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Hi, I’ll be live-tweeting today’s Chicago Board of Health public meeting. #ChiDocumenters
@ChiDocumenters #publichealth #chicagopublichealth
@CHIdocumenters Dr. Arwady reviews high-level updates from the dept, including an anti-#syphillis campaign, a research study on Chicago maternal mortality (#maternitymatters) that will be released soon, and a new program that will provide assistance to #newmom s at 3 Chicago hospitals.
Dr. Arwady shares info about the new training video aimed at Chicago employees who work with youth, centers a #traumainformed approach to working with them.
Arwady: “#Cannabis is coming.”

The meeting attendees laugh.
Arwady: “We’ve been working internally to determine how we are going to measure the health effects of that." #cannabis #cannabischicago #legalizeit #weednews
Arwady: "We’ll be looking at issues such as minimum distance from schools, on-site consumption, can this be sold like tobacco, and whether we should use existing regulation models similar to those of alcohol and tobacco.” #cannabis #cannabischicago #weednews
Next, the #OpioidCrisis in Chicago is discussed:

Arwady: "We haven’t gotten additional money yet, but we’re hoping we will.” #opioids #harmreduction #publichealth #chicagohealth
#Naloxone is scarce in communities that have the most opioid deaths in Chicago: older, African-American males on the West Side.
Arwady: “Historically, we put city $ into funding N. bc traditionally if there’s federal $ they can’t be used for syringe exchange or N." #publichealth
The #Chicago Department of Health has been awarded a new federal grant to address #opioid concerns in Chicago.

Arwady: “It’s a real big lift. This is the first federal money we’ve gotten.”
Arwady: “... a small amount of money from the state that will allow us to get the nasal form of Naloxone.”

CDPH has been talking with the @CTA and @chipublib about whether these are good locations to carry it. #opioids #publichealth #publiclibraries #publictransit #library
#Opioid users in Chi are “more likely to smoke or snort than shoot”

Arwady then outlines the @BCBSIL-funded #education & #outreach efforts with church groups and #nonprofits on the West Side to bring them on as allies in distributing #Naloxone.

#opioidcrisis #communityhealth
Arwady: "We’re all about getting #Naloxone out, and raising awareness of it. I carry it in my bag every day.

We want people to see it something akin to an #EpiPen for an allergy or an #AED for a heart condition."

#HarmReduction #OpioidCrisis #SubstanceAbuse #CommunityOutreach
Arwady continues with other updates:

- Chicago Family opened a new school-based health center on the south side, funded by #TIF dollars and e-cigarette taxes.
- Reviews a recent #Loginella outbreak training, water borne pathogen training for #PublicHealth employees
“E-scooters!” (The attendees laugh.) Arwady reports that hospitals are cooperating with Chicago to report # of scooter accidents encountered. Rates of injury in Chi are on par w/other cities w #scooters.
Dr. Arwady: "People do get hurt using these. This will be part of the discussion with the city when deciding whether or not to use these." #scooters #publichealth #neoliberalism #startup #TechNews #techtrends
Arwady: “We've stepped up our education regarding #ICEraids."
Arwady: "We’re a member of the Illinois Alliance of Welcoming Healthcare... recently they published a resource guide, info about safe spaces and talking points for frontline staff with a #traumainformed lens." #ICE #ICEraids
Arwady: "We are taking very seriously the possibility that we may see some #ICEraids (at our #healthcare facilities) and we want to be prepared.”

#ICE #immigration #publichealth #HumanRights
Dr. Dreher, PHD/RN responds to Arwady's updates:

"Thank you for using '#cannabis' and not '#weed' or '#marijuana' or any of those pejorative terms."
Dreher: "I’m particularly concerned about certification of providers to issue #cannabis.

Most nurses in positions who are working in this (field), graduated their school prior to the discovery of the #endocannabinoid system."
The discussion continues, particularly regarding the need for further research to understand the appropriate way to dose, administer and regulate #cannabis use.

#ChicagoPublicHealth #publichealth #weednews #marijuana #LegalizeIt #harmreduction #naturalmedicine #Chicago
Dreher: "I think (addressing #cannabis dosing) would be very important and would set Chicago apart from most states and cities."

#publichealth #harmreduction #behavioralhealth
My #alderperson, @JamesCappleman, of the 46th Ward (#Uptown) is present and is being introduced by Dr. Lopez, along with Pat Dowell of the 3rd Ward.

More comments about #opioids & #opioidcrisis in #Chicago.

Arwady: “People do not need a prescription to get #Naloxone."

She explains CDPH education efforts to let people know that they can acquire Naloxone on their own, including those on Medicaid.
Dr. Arwady: “It's our top issue with pharmacies right now: making #Naloxone normalized, affordable, easy to access without stigma."

#opioidcrisis #Chicagpublichealth #opioids #harmreduction #publichealth #endthestigma #substanceabuse #mentalhealth #behavioralhealth
The meeting now transitions into a brief memorial for Dr. Carl C. Bell who recently passed away.

The board shares their appreciation of Dr. Bell and his contributions to #publichealth and #healthcare in #Chicago, in #Illinois and beyond.
Next, Jennifer Vidis, the Chief Program Officer with Chicago Department of Public Health presents "Family Connects Chicago", a program aimed to reduce #maternalmortality particularly for #blackmoms in the city.

#blackmothers #WOC #maternalhealth
In Chicago,

22% of women feel down, depressed or helpless after birth.

