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📘The Venetian Conspiracy by Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
Address delivered to the ICLC Conference near Wiesbaden, Germany, Easter Sunday, 1981; (appeared in Campaigner, September, 1981)
Venetian were responsible for picking up the German heretic Martin Luther and raising him to the big-time status... Not content with this wrecking operation against the Church, Venice was thereafter the “mother” for the unsavory, itinerant Ignatius of Loyola and his Jesuit order.
"The primary basis for Venetian opulence was slavery... practiced against Saracens, Mongols, Turks, and other non-Christians... it is conclusively documented standard Venetian practice to sell Christians into slavery. This included Italians and Greeks, Germans and Russians...
"... the harems of the entire Ottoman Empire, from the Balkans to Morocco, were stocked by Venetian slaves. The shock troops of the Ottoman Turkish armies, the Janissaries, were also largely provided by Venetian merchants."
"In every instance the Venetians sought to skim the cream off the top of world trade. Their profit margins had to be sufficient to cover a “traditional” 20% interest rate, the financing of frequent wars, and maritime insurance premiums, in which they were pioneers." #usurocracy
"Venice lasted as long as it did because of the effective subordination of the oligarchs and families to the needs of the oligarchy as a whole..."

See quote:
"... thirty members of the Gran Consiglio were chosen at random, using colored balls whose Venetian name is the origin of the American word ballot..."
"decimated natives were continually replenished by waves of immigration, so much the Frenchman Philippe de Comynes, an adversary of Machiavelli, could report that the population was mostly foreigners... supplemented by an unending parade of festivals, spectacles, and carnivals."
The modern-day bankster and government promoted 'agenda' comes to mind... 'pride' , 'diversity', 'open-borders'...
"Reality was located in the fact that an elite of ten to fifteen families out of the one hundred fifty effectively ruled with an iron hand. Various Venetian diarists let the cat out of the bag... The regime ran everything, and offices of all types were routinely sold."
"Venice had reacted to the invention of moveable-type printing by Johannes Gutenberg of Mainz in a way that foreshadowed the reaction of the British oligarchy in this century to radio, the movies, and television. They had immediately attempted to seize control of the new medium."
1. "A free-trade deal" and
2. Triangulated conflict:
"... the essence of their strategic doctrine was something more abstruse, something sometimes described as the “collapse of empires” scenario. Venice parasitized the decline of much larger states, a decline that Venice itself strove to organize..."
"This valuable knowledge they obtained from Venetian merchants, men like Marco Polo’s father... So the great Marco Polo, and the Venetian family from which he came, was responsible for directing the destruction of Ghengis Khan against Europe."
I have never seen sunsets like I saw in Venice. Can understand how the likes of J M W Turner were inspired in their paintings.
"They are hypocrites. They wish to appear as Christians before the world, but in reality they never think of God and, except for the state, which they regard as a deity, they hold nothing sacred, nothing holy."

-- Pope Pius II Piccolomino
"The banker Girolamo Priuli wrote in his diary that Agnadello had been a punishment for the sins of the Venetian nobility, among which he numbered arrogance, violation of promises, lechery in nunneries, sodomy, effeminate dress, and luxurious and lascivious entertainments."
'The symbol of Genoa was St. George the dragon-slayer, in reality no saint at all but a thinly disguised version of Perseus saving Andromeda by slaying the sea monster. The “George” is said to come from the Gorgon Medusa, whose head Perseus was carrying.
"What gave Luther and the rest of the Protestant reformers real clout was a publicity and diffusion of their ideas that owed much to the Venetian publishing establishment. The Venetian presses quickly turned out 40,000 copies of the writings of Luther, Calvin..."
"What does this sublime Venetian patrician have to do with the founding of the Jesuit order by that itinerant and deranged mystic, Ignatius of Loyola? Ignatius was the creature of Venice, and of Contarini in particular."
