. “Of course I can.”
Taehyung sighs. “Why don’t you tell me why you dislike me so much, so we can start by that? I think... we could get along but first we need to talk...”

“I don’t want to,” Jimin says silently but he doesn’t dare move. Now, he focuses instead on the sound the refrigerator makes.
“Come on,” Taehyung leaves the mug next to him and he's so much broader than Jimin he has to take a step back in fear. “Why do you hate me so much?” Jimin doesn’t even know the answer himself. “I swear, it's going to be therapeutic if you say it out loud,” the boy reasons.
Jimin considers it and it’s quiet until it’s not. “Why did you have to come?” Jimin snaps, “don’t you see how weird everything is now?”

Taehyung nods, like he's actually agreeing with Jimin but it's because he's glad they're at least talking. "Okay, your first question."
“Tell me, what was I supposed to do? Go to another city when I wanted to stay in Seoul?” Taehying talks loudly and it bothers Jimin. "And I had a way to stay here?"

“I don’t care what you were supposed to do!” Jimin walks closer to him. “You ruined everything! Don't you see?”
“What? I’ve fucked up your perfect life?” Taehyung spits. “Do you think I was okay before this? Do you think I'm enjoying being here?" He looks upset and Jimin doesn't want to be here. "You know, you had your perfect house when I did not, mom and dad together?" he scoffs.
“I didn’t have that," Taehyung starts to lower his voice. "Don’t you think the least your dad could do right now for me is give me this?" he gestures around "After leaving me and my mom?”

Jimin doesn't like how he said your dad, like Taehyung didn't want him after all he's done.
Jimin grows quiet, he didn't want to have this conversation to begin with. “But why did you have to come here? I don't get it... Why couldn’t you ask him for something else?” He’s upset and Taehyung clearly is upset too but Jimin doesn't want to see him, he doesn't want to talk.
“I know he owes you, believe me I know!" Because that's the whole reason why Taehyung is here, because their dad owes him a lot. "But now everything is weird in here and I liked it a lot better before!”

Taehyung looks incredulously at Jimin. “Ah, I see, you’re selfish too.”
Jimin doesn't know what to answer, but he doesn't have to because soon enough Taehyung is muttering, “I didn’t have other option but to call him. If I had another option I wouldn't have searched for him, Jimin." He decides not to say anything and waits for Taehyung to step back.
"You know, I decided to talk to you because I wanted for us to sympathize, but I guess you’re also bad like him, who thinks I was better of struggling by myself.”

Taehyung storms out of the kitchen, leaving Jimin behind with the nerve wracking drops of water from the sink.
Jimin cries after his fight with Taehyung.

It’s only when he’s on his bed, hours later and the sun starts filtering through the curtains that he decides to calls Yoongi. “Can you… can you tell me about your day? How is the drive back home? You’re on the road right now?”
Yoongi is, with no doubt, worried. “Jimin, you don't answer my texts in days and the first time you call me, it's at five am and you’re crying. Can you tell me what’s going on?” Jimin sniffs, he wished for Yoongi to be here. “I’m really worried,” Yoongi tries again, tentatively.
“I can’t. I just,” he tries to keep his breathing steady. He looks up to the ceiling. He would love for Yoongi to come over and be here with him and hug him and he wished he understood why was he so mad at Taehyung but the elder doesn't know. “Do you think I'm a bad person?”
“What?” Yoongi sounds upset. “Jimin, who told you that?”

Jimin hides in his blankets. “No one. No one did, I just-” Jimin hiccups trying to calm down. “Do you think I’m selfish, Yoongi hyung?”

Yoongi is quiet and then he says seriously, “I’m coming over as soon as I arrive.”
Jimin tells him it's not necessary.

He didn’t think his best friend was talking for real about coming over until he heard the bell ring in around four hours. It’s nine in morning. Jimin runs down the stairs in pajamas.

It’s Jimin’s mother who opens the door. “Ah, Yoongi!”
Jimin stomps towards him.

“Oh Jimin," she yelps when she notices him. She looks between the two. "I’m going to leave you two alone,” Jimin’s mother says in her usual teasing tone but Jimin doesn’t complain. He has bigger issues like throwing Yoongi out of his house soon.
Yoongi is wearing a black sweater and he’s rolled the sleeves up, Jimin thinks he looks really good, but he isn’t surprised. He had been gone for around two weeks but Jimin had missed him a lot however he shouldn’t be here at this moment. “What are you doing here?” Jimin hisses.
Yoongi is taking his sneakers off to leave them at the entrance. Yoongi ignores Jimin even if he’s being whiney repeating that Yoongi should go -which Jimin knows the elder doesn’t like-. Yoongi only pays Jimin attention when he’s standing up to stand in front of the younger.
He's suddenly grabbing Jimin’s cheeks which makes the younger blush. He hopes Yoongi doesn’t notice how red his cheeks are while he squeezes. He probably doesn’t because Yoongi is too busy moving Jimin’s head from side to side, studying it. “Your eyes are puffy," he notices.
“None of your business,” Jimin snaps back but he actually feels all warm inside by Yoongi’s clear concern. Yoongi raises an eyebrow at Jimin's tone and lets go of him. Jimin covers his face as fast as he can. "I'll tell you about it later, okay?" Yoongi seems happier with that.
The elder smiles warmly and wide. “Well, Jiminie are you going to let me in?”

“No,” Jimin declares. They stare at each other, Yoongi’s tired eyes and Jimin’s wide ones. Yoongi looks at him unamused and then Jimin moves to a side, letting his best friend walk inside the house.
“Can I stay for breakfast?" Yoongi wonders before crossing over towards the living room. "I brought you a gift,” he sing songs.

Jimin needs to stop blushing so much. He wonders was the elder got him. “But only because you brought a gift,” Jimin bites, making Yoongi laugh.
Yoongi starts walking inside and it comes to Jimin in a whiplash, the reason he didn’t want Yoongi to come over, the reason he wanted the elder to go away and not enter the house- Yoongi sees Taehyung before Jimin can even say anything.

“Ah, hi,” Taehyung bows. “I’m Taehyung.”
Yoongi is looking between Taehyung and Jimin. He steps closer to Jimin, almost in a protective manner, probably believing Taehyung is the reason why Jimin has been crying. Which isn't such a wrong guess.

“Taehyung this is Yoongi hyung, he’s the neighbour,” Jimin speaks loudly.
“The neighbour?” Yoongi asks annoyed, he whispers his question to Jimin but he thinks it’s loud enough for Taehyung to hear judging by the way Taehyung looks at them with sincere curiosity. “He's my best friend,” Jimin corrects and Yoongi nods rapidly, content with himself.
“Yoongi hyung, this is Taehyung… he’s," Jimin sighs, "like my brother, I guess.”

Yoongi looks at Jimin confused. Taehyung is staring at Jimin wide eyed, after their bumpy encounter yesterday it's a strange word to use and it’s also the first time Jimin has called him that.
It’s like after Jimin's words no one knows what to do next, Jimin plays with the sleeves of his pajamas and Taehyung stands still on the middle of the room.