94% of U.S. Families need at least one education or community research within 5 weeks of birth.

(Source: Public Health Institute of Metro Chicago 2017 City of Chicago Home Visiting Landscape Analysis)
In #Chicago,

Black infants are 3x more likely than white infants to die in the first 3 months of life.

Black moms 6x times more likely than white moms to die following childbirth.

(Source: Pub Health Institute of Metro Chicago 2017) #infantmortality #maternalhealth
Vidis identifies contributing factors:
- Systems not coordinated; creating duplication & families slipping thru the cracks
- Many services are not evidence-based*
- Services only focus on those determined 'at-risk'
- Families face barriers to enrolling in services
**Regarding "evidence-based practices" -- It is noted in comments by Juan Calderon (Chief Operating Officer @jacprcc and CPH Board Member) the inherent bias/incomplete nature of "evidence-based" work, particularly in serving communities of color. #puertoricans #Humboldtpark
@jacprcc Vidis introduces Proposed Solution:

Family Connects program

- Screen all moms, newborns, families to learn their needs
If they’re screened, they’re reached, they will request services
- Respond to immediateness through brief interventions, education and support
Family Connects Program Goals (cont)
- Respond to longer term needs via referrals with warm hand off
- Identify service delivery gaps to improve resource allocation and inform policy
Family Connects Program Goals (cont)
- Home visits yields data, data is shared thru Community Engagement, helps city to align with the true needs of families in a culturally-competent way
Vidis further explains Family Connects program:

Nurse makes bedside visit shortly after birth, offers home visit 3 weeks later. No cost to recipient, offered universally to help all families, not just those identified as at-risk. Services provided will cater to family requests.
Vidis in response to q from board member "Why nurses?":

"According to the #Gallup polls, of all the professions in the world, #Nurses are the most trusted ... It’s the relationship.”
Vidis further explains history of this program: “This is an evidence-based intervention, developed in Durham, NC.”
#Chicagohospitals currently participating:
St. Bernard #Engelwood, Norwegian #HumboldtPark, Rush #SouthLoop
“While we are offering this service universally, we want to make that we are first and foremost offering it in communities where we see families with the greatest need.”
@jacprcc For the Family Connects program, as it expands to more hospitals:

6 Regional Alignment bodies will do the work of collecting data and information to best serve their community/part of the city.
One board member comments:

“The black-white gap of infant mortality is independent of social economic status."

#infantmortality #maternalmortality #Chicagpublichealth

"Part of this (inequities between black and white #infantmortality) is due to conscious or unconscious #racism of healthcare providers and not attending to the needs of women of color in their pregnancy or labor."

#structuralracism #institutionalracism #publichealth
Further comments, this from Juan Calderon COO @jacprcc & Chicago Health Board Member (edited for length):

"You reference evidence-based engagement, but there are only 3 current partners and there is no advisory board. I am not hearing there is community-based participation."
Calderon, cont:
"I’m not seeing any participation from established, community-based organizations; I’m hearing more of a medical knowledge approach. It should be a community driven approach."
Calderon, cont: "I remind you there is an issue of #generationaltrauma: in 1959, #PuertoRican women were sterilized. There’s an element of no trust in the hospital setting."
Calderon, cont: "I question the issue of #culturalcompetency. I know there’s a disconnect between nurses if there’s not leadership and engagement from local communities."
Calderon, cont: "There’s a lack of communications, services; the support system is not there ... to work with families, to work with women."

Advocating for his Puerto Rican community, particularly those in #humboldtpark #chicago
Calderon, cont: "I'm not hearing the connection of the community support systems, resources and expertise— being able to culturally appropriately send mothers to local services. The first thing that comes to mind is childcare and early childhood services."
Calderon's comments are received positively by the rest of the board.

Vidis responds: “We don’t necessarily have the expertise or capacity to do that hyperlocal work, but we are trying to build that in to our program.”
Vidis cont: "1 thing we will likely uncover in this pilot, and will have to develop a solution for at scale, is how do we ensure our nursing workforce has that confidence, that connection to the community. We’ve got folks joining our citywide advisory council (to address this)."
The meeting is open for public comment, Ald @JamesCappleman emphasizes his support for evidence-based, data-driven policies to ensure public money is used most efficiently and effectively to aid the greatest number of people.
Cappleman references his 20-year career as a #socialworker prior to his role as #ChicagoAlderperson—emphasizes the importance of recognizing where the service gaps are, particularly in regards to marginalized communities.
Cappleman also cites the issue of #nonprofit and #communityorganizations competing for the same grant dollars and limited funding, thus dividing their potential impact.
Cappelman concludes with a call to "look at ways we can incentivize #communitydevelopment block grants and provide #evidencebased best practices."
Calderon provides further comment: "We’re beginning to see a decline in small nonprofit orgs with #indigenous leadership. There’s a big difference between who can provide best practices: are other communities going to come in and give us (their idea of) best practices?"
Calderon closes with a reference to the problem of "#institutionalGentrification" and a call to action to address it:

"There has to be a stronger emphasis in building structures that support the (existing) communities."
The board and attendees seem to respond positively to Calderon's contributions w assertion to continue work to best serve all of Chicago's varied communities.

Meeting adjourns, apx 10:40am.

Follow @city_bureau & @CHIdocumenters for more live tweeting of public meetings! Thx!
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