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@mitchellvii Hey @Mitchellvii.
I have been observing recent events over your tweets supporting #RedFlagLaws, but until now have refrained from comment. However I have a few things I would like to say, both to you, and those who now turn their back on you... (cont)
@mitchellvii Firstly: I'm English. This means, in the normal run of things, I consider American Gun Law to be none of my business. I don't consider it for me to support or reject any proposal for what Americans should do in their own country
@mitchellvii But I am a patriot, a friend, and part of the same world-wide movement #WWG1WGA
@mitchellvii It seems to me, the right to bear arms, especially firearms, is embedded in American culture like no other, with good reason based on the history of your nation
@mitchellvii It also seems to me American Patriots who support 2A have every reason to be cynical or suspicious of ANYTHING that weakens or reduces that right. I wouldn't want to take that risk EITHER: what if things go wrong? What if the extremists far left did return to power?
@mitchellvii Have to be somewhat wilfully blind not to see the naked hate ranged against conservative minded folk, or how much creatures like Kamala Harris etc would use the armed forces to disarm the people at great cost risk and damage, if she was ever given the chance
@mitchellvii We have all become used to mass abuse of our human rights on an industrial scale on social media, we know we are monitored, categorised, assessed and watched. And we know what the instincts of the fascist left are like
@mitchellvii AT THE SAME TIME, I think, being honest, there are very few of your critics for supporting red flag law who would ever want to see a nutter with a firearm able to cause carnage, whether the weapon was legal or illegal
@mitchellvii It is true that at the time you made your initial RFL supporting tweet, POTUS was also showing some signs of support. However, reflecting with a little hindsight, it seems clear POTUS was mostly trolling the media and their is little potential expansion of these laws will happen
@mitchellvii But the price you have paid for having a contrary opinion on this issue has clearly been high. You have been abandoned enamasse on Twitter, as the drop in volume of your shares and likes makes very clear. And now you call for Unity
@mitchellvii In my experience, unity is only possible when we focus on what we AGREE about, and work together for that, rather than what we disagree about, and fall apart. To fall into infighting is to be destroyed by divide and rule
@mitchellvii Right now, any further increase in gun control, especially linked to judging people on their ideas and political affiliation, is a very dangerous threat, that good people will be disarmed based on the complaints of radicalised nutters or brainwashed families
@mitchellvii THIS IS NOT THE TIME: no matter that the deep state triggered two nutters on one weekend to try and subvert the social narrative. But that doesn't mean its wrong to state, in principle, that people with deranged mindsets should not have deadly weapons to carry out terror attacks
@mitchellvii IN PRACITISE, it seems to me the ONLY way to reduce gun ownership in the USA and therefore to reduce the risk of unlawful gun deaths, is to fix American SOCIETY. Its when people no longer feel the need to have weapons they will willingly lay them down.
@mitchellvii For America, it may be that point will never be reached, certainly not in our lifetimes, nor should we assume it should be. There are plenty of other countries with rigid gun law people can move to if they dont like how America is.
@mitchellvii Such as my country, England, which has had red flag type laws for decades now, and where gun ownership is very low. And no, this has not gone so well with the mass import of foreign criminal gangs putting illegal guns in the hands of criminals...
@mitchellvii … and forcing the arming of our police with sub machine guns to protect airports and the capitol city, against a culture of knife crime and acid attacks making London into a true globalist shit-hole.
@mitchellvii And how could America become a country where it was safe to reduce the number of guns legally held? Firstly, through dealing with illegal guns and illegal gangs so criminals no longer have firearms and ONLY legal guns exist.
@mitchellvii Until massive progress is made on that point, the corrupt globalist agents banged up in Gitmo, and the crimes of the deep state exposed, I do not see how the US people can possibly be sage supporting any weakening of their 2A rights (if ever!)
@mitchellvii But until America gets to that point, it does not seem credible it can be safe to support any kind of red flag law, until its only lawful gun owners around and everyone no longer feels under insidious threat of ABUSE of laws brought in for surface good reasons
@mitchellvii I do feel more able to unify with you as a fellow patriot activist in our worldwide struggle to safeguard and restore free society than my American colleagues, but until you show you understand and sympathise with both their concerns and the flaws of Red Flag Laws...
@mitchellvii … I do not see how you can restore the damage to your reputation and be seen as someone SAFE to unify with.
So my advice is this:
Give a little to gain a lot
And never be above saying sorry
All the best!
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