“Yoonie, sweetie! Are you staying for breakfast?” Jimin’s mother asks loudly.

“Yeah...” Yoongi is the one that answers.
“Okay, then could you two help me set the table?” She asks loduly and Jimin quickly grabs Yoongi’s hand and drags him towards the kitchen, walking past Taehyung.

“You have a lot to explain,” Yoongi hisses before they walk inside the kitchen, he stops and pulls Jimin towards him.
“Is he the one that has been making you cry?" Yoongi looks serious and he's so close, but it's a hall so Jimin doesn't have where to go and it's not like he doesn't enjoy the proximity. "How is it that he’s your brother?” Yoongi asks and it's all uncomfortable again.
Jimin sighs. “I’ll explain later.”

"Jimin," Yoongi starts but Jimin doesn't let him finish.

"I'll explain later, okay? I promise." Yoongi stares at him, searching for sincerity in Jimin's eyes. "I'll explain." And Yoongi nods. "It's... complicated." Yoongi keeps nodding.
He doesn't ask more.

Yoongi distracts everyone during breakfast talking about his trip and how they visited his mother’s girlfriend family and everyone makes questions, even Taehyung talks a little, but mostly Jimin's mother laughs. Jimin can't stop staring at Yoongi.
For the first time during these last days, and thanks to Yoongi’s presence, the Park family have a good breakfast.
Jimin hurries washing the dishes to drag Yoongi up to his room

He doesn’t want the elder to be in Taehyung’s presence for too long and he also knows it’s awkward for Yoongi to be out there alone with Jimin’s dad. So he hurries and then takes Yoongi’s hand into his to go upstairs
“But he cheated?” Yoongi asks bewildered from where he sits on the floor after hearing everything.

“I don’t know,” Jimin admits. “Like... mom is really vague about it! I’m so upset hyung, they barely talk to me, only when it’s for a big decision like Taehyung moving in with us!”
“But you think your mom is fine?” Yoongi scoots closer to Jimin.

“I mean… compared to before, no. Actually she’s acting like nothing has happened! like oh right there’s taehyung, the son my husband had before we got married but while we were still dating and I was pregnant”
Yoongi grimaces. “And how do you feel about it?”

“I don’t know hyung, it’s really complicated. I want to be mad at dad but I can’t? So im just mad at Taehyung and that’s weird”

“Well, it’s not Taehyung’s fault,” Yoongi starts. “But... I get that you’re mad.” Jimin remains quiet
It’s weird when Yoongi doesn’t have what to say when Jimin is feeling down. The older boy touches Jimin’s thigh making him look up. “Maybe my gift can cheer you up…”

Only by the mention of the gift Jimin is relieved already, “Right! What did you get me?” Jimin smiles brightly.
“It’s not... amazing, okay?” Yoongi suddenly sounds shy. He pulls a bracelet from his jeans and hands it to Jimin. Yoongi bought him a braided bracelet. It’s a simple bracelet, the classic friendship ones but Jimin loves it because he sees an identical one on Yoongi’s wrist.
“Ah! it’s so pretty Yoongi hyung!” It is, it goes from blue to yellow but it’s braided in a way the colors seem to blend. Jimin likes it a lot. For a moment Jimin feels really happy, so happy he forgets his previous week.

“It’s... I was at the beach so I thought you would...”
Yoongi shakes his head shyly, deciding not to add anything more. Jimin pays it no mind, he’s busy looking at the bracelet. Yoongi glances up at Jimin but then he looks away. “Do you want to wear it?” he whispers even though there’s no one in the room. “I can help you put it...”
“Yes!” Jimin brings the bracelet up and catches the end of it. “Wait, what does it say?” Jimin squints his eyes, studying it. It has two small blue beads hanging by the end and they’re carved. Yoongi grimaces when Jimin squints his eyes. “Ah it says your birthday date!”
“Yeah… I have yours,” Yoongi lifts his own wrist to show the bracelet. Jimin leans forward to see his own birthday date craved on the bead.

“Ah! I love it!” He smiles sincerely, wide and probably, most definitely, blushing. Yoongi backs away a little, taking distance from Jimin
Jimin showers before going to bed, and it’s during the small distance between the bathroom and his own room that he hears Taehyung asking about the neighbors to his dad, meaning asking about Yoongi. He’s wondering about Yoongi’s mother and her girlfriend and Yoongi.
It’s just silly questions, how long they’ve lived next door, if Yoongi always comes by like that but Jimin feels uneasy when he hears Taehyung saying Yoongi’s name.

And why was his dad on Taehyung’s room? How long have they been talking? Jimin feels something ugly on his chest.
That night Jimin sneaks inside Taehyung’s room.

It’s around midnight so he tries to be really quiet to not wake his parents up, however Taehyung isn’t sleeping, actually he’s scrolling down his phone when Jimin enters his room. Taehyung sits up as soon as he sees Jimin.
“What are you doing here?” Taehyung says with a blank face and even more blank tone.

“I wanted to tell you something,” Jimin regrets being here the moments he starts talking, but he has to get this over with. “Don’t try... anything with my best friend,” Jimin warns him.
“Anything?” Taehyung asks with a bright glint on his eyes. Jimin takes a step back.

“I don’t know. Anything,” he doesn’t even know himself what he meant with it but he felt the need to tell the pretty boy to back off. “He’s…”

“Do you like him?” Taehyung asks suddenly amused.
“Like…do you have a crush on him?” Taehyung changes his question but Jimin ignores him. He looks away, this was such a dumb idea. “Ah, it’s a secret…” Taehyung smiles smugly. “He doesn’t know?”

“Don’t say anything,” Jimin quickly snaps. And Taehyung laughs, he laughs, loudly.
“Are you still mad at me?” Taehyung wonders. “From yesterday?”

Jimin repeats the question to the other boy, “are you mad at me?”
“Yeah I guess I kind of am,” Taehyung says sincerely—

“I’m mad too, so... stay away and don’t say anything!” Jimin decides and walks out of the room.
It’s awkward between Taehyung and Jimin. They don't talk much, actually ignoring each other most of the time. And it’s obvious Jimin’s parents want to make things peaceful between the teenagers, even when things between the older pair are also tense judging by their fights.
Jimin would tell his parents to fix everything between them before trying to make him and Taehyung friends, but he respects them too much to say something like that. However he does think that if his parents don't sit down and talk to him -or them- nothing can be fixed.
Instead he has to watch how obvious Jimin’s dad is set in trying to make them be friends, always trying to get them to talk during dinner or coming up with excuses to take them shopping together or visiting Jimin's grandmother together. It's awkward no matter how much they try.
During the weekend Jimin’s parents take the two of them out to the mall. It’s supposed to feel like a family outing but it’s just weird to Jimin. He complains to Yoongi through text and the elder advises to use his situation to make his parents buy him games. It's a good idea.
During lunch, Jimin finds himself alone with Taehyung and his father while his mom is ordering food. “Next time we should all go to those amusement parks, I think there's one that opens during Chuseok."

Jimin wonders if his dad is trying to make up for lost time with Taehyung.
Neither Taehyung nor Jimin are too excited by the idea. "The one you went to with Yoongi last year? His mom took you two?" his dad tries.

