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1/ The following is a mixture of fact and speculation. I am not a journalist, just someone offering a few ideas out to the world. I suspect this will one day be verified through careful investigation. It’s well known now that Epstein kept a Blackmail file on powerful people.
2/ Jeffery Epstein (JE) once claimed to have co-founded the Clinton Foundation (CF). Many suspect CF to be a front for a criminal enterprise. Pay for play, and even human trafficking. In 2008, Hillary (HRC) concedes to Obama for the Presidency.
3/ Likely, she was given a deal that she would be the SOS, and promised that it would be her turn in 2016. What was on her 33k emails that she tried to delete that the US Government itself wasn’t allowed to see them? Speculate with me.
4/ HRC’s friend JE collects incriminating data to control powerful people. The CF get worldwide access to the most destitute places on earth. CF provides “merchandise” for JE to “sell” and grow his “blackmail” file.
5/ As SOS, HRC expands this and collects embarrassing and incriminating data on world & business leaders. This database would make her the Queen of the World if she were to become Presidency.
6/ She would win any negotiation because otherwise she would release and destroy her opponent with her collected evidence. So when she got subpoenaed to produce all her emails, it was an IMPOSSIBLE request. That was her golden ticket and she couldn’t just give that up.
7/ Turns out, she had a complete backup on a gmail account created by Combetta, which copied her whole archive in early 2014 to an email address he created in 2012. Lets wind back the clock just a little bit to 2010 when Google famously left China. Except they didn’t.
8/ They got hacked by the Chinese Government and in a fit turned off their censored search, and were eventually blacklisted by the firewall. However, Gmail still operated in China until 2014 – most don’t know that.
9/ Would a regime like China force Google to allow access to all emails they host? Speculation but it’s quite possible.
10/ So Combetta creates carterheavyindustries in 2012, which just so happens to be the name of a Chinese company, and then uploads all of HRC’s blackmail data to it.
11/ What would happen if China suddenly gained access to all this incriminating data that would imprison and destroy the most powerful people on Earth? What would it mean if some of those people doing dirty things worked high up at Google itself?
12/ After China gained access to HRC’s emails, they suddenly controlled the top leadership of Google (and so much more).
13/ A short year later, Googles model isn’t “Don’t be Evil” anymore and instead “Do the right thing”, a veiled warning to the top brass about who now owns them and who to do right by.
14/ All the sudden in 2014, Google secretly starts the Dragonfly project, a censored search that would let them return to China. True, but I suspect that Dragonfly was also meant to covertly censor western search products as well.
15/ This seems to be exactly when Google became political and started working to bolster socialist ideals over the constitution of the USA. China absolutely demanded Google influence and prop up HRC to win the Presidency.
16/ China would control HRC, and HRC would control foreign policy around the world through her extensive blackmail resources. Why did Eric Schmidt (ES) go to North Korea one month before HRC’s last day as SOS?
17/ I never thought twice about it until now, but you’ll never guess who ES brought along: Bill Richardson (BR). Yes, the same BR that is now accused of participating in sex slavery with JE! It’s no secret that China essentially controls NK.
18/ So why was the cofounder of Google going personally to NK, one month after they test a long range missile? If you’re providing someone a password, never do it over the phone. Never do it over email. The best way to do it is in person. Why would China want NK having this data?
19/ Possibly as a failsafe? It’s pretty obvious that NK has been an extortion machine that seems to get billions of dollars in aid whenever they test new missiles.
20/ I suspect that NK has been up to far more evil things than just that though, and having such potent information would allow them to fend off any chance of retaliation as they continue to build their nuclear program.
21/ So ES was commanded by China to give Kim Jung Un access to Combetta’s Gmail, BR accompanied to witness the act and would tell JE and HRC that everything went as planned. ES and Sergey Brin don’t want to go to jail, or be killed, so they would do anything they say.
22/ This is exactly why they look like they saw a ghost the day after the election in that leaked Google video. This is exactly why HRC through a violent fit and destroyed what would have been her celebration banquet hall. They never thought she would lose!
23/ The main point of this thread was to bring a spotlight to the AMAZING fact that Eric Schmidt went to North Korea with the now notorious Bill Richardson and NO ONE KNOWS WHY. Until now.
@tracybeanz @IPOT1776 @WWG1WGA_Every1 @mitchellvii @SaraCarterDC @jsolomonReports @TrueEyeTheSpy (Note: this is a rather new account so if you found the above thread interesting please follow me to keep up with my latest ideas. I promise to be out of the box and offer radical insight to the greatest show on earth)
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