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🔲The Constitution—A Glorious Standard

🔳I thank the Lord FREEDOM , AGENCY, the RIGHT CHOICE.


🔳I speak about the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES—that glorious standard raised up by the FOUNDING FATHERS

@GenFlynn @Cordicon
🔲THEE Constitution

🔳I love the inspired Constitution of the United States—a nation with a spiritual foundation and a prophetic history

🔳The framers of the Constitution were men raised by God to establish the foundation of our government

@worldgoneweirde @realDonaldTrump
🔲The Constitution

🔳It was drafted in Philadelphia in 1787 during a humid summer

🔳In case there were eavesdroppers, the windows of Independence Hall were shut

🔳Many delegates, who were mostly from out of town, wore the same thick woolen garments day after day

@SpaCare @PATROITREBEL9 @FedUpPatriots1 @pamzpam @VectorSigma44 @EducateYourse18 @MissesJ3 @SunshineLK10 @Lightworker2012 @ExposingCorrup7 @Eudoxia73996321 🔲The Constitution

🔳This is a land fertilized by the blood of patriots

🔳During the struggle for independence, nearly 9,000 of the colonist forces were killed

@Eudoxia73996321 @Bella_deOlivera @volarconalas @TWITMO_INMATE @PWeepingAngel @mclanelfn @ThomasFines
@SpaCare @PATROITREBEL9 @FedUpPatriots1 @pamzpam @VectorSigma44 @EducateYourse18 @MissesJ3 @SunshineLK10 @Lightworker2012 @ExposingCorrup7 @Eudoxia73996321 @Bella_deOlivera @volarconalas @TWITMO_INMATE @PWeepingAngel @mclanelfn @ThomasFines @TrophyTruck_Q @Q3d5A @sparkleloung @WelshPatriot74 @T_WWG1WGA @thro_e @AnonymousEagle4 @EphoenixB @exposeeverylie @1SweetTexan 🔲The Constitution

🔳Among those 56 patriots who’d pledged their lives, their fortunes, & their sacred honor by signing the Declaration of Independence, at least 9 paid that price with their blood

🔳The bloody Revolutionary War proved what price #Patriots were willing to pay
🔲The Constitution

🔳At the end of the Revolution, the 13 states found themselves INDEPENDENT but faced grave internal economic & political problems

🔳The Articles of Confederation had been adopted but was ineffective

@OrtaineDevian @NSAGov @HB04920973 @Devine_freedom
@OrtaineDevian @NSAGov @HB04920973 @Devine_freedom @TiffanyBlu4 @Tim_Camp39 @Patrici85940941 @blacktulip966 @PershingSoldier @jetset_pilot @lafleurjmmyp @GogolLafit @NGirrard @celtgunn 🔲The Constitution

🔳Under the Articles of Confederation, the nation was without a president, a head

🔳There was a congress, but it was a body destitute of any power

🔳There was no SUPREME COURT (I’m tempted to interject, but will withhold for now)

@OrtaineDevian @ZNEWSNET
🔲The Constitution

🔳Without a SC & a President, the states were a confederation

🔳Is there any question that G.Washington was exactly where he was meant to be for this time?

🔳Is there any question that YOU are where you’re supposed to be at this time?
@OrtaineDevian @conidave @TechGirlNews @DarmoGino @darhar981 @pushforward40 @NamvetSurvivor @StephanieUSMCWM @Saintnomore1 @AmericanVotesUS @jameco01 🔲The Constitution

🔳Washington wrote: “The fabrick which took 9yrs at the expense of MUCH BLOOD &treasure to rear, now TOTTERS 2the FOUNDATION &without SUPPORT must soon FALL”(Writings of George Washington, Washington, D.C.: Govt Printing Office, 1939, 29:68)
🔲The Constitution

🔳Because of this crisis, 55 of the 74 appointed delegates reported to the convention, representing every state except Rhode Island, for the purpose of forming “a more perfect union.” Thirty-nine finally signed the Constitution

@OrtaineDevian @sxdoc
@OrtaineDevian @sxdoc @grayce_notes @oahuheather @GracieLovesUSA @pamzpam @USAFVet18 @john_az_usa @land_terri @LadyJustice4EVR @LalaFlorida94 @dmills3710 🔲The Constitution

🔳Who were the delegates? Those whom I believe the Lord designated “wise men” & raised up?