Jimin nods, "yeah, it was cool," he mumbles but he doesn't want Taehyung to think he wants to go to an amusement park together as a family.
"But it was far away dad, took us almost two hours to get there," Jimin says, while searching for his mom between the people in the food court.

"There's a, makeshift amusement park near our house," Taehyung adds in, almost in a whisper.

"There is?" Jimin's dad acts surprised.
"Yes dad, that playground near the school," Jimin says, annoyed because his dad knows there's a park like that near their house, it's the one-

"Ah, the one you used to hide in when you were little," he remembers and Jimin nods. "When did you go there Taehyung?" Jimin pouts.
"Just saw it... when I was walking around," Taehyung shrughs. He has all of Jimin's dad attention and he shrughs

"Jimin loved it there," Jimin's father says warmly. "When he was little," he explains. Taehyung seems uncomfortable and they both sense it so the conversation is over
His mother returns to the table with a lot of fried chicken. At least that makes both Jimin and Taehyung have a positive reaction. It's only when they're eating that once again Jimin's world is turned upside down.

“Taehyung,” Jimin’s mother starts, “we need to talk about school”
“Mmh?” Taehyung lowers his chicken, he looks nervous.

“Well, I was talking to your mother,” she says carefully and Jimin can’t believe to imagine how strange this is for her and he can't believe she didn't tell him she had been talking to Taehyung's mother. That's important!
It’s decided right there. They will have to go to school together because of the distance. It's complicated for them to have Taehyung going to his previous school when it's at least an hour bus ride from their house and JImin's parents think having him close to Jimin is better.
It’s fast, changing schools for Taehyung. He didn’t had excellent grades in his previous school but he did well on his extracurricular activities so that helped transferring.

After Jimin’s parents explained the situation to the school board, everything went rather smoothly.
And so in two weeks Jimin found himself walking with Taehyung to school.
Yoongi is waiting for Jimin outside his house like usual, but this time Jimin doesn't come alone. “Hey Taehyung,” he greets. “You’re coming with us?” Jimin wonders why is Yoongi asking that when he already knows, Jimin sent him a couple of texts explaining the situation.

While walking Jimin turns to Taehyung, who is some steps behind him and Yoongi. “We won’t say the thruth to anyone, okay?”

“Okay…” Taehyung nods.

“You listen too, Yoongi hyung,” Jimin calls out to his best friend. The boy takes one earbud off and looks strangely at Jimin.
“We’re going to say we're cousins and that’s we live together… but we're distant cousins…” Yoongi stops walking so Jimin stops too when he's a couple of steps ahead of them. "Or something like that, I don't know if you have a better idea..."

"It's fine," Taehyung shrughs.
Yoongi nods and catches up to Jimin. He's two years older so he has to go to the senior class, leaving Jimin alone with Taehyung once they reach school. But once Jimin doesn't feel safe, which is when Yoongi leaves, he starts ignoring Taehyung again.

And his day goes like that.
Jimin shouldn’t be surprised Taehyung becomes popular quickly. He’s gorgeous and he’s always making jokes in front of the class, so eventually, in a couple of days, all their year is smitten by him. Everyone but Jimin.

But Jimin has never been that close to people from his year
They’re on the same class, and they go through their days on their own, classes and breaks. They don't interact and Jimin is better off alone while Taehyung laughs with the other students.

Until a day they’re allowed to change seats and Taehyung tries to sit next to Jimin.
Jimin panics because Taehyung is talking to him in the middle of class, asking if he can take the seat next to Jimin but before Jimin can answer someone is asking Taehyung to sit with them and so on other people start calling Taehyung’s name. Taehyung looks aways.
He glances back towards Jimin who is clearly tense and Jimin sees how Taehyung schools his expression into a wide smile before turning to the rest of the class. He leaves Jimin alone in his seat next to the window and goes away.

Jimin is relieved but he feels strange all day.
Taehyung tries talking to Jimin again when they are walking back home together. Jimin doesn’t like having to walk with him so he usually hurries when classes are over to drag Yoongi out of his classroom and back home. He usually doesn't wait for Taehyung before leaving.
But Taehyung catches up, everytime. “Taehyung is walking behind us,” Yoongi says carefully one day after class but Jimin doesn’t say anything, only looks ahead. “Jimin, can we wait for him?”

That time Jimin turns to Yoongi, he hopes the elder understand he wants to be alone.
Jimin doesn't know how to explain that he has to see Taehyung at home and in class, he'd rather not see him during these minutes. “It’s our time alone,” he decides to say and Yoongi’s eyes widen.

“Oh okay,” he looks away quickly but gets closer to Jimin.

Jimin feels guilty.
However Yoongi asks about Taehyung again because he’s uncomfortable with the other boy walking behind them alone and Jimin doesn’t know what to answer the next time.

When clubs start next week everything will be easier and he won’t have to feel Yoongi’s judging eyes on him.
“Your dad,” Jimin’s mothers start while Jimin and Taehyung are having breakfast. They both go stiff. It’s weird. It sounds weird that he's talking to them both. “He left his dosirak at work… so now I only have two to pack your three lunches," she explains, eyeing at them.
“Is it okay," she asks slowly, "if I put all your food together in one and give the other one to dad? You have lunch together right? You can share in school...”

Jimin doesn't know how to tell her they don't have lunch together, that Jimin leaves the classroom during breaks.
But Taehyung says it’s okay. He tells her they have lunch together and that it's fine if she packs both their lunches in one dosirak, they'll share.

Jimin wonders if he said so to not make Jimin’s mother worry about them not getting along or because he wants to share with Jimin.
It really doesn't matter. “I’m going to eat with Yoongi,” Jimin tells him when Taehyung tries approaching him during break. Taehyung stands frozen next to Jimin's seat and accepts the lunchboxes.

"There are two lunches here..." Taehyung starts.

"You're big, you can have them."
Jimin knows this time he is hiding from Taehyung during lunch. He’s with Yoongi in the roof, as usual. And he’s complaining about the lunch situation with Taehyung, carefully because he’s noticed Yoongi doesn’t like talking about Taehyung. “I don’t know why he lied to mom…”
They’re sharing Yoongi’s kimbap even if that means eating really little each. “Maybe he wanted to have lunch with you,” Yoongi reasons.

“Why would he want that?” Jimin asks bewildered.

“Because… you’re brothers." They go quiet after that, Jimin plays with the kimbap.
“Well, everyone in club is excited about him by the way,” Yoongi says carefully. “He plays the saxophone, did you know?”

Jimin sits up, the first words loud on his head. “You have club with him?”

Yoongi bites from his seaweed. “Yeah, he joined the band.” Jimin gulps.
Jimin brings up the music club during dinner that night and Taehyung gets happy. He lets Jimin's parents know he has joined.

"Ah, with Yoongi?" Jimin's dad asks. Jimin sinks on his seat when Taehyung nods and says they'll walk home together. Jimin's mother glances his way.
"Yoongi hyung," Taehyung starts and Jimin brings rice to his mouth, trying to distract himself, "was the one in charge of choosing the new club members."