'In the years around 1570, accordingly, Venice became the site of the first example in Europe of what the French later termed “salons” for socializing and literary discussion...Here the seeds were sown that would later produce free-thinking... in a word, the Enlightenment."
"Venice got control of the silver coming from the Americas, shifting to a silver standard from the previous gold standard. This silver was used to pay for the spices and other products from the East. Genoese received virtually the entire world’s circulating gold stocks."
"Venice and Genoa were also the midwives for the great financial power growing up in Geneva, which specialized in controlling the French public debt and in fostering the delphic spirits of the Enlightenment."
"Venice has continued very much alive. During the 19th century & up to our own time it has been the most important single incubator for fascist movements. Its military & financial power largely emigrated elsewhere, Venice’s importance for political culture is greater than ever.
📘"The Role of the Venetian Oligarchy in Reformation, Counter-reformation, Enlightenment, and the Thirty Years’ War " by Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.

CLC Conference, 6 September 1992; appeared in New Federalist, April, 1993
"The essence of Venice is oligarchism, usury, slavery, and the cult of Aristotle. The traditional rate of interest was above 20%... Venice, like Byzantium, saw religion as a tool of state power, with new cults to be concocted as the need arose." #usurocracy
The last point - is just like the cult-manufacturing machine employed by The British Empire since the 19th century and into the 20th.
Consider too how cult-leader Aleister Crowley was also a secret-agent for The British.
"This painting hints at an important feature of Venetian method, namely the strategy of dominating culture, religion, and politics through the expedient of concocting a series of Aristotelian cults or schools which then contend among each other."
"The League of Cambrai was the first broad coalition of European states against a nominally Christian nation... It included just about all of Europe. A painting by Palma Giovane in the Doge’s palace depicts Doge Loredan and the lion of St. Mark fighting Europa."
"For Luther, the devil is an independent power who rules over the material world... According to such a Gnostic view, the material world is inherently bad, and only the spiritual world can be good. Something not so different was professed by the Bogomils."
Aside: Let's not forget another fake character who took on the same name:
'These letters, first published in 1950, make Contarini the first Protestant, the undisputed caposcuola among those in Italy who argued for salvation ex sola fede, and who were called evangelicals, crypto-Protestants, or “spirituali,”
Germany, if unified, would be great, but because of the divisions which exist, they are only small. ”Venetian publishing & networks would now be mobilized to guarantee the spread of Lutheranism & its variants all over Germany in order to perpetuate & exacerbate these divisions."
"Giorgi was author of De Harmonia Mundi (Venice 1525), a mystical work with influences deriving from Hebrew Cabala, & assured Henry VIII that the Biblical text applicable to his situation was Leviticus 18:16, in which marriage between a man & his brother’s wife was forbidden."
"Giorgi remained at the English court until his death in 1540. Giorgi is reputed to have contributed mightily to the initiation of a school of Venetian pseudo- Platonic mysticism in England. This was later called Rosicrucianism."
Shortly before the arrival of Giorgi, Thomas Cromwell replaced Cardinal Wolsey as chief adviser to Henry VIII. Cromwell had the marks of the Venetian agent, reportedly a mercenary in Italy during wars of the early 1500s, & was at one time the clerk or bookkeeper to a Venetian...
"The creation and preservation of a Protestant regime in England was one of the principal goals of Venetian policy. Wars between England and France, and between England and Spain, were the essence of Venetian policy."
"... an overwhelmingly Venetian commission. This was the Consilium de Emendenda Ecclesia... The commission said nothing of oligarchism or usury, but gave all the blame to the excessive power which the Roman pontiffs had arrogated to themselves."
"The reform undertaken by the Contarini commission was going in a very different direction... In 1539, Contarini was instrumental in convincing Paul III to approve the creation of Ignazio de Loyola’s Society of Jesus as a holy order."
"In 1590, there was a serious famine, and food supplies did not return to normal until 1594. Part of this impoverishment was due to the fact that Venice, in spite of its wretched economy, was pursuing a policy of totally retiring the public debt."