🔳They were mostly YOUNG MEN in the PRIME of their life, their average age being 44

🔳Benjamin Franklin was the oldest at 81

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @QBlueSkyQ
🔲The Constitution

🔳George Washington was 55
🔳Alexander Hamilton was 32
🔳James Madison, who recorded the proceedings of the convention with his remarkable Notes, was only 36
🔳These were young men, but men of EXCEPTIONAL character

@OrtaineDevian @ChristinePolon1
@OrtaineDevian @ChristinePolon1 @DragonRageGamin @DRottiemom @DrvrNail @SaltySOB0321 @01_zebra @MichaelsANewman @Drwatspn1013 @Lightworker2012 @thelacowboy @LoyalToSpeakOut 🔲Constitution

🔳Of the 39 signers, 21 were educated in the leading American colleges & Great Britain
🔳18 had been, lawyers or judges
🔳26 served in the Continental Cong.
🔳19 served in the Revolutionary army
🔳17 officers, 4 on Washington’s personal staff
🔲The Constitution

🔳Among the 39 signers were 2 future Pres
🔳1 Father of his country
🔳A Vice Pres, a Sec of the Treas, Sec of War, a Sec of State, 2 chief justices of the SC& 3 justices
🔳And Franklin, a diplomat, philosopher, scientist, and statesman
@OrtaineDevian @CrisB_13 @DoNotTrustDems @aDeo_creata_est @CrymesTammy @Sy_Crux @Vote4Freedom1 @LoyalToSpeakOut @LynnFrierson @AmericanVotesUS @ChaosAssassin13 🔲The Constitution

🔳There has not been another GROUP of MEN in all our history that even CHALLENGED their SUPREMACY

🔳They were the BEST spirits GOD could find on the face of the EARTH


@OrtaineDevian @FashionabAnon @HB04920973 @realDonaldTrump @SpaCare
🔲The Constitution

🔳In the final analysis, what the framers did, under the INSPIRATION of GOD, was to draft a DOCUMENT that MERITED the APPROVAL of GOD HIMSELF

🔳Today WE are the ones CHOSEN to witness/be part of SAVING that very CONSTITUTION

@OrtaineDevian @GolfingJohn_
@OrtaineDevian @GolfingJohn_ @sparkleloung @DonnaWR8 @tribunal_watch @AngelWa80429965 @Walt7380 @IQMatters4sure @WelshPatriot74 @NOOBSTRUCTION @KirolosSam @volarconalas 🔲The Constitution

🔳The delegates’ WISDOM is shown in the GENIUS of the DOCUMENT itself


🔳We see why

@OrtaineDevian @Bella_deOlivera @Telford_Russian @GenFlynn @NRA @NSAGov @SpaCare
🔲The Constitution

🔳The FOUNDERS created a REPUBLIC which Jefferson described as “ACTION by the CITIZENS in person in affairs within their REACH and COMPETENCE and IN ALL OTHERS by REPRESENTATIVES..”

@OrtaineDevian @ChristinePolon1 @QBlueSkyQ @HB04920973 @Eudoxia73996321
@OrtaineDevian @ChristinePolon1 @QBlueSkyQ @HB04920973 @Eudoxia73996321 @ZyroFoxtrot @ZNEWSNET @01_zebra @ZinaAntoaneta @PhilZantos @zeefa64 @zigzagman22 @ZionistGirl18 @zugzwangu2c @ROCKINGANGELBMI 🔲The Constitution

🔳When James Russell Lowell was asked, “How LONG will the AMERICAN Republic ENDURE?”

🔳His answer: “As long as the IDEAS of the MEN who FOUNDED it continue DOMINATE.”

@OrtaineDevian @GenFlynn @HB04920973 @Eudoxia73996321 @realDonaldTrump @SpaCare
🔲The Constitution

🔳Constitutional GOVERNMENT, as designed by the framers, will SURVIVE ONLY with a RIGHTEOUS people

🔳“Our Constitution,” said John Adams, “was made ONLY for a MORAL & RELIGIOUS people

🔳It is WHOLLY INADEQUATE to the GOVERNMENT of any other”
@OrtaineDevian @drawandstrike @lafleurjmmyp @BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1 @ShawnLoftin1 @thelacowboy @LynnFrierson @LoyalToSpeakOut @Vote4Freedom1 @Lightworker2012 🔲The Constitution


🔳Perhaps as never before is our nation collectively deserving of the indictment pronounced by ABRAHAM LINCOLN in these words:

🔲The Constitution

🔳”..we have FORGOTTEN God
🔳We have forgotten the GRACIOUS HAND which PRESERVED us in peace...and STRENGTHENED us
🔳And we have VAINLY imagined...all these blessings were PRODUCED by some superior wisdom & virtue of our OWN

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare
@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @hickory66 @EE_HIGH_ @danhill2011 @SmartiPants83 @AmericanVotesUS @HappyBigGrin @CWMassey1958 @AceBurford @HB04920973 @grabaroot 🔲The Constitution

🔳”It behooves us, then, to HUMBLE ourselves before the Offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to PRAY for clemency and FORGIVENESS” (Abraham Lincoln,
March 30, 1863)