"Ah really?" Jimin's dad acts interested. "It must be because it's his last year. He's always been in the music club, right?"
"Yes," Jimin replies. "Since he started high school."

His mother voice is calm, soothing, "Ah Jiminie, that means next year you'll be in charge of choosing the new members for your club?" She wonders and it brings peace to Jimin for a second. He nods excitedly, he will.
“What do you do, Jimin?” Taehyung asks, his voice lower than when he was talking about Yoongi.

“I dance…” Jimin murmurs. "I've been in the dance club since I started high school, so the seniors with three years in the club get to choose the new members... that's why."
"You've always danced?" Taehyung asks and everyone is so quiet while they talk, like his parents are afraid of something going wrong. Jimin nods.

"He almost joined the music club for Yoongi," his dad jokes. His usual jokes about Jimin's crush on his best friend but this time...
"I would have been a terrible member in that club," Jimin laughs awkwardly.

Once again, his mother's voice comes like a blanket, like a caress. "Jiminie, you're also a good singer, you could have pulled it off," she says sure of herself and Jimin's ability. He blushes.
“Really? You sing” Taehyung asks excited.

"I'm not so good,” Jimin brushes it off but Taehyung liked the topic and he begins to talk about his previous school and how he used to sing there but that here he'd rather learn how to play instruments. Jimin spaces out through it.
Jimin is cleaning the dishes when his dad comes up to him saying he’ll dry them. They’re in silence working until his dad starts talking, “Jimin ah, I know this is hard for you, believe me, your mom and I know, and I’m glad you’re putting your part into this... for it to work.”
"I think you're tired of listening to me apologize," his dad chuckles and Jimin is not. He's not tired. "Instead, I want to thank you, for understanding or well... at least trying. I'm realy grateful for you. You know I love you?"

"I know dad, I love you too," he mumbles.
"It's just, like right now during dinner... thank you for talking to Taehyung," Jimin winces at the mention of the younger boy. "Thank you for talking to him, and accepting him in the house..."

His dad, he has no idea and Jimin feels kind of bad when he goes to sleep.
Another day in the roof. Another week of Jimin ignoring Taehyung in school.

“He asks a lot about you, you know?” Jimin looks at Yoongi as the elder munches on his fishcake. He looks cute when his cheeks are full so Jimin ignores the fact that he’s talking about Taehyung.
“He only wants to hang out with you actually.” Yoongi seems a little anxious when he talks, not being able to meet Jimin’s eyes. “But I’ve never told him we hide here because like… it’s our time together,” Yoongi laughs awkwardly.

Jimin feels sick. “You two talk a lot?”
Yoongi nods slowly, almost cautious. “He’s also from Daegu, you know? And his mom...”

“I know. Dad got a job in Daegu around the time mom was pregnant, that’s why he couldn’t be in Busan when I was born.” Yoongi remains quiet, understanding the implications of Jimin’s words.
“Taehyung, you’re feeling better in school?” Jimin’s mother asks. Jimin wonders if the two of them have talked alone.

“Yeah! It's better now! I like the club a lot,” Taehyung perks up.

Jimin looks at Taehyung, he wonders if it has to do anything with Yoongi being in the club.
Jimin decides to wait outside the band classroom for Yoongi instead of walking home one day. He’s sitting on the floor outside the class and only stands up when he sees people coming out. They’re a lot of students and only a couple from Yoongi’s year nod at Jimin in greeting.
He recognizes Taehyung at a long distance because he’s tall and jumps around a lot so he’s easy to spot but he can’t hear what he’s saying or who is he talking to. It doesn’t take much time for students to cross the hall and for Jimin to find Yoongi walking next to Taehyung.
The image kind of breaks Jimin's heart or at least that's how he feels. Taehyung is saying something but it doesn’t matter because what’s important are Yoongi’s next words. “Your voice is really pretty Tae, that was so cool” he hears Yoongi say to Taehyung. “Do you like singing?”
"I used to sing in my other school,” Taehyung explains what he had said during that one dinner.

“In their band? that makes sense!” Yoongi sounds excited, and they're approaching but haven't seen him yet. They don't see Jimin at all. "I don't sing but I write lyrics."
For some reason, Jimin feels horrible. He has never shown Yoongi his voice even if he loves singing because he’s afraid the elder won’t like it, because he's not so good. And it’s dumb that he feels bad because he’s chosen no to sing in front of Yoongi but it still hurts him.
He doesn’t have time to feel bad because once they cross the hall they see him right away. “Jimin!” Yoongi is standing in front of him, he's smiling widely and he even ruffles his own hair in nervousness. “You waited for us?”

“For you,” Taehyung mumbles from behind, he's joking.
He's joking about Jimin's crush on Yoongi. He's saying Jimin waited for Yoongi even when Jimin asked him not to say anything. Jimin doesn’t time for dealing with teasing.

“Let’s walk home,” Jimin manages to say but he remains quiet. Even if Yoongi stays by his side all the time.
He’s in Yoongi’s room. Lately, Jimin’s been liking to stay here better than his own house but right now he feels a knot on his stomach when he stares at Yoongi’s back as he looks for something. “Since when is Taehyung your friend?” Jimin asks from where he sits on Yoongi’s bed.
The elder seems to not like the question so he only lowers the manga he was going to show Jimin back to the floor. It’s quiet until Yoongi turns to look at him. “Have you tried to talk to him?” Yoongi retorts. Jimin is going to answer but his best friend crawls closer on the bed.
“Actually talked to him, Jimin. Not fighting, but, a get to know him kind of talk.”

Jimin looks away because he can’t stand how serious Yoongi looks. “I don’t want to.”

“Would you try?” Yoongi says slowly, his voice is slightly softer. He’s so close and Jimin is nervous.
“Why would I?” Jimin mumbles.

Yoongi seems to be thinking of the best answer, and he’s smart so he obviously comes up with it. “Because I’m asking.” He smiles and Jimin says he’ll try.
Even if Jimin knew Yoongi was going to try to make the two hang out in a couple of days because the elder had said so, Jimin still feels like he’s being tricked when he’s laying on Yoongi’s bed and then his best friend disappears for a moment to let Taehyung inside his room.
It’s awkward because Jimin loves Yoongi’s room and he’s the one allowed inside but now Taehyung is also here. Yoongi and Taehyung sit on the floor and quickly start talking about music and movies, Jimin also likes music and movies but he feels left out. He thinks he spaces out.
He probably does space out a little because he doesn’t notice when Yoongi moves from the floor to the bed until he feels Yoongi’s body pressed against half of his, Yoongi sits next to him and is asking Jimin if he wants to play too. Jimin doesn’t know what. He says he’ll watch
After a while of Taehyung and Yoongi playing a videogame, Jimin tries to stand up when he thinks none of them will notice, and if they do he’ll just say he’s going for water. He just can’t stay longer inside the room without feeling ugly inside.

But Yoongi notices right away.
Yoongi moves closer to him before he can even stand up and grabs Jimin’s waist, pulling him back to the bed. “Don’t leave,” he whispers to Jimin but Jimin can’t focus on the words, his mind is on how close Yoongi is to his face and he focuses on the hand on his waist instead.
Jimin nods slowly, unable to say no to Yoongi.

