#WhiteNationalism / #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism

There are many groups of #WhiteNationalists — I call them WiGnats.

One faction of them seeks to normalize their ideology by manipulating the media & infiltrating the mainstream GOP — which they’ve had success with.

Ex: IE (identity evropa) / AIM (American Identity Movement)
More than any other white nationalist group operating today, Identity Evropa has attempted to FRAME their views in ways that APPEAL to MAINSTREAM CONSERVATIVE AUDIENCES.…
They meticulously manage their image in an attempt to cozy up to the Republican Party in hopes that they’ll eventually alter the GOP to fit their own image.
Bad PR makes these WiGnats jittery because it ruins their chances of normalizing their hate and defeats the goal of infiltrating the GOP.
Just over a year after assuming control of the college-focused white nationalist org Identity Evropa (IE), leader Patrick Casey said he retired the org.
Casey’s announcement came days after the nonprofit media organization Unicorn Riot @UR_Ninja released the group’s Discord server chat logs.

Casey said he was launching a new org, the American Identity Movement (AIM) apparently to distance him & others from the BAD PR that had followed IE since the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally they helped organize.

IE was sued for their role in the deadly rally.
With leaked chat logs providing further evidence that IE’s “identitarian” label is simply a cover for rampant racism and antisemitism, the rebrand seemed even more urgent.
They DOWNPLAY the extreme nature of their ideas, like referring to their ideal society as “ethno-pluralistic” rather than segregated.

They push for a clampdown on immigration and STRESS NATIVIST TALKING POINTS that they believe will APPEAL to TRUMP SUPPORTERS.
They carefully manage their public image, holding only unannounced demonstrations where they hold banners with INNOCUOUS-sounding slogans like “Make America BEAUTIFUL Again.”

To the untrained ear, that sounds fine — to white nationalists, beautiful=white
It’s a strategy James Allsup, a popular alt-right YouTuber and one of Identity Evropa’s most prominent members, has been promoting through example since he was elected a GOP precinct committee officer last summer.
The group’s rebrand offers further cover to smuggle #whitenationalist views into mainstream politics.
This weekend the American Identity Movement held their first public action, which took the same format as IE’s demonstrations. More than 50 AIM members stood outside the Tennessee State Capitol with banners that read “This land is our land” and “Defend America.”
While Identity Evropa’s aesthetic was an amalgam of superficial references to “European culture,” AIM is more heavily steeped in worn Americana. Instead of IE’s Greco-Roman imagery, AIM’s posters recycle American turn-of-the-century and Cold War propaganda.
Building a marketing strategy

Despite Identity Evropa’s efforts to differentiate themselves from other segments of the white nationalist movement, their Discord chats show that their views were essentially the same as any other group in the alt-right.
Members toed the party line and AVOIDED using RACIAL SLURS or other crude language, but they still engaged in Holocaust denial, vilified Jews and black people, and read crudely racist content like the Daily Stormer.
Publicly, Identity Evropa appears unified behind their vaguely defined identitarian banner.

They also try to hide their ties to white nationalist groups to try & protect TRUMP.
But, behind the scenes, there was an ONGOING EFFORT to establish a consistent BRANDING STRATEGY that OBSCURED the group’s RACIST views.

They hoped to generate “cutting edge, headline-grabbing stances (WITHOUT BEING EXPLICITLY RACIAL).”
Infiltrating the GOP

Identity Evropa /AIM, are especially dangerous because they have been able to SUCCESSFULLY LAUNDER their IMAGE enough FOR their MEMBERS to GAIN ACCESS to the REPUBLICAN Party, which they hope will further allow their IDEAS to PENETRATE the GOP’s BASE.
It appears many members took up Casey’s instructions. One member said he had an upcoming interview for a job in politics, another said he had knocked on doors for a local Republican candidate...
...and a user from Minnesota said he had received a “positive response to my question about resettlement at MN’s governor’s forum today.”
Several members said they were members of College Republicans. Of the four IE members a Portland antifascist group id’d based on the leaked Discord chats, two were members of College Republicans – one at Washington State University and another at the University of Washington.
Members of the American Identity Movement will likely continue on as they have now for years: quietly working to normalize their ideas within the Republican Party.
(March 2019...not this weekend)

It’s not that Trump is shamed by being called a racist... it’s the same as IE and others trying to stay under the radar —they don’t want the mainstream conservative base to know how racist they actually are. #Voters

Also related:
Short story.
Larry Kudlow, Trump’s economic advisor invited well-known white supremacist Peter Brimelow to his birthday party.

The press called him out on it.
Brimelow is basically one of the alt-right’s founding fathers

This is who Brimelow is:
K? You get the point.

When Kudlow was confronted by the press about his ties to Brimelow, he pretended he had no idea and then disavowed his friend’s racist views.

Brimelow had something to say about it. And it’s rather telling...especially the ending:
Got it?
They hate bad PR
They fall to pieces under pressure about their racism
As spoken by one of the founding fathers of the wi’gnats (alt-right): #useit
Here’s another member of @realDonaldTrump admin WHO WORKS WITH IMMIGRATION who has racist anti-immigrant views and deep #WhiteNationalist ties

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