"Sarpi sounds very much like Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, and Hume. This is no surprise, since Sarpi and Micanzio were in close contact with Hobbes and Bacon, sometimes directly, and sometimes through the intermediary of William Cavendish"
"There was a Bacon cult among the Venetian nobility in those years, and Venice led all Italian cities in the number of editions of Bacon’s work."
"Sarpi, who was an official of the Venetian regime, soon became the idol of the libertines and freethinkers everywhere, and was soon one of the most famous and most controversial persons in Europe."
"French Gallicans and Huguenots, and Swiss and Dutch Calvinists were for Venice, but none supported Venice more than the degenerate King of England, James I. James was the pedantic pederast who claimed that he got his divine right directly from God."
"The grand design Sarpi peddled to Protestants called for an apocalyptic war between Catholics and Protestants with the latter led by James I and the Dutch United Provinces. In a battle between Venice and the papal states, foreign Protestant armies would fight on Venetian soil.."
"The Thirty Years’ War, which extirpated about half of the population of Germany between 1618 and 1648, is thus exposed as a piece of utopian- geopolitical tinkering from the satanic cell around Fra Paolo Sarpi."
"Sarpi had many English admirers; one was Izaak Walton, the author of the famous “Compleat Angler.” Another was John Milton..."
"Even after he was ousted from all his court posts in the wake of confessed bribery and corruption, Francis Bacon remained a loyal Venetian agent. In about 1624, Bacon addressed a memorandum to the new King Charles I in which he urged that England declare war on Spain... "
"Ludwig Dehio and other historians have pointed out that the characteristic Venetian methods of strategy were also typical of the later English and British colonialism."
📚 "Against Oligarchy" online books, including the two above, by Webster Tarpley are here:
📘The War of the League of Cambrai, Paolo Sarpi and John LockeFrom ICLC Conference panel titled: “The Axioms of the American System,” Feb. 18, 1996; (appeared in New Federalist, March 18, 1996) by Webster Tarpley
"Every person, whether he knows it or not, is a philosopher. Each of us necessarily develops a theory of how the world works. This theory is expressed as a set of axioms. The axioms are self-evident ideas that are recognized and accepted by everybody in sight."
"Is there a remedy? It must be to uncover the false axioms, uproot them, and replace them with the truth. History and philosophy are two powerful weapons in this fight against false axioms. The crisis of the citizen needs to be seen in a long historical perspective... "
"Usury, constant warfare, slavery, racism, Aristotelian philosophy – these are the trademarks of oligarchy." #usurocracy
"the main powers had all been antagonized by Venetian perfidy & geopolitics. Venetians had been filching territory on all sides, grabbing for every fly that flew by. What followed was the War of the League of Cambrai, the great world war that marked the opening of the modern era.
"French general Bayard, whose courage is proverbial, proclaimed his desire to destroy the Venetian oligarchy because of their contempt for God & Christendom. The Venetian land empire had been lost in a day. In one battle, Venice dropped off the list of European great powers.
"Pope Julius II must bear the historical responsibility of permitting the survival of Venice and thus of oligarchy into the modern world."
1517, a desperate Venetian operation masterminded by Contarini bore fruit when Luther nailed his theses to the door of Wittenberg cathedral. From this point, religious conflict between Catholics & Protestants in Germany & elsewhere would relieve the immediate pressure on Venice.
"The Venetians could not simply attack science from the outside. They needed to seize control of science and corrupt science from within. This task fell to the Venetian intelligence leader Paolo Sarpi, who lived from 1552 to 1623."
So I hope we're all getting it on this Sarpi character...
"Sarpi’s most lasting achievement is the launching of the European Enlightenment, including both the Bacon- Hobbes- Locke- Newton- Berkeley- Hume English empiricism and the Descartes- Voltaire- Rousseau- French Encyclopedia school."
A lot more on Sarpi’s influence...
