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Knowing what we know now, go read Epstein Collaborater Bill Richardson's entire bio here. This guy was in the middle of EVERYTHING that definited the mess we're in today.

#QAnonEpstein #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening

Some that popped out for me:
He spent his boyhood in Coyoacán,[8] Mexico City's bohemian borough that famously welcomed Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Leon Trotsky.
Trotsky? Major socialist..
Just before Bill Richardson was born, his father sent his mother to California to give birth because, as Richardson explained, "My father had a complex about not having been born in the United States."
It was very important for him to have been a natural born citizen (Presidential path?)
... he was raised as a Roman Catholic.[11] When Richardson was 13, his parents sent him to Massachusetts to attend a preparatory school...
Catholic boy sent away from his parents at the tender age of 13? Hmmm, no worries we can totally trust the Catholic Priests right?
He earned a Bachelor's degree at Tufts University in 1970, majoring in French and political science, and was a member and president of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. He earned a master's degree in international affairs from the Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Take a second and check out the crest for Delta Tau Delta. Also French? Didn't Epstein have property in Paris?
Richardson is a descendant of William Brewster, a passenger on the Mayflower.
Imagine a Presidential Nominee that descends right from William Brewster! That'd be quite a story.
Richardson worked for Republican Congressman F. Bradford Morse from Massachusetts. He was later a staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Richardson worked on congressional relations for the Henry Kissinger State Department during the Nixon administration.
Imagine getting a gig like that right out of college?! And worked on "congressional relations" with Sata--I mean Kissinger himself... Imagine what he learned about congressmen?
Richardson was elected to New Mexico's newly created third district, taking in most of the northern part of the state. Richardson spent 14 years in Congress, representing the country's most diverse district and holding 2,000 town meetings.
Richardson seemingly was a Republican but then runs for Congress as a Democrat, loses, then they create a whole new district just for him to win and run for 14 years. Again, almost seems like he's being pathed to the Presidency
..friends with Bill Clinton after they worked closely on several issues, including when he served as the ranking House Democrat in favor of NAFTA's passage in 1993..
... For his work as a back channel to Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Mexico's president at the time of the negotiations, he was awarded the Aztec Eagle Award
So he was instrumental in NAFTA! You heard that right #QAnons, Epstein buddy Bill Richardson is the reason NAFTA happened! Suddenly jobs get sucked south, and influx of trade means its so much easier to smuggle humans en masse. Wow.
.. Clinton in turn sent Richardson on various foreign policy missions, including a trip in 1996 in which Richardson traveled to Baghdad with Peter Bourne and engaged in lengthy one-on-one negotiations with Saddam Hussein..
Put it in your pocket that he met with Saddam, one on one... Important later!
In 1996, he played a major role in securing the release of American Evan Hunziker from North Korean custody
Good for him! (seriously) but note that he likely also knew Kim Jung Il personally too...
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations between 1997 and 1998, Richardson flew to Afghanistan to meet with the Taliban and Abdul Rachid Dostum, an Uzbek warlord. The ceasefire he believed he had negotiated with the help ... of the National Security Council, failed to hold
1996 meets with Saddam.. 1998 meets with Taliban.. What happens in 2001? Oh, but wait!...
... the scandal ended Richardson's hope of being named as Al Gore's running mate for the 2000 presidential election.
They never thought he would lose!! Richardson was positioning himself to be the VP when 911 occurred. Of course I'm massively speculating he had inside knowledge of the attack, but so be it!
Wait, scandal? Let's back up I think I missed something... 😉
The Senate confirmed Richardson to be Clinton's Secretary of Energy on July 31, 1998. His tenure at the Department of Energy was marred by the Wen Ho Lee nuclear controversy.
Oh my! Don't forget that Q Clearance is provided by the Dept of Energy. Was Richardson a Q?! And what's this Wen Hi Lee controversy about...
