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Aug 20, 2019 32 tweets 11 min read
Thanks @AHL_ng for creating the opportunity to discuss tropical issues.
I've been given the daunting task of evaluating the 20th century Nigerian youth. The problem is, I’m also a youth and I haven’t been this age before, and as such I can’t evaluate.
I’ll like to discuss my experiences as a 20th century Nigerian youth. The traits I appear to share with a large number of fellow youths which impacts on socioeconomic growth whether we notice I or not.
@AHL_ng @Sammozbi
My name is Ndam Ponzing, i am Nigerian.
To start with, Nigeria with one of the largest youthful populations in the world is definitely bound to make a lot of impact on the socioeconomic status of the country, continent and world at large.
To start with, I think the most common trait amongst a lot of youths in this age, is our cell phones; it’s always clutched and peered into. The rapidity in which new technology is adapted is astonishing, it has been said that kids this days are born cable ready. #AHL19
The penetration rate of mobile phones in Nigeria has grown exponentially since 1999.

In May 2019, MTN NG announced a profit of N48.4bn after tax in the first quarter. This is just a fragment in a deep sea.
The next commonality I think will be our presence on online social media platforms. It’s extremely rare to find a youth not on any social media platform.
This has created newer markets with a lot of young people setting up small and medium enterprises, e-businesses which are doing very well and an entrepreneurial drive within the youths which is estimated to impact the economic activities of the nation as a whole.
This interconnectivity has brought us closer together, the new realism about the necessity to participate in governance and government as a whole has spurred a lot of young people into thinking about leadership capacities and publicly voicing out opinions.
#AHL19 #TuesdayThoughts
The #NotTooYoungToRun campaign I feel was a rallying cry for a lot of Nigerian youths who wanted to contribute their quota to the growth of the nation through service. The impact of that cry can be measured in the Number of young people who were elected into office.
The achievements of the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign if understated is in bringing down the behemoth of age restriction in running for office; in introspect, it rivals catching up to 21st century democracy with active youth participation.
Youth run innovations and organizations have become a common fixture in the Nigerian sphere, the springing up of hubs and movements is a positive indicator of how youthful thoughts are recognizing problems, speaking up about it, and solving simple societal problems. #AHL19
The momentum of the #ENDSARS campaign led by @segalink reverberated around the country and in the international cycle has shown deep commitment to national issues by young people who spare headed this campaign assiduously, and it led to the restructuring of the Nigerian Police.
The achievements of Samson Itodo of @YIAGA, Niniola Soleye (DRASA Health Trust) are amongst few contributions of young people to the community which has undoubtedly improved the socioeconomic growth of Nigeria.
The presence of young Nigerians succeeding in raising awareness, and attempting to solve national issues is testament to the contribution of young Nigerians to the national policy and socioeconomic growth.
The political discuss has improved significantly on the backdrop of young people engaging leaders more especially via social media; the demand for improve accountability for public funds, inclusivity and transparency of governance.
With @4lowthemoney getting recognized for its activism in international spheres for ingenious work in citizen participation in financial governance, @Omojuwa for social media influence, @AishaYesufu a co speaker on this discussion for astute online discussions amongst others.
The 20th century Nigerian youth in my opinion has proven to be extremely resourceful in taking advantage of slim opportunities and utilizing them for growth. This spirit of resilience has spilled into emerging markets like fintech, E-Entrepreneurs, and the internet of things.
I think an often underlooked feature of young Nigerians, is the subliminal sense of patriotism. Whether online or offline, young Nigerians have been known to come to the defense of the country when disparaged by anybody.
The response by young Nigerians to President @MBuhari on his infamous “Lazy Nigerian Youths” comment is proof of patriotism. Not to mention the various twitter wars with young Nigerians defending the honour of the country and our right to brag about our Jollof.
I believe that patriotism in more young Nigerian youths will be the unifying factor to our current lack of appreciation of our diversity, and a definite boost to the Nigerian socioeconomic drive.
Though it hasn’t been all good or all easy, the recent debacle of Mr. Okeke of invictus Group has sparked a new debate as to some of the challenges of young Nigerians.
It has been argued that a lot of young Nigerians harbor the “rich quick” syndrome, and as a result it drives them to acquire wealth in dubious ways. We are sadly yet to unanimously decide that some wrongs are wrongs even if the heaven hell. #AHL19
419 scams has long been an unwanted stigma on the image of Nigerians as a whole, there is little reputation for Nigerians outside the country as some peoples infamous antics have ravished the reputation of the country.
Though extremely sad, these are common consequences that smears on others. We must as a matter of duty collectively agree not to glamourize some things.
It is also becoming glaring that a lot of young Nigerians are losing some form of social conversational skills. As a result of the interconnectivity of the internet, simple conversations and discussions are tainted with “savagery”.
This has soured relationships amongst young people, & older entrepreneurs willing to mentor and invest in young people.

With the absurdness of how we become visceral opponents against those whose views we do not agree with is dangerous to the polity of our nation,
The scourge of terrorism, banditry, kidnappings, armed robbery and other social vices have also exposed the broken fabric of our community; a lot of young people have found themselves being used willing or unwittingly to perpetrate crime.
Finally, it appears as if a lot of young Nigerians tend to do well individually, but on communal issues, the resolve to do things as one has evaded us for so long. We have been unable to manage our diversity effectively, and bring to the fore our uniting drive.
I don't believe we've gotten it wrong so far, we are still growing, we are not where we want to be yet, but our sense of awareness is on the road we are on.
In other to impact the socioeconomic growth of our country decisively, we must be united in purpose. We all seem to know what the problems are, we have however been unwilling to agree on the best solutions to curbing the problem,
The older generation ought to show faith in what they have taught the younger generation.

And I fervently hope that when its time to handover to the next generation, we the current younger generation will do so graciously.
Thank you.

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