"Sarpi & Locke... Most of Locke’s modern editors and biographers make no mention of Sarpi."
📘"How the Dead Souls of Venice Corrupted Science." Speech to Schiller Institute Conference, September 4, 1995. Printed in The American Almanac, January, 1996
"The Venetian Party has also created over the centuries a series of scientific frauds and hoaxes, which have been elevated to the status of incontrovertible and unchallengeable authorities. These have been used to usurp the rightful honor due to real scientists... "
"These three groups of Venetian gamemasters are responsible for a great deal of the obscurantism and garbage that weighs like a nightmare on the brain of humanity today. These Venetian intelligence officials are the original atheists and materialists of the modern world..."
Recall this essay: "My Clash With The Sciences"
Aleksandar Šarović,
December 4, 2008
"In other locations we have told the story of how Contarini, for Venetian raisons d’état, set into motion the Protestant Reformation, including Martin Luther, King Henry VIII of England, Jean Calvin of Geneva, and the Italian crypto-Protestants known as gli Spirituali."
"For Contarini, as a practical matter, there is no empirical human soul that you can be aware of while you are still alive."
".. in the early 1600s, the group around Sarpi succeeded in changing their public profile from being the enemies of science to being the embodiment of the most advanced and sophisticated science."
"Galileo taught mathematics in Padua from 1592 to 1610, and it was during his stay on Venetian territory that he became a celebrity. Galileo was a paid agent of Sarpi and, after Sarpi’s death, of Sarpi’s right-hand man Micanzio."
"For Galileo, the trial was one of the greatest public relations successes of all time. The gesture of repression against Galileo carried in Rome established the equation Galileo=modern experimental science struggling against benighted obscurantism."
Sarpi’s philosophical and scientific writings were not published until after World War II, they are the basis of everything written by Sir Francis Bacon. Sarpi can also be found in Locke. Galileo’s epistemology comes straight from Sarpi.
"Sarpi died in 1623, and Galileo’s case officer became the Servite monk Fulgenzio Micanzio. After Galileo had been condemned, Micanzio reminded Galileo of the assignment he had received from Sarpi 20 years earlier: to write a treatise on motion."
"Newton was not the first of the Age of Reason. He was the last of the magicians, the last of the Babylonians and Sumerians, the last wonderful child to whom the Magi could do sincere and appropriate homage."
"A century passed. Newton’s nineteenth-century biographer, Sir David Brewster, looked into the box. He decided to save Newton’s reputation by printing a few selections, but he falsified the rest with straight fibbing, as Keynes says."
"Keynes thought that Newton was “a Judaic monotheist of the school of Maimonides,” which suggests that he was a Cabalist. For Newton, to worship Christ as God was idolatry and a mortal sin."
"Newton’s real interest was not mathematics or astronomy. It was alchemy. His laboratory at Trinity College, Cambridge was fitted out for alchemy. Here, his friends said, the fires never went out during six weeks of the spring and six weeks of the autumn."
#six #magic #cabala
What were Newton’s findings? Let him speak for himself:

"And so it goes for more than a million words, with Green Lions, Androgynes, male and female principles, Pan and Osiris."
The occult has always been deeply connected. Ultimately cabalistic scientific fathers of The Enlightenment will lead us to The Age of Androgyny. A logical outcome of 'progress', 'freedom', and man's self-deification, anti-logos, triumph over nature.
And what about Newton’s supposed discoveries? Upon closer scrutiny, it turns out that he had no discoveries.
"There was resistance against Newton in England, with a hard core of 20-25% of anti-Newton feeling within the Royal Society itself. How then did the current myth of Newton the scientist originate?The apotheosis of Newton was arranged by Antonio Conti of Venice... "
"Conti understood that Newton, kook that he was, represented the ideal cult figure for a new obscurantist concoction of deductive- inductive pseudo mathematical formalism masquerading as science. Thanks to the Venetians, Italy had Galileo, and France had Descartes."