When he sits back Jimin worries, what if Yoongi know Jimin has a crush on him and is using that to make him stay and get along with Taehyung, who he actually likes now. Jimin feels sick so he tries not to think about it.
He tries not to think about it but he can’t help but wonder what if Yoongi likes Taehyung. The other boys is far more likeable, judging by how easily he fit with Jimin’s year unlike him.

Jimin sees the way Yoongi laughs at Taehyung. Yoongi has never laughed with him like that.
When Jimin returns home he doesn’t answer Yoongi’s text messages. It’s not that he’s mad at the elder, but he feels is better if he takes distance because eventually, and he knows it will happen, seeing Yoongi falling for someone else, especially Taehyung, will only hurt Jimin.
He tries his best to ignore Yoongi too, like he does with Taehyung. It’s easy, he just eats lunch alone in class and doesn’t wait for Yoongi when he walks home, leaving earlier than he should from his house and school as to not cross paths with him. And he doesn’t reply his texts
It only lasts until the third day.

Jimin wasn’t expecting to find Yoongi after dance club waiting outside school. Yoongi doesn’t have club the same days as Jimin so he should have gone home already but he’s standing in the corner Jimin has to walk through outside school everyday
“Are you mad at me?” Yoongi starts, not even greeting Jimin first, he’s blunt like that.

“I’m not.” Jimin keeps walking ahead and Yoongi goes behind him.

“Then why are you ignoring me?” The elder asks, concerned and Jimin knows him so, hurt as well.

“I’m not ignoring you.”
Jimin doesn’t have to look at Yoongi to know he’s rolling his eyes. He keeps walking until he stops behind Jimin. “Is this about Taehyung?” he asks and this time it’s Jimin who stops walking.

“Yes it is,” he says seriously. There’s no reason to lie

“What about him?” Yoongi asks
He takes a deep breath and steps closer to Yoongi. “You prefer Taehyung, I already know!” Jimin wants this conversation to be over with as soon as possible.

Yoongi doesn’t seem to want the same. “Prefer him? what are you talking about?” Yoongi comes closer, almost face to face.
“Jimin I only want you two to get along! He’s nice!” Yoongi tries. ”And he’s your brother!”

“I don’t want to get along.” Jimin says, he feels something ugly on his chest.

“Jimin,” Yoongi’s voice is softer, like when he’s explaining Jimin a topic the younger doesn’t know about.
But Jimin knows this better than Yoongi. “Why don’t you try understanding him?” Yoongi says carefully, “try thinking how hard it is for him. His life is upside down.”

“My life is upside down too Yoongi!” Jimin chokes, his voice is strained and he knows he will cry soon.
“Jimin...” Yoongi’s voice remains calm. How can he be calm when Jimin is feeling so shitty? ”But, you had your mother and father together all this years... He hasn’t and it’s really shitty when you know your dad simply decided not to stay with you.” This time, Yoongi grimaces.
Jimin knows Yoongi empathizes because of his own life, he knows it’s logical the elder feels closer to Taehyung because of what the two of them had gone through but he’s Jimin’s best friend, how can he take Taehyung’s side?

“I know it’s shitty,” Jimin mumbles. ”I swear I know.”
“And I don’t want him to go back to Daegu or leave my house, I just want…”

Jimin wants to cries but he won’t. Not in front of Yoongi. He wants for someone to listen to him. He wants someone to understand why he feels so bad. He wants for Yoongi to like him more than Taehyung.
After Jimin’s silence, Yoongi looks lost. “What do you want?” he asks. But Jimin won’t answer that question. “Jimin, you don’t like that I’m his friend?”

It’s no that. Jimin doesn’t like that Yoongi wants Taehyung and not him. Jimin doesn’t like that Yoongi doesn’t understand
Jimin wants to make it clear that Yoongi is making him hurt, so he pulls at the bracelet on his wrist and carefully places it on Yoongi’s palm. “What are you doing?” Yoongi asks, he sounds upset.

“You can keep it,“ Jimin mumbles. “Or I don’t know maybe give it to Taehyung.”
“It’s yours,” Yoongi whispers but Jimin shakes his head.

It hurts him to say it but he manages, “I don’t want it.” Jimin expects Yoongi to call him back once he’s walking away, or perhaps try to comfort him but the elder doesn’t, he just stands and watches Jimin leave.
Jimin doesn’t talk to Yoongi and doesn't reply to his many texts the next days.

Taehyung is talking to Yoongi though. He carefully mentions him during dinner, probably expecting a reaction out of Jimin but he only looks away and Taehyung doesn't mention Yoongi again.
Jimin isn’t surprised when his mother comes to his room at night. She sits on the end of the bed next to Jimin. “I brought tea,” she says slowly, leaving it on the bedside.

“Thank you,” Jimin mutters, taking the tea in his hands.

“Did you and Yoongi fight?” she wonders.
He drinks from the mug, expecting for it to calm him down. “How do you know?”

“You look... sad,” Jimin’s mom explains. "Sadder."

Jimin nods and doesn’t try to argue because he knows it’s true, instead he says his worries out loud. “Mom, do you think Taehyung likes Yoongi?”
She takes a second to answer. “Well, Yoongi is a really nice boy, I would be surprised if Taehyung didn’t like him.”

Jimin shakes his head “No, I mean… like like.”

“Like like?” Jimin nods, looking directly at her. She seems to understand by the way Jimin twists his bed covers.
He sees how she slowly starts to understand. “Well, have you asked him if he does?” Jimin shakes his head, he doesn't want to talk to Taehyung. “I think you won’t know about his feelings unless you ask him.” Jimin looks away. He feels like crying. “What makes you think he does?”
“I don’t know…” Jimin pouts. “They’re hanging out a lot lately.”

“Well… if he does like Yoongi, then… stuff like that happens all the time." Jimin looks at her confused. "When someone likes the same boy you like." He nods. "You’ll just have to talk to Taehyung about it.”
Jimin doesn't want to do it. He slowly moves closer to her. “And do you think Yoongi could like Taehyung?” Before she can say anything, he specifies. “But… like like, mom.”

“Oh, Jimin,” his mom sounds sad and she pulls him into a hug. He has no problem with crying in her arms.
Jimin is dancing. He looks at himself in the mirror. In the studio, he can’t escape his reflection. He stayed for a little longer after club ended but the teacher is most likely going to come back soon to tell him he has to go home already. He stares at his reflection dancing.
Staring at himself, he wonders if he's interesting.

He thinks he's a good dancer, but is he a pretty one? He wonders if Yoongi would like him if he was taller? If his skin was more tanned? Would Yoongi like him if his face was different? Is there something wrong with him?
He wonders if he's the problem? If his dad knew Jimin's mom was pregnant why did still had sex with another woman? Did he not care about Jimin? He looks at his reflection and wonders if things would be better if he was different.

Jimin doesn’t notice when he starts crying.
He quickly recovers himself when the teacher returns to the class. But it’s hard to hide the fact that he had been crying.

“Jimin ah, are you okay?” She walks closer to him.

