May 1, 2016 - bernie bro scoffing at being warned about spewing kremlin propaganda...
May 1, 2016 - a TYT senior producer? sporting a #BernieOrBust avi...
He was retweeting a Shaun King article title about how he didn't think he could vote for Hillary.

Shaun's a Bernie surrogate again, isn't he?
these assholes promoted these lies and they think we're going to elect their cult leader now? NOPE.
Just let the berners speak for themselves...
this account's retweets - a trifecta of kremlin bullshit.
Bernie. Bro.
This POS right here went on to write in Jill Stein & tweeted out a picture of his ballot.
I mean this guy has got to be one of the absolute dumbest creatures on the planet.
meanwhile bernie bro had literally ZERO tweets on the VRA.
and of course not a goddamned thing about birth control.
Bernie was mathematically eliminated - and THIS is what we got from the berniebros.
Don't fucking try to tell us that it was "just online" and "not real people"

FUCK YOU. Bernie created a campaign based on abuse & the berners jumped right in, full force.
Ah yes, then there was THIS GEM.

@ninaturner voted for this. so did @susansarandon.

They can SUCK IT UP.
While Jill Stein was doing putin's bidding on Mother's Day 2016, Hillary Clinton was tweeting about... her mom.
And to boot, Jill's website had 3 year old info about birth control accessibility. I don't think she ever fixed it.

with the url
We are not going to forget this shit from you & the rest of the bernie cult, @ninaturner. and we aren't going to let anyone else forget it either.
remember all Bernie's shady AF FEC violations?
David Sirota does not give one single fuck about this country or the wellbeing of anyone but himself.
the lesson berners refuse to learn
Here is a berniebro going balls to the wall with the #PlannedParenthood is #establishment bullshit.
No such thing as #berniebros! 🙄
remember when Bernie's campaign racially profiled people because he was afraid of getting called out by BLM activists again?
Fuck bernie & his cult's gaslighting about the rampant abuse coming out of his campaign.
oh yeah, remember that "Buyer's Remorse" racist AF crap Bernie put his name on?…
yes yes - the purges & guillotines & labor camps - so progressive - so nationally viable. such a srs bznz campaign.
lulz - the bros are so mad about the truth.
it's actually hilarious how predictable they are. they can't HELP but be abusive trolls if you do not *bend the knee*. that's been their brand since day one. Swarming anyone who dares criticize their cult leader & shitting on Obama, Hillary, Kamala, Biden - any and everyone.
their entire strategy is and has always been harassment. if I hadn't already fire-walled a large percentage of the bernie dipshit-verse they would be shitting themselves al over my mentions. They are indistinguishable from magats.

It's been like this from the jump.
This is the damn truth.
remember when the berners had a fucking coronary that Bernie lost the Iowa caucus?
First woman to win the Iowa Caucus & all the berners could do was hurl out abuse. Fuck them.
Bernie & his cult made Dems the enemy - they blamed Hillary and Obama for GOP sins.
Dolores Huerta, labor icon, silences by berners...
thank you for demonstrating the utter cray cray + kremlin talking points hosted within the bernieverse.
i mean - lol - this is what Bernie has to offer. 😂
Bernie's cult can't do this because Bernie has no accomplishments to tout. All they can do is sloganeer, harass, and harangue.
what the bernie cult STILL cannot comprehend...
These are not going away.
I wonder when Bernie's team is going to start faking endorsements again...
calling Gabby Giffords "addle brained" is so on brand for the bernie cult.
another measure of bernie's absolute shit legislative record.
I have so much evidence of this coming up - the youtube chat from the Bernie-Rev Barber event at duke was SEETHING with bernie bro racism.
Did Erika vote for Jill, too?
i mean... lol.
NARRATOR: The berners could not stop with the sexist memes.
the fish rots from the head.
February 2016 - Don't fucking tell me that it wasn't CLEAR what we were facing.

People who indulged in "protest" voting deserve all the heat they get. ALL OF IT.
Bernie's sheer incompetence is evidenced by his decision to bring all these disasters back to campaign for him.
lol... they are so dumb...
was this a russian troll or a real berner? we'll never know on the individual level in most cases, but what we do know is that Bernie has yet to address the fact that his supporters were targeted with and spread disinfo specifically designed to undermine our democracy.
and we know his slogans do not translate into good policy.
ooooh, this was fun - when team sanders was campaigning in SC and thought being for welfare was a sure way to win over Black voters.

good times good times.
this is as close to explicit racism as you can get without being explicitly racist. directly from bernie.
another bernie employee/surrogate who did not give a single solitary fuck about the consequences of their conspiracy bullshit.
another example of berners harassing people...
another Sanders surrogate...
there will be even worse racism this time when he gets his ass handed to him in SC again.
team sanders - all about "neutralizing" those votes from Black people...
blame the nearest woman for Bernie's failures.
quick reminder of bernie's deep thoughts in the 1970's...
cenk admitting berners get their kremlin talking points from him. lol.
ahhh - this one is a classic...
Lol - bernie's degree was in poli sci, not econ.
lol - greenwald.
one of bernie's real endorsements came from this homophobe...
This shit is so disgusting.
bERnIe bR0s dOn'T aXshUaLly eXSisT
sigh - there was soooooooo much of this. so many women were driven offline.
reminder - bernie was not invited to the Vatican. he invited himself.
then there was that time the bernie cult thought they discovered voter suppression because they forgot to register. Meanwhile, they had zero knowledge of the actual fight for voting rights, or the huge attacks by the GOP post the VRA gutting.
Jill Stein tweeted this the day trump won the NY primary. We already knew he was a monster. But this is what the "green party" (aka Kremlin) was feeding people like Nina Turner - and she willingly shoveled this shit down her gullet.
they simply did not care about the consequences.
Bernie's assets in 2014... don't freak out, but I think BANKS may be involved here somehow...
Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon's ex, spreading conspiracy theories.
yes, Susan and Tim and Michael and Ben were ready to do it again. They did not give a single flying FUCK about what would happen to marginalized people then, and they do not care now.
That none of these assholes had ever tweeted about the VRA was so telling.
blood on all of their hands.
Bernie's narcissism & divisiveness won.
ohhh - look - abusive berners again. shocking and whatnot. .
oh, neat - berniebro threats. how novel & whatnot.
Bernie Sanders' surrogates are garbage.
Berners read through this thread and feel ZERO sense of remorse or responsibility for their outrageously, undeniably toxic campaign. They are fundamentally broken humans.
Here's the truth:
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