"Conti’s work was also the basis for the later unleashing of the French Revolution. In the epistemological war, the French Newtonians were indispensable for the worldwide consolidation of the Newton myth."
"Venetian oligarchs turned to homosexuality because of their obsession with keeping the family fortune intact by guaranteeing there would only be one heir to inherit it; by this time more than 2/3 of male nobles, and an even higher percentage of female nobles, never married."
"Ortes was like the constipated mathematician who worked his problem out with a pencil. He produced a calculus on the value of opinions, a calculus of the pleasures and pains of human life, a calculus of the truth of history. This is the model for Jeremy Bentham... "
"Surely it is time for an epistemological revolution to roll back the Venetian frauds of Galileo, Newton, and Bertrand Russell."
📘Giammaria Ortes: The Decadent Venetian Kook Who Originated The Myth of “Carrying Capacity”
Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
Printed in The American Almanac, June 20, 1994
"Some preliminary documents for the Cairo conference set a world population level of 7.27 billion to be imposed for the year 2050, using compulsory abortion, sterilization, euthanasia and other grisly means."
The originator of the “carrying capacity” argument was Giammaria Ortes, a defrocked Camaldolese monk and libertine, who in 1790, in the last year of his life, published the raving tract Reflections on the Population of Nations in Relation to National Economy.
Tag Archives: Giammaria Ortes @DerorCurrency
Venetians signed the Treaty of Passarowitz with the Ottomans in 1718. After, Venice followed a policy of neutralism, pacifism, & anti-militarism with slogans strikingly similar to the peace movements of the twentieth century; Ortes wrote that military service was always servitude
"...while Venice had no army at all and no navy to speak of, its secret intelligence agencies and diplomats were among the most active and effective in all of Europe."
"By the time Ortes, the oligarchical cancer that was Venice had largely metastasized to the City of London and the new British Empire. The center of the Venetian Party worldwide was now between Westminster & St. Paul’s, the English countryside was filling up... "
"Andrea Memmo, one of the leading figures of European freemasonry, was a close associate of Casanova on Venetian intelligence operations against France during the 7 Years’ War (1756-1763), when world predominance passed into the hands of the British..."
"The libertines were a powerful force for the destruction of 18th century European society. These were freemasons, cabalists, hedonists, gamblers, necromancers, alchemists, charlatans, & polyvalent procurers who advanced under the banner of Hobbes, Locke, Voltaire & Rousseau"
The Outlook Of Ortes - couldn't really splice this section up without losing important meaning.
"Ortes has thus preceded John Von Neumann and others in defining economic reality as a zero-sum game. The experienced card-playing abbé makes this very explicit:" (sounds awfully like cabalistic dualism and unity of opposites)
"Ortes believed that it was necessary to stabilize world population in a zero growth mode. For this, he recommended celibacy. He called for as many persons to remain celibate as got married...alternatives to celibacy he listed prostitution, eunuchs, polygamy..." (The Agenda!)
"In addition to having provided the main ideas for the English philosophical radicals, Ortes also received high praise from Karl Marx."
"... doctrines of population stability and world carrying capacity traceable back to this raving faker of Venetian intelligence that the international Malthusian movement and the United Nations bureaucracy propose to carry out the greatest genocide of human history.. "
📘Venice’s War Against Western Civilization
Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
Appeared in Fidelio, Summer 1995
"At the center of oligarchy is the idea that certain families are born to rule as an arbitrary elite, while the vast majority of any given population is condemned to oppression, serfdom, or slavery."

"Oligarchs have always been associated with the arbitrary rejection of true scientific discovery and scientific method in favor of open anti-science or more subtle obscurantist pseudo-science. The oligarchy has believed for millennia that the earth is overpopulated..."
Regarding "man is an animal" idea - I recall the Communist-teachings revealed in Ken Goff's "Brainwashed into Slavery":
"essence of oligarchism is summed up in the idea of the empire, an elite identifying itself as a master race rules over a degraded mass of slaves or other oppressed victims. If oligarchical methods are allowed to dominate, they always create a breakdown crisis of civilization..."
