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1/ Did team Q just 'kick the can' from Aug 19 to Sept 19?

@nationalmallnps is advising us to HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS on Sept 19.

Just HAPPENS to be the WATCH date....
@NationalMallNPS 2/ Here's that crazy WATCH that puts us in a tizzy every 19th...

date 19th

time 4:49, or 11 minutes before 5
second hand at 12 high noon

stopwatch hands at 30 and 30
@NationalMallNPS 3/ Q's cryptic words...

Worth Remembering.... This is an historical photo, for sure!

If you look close enough you might see...

I looked closely... there's certainly a QUEUE lined up!

Is there more?
@NationalMallNPS 4/ What will you SEE from the monument,
starting 9/19/19?

NOTE the cardinal directions?
N S E W ??

Where have we SEEN that before??
@NationalMallNPS 5/ Here's where -

Q drop re: Epstein Island, overhead pic.

North South East West

LQQK closely...
There's a LOT to unpack here...

We'll take all statements in turn.

Q: Where do roads lead?
@NationalMallNPS 6/
Where do roads lead?

intended as the initial milestone FROM WHICH ALL ROAD DISTANCES in the US should be reckoned (when built).

So Where is Q directing us with that question???
@NationalMallNPS 7/ The Zero Milestone , where ALL ROADS LEAD, is located ....
at the WHITE HOUSE...

Specifically, on the South side lawn, at the north edge of the Ellipse in President's Park.

Is Q hinting 'ALL ROADS LEAD' , in ALL scandals, spygate, pedogate, etc. TO THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE???
@NationalMallNPS 8/ The Zero Milestone

There's a Fleur de Lis pointing due North, which would point directly to the White House itself.

Does this jive with Strzok and Page texting re: the 'insurance policy' investigation of Trump....

"POTUS [Obama] wants to know everything we're doing?"
@NationalMallNPS 9/ speaking of ZERO, that's actually a nickname for Pres. Obama....initiated apparently in 2011 with Rick Perry.

Shall we think of Zero (and 26) being a code word/number now pointing to Obama?
#doublemeaning of Zero milestone = White House?
@NationalMallNPS 10/ back to Q drop 1001
look at the 29's

Table 29 (hints at horrific practice of cannib*lism)
29 = HRC Gematria (8+18+3)

timestamp sums to 29
3 APR 2018 8:11:01 =
3 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 + 8 + 1 + 1 + 0 + 1 = 29

that's three 29's....#coincidence?
but wait, there's one more....
@NationalMallNPS 11/ Recall the @NationalMallNPS tweet about when the Washington Monument will re-open?

HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS (Reference to SKULL and bones?)


9+1+9+1+9 = 29

the time stamp here? 2:32 EST
= 322 Cabal Code for Skull and Bones
@NationalMallNPS 12/ Tunnels in Q drop 1001?
The @nationalmallnps pic looks like people entering into a dark TUNNEL... does this hint more to Q drop 1001 Tunnels?

Where the Rachel Chandler instagram photos showed what happened there?

187 - penal code for murder
@NationalMallNPS 13/ this just ran across my feed..... timely

@NationalMallNPS 14/ BACK to 9/19/19 & WATCH

Sept=9th month in West.

Q said BIBLICAL...

So, 12th (last) month in Hebrew calendar is
ELUL, meaning Harvest.
The King is accessible, in the Field, not the Palace.
30 days to prepare for the coming 10 days of AWE and JUDGMENT after Jewish New Year
@NationalMallNPS 15/ how does this match the WATCH?

19th date
bottom stopwatch at 30= 30 days of prep for judgment

second hand is at 12 =12th month

4:49, or 11 before 5 is INTERESTING in BIBLICAL time...
Read on...
@NationalMallNPS 16/ In BIBLICAL time, 5 p.m. was the start of the 11th hour. Each Jewish day started and ended at Sundown, 6 p.m.

See chart below:

Even today? what is THE ELEVENTH HOUR???
@NationalMallNPS 17// At the 11th hour is a phrase meaning, AT THE VERY LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT.

