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@BTS_twt [ it's better you bookmark this because it'll be long and covering most of the events ]

#HYYH #HYYHthenotes #화양연화 #화양연화TheNotes @BTS_twt
Oct 10 Year 09 | Seokjin

Summary: Seokjin helped his friend run away during school from men who were after him because his dad ran away without paying loans. SJ brought him to his own house but his father handed over his friend to that men and asked Seokjin to be a "good kid".
Jul 23 Year 10 | Hoseok

Summary: Hoseok was asked to count the fruits to 10 in school. It reminded him when at an amusement park, his mother had handed him a chocolate bar and asked him to count to 10, and never came back. He has trauma associated with counting and passes out.
Dec 29 Year 10 | Taehyung

Summary: Taehyung came home from school and ran into his dad's arms. His father was drunk to the point Taehyung couldn't even recognize him. He slapped Taehyung, picked him up and threw him against a wall. Taehyung collapsed.
Apr 6 Year 11 | Jimin

Summary: Jimin came to the Grass Flower Arboretum for a school picnic. His teacher told him to wait when going back, but he thought he could find the way. It started raining & he got lost. He found the back gate of the arboretum & went into the warehouse.
Jul 21 Year 12 | Seokjin

Summary: SJ's parents were strict & punished him with silence when he didn't do what he was told. SJ's mom passed away & his dad told him to not cry. He sent SJ off to his maternal grandma's in the US & didn't see him off at the airport. SJ was upset.
Jun 21 Year 16 | Namjoon

Summary: Namjoon was forced to do a job and take over the responsibilities at his house in middle school when his mom quit her job and as they had to pay the doctor's bills of his dad. He went to school and then ran to distribute fliers in a short time.
Sep 19 Year 16 | Yoongi

Summary: YG's house had caught fire but he was momentarily too shocked to move. The entire house collapsed just when the fire truck had gotten inside their thin alley finally. Someone asked if his mom was inside, he said "no" even though he wasn't sure.
Sep 11 Year 17 | Jungkook

Summary: JK was 7, he overheard his dad saying that the world was too heavy for him to bear & he wants to leave. His mom asked what will he do about JK, he said he can't do anything & left. JK thought he can't be the reason for his dad to endure it all.

Mar 2 Year 19 | Seokjin

Summary: SJ came back from the US & his dad put his hand on SJ's shoulder as he spoke to the principal of the school he'd be studying. SJ was too uncomfortable to look at the principal, how he spoke to him and asked SJ to keep the principal "informed".
Mar 12 Year 19 | Jimin

Summary: JM had just transferred to this school. He was supposed to clean the storage room for being late. He found the 6 kids doing the penalty there & was about to leave when Taehyung from his grade found him & took him inside the storage room. +
He often hung out at the room with the other kids doing the penalty, just fooling around, eventually becoming friends.

NOTE: Jimin's parents transferred him whenever he had a seizure, got admitted to the hospital, scared that JM's classmates would find out later if he goes back.
Jun 12 Year 19 | Yoongi

Summary: During the summer, the seven debated where to go when Taehyung suggested they go to that place in the signpost: Grass Flower Arboretum. Yoongi changed the topic to go to the sea as he noticed Jimin had turned visibly ashen on seeing the sign.
June 12 Year 19 | Jungkook

Summary: The 7 reached the sea and fooled around laughing and racing. As Jungkook was clumsy at adapting to strange environments, he felt a bit ill at the fact that he was at ease, it felt like he didn't belong there. Hoseok suggested they all go to +
see this rock as it's said that if you yell your dream out to the sea while standing on this rock, it comes true. But it was 3.5 kms away, so they started walking towards it even after a lot of objections. Yoongi told JK to not bite his nails as they'll become raw like Yoongi's.+
YG asked JK about his dream. JK asked YG what is a dream?" to which HS replied with definitions from the internet.
YG said: "Don't ever try to have a dream, it's tough having one."
JK sees YG's raw cuticles & thinks about how he has a habit of hurting himself since childhood* +
it makes him feel awake again because he sometimes feels hollow. Everything seems meaningless & drains the energy out of him.

When they reached the spot of the rock, they found out it had been blown apart by a construction company & they were standing on the pieces of the rock.+
They said things like "we didn't even have dreams in the first place to console each other but it didn't work. JK tried to tell YG something when suddenly a deafening drilling machine sounded, causing them to shout at each other. They all started inaudibly laughing at each other+
& started shouting their dreams towards the sea, all inaudible. JK couldn't even hear himself what he shouted, what his dream was, but he still screamed it to the sea.

The drilling sound suddenly stopped as the 7 were still shouting & coughing. They all laughing & decided to +
take a picture with the sea as the background.

JK asked SJ if he can keep the polaroid & SJ gave it to him after writing "June 12" at the back. SJ told JK his yelled out dream will come true. And SJ only patted JK's back when he asked what dream he yelled out to the sea.
The full note from Jungkook's POV, if you want to read..
Jun 25 Year 19 | Seokjin

Summary: SJ found a plant grown by HS in the room. He saw the walls of the room were covered with diff handwritten things along with names. SJ wondered if his father's name was there & he found it right above it was written "everything started from here"
Mar 20 Year 20 | Taehyung

Summary: TH watched as Namjoon overheard Seokjin talking to the principal alone in the classroom via a call. SJ told everything about what YG & TH were upto: missing classes, getting into fights, etc. SJ opened the door to see NJ and TH hid himself +
from SJ. NJ said "it's okay, SJ probably had a reason". TH couldn't believe how SJ snitched on them & it got dismissed just like that. Hoseok & Jimin found TH & took him inside. TH assumed NJ was intelligent and he must've done the right thing and decided to keep quiet too.
May 15 Year 20 | Namjoon

Summary: It was the last day of school. NJ's family decided to move before their money ran out, their rent was overdue, the doctor's bills, etc couldn't be covered by his part-time job at the gas station. NJ wrote "I must survive" on a paper in the +
+ classroom. He put it in his pocket and stood up to leave. He realised no farewell message would be enough, so he blew on the window & wrote 3 words: "See you again" before he left. It was a wish rather than a promise.
The date is unclear, it happened 2 weeks before June 25.