“Mmh?” Jimin feels under the spotlight when he looks up to find her staring at him. “Yeah, of course.”
“Hey," she starts slowly, careful. "Is it about the recital?” she asks. Jimin shakes his head. He knows his face is giving away his emotions. She sounds concerned when she asks, “did you fight with your boyfriend?”


“Umh, pale short boy who usually comes to pick you up.”
“Ah… that’s my neighbour." Jimin's chest feels heavy and he has a knot on his stomach. "We… we didn’t have a fight.”

“Oh, is he picking you up today?” she tries.

“Ah, no. He's not.” She seems worried about letting Jimin go home alone but there's not much she can do.
Before he goes he texts Yoongi. He hates himself for doing so but he misses the elder. He opens his chat to find two apologies but ignores them to type "you still have my bracelet?

He doesn’t wait to check if Yoongi sees the message, he only throws his phone to his backpack.
When he gets home he charges his phone and finds several missing calls from Yoongi. He decides to call his best friend. It doesn't even ring twice. “Hi,” Yoongi says lowly.

Jimin lays on his bed. “Hey,” Jimin replies. It’s all awkward, it feels awkward. Jimin is still sad and-
“Jiminie, I don’t want us to fight,” Yoongi is the first one to break. "I hate not talking to you, I hate..."

“Me neither hyung,” Jimin admits. "I don't want to fight."

Yoongi sighs. “Can we see each other?” he pleads through the phone.

“Yes, you can come over,” Jimin mumbles.
Yoongi is there soon and Jimin closes the door of his room as soon as they're inside. Taehyung has his door closed too. His back rests on the door. "Hyung... Is it okay, if it's just the two of us for a while?"

Yoongi stands awkwardly in the middle of the room. He nods quickly.
Jimin sits on the bed and Yoongi follows him. They sit next to the other, backs pressed to the wall. “I want to be just with you,” Yoongi says slowly. It's quiet for a moment until Yoongi gets closer to him in the bed. “I miss you,” he whispers and Jimin can see he’s blushing.
“I felt really bad when we fought," Yoongi quickly adds. "And I was really angry… I only wanted you to come back but… It hurt me when you gave me the bracelet back.”

"You still have it?" Jimin asks lowly. Yoongi doesn't answer only takes it out from his jacket. He holds it.
Jimin takes a deep breath. “Yoongi hyung…” he starts but he doesn’t finish, instead he leans over to take the bracelet from Yoongi’s palm, however Yoongi quickly takes Jimin's hand into his and squeezes. “Yoon, my hands are sweaty,” Jimin squirms.

“I don’t care,” Yoongi laughs.
"I'm sorry I gave it back," Jimin murmurs, he stares at their hands. Yoongi lets go of him so Jimin can take the bracelet. Without asking, Yoongi places it on Jimin's wrist.

"I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable," Yoongi pouts when he says. "I didn't want to make you sad."
"In fact it was the opposite of that," Yoongi tries to explain. "I hated seeing you so down, I thought if you and Taehyung fixed things then you would be happy again but I only made you upset," Yoongi rambles and Jimin holds his hand as he talks. Yoongi seems to like that.
"I don't know how to help you, Jimin," Yoongi admits, and Jimin hates seeing him pouting like that. He doesn't think Yoongi can help him other than... "Can you tell me why you're sad?" Yoongi asks.

Jimin takes a deep breath. He should be able to talk. “I’m jealous, Yoongi.”
"Why are you jealous?"

"I'm jealous of Taehyung and I know I shouldn't be," Jimin stands up, letting go of Yoongi harshly. The older boy looks lost. "I know I shouldn't be because he's had it so much worse than me! Because I've had all these things he hasn't. But I'm jealous!"
Jimin knows Yoongi doesn't like him back so he’s going to ask Yoongi to leave after he confesses. “I just really wish I was half as nice as Taehyung so you would look at me the same way.” Yoongi doesn't move. "I wish... All I do is cry, I wish I didn't feel this way at all!"
"Jimin," Yoongi tries to say something before coming closer but Jimin doesn't let him.

"I know I'm bad for being jealous of a boy that my dad left, and he left him for me, so I shouldn't be jealous but I am," Jimin is stumbling with his own words. "I shouldn't but I hate him!"
He doesn't want to see Yoongi, he feels horrible and he wants to be alone. But his own room feels suffocating. When Jimin opens the door he finds Taehyung standing outside. The other boy jumps, scared. They look at each other with wide eyes. “You heard that?”

Taehyung nods.
He feels sick. "You told him we were here?" he mutters. Yoongi quickly stands up, he's saying he didn't, he's swearing he didn't. Taehyung says he heard him shouting and that's why he went out but Jimin feels sick. He doesn't want to stay here.

Jimin runs away.
Jimin wants to be alone. There are little places Jimin could go to that he knows Yoongi won’t go looking for him, so he runs to the old park nearby. Not the one he used to play with Yoongi when the elder moved next door but the oldest one, the one that is far away.
He just half assed confessed to Yoongi and Taehyung heard it all, he said he hates Taehyung and the other heard it.

Jimin feels so bad. He arrives to the park and quickly finds the playground lighthouse he used to love hiding in. He’s bigger now but he still fits inside.
He climbs until the last section and sits there.

He brings his knees to his chest and tries to make himself smaller inside the lighthouse. He knows he’ll have to talk eventually but he’d rather disappear right now. He feels like there’s nowhere he can be at ease.
He feels sad in his house and he feels sad in school, he feels nervous around his parents and feels nervous around Yoongi. And he hates that he knows it’s not Taehyung’s fault, but in a way it is.

It all comes to Taehyung at the end. Jimin will never move forward if he doesn’t—
Jimin yelps when he sees Taehyung climbing up the lighthouse.
“What are you doing here?” he hisses. He can only think that Taehyung looks ridiculous in the small game, he is huge in comparison and is struggling to reach Jimin’s section on the top

“I’m sorry I overheard” Taehyung starts. Jimin doesn’t answer until the taller boy reaches him
Taehyung makes himself smaller next to Jimin in order to fit inside the lighthouse. “I’m sorry I said I hated you,” Jimin mumbles. He feels uncomfortable not only because they’re cramped but because it’s Taehyung

“Do you?” Jimin blinks at him “Do you hate me?” Taehyung rephrases
“I don’t know,” Jimin decided to say, he hides his face between his knees. He doesn’t want to but he knows he has to talk to Taehyung right now. He’s here, Jimin needs to do it. But he really doesn’t want to.

“You know, the day I met Yoongi,” Taehyung starts, startling Jimin.
“When you went to clean the dishes after breakfast,” Taehyung explains and Jimin remembers, and he’s afraid of what Taehyung will say. His chest feels heavy at the mention of Yoongi. Taehyung chuckles. “He approached to me to let me know he was your boyfriend.”

Jimin blinks.
Jimin hates himself for blushing at the thought of Yoongi calling himself Jimin’s boyfriend in the same sentence. He shakes his head, why would Yoongi say something like that? “You’re lying,” he accuses.