As told by The New York Times in a special report,[23] a scientist later named as Dr. Lee at the Los Alamos National Laboratory was reported as a suspect who might have given nuclear secrets to the Chinese government
Remember my previous thread suggests Richardson and Epstein and Schmidt are essentially working for the Communist Chinese. What are the odds his dept got caught telling China how do build better nukes?.. Or.. NK?!!!
Richardson was also criticized by the Senate for his handling of the espionage inquiry, which involved missing computer hard drives containing sensitive data, and for not testifying in front of Congress sooner.
Did he wipe them with a cloth? Smash them with hammers? Bleachbit them to smitherines? Did Hillary get advice from this guy?!
Richardson tightened security following the scandal, leading to the creation of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA, not to be confused with the NSA and the NSC). This foreshadowed the creation of the Department of Homeland Security in reaction to the 9/11 attacks.
See? Told you so. Look at all these dominoes he set in motion! NAFTA >> IRAQ >> AFGHANISTAN >> CHINA/NK >> (VP FAILED) >> 911 >> DHS
Sure enough, after Gore lost and Bush reigned for 8 years, Richardson made a bit for the job in 2008. He dropped out, and endorsed Obama. Apparently the Clinton camp was pissed about this. Consider the Epstein > Clinton Foundation angle, why WOULD Richardson go for Obama?!
Don't forget that Obama and Clinton had a Tarmac tussle in Dec 2007. Plans in motion? Richardson drops out 3 months later in Mar 2008. Did you know that Richardson was fully vetted by Obama's team to be his running mate, but last second chose child groper Joe Biden instead?
That's TWICE now Richardson was robbed from the Vice Presidency. Another clear indication that Richardson was being shoehorned into becoming President Richardson
Following Barack Obama's victory in the 2008 presidential election, Richardson's name was frequently mentioned as a possible Cabinet appointment in the incoming Obama administration. Most of this speculation surrounded the position of Secretary of State..
WOW! And look at that. Richardson almost snagged SOS from Hillary as well! Surprised he wasn't "Arkancided". For some reason, this Epstein operative tanked Hillary for president and was almost the SOS!! This is so amazing, seriously, think DEEP about what's going on here...
The only way this is possible is if Richardson outranks the Clinton's on the power ladder. Epstein is his boss, and who does Epstein work for? We know Epstein "belongs to Intelligence", so speculate what you will. But consider this idea...
The Deep State has multiple brands in the fire. They were simultaneously running three Manchurian candidates in the 2008 election: Obama, Clinton, and Richardson. Considering that Obama was a Clown creation, of course Richardson would have to back him
Since, it seems, Epstein is also a Clown and Richardson is beholden to Epstein. Remember the 16 year plan to destroy America? Part of this requires the SOS to go gather secrets and blackmail on all foreign adversaries, and who better to do that than a clown controlled SOS?
Either way, Clinton or Richardson would have done the same task. If Clinton never became SOS, I guarantee you that Richardson would have been the one with a private server and vying for President in 2016 against Trump. Why Clinton was ultimately chosen is a good question
Richardson was also being considered for the position of Commerce Secretary. ... On January 4, 2009, Richardson withdrew his name as Commerce Secretary nominee because of the federal grand jury investigation into pay-to-play allegations.
Pay-to-Play? Just like Clinton! In fact, he withdrew his nomination so that he wouldn't get grilled on it, and later on the DOJ decided not to indict him (Thank you Eric Holder! Richardson >> NAFTA, now think Fast & Furious)
In testimony unsealed from the 2015 case Virginia Roberts Giuffre v. Ghislaine Maxwell, Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleged that she was directed to have sex with Richardson when she was a minor.
2015? No matter, Clinton will be president and nothing will ever become of this. No one will ever know you work for a kingpin of an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring that blackmails the most wealthy and powerful people in a socialist plot to conquer the whole globe.
I'll end here, I'm sure this is JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. Honestly, I never knew about this guy until the news about his Epstein connection broke the other week. Would be good for #QResearch and #QAnons to dig deep on this deep state swamp monster further. /end
(PS Forgive the typos, wrote most of this with an auto correct constantly interfering)
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