Summary: Yoongi was playing the piano in the room & Jungkook had joined 3 desks & laid down, listening to the YG olay. Suddenly a teacher burst and slapped Jungkook. YG put himself between the teacher & JK to protect him.
It resulted in the expulsion of Yoongi from the school.
Jun 25 Year 20 | Jungkook

Sum: JK came back into the room thinking of YG, trying to mimic the notes he was playing the day. He thinks about the incident & how YG pushed at the teacher's shoulder. Would YG still be expelled if JK wasn't there? Would he still be playing the piano?
Jun 25 Year 20 | Yoongi

Summary: YG had a burnt piano key taken from the remains of his mom's burnt room. YG thought he'll be thrown out of the house when his dad finds out YG got expelled. YG threw the burnt piano key out of the window & decided he'll never play the piano again
Note: Yoongi lives with his father since his mother passed away. He isn't used to the extremely strict rules his father has in his house like not speaking while eating, etc. Yoongi wants to leave but he wasn't prepared, until now..
Jul 17 Year 20 | Seokjin

Summary: On the 1st day of vacation, SJ hurries to leave the school. Hoseok & Jimin greet him in the playground. SJ accidentally led to YG being expelled, he was being pressured by the principal & he blurted the location of their classroom not knowing +
Yoongi and Jungkook were there at that exact same time. But no one knew SJ was involved.

HS bid him goodbye & asked to stay in contact. SJ remembered the 1st day of school when all the seven got the punishment together for being late. He believed he ruined all those memories.
Sep 15 Year 20 | Hoseok

Summary: HS told Jimin's mom about how he took JM to the emergency room after he had a seizure. She thanked him & turned away from him. Jimin's mom hinted at dismissal ti HS after saying another thank you & putting a quick hand on his shoulder.
Note: [THEORY] I believe Jimin saw the bus that goes straight to Grass Flower Arboretum at the bus stop and had a seizure.
Sep 30 Year 20 | Jungkook

Summary: JK got yelled at by the teacher for going back to that classroom. JK mentioned he has been visiting the room everyday.

He visited the room again & found Hoseok there collecting the remaining things. JK realised those days weren't coming back.

I'll tell you here what happened in short after everyone went their ways and before Seokjin returned from the US and everything went downhill, each member wise. Since the actual story is too long.

Dec 17 Year 21

Namjoon's family was used to running from town to town to escape debts. They came to a country village this time, it had both a hospital for his Dad & employers who were ready to hire without a highschool diploma. This village had small eateries who ran+
their business by selling stew and fries made by small fished caught from the stream in town. The people living in the mountainous ridges ordered from the village. In winter, the stream froze and there were lesser tourists, but the demand for deliveries was steady, Namjoon was +
one such delivery boy.

The competition between the eateries and even each eatery's delivery boy was high as this was the only part time job available in town and most of the people weren't wealthy. Everyone wanted to impress their bosses.
During the winters, the competition became fiercer. But the competition subsided when they realised when a scooter became a must to make deliveries because it was dangerous to ride a lightweight motorbike on the snow covered mountain roads. Delivering on foot wasn't an option. +
It became a competition between NJ and Taehyung. The boy was two years younger and named either Jongsik or Jonghun but he reminded NJ of TH. The two were the only ones so poor that they risked their lives to make deliveries in the dangerous mountain trails.
One day TH was bruised and bloodstained, so the owner gave the delivery reluctantly to Namjoon. it was snowing very heavily.

Driving up the mountain through snow flurries was difficult. On his third trip, the scooter slipped down the slope as the snow started accumulating. +
NJ fell down but he went to check the scooter first. It got a scratch but he hoped it was still working cause working because he can't pay for it. It finally started after a several attempts. The scooter was already scratched so he hoped it'd go unnoticed.

Read this part.
NJ went to the eatery the next day. He got to hear about TH's accident that happened while returning from making the delivery the day before. His body was lying for 3 hours on the road until someone passing by found him.

Read this part, the details are important.
NJ started working at a different eatery. He made 5-6 deliveries a day & made sure to wear a helmet & protective gear. NJ made his last delivery before the area on the mountains closed down for the winters. He overheard strangers talking about TH's accident.

Read this part.
NJ sneaked away on a bus back to Songju (the city the 7 were in). He believed he was sneaking away from everything, especially the poverty. His father had told him "Go, Namjoon. You must survive." but NJ tried not to think about it. Now he was returning to Songju.

Mar 2 Year 22

Hoseok left the orphanage and started working at a part-timer at a burger place after graduating the school in February. He loved that job as he had to smile despite the good or bad customers, despite the bullying customers and the hard work. But smiling +
and laughing gave him new energy.

His burger place used to be crowded with freshmen and thought they used to be like them once. He sometimes wondered what the other were up to?

Read this part.

29 Mar Year 22

TH drew graffiti on back wall of the gas station & got beaten by the owner.

He started spray painting graffiti some time ago. He sprayed one color over another until the bottles all ran out. At first he thought it was ugly, stupid, useless, & pitiful. +
He tried to rub the wet paint away with the palm of his hands which only blended together to make more combination of colors. He sat down leaning against the wall. It didn't matter if it was ugly or beautiful. It was a part of him.

Someone picked up a spray can. It was Namjoon.
i'll do the rest in the morning it's late
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