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[THREAD] I've kept it a private matter until today, but after mentioning on another thread that I'd been diagnosed with #crohnsdisease earlier this year, and subsequently achieved remission without meds, I had people interested in learning more about what I did. Hope this helps:
Firstly, let me establish that I was indeed diagnosed with #Crohns. Here is an excerpt of my colonoscopy report (identifying info has been removed).
Next, let me establish that I have achieved remission. Here is a blood test from last November. Note the C-Reactive protein and Sedimentation Rates (markers of inflammation in the body) are waaaay above the normal ranges.
Compare that to a blood test taken a few weeks ago, where the C-reactive protein and Sed rates are almost non-existent and in the low range of normal.
Also, last week I had a calprotectin stool test, which is more specific to inflammation in the gut. Anything under 50 is considered normal.

I am at a 15.

These numbers all put together show no more inflammation and are illustrative of a patient in remission.
My inflammation markers have gone down so much that I seemed to have nuked this thing in about three months.

What did I do?

There was no magic short cut. It took a hell of a lot of will power.

In order to understand what I did, it's important to understand that this is something that builds up over time, so it will not heal overnight. There are "wounds" inside you - in the form of ulcers - and they were caused or aggravated by something...
1: The first step is to remove potential dietary causes. Certain foods are aggravants to people who are sensitive to them (for some people, it could be dairy, or gluten, or yeast, certain artificial ingredients, oils, etc.).

I eliminated them all (more on this later)
2: Your system is wounded, and there is food scraping across these wounds every time you eat. It needs REST and time to heal.

So, I began INTERMITTENT FASTING, where I ate three meals within an 8-10 hour time period and let my gut rest for the remaining 14-16 hours.
3. When eating, you need to be ingesting foods that are soft and easy to digest, so as not to "scratch" the wounds.

4. Since the gut is inflamed, you need to be getting as many ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES into the body as you can to aid healing.

After some experimentation, I whittled my diet down to two "safe meals" that seemed to fit all my criteria for healing. Yes, I did this exact meal routine every day for three months... (now you'll see where the will power comes in)...
Two smoothies per day, each containing:
3-4 frozen bananas (ripe, not green)
4-6 peeled dates (soak in water overnight to remove skins)
1/3 of an avocado
dollop of 100% pure pumpkin
Amla powder
ground cloves
pea protein isolate powder (pure, no added ingredients)
All of the stuff in there (bananas, dates, pumpkin, etc.) is real soft and blending it puts it into a predigested form that is easy on the gut. The cloves are an anti-inflammatory spice. The pea protein ensures you're not protein deficient.
Meal #3: Sweet Potato Soup
2 big sweet potatoes, finely chopped
32oz of vegetable or bone broth (pure, no added ingredients)
1/2 tbl (tablespoon) sea salt
1/2 tbl cinnamon
1/2 tbl onion powder
1/2 tbl ginger
1/2 tbl cumin
1/2 tbl coriander
1/2 tbl turmeric

Cook until the sweet potatoes are soft (30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces). That's it.

This is an extremely low calorie meal, so I would typically also blend the soup (predigest it) into a paste with 1/3 of an avocado to add some fat to the meal.
Sweet potatoes boil up soft and are not in the nightshade potato family, so they are a safer type of potato. Also, two of those spices are great anti-inflammatories (ginger and turmeric). With all these spices combined with the sweet potatoes, it's a good flavored soup.
I didn't eat meat on this diet, so I didn't include meat into the soup. Some say lean meats are okay with digestion and some say they have issues healing on a meat diet.

Also, many people say bone broth helps with mucosal healing. I did a pure vegetable broth.
Throughout the day (usually three times per day), I sipped on teas that had:

1 teaspoon Slippery Elm powder
1/4 teaspoon Marshmallow Root powder
Steeped fresh ginger (no hard pieces)

I drank these while spooning generous amounts of HONEY.
Honey is an anti-bacterial (I ate raw, unpasteurized honey), so I ate a lot of it to kill off bad bacteria. The slippery elm and marshmallow root are digestive teas to help aid in mucosal healing within the gut, as well as having anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
In order to help put good bacteria into my gut to replace bad bacteria, I took a couple swigs of fermented vegetable juice after my smoothies, which contain probiotics. The brand I drank was called "gut shots".

I did not use a probiotic supplement.
Other things I was conscious of:

- I only drank filtered water from home
- I always did an extra rinse of my dishes and silverware before eating to make sure they didn't have dish soap residues.
- I spit out my toothpaste and mouthwash thoroughly
That's how I lived for three months. My symptoms were basically gone by month two, but did an extra month to try and get deep healing.

I am now in the food reintroduction phase, but taking this very slow and plan to avoid potential trigger foods as much as possible.
This is a lifestyle change. Something triggered it, and I don't want to re-trigger it. So, I plan to eat a mostly plant based, whole foods diet free of oils, artificial ingredients, yeast free (yeast is problematic to Crohn's in particular), minimally processed foods, etc.
I'm sure this is not the only way, it's just what I did. The basic principles are:

1. Eliminate trigger foods
2. Rest the gut (intermittent fasting)
3. Soft, predigested foods when eating
4. Anti-inflammatories (certain spices, teas, etc)

Try to find what might fit for you.
I hope this has been helpful. If you're struggling with an IBD and need moral support, feel free to DM me. It's not only a physical struggle, but a mental struggle as well.

Be well!
NOTE: I would get 2-3 meals out of this recipe. I did not eat all this in one sitting.
Also: this is a very low fat diet. Plan on losing a few pounds if you try my specific diet plan.
Another thing I tried to be mindful of were my STRESS levels. Stress was always a big trigger for worsening symptoms. You need to find mental balance while healing.
NOTE: I did not begin the diet with the pea protein. This is something I introduced later because of protein deficiency concerns with the diet. It does not seem to aggravate me, but some people are sensitive to legumes, nuts, and seeds, even as a powder. Find what works for you.
NOTE: Some people are sensitive to sweet potatoes. Keep in mind that MY gut is not your gut. You need to find out whether any of these foods are triggers for you FIRST before doing these recipes. Remember the principles I lay out and figuring out your triggers is step #1.
NOTE: I would recommend using a food diary tracker like Cronometer to help track your dietary changes and map your nutrient intake. Due to the lack of variety, there are certain minerals and vitamins that my meals didn't have much of.
NOTE: I didn't supplement during the diet, but do a couple now because of certain nutrients my meals lacked. Be mindful of what your supplements contain. I don't use any that have possible triggers - oils, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc.
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