"The continuity of the family fortune which earns money through usury and looting is often more important than the biological continuity across generations of the family that owns the fortune."
'In the pre-Christian world around the Mediterranean, oligarchical political forces included Babylon in Mesopotamia. The “whore of Babylon” is not a mystical construct, but a very specific power cartel of evil oligarchical families.'
"Venice, the city built on islands in the lagoons and marshes of the northern Adriatic Sea, is supposed to have been founded by refugees from the Italian mainland who were fleeing from Attila the Hun in 452 AD."
"The Venetian economy grew through usury and slavery. By 1082, the Venetians had tax-free trading rights in the entire Byzantine Empire. The Venetians were one of the main factors behind the Crusades against the Muslim power in the eastern Mediterranean."
"During the 1200’s, the Venetians, now at the apex of their military and naval power, set out to create a new Roman Empire with its center at Venice."
"More fundamentally, the Venetians promoted the pagan philosophy of Aristotle against the Christian Platonism of the Florentines. The school of the Rialto was an Aristotelian academy where Venetian patricians lectured and studied their favorite philosopher."
"When Cusanus and his friends succeeded in reuniting the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox and other eastern churches at the Council of Florence, the Venetians tried to sabotage this result."
"At the battle of Agnadello in April 1509, the Venetian mercenaries were defeated by the French, and Venice temporarily lost eight hundred years of land conquests."
"Cambrai crisis was the decision of Venetian intelligence to create the Protestant Reformation. The goal was to divide Europe for one to two centuries in religious wars that would prevent any combination like the League of Cambrai from ever again being assembled against Venice."
"Contarini was also the leader of the Catholic Counter- Reformation. He sponsored St. Ignatius of Loyola and secured papal approval for the creation of the Society of Jesus as an official order of the Church."
"Protestant wing of the Contarini spirituali networks. These were the giovani, whose networks were strongest in the Atlantic powers of France, England, Holland, and Scotland. The central figure here was the Servite monk Paolo Sarpi..."
"During the 1600’s, the Venetian fondi were transferred north, often to the Bank of Amsterdam, and later to the newly founded Bank of England."
"Conti directed the operations that made Newton an international celebrity, including especially the creation of a pro-Newton party of French Anglophiles and Anglomaniacs who came to be known as the French Enlightenment."
"The Shelburne stable of writers, including Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, Thomas Malthus, James Mill, John Stuart Mill, Charles Darwin, and other exponents of British philosophical radicalism, all take their main ideas from Conti and especially Ortes."
"The premier foundation of the world is the Cini Foundation, which provides ideological directives for the far wealthier but junior foundations with names like Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, MacArthur, Volkswagen, etc."
"The Venetians wanted to destroy France. But how? Direct military force was out of the question. The Venetians therefore decided on a strategy of cultural & political subversion. This subversion of France between 1500 & 1800 by the Venetians has few parallels in modern history."
"Every time you find the no-soul thesis, you have a Venetian agent, and generally also vice-versa."
"Sarpi’s life is even more persuasive than his writings, and make him admired and revered in Venice as a holy man and give a great weight of authority to his books.” Thus wrote the son of Calvin’s teacher. Calvin was a Venetian agent."
"Huguenot ideology permitted a comeback for the French feudal barons who had been crushed by Louis XI. These barons had been fighting the central monarchy for centuries, and now they had a new ideology to rationalize their desire for civil war."
"Venetian intelligence assassinated Henry IV, the most popular king in French history."
"France’s most famous dictator turned out to be a post-1380 Genoese Corsican and therefore a de facto Venetian, revealing the open secret that so much of the dark side of French culture had been produced by the Venetians all along."
Still missed out a big chunk of this, TMI, read it!