“I’m not lying! He said it,” Taehyung tries to gesture in the small space.
Taehyung moves around to be able to act out as Yoongi. He pouts and slumps his back, “he said… I’m Jimin’s boyfriend by the way,” Taehyung slurs in a deep voice with daegu accent. “He said it all serious!”

“He didn’t say that,” Jimin can’t help but giggle at the imitation.
“He did! I believed him but then I realized it was a lie when you went into my room saying he was you crush which is why I found the whole thing so amusing at the moment.”

“I thought you were just being mean.”

“I did want to tease you,” Taehyung confesses with a guilty smile.
“Two days later he approached me before going to your room, you know when he comes over and I’m in the living room, he came up to me and he was like, actually I’m not Jimin’s boyfriend I just wanted you to back off,” Taehyung explains. “He was really mortified,” Taehyung laughs.
Jimin laughs covering his face. “You’re lying Taehyung!”

“I’m not! I think he was going to confess to you that day. He correctly assumed you were going to say yes so he just introduced himself as your boyfriend.” Jimin shakes his head in disbelief but thinks about the bracelet.
Jimin wonders if Yoongi was going to confess with the bracelet but didn’t do it because of everything that was going on in Jimin’s life. It’s a comforting thought.

“He’s really in love with you,” Taehyung says gently, catching Jimin’s attention. “You shouldn’t feel jealous.”
Jimin feels warm all over, the idea of Yoongi being in love with him, he smiles to himself. But he doesn’t stop feeling sad. He pulls at his sweaterpaws. “That’s not actually the issue, Taehyung.”

“I don’t like him,” Taehyung quickly says scrunching his nose. “He’s too short.”
“Taehyung!” Jimin scolds but he finds a smile easy on his lips at the boy’s words. “It’s not that either,” he explains.

“Then what is it?” Taehyung asks sincerely and he’s being so careful with Jimin. So different to the night in the kitchen but also not afraid, he’s honest.
Jimin looks up to find Taehyung staring at him with tender eyes. For how long has Taehyung looked at him like that? “Everything is so different now,” Jimin admits.

“It’s different for me too.”

“And I’m so mad at you but sometimes I’m mad at myself too?”

“Why?” Taehyung asks.
“I feel like I’ve been doing everything wrong since always,” Jimin explains. “I feel like I’m not good enough for Yoongi, good enough for dad— God, I’m so upset at dad but I don’t want to be!”

After a moment, Taehyung whispers. “Jimin, I think… we are very similar”

“How come?”
“You know how I knew you were going to come here?” Jimin shakes his head. “Dad mentioned it when we went out to eat, he said how would you hide here as a kid.” Jimin nods. “He asked me how I knew about this place, when I moved in with you, I saw it and came to hide here as well.”
“I fought a lot with my mom when I told her what I planned to do,” Taehyung keeps going. “I was upset the first days, mad at her and at dad. I’m sorry I called you selfish the first time we talked...” Taehyung grimaces. “I feel very lonely, but I think so do you?” Jimin nods.
“There’s Yoongi,” Jimin confesses. “But I don’t think he understands...”

“I think it’s harder for him to understand but... he only wants the best for you. I think no one should be sad.” Jimin nods. “Are you more calm now?” Taehyung holds one of Jimin’s smaller hands into his.
“Yes,” Jimin offers him what he hopes is his warmest smile. “I’m better.” Taehyung smiles back.

“Ah,” the younger suddenly yelps. “Should we tell Yoongi we’re here? I told him to wait outside,” Taehyung scratches his neck. “I don’t know if he wants to come up the game though.”
Jimin nods and watches as Taehyung quickly texts the elder. “He’s coming up,” Taehyung informs and then they go quiet.

When it’s silent between them except for the rain hitting the lighthouse Jimin sighs. “I’m sorry Taehyung.”

“I’m sorry too,” Taehyung quickly repeats.
“You already apologized,” Jimin is confused.

“I don’t know… I guess, I’m really sorry I made you feel this way.”

“I’m sorry I didn't... let you in.”

“You had your reasons,” Taehyung mutters. "You had many reasons no to."

Jimin nods. "You also had your reasons to be upset."
“Do you want us to be friends?” Jimin asks lowly.

“If you don't want to be brothers, then that could work...”

"One at a time, okay?" Taehyung has a pretty smile, and it's so wide he must find Jimin funny. Jimin is happy, he smiles at Taehyung and dares holding his other hand.
"You know... Yoongi hyung likes hugs a lot but he never lets me hug him... I don't know why because I like hugs a lot too... And...” Jimin starts but he doesn’t finish, Taehyung is already wrapping himself around Jimin, hugging him close.
Yoongi, of course, finds them hugging. He coughs and Jimin laughs because Taehyung laughs first. “Come here,” Taehyung gestures over and moves so Yoongi can sit between the younger boys. Jimin rests his head on Yoongi’s shoulder and holds Taehyung’s hand over Yoongi’s lap.
Yoongi looks like he wants to say something but after noticing Jimin's and Taehyung's hands intertwined he relaxes. Even if it's a little uncomfortable the three of them stay inside the lighthouse for a little longer.

Jimin is resting on Taehyung’s chest, they're watching Instagram stories from Taehyung's phone. Jimin tenses when they reach Yoongi’s. He’s out in a party. He’s always out. Taehyung sighs and locks his phone. “I can’t believe you didn’t confess to Yoongi hyung."

“Shut up.”
“Jimin, he’s gone now!” Taehyung whines and sits up on the bed to be able to glare at Jimin and then mutter, “you do know he was waiting for you to confess.”

“Oh my god! Taehyung shut up!” Jimin doesn't want to hear it.

The younger shakes his head. “You should have confessed.”
“I confessed, okay?” Jimin snaps, crossing his arms on his chest.

Taehyung’s eyes widen. “You did?”

“Yes! The day you and I became friends, when you found me in the lighthouse. I told him then, and he never said anything again…” Taehyung looks shocked and then he shrieks.
“Oh my god Jimin, of course he didn’t say anything again, that day was crazy and I'm sure he didn't take any of it as a confession." Jimin pouts. "Wait, you never brought it up again?”

“No…” Jimin admits.

“Fuck, you really are emotionally constipated.” His brother frowns.
“You know, I think we need to discuss this with our therapist because it's worrisome that you think your words from that day were a confession." Jimin glares at him. "Did he brought it up again?”

“Only to know what happened between you and I…” Jimin remembers the conversation.
“Well, I thought he was talking about what happened between us two when he asked. He didn't say anything about what I said before about being jealous and that...”

“You have no cure,” Taehyung whines in disbelief.

"Don't mention Yoongi in the next session," Jimin warns Taehyung.
It’s quiet between the two. “He looked really cute in that selfie, didn’t he?” Taehyung breaks the silence and unlocks his phone. He flops down on the bed.

Jimin bites his lip and lays on Taehyung's chest again. “Can you put it again?” Taehyung already has the app open.
Yoongi has been gone for around one month. He left for university, it's actually not so far away from their home, maybe an hour and a half ride, two hours on a bad day but Yoongi moved closer to the campus.