We have 11th hour miracles. The underdog pulls ahead at the 11th hour to win, etc.
@NationalMallNPS 18/ 5:00 starts the 11th hr, so 4:49 on the WATCH IS 11 MINUTES BEFORE THE 11TH HOUR!!!

LQQK at all those 11's!!

11.11 Strategic marker per Q!!

IMO the WATCH marker [1] is showing the cabal (and us) that Sept 19 =the 11th hour...the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT, before Judgment.
@NationalMallNPS 19/ there's four 11.11 Strategic Marker Q posts.

QPost 1234
21 Apr 2018 2:43:12 timestamp=30 (see WATCH)

America will be unified again

That DATE didn't happen; is 11.11.18 a TIME?

11 min before 11th hr on the 18th

(19th starts 9/18 at sundown)

@NationalMallNPS 20/ 11.11 Strategic Marker
QPost 1357
In Q code? 29 = HRC (8+18+3).

We saw that in the Table 29 post 10/ above of Epstein's island

IMO HRC and Bill are both getting 'cleaned out' as we speak. BOTH by 'Epsteins'.

Bill with the Epstein Dress painting...
@NationalMallNPS 21/ so Bill is getting revealed, via Jeffrey Epstein, and HRC is TODAY getting her clock proverbially cleaned by twitter-storming from ....

@DrREpstein former @HillaryClinton supporter, NOW revealing the FRAUDULENT LIAR she is.

NOT a good 'clinton' day.
@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 22/ more on Qpost 1357 11.11 strategic marker
So Q has 'cleaned house'

RED wave coming?

In BIBLICAL terms?
What was a RED Wave?

the parting of the RED Sea, when the Israelites crossed on dry land but the WAVES of the RED sea engulfed and JUDGED their enemies.
@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 23/ RED wave, we associated w/midterm hopes for a RED vote landslide, but #multiplemeanings.

RED WAVE is the sign of JUDGMENT, that is celebrated BIBLICALLY, in Sept/Oct.

= JUDGMENT for the baddies

@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 24/ 11.11 marker
QPost 2288=22+88=110=11 Marker
Aug=11th Jewish month Av
11.11=Aug 11=Tisha b'Av on Biblical Calendar
The LAST DAY of 3 weeks 21 [Days Prior] of mourning!

THIS DAY we MIRRORED crimes away from innocent Team Trump and ONTO the evil cabal
@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 25/ SIDE NOTE: Thanks, Anons, for reading thru this. It's complicated. I'm NOT JEWISH :) and I'm learning all this too. It's beyond #coincidence that Q used the Hebrew calendar to unfold the Plan.

I Qlued into it on Hanukkah (Dark to Light) and then Purim 3/22 Mueller Day!
@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 26/ SIDE NOTE b When Q said it would be BIBLICAL, I guess he/she meant it.
Also recall?

Q916: Saving Israel for Last?

This explains the Hebrew calendar for the Plan...

Q714: Save the best for Last [P]

Can Israel and [P] be related?
Israel and [P]akistan?

916=16 P?
@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 27/ FINAL 11.11 marker
QDrop 2396 reorders to 9/11
an easy one (thx, Q!)

11/11/18 meeting Trump and Putin

This was a Q Proof.

A hint for us to LEARN TO LOOK at dates, timestamps, Watch the News, etc.

@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 28/ we've learned the COMMS well, I think! Nigh on 3 weeks without Q posting and we're still digging!

And slumming out here in the Twitterverse together!
@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 29/ SOOO??

Let's WATCH for 19's out there, in the white and black hat comms....

Here's one.

1936 on the throw, sums to 19
@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 30/ Q DID say it would be... BIBLICAL. (drops 1455 3565)

Does her black top with RAINBOWS hint at a coming FLOOD?
@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 31/ BIBLICAL record of the FLOOD
Genesis 7 & 8

FLOOD kept on for 40 days -
Sept 1 to Oct 9 = 29 days of ELUL preparation to the NEW YEAR, followed by 10 days of AWE

17th day - the Ark came to rest
1st day of 10th month - Mountains are visible

A Qlue for RED OCTOBER? Oct 1?
@NationalMallNPS @DrREpstein @HillaryClinton 32/ An anon matched up Q drop 1936... whoa
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