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1/ #911, #Epstein and the #Mossad.
2/ It is 100% certain that #9/11 was a #Mossad operation. Two of their agents said as much on Israeli TV.
3/ These men were the 'Dancing Israelis', five employees of Urban Moving Systems Incorporated who were spotted high fiving and celebrating the impact of the first plane that morning in NJ. They were quickly arrested after a BOLO was put out for their van.

4/ Their arrests and nationality were reported in a local NJ paper. After being detained for over two months they were deported to Israel after which the made this TV appearance.

5/ "We were there to document the event."

Um, how did you know there was going to even BE an event? And when arrested, one immediately offered the information that 'they were not the problem, the Palestinians are the problem.'


6/ Declassified FBI documents give quite a bit of detail as to how they were first spotted, how they were caught and what they were carrying.

When the FBI developed their photos, the five were indeed celebrating as the original eyewitness claimed.

7/ The owner of urban MOving SystemS incorporAteD (MOSSAD) fled the country within a few days, leaving his moving company behind. The Govt. then classified all information related to the Israeli's involvement in 9/11.

8/ But that's not all! For the same low low price you also get a bunch of Israeli 'art students' on the 91st floor surrounded by boxes of electrical fuses doing some kind of 'art project'. The website for this art project is even still up:

9/ I'll come back to this art project in a bit because I want to talk some more about Israeli art students.

Did you know the biggest spy ring EVER busted in the United States was rounded up in the months following the WTC attacks? They were all Israeli 'art students.'

10/ Carl Cameron of Fox News did an outstanding expose of this spy ring and Israel's role in it. It was quickly removed from Fox's site after the ADL or AIPAC complained. Goodness knows how it got on the air in the first place.

Mirror here:

11/ It says Part 1 on that first video but that 20 mins is actually the whole thing. I have a mirror and a backup should it be removed.

Art students, 9/11, explosives, attempts to enter a US naval base - it's mind-boggling. Worth your time.

12/ The third major way the Mossad was involved was as handlers for the patsies - the Arab hijackers. Wayne Madsen did an excellent analysis of the evidence for this, as quoted in Wikileaks' dump of Stratfor's emails:


13/ The Stratfor emails contain another interesting reference to 9/11: a state dept. employee mailing the company to ask which mafioso was handling WTC-1 that day. Was it Stinky O'Neill or the Fat Man?


The Mossad and the Mafia. Great.

14/ In May 2017, an anon would say that the email was a royal fuckup & that the Mossad and the Mafia were involved & yes, world leaders have been informed & yes, there is a bunch of technology that has been kept from humanity.

I will come back to that last claim in a bit.

15/ I want to go back to the art students on the 91st floor and their art project. Coincidentally or perhaps not, the 91st floor is almost right where the plane the North Tower. A homing beacon? Maybe.

But it's clear that the 'art students' knew what was up.

16/ They released a book of the project which is a handful of childish drawings of the Twin Towers. But the details are VERY revealing. Bear in mind this project happened months BEFORE 9/11.

17/ Picture has:

- the twin towers
- a passenger aircraft
- a satellite
- a joke about last chance to open a parachute
- God below the clouds
- some weird below-ground structures

18/ The second pic shows the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings. No need to pick out details in this scribble or note the revolting comments.

19/ I think we can conclude these artists knew what was coming. And when I looked at the first pic again recently I realized what was staring me in the face.

The satellite.

20/ In my previous #qanon thread on #911, I speculated that the towers were brought down by some kind of energy weapon based on Dr. Judy Wood's work on the subject:

21/ "Yes, there is a bunch of technology that has been kept from humanity." - anon above.

Israel has a satellite-based directed energy weapon that turned the Towers to dust that morning.

A monstrous crime against the United States.

22/ Side effect of an energy weapon from space: Hurricane Emily nopes the hell out of the NYC area that morning:

23/ I even know the satellite's name: Kokabiel. It was shot down a month and a half ago and crashed in Mongolia.

Israel has a monopoly on these kinds of weapons apparently.

Thanks anon.

24/ I think it's a given that the Mossad are as thick as pigshit. The above evidence is a small sample. So how did they pull it off?

The first reason is Zionist Jews in the US administration and bureaucracy.

25/ The second reason is blackmail. I reckon the Mossad have been using #Epstein for DECADES to blackmail politicians in the West. Les Wexner and the Mega Group provide the financing for Epstein and his job is to get everyone on tape with an underage girl.

26/ Correction from @canpat2018 - it was Hurricane Erin on the morning of 9/11, not Emily.

Thanks for the catch!
27/ This is why Ehud Barak was such close friends with Jeff. Interestingly Barak's FIRST reaction on TV upon hearing the news of 9/11 was 'this is very good for Israel.' No, really?

Yasser Arafat by contrast was in complete shock when he heard.

28/ The Zionists have a serious problem now. If the American people ever truly find out en masse that it was the Mossad that did 9/11, then the US will scrub Israel off the face of the earth, no matter the cost.

"Israel will flat-ass disappear." - Dr Alan Sabrosky.

29/ This video is culled from an interview Dr Sabrosky gave. You can tell where I've pinched a quote or two from him:


30/ An even more serious problem for the Zionists is that the most powerful man in the world will be coming for them. One popular theory on the chans says it's the ONLY reason he ran for President.

31/ #FBIanon knew the truth about #911. I did a long thread on his 4chan drops here:

32/ These people are bad for your country America. But retribution is coming.

"I always get even."
- Donald J. Trump.

I think the revenge he takes on those who attacked his beloved city and country will be talked about for a thousand years.

33/ Disturbing postscript incoming: I think I've discovered explicit (albeit obfuscated) mention of Israel's Kokabiel direct energy satellite weapon in I, Pet Goat II.

Previous thread on this surreal symbolic work here:

34/ I, Pet Goat, II can be viewed here:


TL;DR: elites telling us the sick evil plan they have for the world, couched in symbols.

A little after the Towers fall, at 2:27, the Statue of Liberty is pictured undermined by the Star of David.

35/ Then there's a flash of light from above and the torch of liberty and enlightenment falls off. Yeah OK, I get it - Israel undermining and corrupting the US's liberties and freedoms.

But there's a very suggestive detail I've missed before.

36/ The flash of light from above comes from above and shines through a star shape in the heavens.

Kokabiel is the 'Star of God' according to the book of Enoch, one of the 200 fallen angels.

Yeah, now I get it.

37/ Senior Israelis used the Star of God direct energy weapon satellite Kokabiel to cripple the US's liberties and freedoms on #911.

Their punishment - and the collective racial guilt that accompanies it - is going to be quite something.

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