Jimin misses him. He wanted to confess, but he had too much going on.
It’s exactly a week later that Yoongi calls Jimin desperately, early in the morning, around dawn, like Jimin would call him months ago. “Hyung?” Jimin mumbles groggily, being woken up but the never ending buzzing of his phone.

“I’m outside," Yoongi says. Jimin wakes up quickly.
“Hyung? what the hell? It’s like three am," Jimin panics and he jumps to his window, moves the curtains to find a small figure dressed all in black, talking on the phone in his garden. Yoongi for sure.

“I’m outside," Yoongi repeats. "And it's kind of cold, can I come in?"
Jimin climbs Taehyung’s bed. “Tae, wake up.” he shakes the boy. “Yoongi is downstairs.”

“What?” Taehyung rolls around in the bed and clutches the covers closer. “Isn’t he… in university?”

“He’s downstairs!”

“Well, go for him.” Taehyung pulls the cover up to his face, hiding.
Jimin knows better than to try to take Taehyung out of his bed. “I’m going to be in the living room with him, okay? If we come upstairs mom and dad will realize... If one of them come out their room stop them okay? Tell them that I’m talking on the phone downstairs or something.”
Taehyung’s expression changes at the request from a sleepy scrunch to a sly smile and a suggestive raise of eyebrows. “What are you planning on doing with Yoongi hyung downstairs, Jiminie.”

“Shush! I don't want mom and dad to get mad at me for sneaking Yoongi in, just that."
Jimin ushers Yoongi inside right away because it really is cold and Yoongi is only wearing a loose black shirt, but he quickly notices how the elder stumbles in the darkness. “Have you been drinking?” Jimin accuses.

“That’s not the point.” Yoongi whispers smartly, Jimin sighs.
Jimin leans closer but Yoongi takes a step back. He smells the alcohol though. “You’ve been drinking.”

“I was at a party.” Jimin nods when Yoongi starts his explanation, dragging him towards the living room. Once Jimin manages to sit Yoongi down he stands up to bring him water.
But he doesn't go far because Yoongi's next words make him stop before he can even take two steps. “And I was kissing someone at that party...” Jimin tenses and looks down at Yoongi, who won't meet Jimin's eyes. “Because, well you know.”

“I don’t know,” Jimin says honestly.
This time Yoongi turns to look at him like it’s obvious. “Because I have to get over you.” Jimin blinks. What is Yoongi talking about? But the elder doesn't explain he just keeps talking. “So I was kissing this guy at the party, in the kitchen, and I tried to touch his face..."
Jimin can easily classify what he's feeling as jealousy. He looks down at Yoongi and pulls at the end of his pajamas in uncomfort. "And when I was going to pull his hair." Jimin rolls his eyes. "My bracelet got tangled with his earrings.”

Unexpected. “Oh that’s awkward.”
Almost like knee reaction Jimin's fingers go to his own bracelet, still secured around his wrist.

Yoongi nods and keeps going. “When I pulled my arm away, the bead fell off. The one with your birthday.” Yoongi brings it up, to show Jimin how the bracelet is missing one bead.
“Oh.” For some reason it makes Jimin feel sad. Like when he returned Yoongi the bracelet, it makes him sad knowing the small thing is broken.

“I picked it up though. It’s here,” Yoongi squirms to get it out of the back pocket of his tight jeans. “I thought it was a sign.”
“A sign?” Jimin stares at the bead on Yoongi's palm.

“Yes. A sign that I shouldn’t be kissing him,” Yoongi explains.

“Oh." Jimin decides to sit down next to Yoongi, "and is that why you’re here?” he takes the bead between his fingers and lifts it up to see his birthday date.
“Yes.” Yoongi looks away, he scratches his neck like he does when he’s nervous. “Taehyung said you could fix my bracelet.”

“Oh, he did?” Jimin carefully leaves the bead on top of the coffee table

“Yeah, I texted him when it happened”

“And he told you to come over?” Yoongi nods
Jimin finds the situation really funny. He curls against Yoongi even if the elder goes tense at the proximity. “You don’t have classes tomorrow right?”

“I don’t.” Yoongi's voice sounds strained.

“Okay you can stay over then, and we can talk tomorrow.” Jimin decides. "Talk."
“Should I sleep here?” Yoongi glances to the couch where they're sitting

Jimin shakes his head. “No, let’s go upstairs.” Yoongi blinks. He thinks Yoongi needs a moment to collect himself before nodding. Jimin takes his hand and, as usual, drags Yoongi upstairs. "Be quiet, okay?"
When they stumble inside Jimin's room, they're still holding hands. Yoongi touches Jimin's bracelet. "This small thing is important you know?" Jimin nods slowly, he sits on the bed and Yoongi follows. "I bought it to confess to you. I was going to ask you to be my boyfriend."
"The surprise half brother got in the middle of my plan," Yoongi chuckles. "I wasn't going to ask you when you were worried about that," he shakes his head. "And then it was chaos."

"I think that was for the best," Jimin admits. "That you didn't do it then..."

"I think so too."
"Not because I didn't want you to! I liked you a lot..." Jimin quickly ammeds. "It would have made me really happy..." he says truthfully. "But I don't think I was ready to have a boyfriend."

"Are you ready now?" Yoongi wonders. He looks nervous and Jimin doesn't want him to be.
"Why do you want to know? Do you want me to be ready?" Jimin smiles, teasingly.

"Well yes," Yoongi bluntly says. "I think we're more than ready, and I think we've waited..."

"We've waited," Jimin agrees, he lifts his knees to his chest. "But it was important to wait!"
"Jimin," Yoongi says, he's impatient, Jimin can tell. "I know waiting was good but I like you, I really really like you. I really can't stop thinking about you and I know everything's been so crazy for you-"

"I know!" Jimin yelps. Yoongi goes quiet. "I know you like me..."
Yoongi looks away and Jimin moves closer to him so he doesn't leave. "You know I like you too?" Jimin whispers. Yoongi shakes his head, smiling slightly

"You're not really subtle," he says and he's teasing but he's also blushing so Jimin smiles brightly at him. "We both know..."
"What are we still waiting for?" Yoongi chuckles. "The signs are there!" he lifts his wrist "And,"

"I'm not going to kiss you if you kissed someone else today," Jimin says seriously

Yoongi blinks. "Technically it was yesterday, before midnight. So I haven't kissed anyone today"
Jimin rolls his eyes. "Maybe I'll let you tomorrow..." He lays down on the bed and waits until Yoongi lays next to him to pull the covers on top of them. It's already four am.

"What does that make us?" Yoongi whispers to Jimin. "If I can kiss you tomorrow? What does that mean?"
"It means I'm ready to have a boyfriend now," Jimin whispers back. "And you're that boyfriend," he can't help but smile when he says, "if you want to be, of course."

Yoongi hugs him. His arms around Jimin's waist surprise him but he slowly relaxes in the hug. "I want to."
Taehyung teases them all morning, Yoongi is embarrased and apologizing to their parents for coming over at dawn but Jimin's mother reassures him it's more than fine.

Jimin doesn't kiss Yoongi until he has to return to campus, but when he does Jimin thinks he's the happiest.
☼ the end ☼
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