📘How the Venetian System Was Transplanted Into England
Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
New Federalist, June 3, 1996
"The oligarchical system of Great Britain is not an autochthonous product of English or British history. It represents rather the tradition of the Babylonians, Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians which has been transplanted into the British Isles through a series of upheavals."
"It was under Venetian auspices that England started the catastrophic conflict against France known today as the Hundred Years’ War... English armies laying waste to the French towns and countryside would do so as Venetian surrogates."
"The degeneracy of English society during these years of Venetian ascendancy is chronicled in the writings of Chaucer – the greatest English writer of the age – who was an ally of the anti-Venetian Dante- Petrarca- Boccaccio grouping."
"Venetians concocted myths to enhance their influence on English society. For the nobility & the court, there was the anti-Christian myth of King Arthur and his Round Table of oligarchs seeking the Holy Grail. For the mute & downtrodden masses, there was the myth of Robin Hood,"
"The year 1381 saw an uprising in London and southeast England on a program of abolishing feudal dues, free use of forests, and an end to the tithes or taxes collected by the church."
"Lollardry, the prototype of English Protestantism promoted by John Wycliffe. Lollardry as a social phenomenon had a specific Venetian pedigree, best seen through the prevalence among the Lollard rank and file of the belief that the soul is not immortal and dies with the body."
"Lollardry lived in the form of sects called the Familists and the Grindletonians. These finally flowed into the Puritan Revolution of the 1640’s. Lollardy contained a strong dose of primitive socialism; Lollard leaders like John Ball & “Jack Straw” preached social revolution...
"The English defeat in the Hundred Years’ War (1453) left English society in a shambles. This was the setting for the oligarchical chaos and civil war known as the Wars of the Roses...fought between 1455 and 1485, brought English society to the point of breakdown."
"From this crisis England was saved by Henry VII. One of the reasons for the great ineptitude demonstrated by both sides in the English Civil War of the 1640’s is that under the Tudors the nobility and gentry had largely forgotten how to wage civil war."
"Henry VII’s policy was based on an alliance of the crown with the urban trading and productive classes against the latifundist barons. Henry VII gave new prominence to the court of the Star Chamber, a special royal court designed to impose central authority on the barons... "
Henry VIII turned out to be a murderous pro-Venetian, the Venetians were able to re-assert their oligarchical system. Henry VIII accession to the throne coincided with the outbreak of the War of the League of Cambrai, the world war that ushered in the modern era. (Read up 👆)
The destruction of the English mind was fostered by the Venetians under the banner of murderous religious fanaticism.

Book of Martyrs:
"Three times within the span of 25 years the English population was thus coerced into changing their religion under the threat of capital punishment... Elizabeth’s anti-Catholic and anti-Spanish policies fulfilled the basic Venetian imperatives."
"Parliamentary leaders like Pym and Hampden wanted to establish an oligarchy by the surrender of the King to Parliament so they could build up a navy and hasten the looting... They wanted a more vigorous pursuit of the slave trade. Charles I tried to arrest Pym and Hampden."
"England would be the only major European country in which a war of religion would be fought between two pro-Venetian Protestant factions – the Anglican royalist cavaliers and the Parliamentary Puritan Roundheads..."
"Oliver Cromwell was a Venetian agent. Prominent in Oliver Cromwell’s family tree was the widely hated Venetian agent Thomas Cromwell (1485-1540), Earl of Essex and the author of Henry VIII’s decision to break with Rome and found the Church of England."
"Some of the most important roots of modern communism can be found in the sects represented in Cromwell’s Ironsides... Especially in the City of London, but also in the countryside, a lunatic fringe of radical religious sects began to gather followers."
"Levellers wanted no monarchy, no House of Lords, no monopolies, no tithes, and no state church."
With the communist, materialist (and some would say, atheist) Gerard Winstanley, we see the Anglo-Venetian roots of the later Marxism financed and directed by Lord Palmerston’s stooge David Urquhardt.
"Often Ranters became Quakers. Many of them were highly militaristic troopers in Cromwell’s New Model Army. Quakers were heavily represented in the English army that carried out Cromwell’s genocide against Ireland."
