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This will be crucial to understand, soon.

Why did the SpyGate plotters go to all that trouble of arranging for John McCain to give the Steele dossier to James Comey?

After Trump shocked them by actually winning the election, the SpyGate plotters needed very PUBLIC trail showing that they got the Steele Dossier in a way that made it clear they did NOT get it from Hillary Clinton & Fusion GPS.

Enter John McCain and David Kramer!
Nobody was EVER supposed to know Steele & Simpson & Fusion GPS was on the Hillary Clinton campaign/DNC payroll when they created that Steele Dossier & then went shopping it's allegations around at various news media outlets while **also** shopping those allegations to the FBI.
Their clever plans were in RUINS by July 2017.

Comey got fired in May.

Then McCabe had the Crossfire Hurricane investigation ripped out of his clutching hands by Rod Rosenstein.
Mueller SC was appointed, formed his team.
Strzok & Page caught, stripped off the team.
And then in October....

Well in OCTOBER....we found out through the bank records that it was HILLARY CLINTON'S CAMPAIGN and the DNC that were paying Steele & Simpson & Fusion GPS to manufacture that dossier & spread it around before the election.
From that moment in Oct. 2017 that it was revealted that the HRC campaign & the DNC used the law firm of Perkins Coie as a cut out to hide the money trail flowing to Fusion GPS for it's work on creating & then spreading the dossier both to the news media & to DOJ/FBI....
...this SpyGate plot was deader than Elvis.

These goofballs never really had a chance, did they?

Here's another reason McCain was brought in: to launder the Steele allegations with the claim these Trump/Russia allegations were coming from allied intelligence agencies.
Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud recently made the news when it was reported that US Attorney John Durham's team has now received an audiotaped deposition from him.

Perhaps soon the DOJ's Invisible Man, FBI Agent Joseph Pientka, will also be in the news again.
Concurrent with trying to manufacture a path for the FBI to get it's hands on the Steele dossier without getting it from Fusion GPS, it turned out the DOJ/FBI was **also** creating a secret backchannel to hide a continued relationship with Fusion.
That's why shortly before the 2016 election, the DOJ/FBI fired Steele as a paid contractor. On the surface, a cutting of ties appeared to take place.

But it wasn't real.

A secret backchannel was created where the FBI could continue getting information from Fusion GPS.
This secret backchannel operated this way: DOJ Associate Deputy AG Bruce Ohr would meet with Steele/Simpson of Fusion GPS & receive briefings from them about their Trump/Russia allegations.

Then Ohr would sit down with FBI Agent Pientka to fill out 302 forms to hand off.
So before the election, The FBI got the Steele dossier stuff directly from Steele/Simpson. After the election:

Steele/Simpson --->Ohr --->Pientka ---> 302 notes ---> Strzok/McCabe/Comey
And we know about all of this because former FBI General Counsel James Baker revealed this in his Congressional testimony, as @themarketswork & The @EpochTimes reported earlier this year.

@themarketswork @EpochTimes Understand this well: Every single one of the SpyGate plotters inside the DOJ/FBI in 2016 knew **exactly** where these Trump/Russia Collusion allegations were coming from.

Every one of them knew these allegations were not coming from overseas intelligence agencies of allies.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes They ALL knew the truth: They were starting investigations of the Trump Presidential campaign with allegations of treason that were coming straight from paid political operatives working for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

This was 100% political and they knew it.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes Devin Nunes has been telling the truth for more than 2 years.


Manufactured allegations from paid political operatives were used to start FISHING EXPEDITIONS.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes There never was any real collusion or any real crimes. The hope was that by using the pretext created by these fake accusations they laundered from HRC's political operatives, they could go FISHING and find stuff they could use to take Trump out with - or at least sabotage him.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes Well they didn't find anything in the few months this coup was actually functioning. By May 2017 it was over.

And they left a paper trail a mile wide.

These people are STUPID.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes Now Mifsud is talking. I'm pretty sure Pientka is surfacing soon. The Ohr 302's point right at him.

Horowitz's FISA abuse report is rumored to be coming in early September.

Meanwhile, more stuff will be declassified and rolled out.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes Mifsud talking and confirming he was a FBI asset trying to entrap PapaD with a fake offer of Russian help will put the final nail in the coffin of the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax.

Pientka talking will illustrate the lengths the DOJ/FBI went to hide what they were really doing.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes This is the SpyGage scandal: Clinton's political operatives found inside the federal agencies enough political partisans willing to take their manufactured Trump/Russia allegations & use them to start fishing expeditions into Trump's campaign team, hoping to sabotage it.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes Had these morons just kept this to the level of paid political operatives shopping unverified rumors of Trump/Russia collusion to various news media outlets who then published the stories, that would be extremely dirty pool but stuff like that goes on in politics all the time.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes But this was something new: this was partisans inside the federal agencies taking this unverified stuff directly from paid political operatives working for one campaign & using it to investigate the **OTHER** campaign during a presidential election.
@themarketswork @EpochTimes Trump has vowed this kind of thing will NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN to another President, and l believe him.

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