"Ranters, many of whom were ex-Levellers, held that sin and the law had been abolished – at least for the elect – leaving mankind with “perfect freedom and true Libertinism.” Some of them thought that fornication & adultery were positive religious duties
"The other group that came out of the Ranter milieu was the Muggletonians, led by John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, who claimed that they had been commissioned by God in 1652... The Muggletonians kept going in Britain until about 1970."
"Fifth Monarchists in the Barebones Parliament wanted to re-impose the Mosaic law in place of the English common law, and wanted a Sanhedrin of the Saints to assume state power. The roots of the British Israelite movement are clearly revealed."
"There were also the Seekers, who thought all existing religions were inadequate; they claimed they were still looking for the right one."
"These were the Hydra-like components of the army which was Cromwell’s power base. Cromwell attacked all the sects at certain times, but leaned heavily on them at other times."
Cromwell then tried Charles I for treason and executed him on 30 January 1649. The Commonwealth was declared and the monarchy abolished... rule of the Major-Generals prefigured European fascism, they alienated oligarchs who found this interference worse than that of Charles I
'John Milton – who had been Latin secretary to Cromwell’s Council of State – lamented that the City of London had concluded that “nothing but kingship can restore trade.”... Milton effusively praised Venice, which had made its “whole aristocracy immovable” with similar methods.'
"Today some members of the British oligarchy are calling for the end of the monarchy and the creation of a republic. We must recall that the last time this was tried, the result was the fascist dictatorship of Oliver Cromwell and his major-generals."
"So what had the Puritan Revolution accomplished, beyond killing 500,000 persons? First, Cromwell had founded the British Empire..
laid the basis for the myth of a “British” people as a label imposed on Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English victims of an oligarchy not of Englishmen
"Cromwell’s rule marked the triumph of free trade, as it was understood at that time. The City of London demanded free trade. It got the abolition of all industrial monopolies, which had previously covered some 700 staple products. Laissez-faire was established in every sphere."
By 1700, the family farm was on its way to being wiped out, giving rise to a landless mass of agricultural day laborers, countryside was full of serfs without land. Craftsmen and artisans increasingly wiped out by merchant oligarchs and bankers.

"Usury became thoroughly respectable. This is the world described by Karl Marx, but it was created by Anglo-Venetian finance, and not by modern capitalism." #usurocracy
The Bank of England was essential to the empire and globally dominant central banking based oligarchical system in operation today.
"Anglo-Venetians decided that they were fed up with the now-Catholic, pro-French and wholly useless Stuart dynasty. Representatives of some of the leading oligarchical families signed an invitation to the Dutch King, William of Orange, & his Queen Mary, a daughter of James II."
“Glorious Revolution” of 1688; in reality, it consolidated the powers and prerogatives of the oligarchy, which were expressed in the Bill of Rights of 1689. No taxes could be levied, no army raised, and no laws suspended without the consent of the oligarchy in Parliament.
"Members of Parliament were guaranteed immunity for their political actions and free speech. Soon, ministers could not stay in office for long without the support of a majority of Parliament."
(Some people are more equal than others...)
Aside: Immunities are very part and parcel of modern oligarchical rule. e.g. The Bank for International Settlements, Financial Stability Board, EU, ECB...
"... seats in Parliament were now bought and sold in a de facto market. The greater the graft to be derived from a seat, the more a seat was worth. Within a few years after the Glorious Revolution there was a Bank of England and a national debt."
"The regime that took shape in England after 1688 was the most perfect copy of the Venetian oligarchy that was ever produced."
Here ends my shared notes and highlights on the Venice-England part of "The Venetian Conspiracy" series of Essays and Speeches, 1970-1996 by Webster G Tarpley @WebsterGTarpley which are feely available in far more detail, and in-full here:
Note we can see future traces of this story and where it led by examining the spoken Venetian language today.
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