@OrtaineDevian @ROCKINGANGELBMI @almostjingo @wwg1wga_anon @PWeepingAngel
🔲The Constitution

🔳”I say to you that the price of LIBERTY is & always has been BLOOD, human blood, and if our LIBERTIES are LOST, we shall NEVER regain them EXCEPT at the PRICE of BLOOD

🔳They must NOT be LOST!” (J. Reuben Clark)

@OrtaineDevian @FashionabAnon @SpaCare
@OrtaineDevian @FashionabAnon @SpaCare 🔲The Constitution

🔳Patriotism,” said Theodore Roosevelt, “means to stand by the COUNTRY

🔳 It does NOT mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. …

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @GenFlynn
🔲The Constitution

🔳”It does NOT mean stand by the PRESIDENT
🔳WITHOUT adding the proviso ‘so far as he SERVES the REPUBLIC
🔳No self-respecting and intelligent FREE MAN could take such an ATTITUDE” (T Roosevelt)

History shows the wisdom in that remark

🔲The Constitution

🔳”Let the PEOPLE of the whole UNION...whenever they find a PROMISE made by a CANDIDATE that is not PRACTICED as an OFFICER


🔳We, the people, should have done it long ago

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare
@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @JeffKei73877966 @CylantJustice @yojudenz @LadyJustice4EVR @AnaJuliaG1965 @jmerrick82yaho1 @freidablancha12 @jillb111120181 @JackalsLast @jazzyjwelz 🔲The Constitution

🔳Our DIVINE Constitution belongs to ALL mankind

🔳The Declaration of Independence affirmed the Founding Fathers’ belief & trust in God

🔳When reading The Declaration of Independence, can anyone of pure spirit doubt the inspired words?

🔲The Constitution

🔳Declaration of Independence:“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”

@OrtaineDevian @emmity_gauged @RLorneGreene @greekwarhammer @CactusQH @Groupbullying @DavedaGruber @GaryVedder @tagruber @Eudoxia73996321 @aDeo_creata_est 🔲The Constitution

🔳At the conclusion, they wrote,

🔳“And for the SUPPORT of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of DIVINE Providence, we mutually PLEDGE to each other our LIVES, our FORTUNES and our SACRED HONOR”

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @QBlueSkyQ
🔲The Constitution

🔳This Declaration was a PROMISE that would demand terrible SACRIFICE on the part of its SIGNERS

🔳Five were captured as TRAITORS & TORTURED before they DIED

🔳Twelve had their HOMES ransacked & burned

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @FashionabAnon @HB04920973
@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @FashionabAnon @HB04920973 @gholland04 @Eudoxia73996321 @AnonymousEagle4 @EphoenixB @YouMustOvercome @exposeeverylie @ExposingCorrup7 @tribunal_watch @yojudenz @PWeepingAngel 🔲The Constitution

🔳James Madison wrote:

🔳“It is impossible for the man of PIOUS reflection NOT to perceive in it A FINGER of that ALMIGHTY HAND which has been so FREQUENTLY & SIGNIFICANTLY extended to our RELIEF in the critical stages of the REVOLUTION

🔳”When the great work was done & published, I was struck with amazement

🔳Nothing less than the superintending Hand of Providence, that so miraculously carried us through the war, could have brought it about so complete, upon the whole”(C.Pickney)

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare
@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @ChristinePolon1 @LalaFlorida94 @LadyJustice4EVR @larisa56741366 @land_terri @easlerson @lenlucas46 @ShushaLe @Leo45__ @MAGA_Len 🔲The Constitution

🔳Unfortunately, many have APOSTATIZED in various degrees from different CONSTITUTIONAL principles as proclaimed by the INSPIRED founders

@OrtaineDevian @slugabuny @SpaCare @QBlueSkyQ @ChristinePolon1 @LavenderLives @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @celtgunn
🔲The Constitution

🔳It has been said that even this nation will be on the very verge of crumbling to pieces and tumbling to the ground

🔳And when the Constitution is upon the brink of ruin, WE will be the staff upon which our nation will lean

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare
@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @Heywood98 @john_az_usa @jameco01 @PWeepingAngel @2020Awake @AwakenDaGiant @AW19541210 @Txarmadilla @ArriagaVivianna @TulaArden 🔲The Constitution

🔳WE are in danger of LOSING our LIBERTIES

🔳ONCE that is LOST, only BLOOD will BRING them BACK

🔳A CONSPIRACY is in its full FORCE & has been for DECADES

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @Bluepopcorn8 @Lied2B2point0 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump @QBlueSkyQ
🔲The Constitution

🔳SECRET combinations are the WORKS of DARKNESS

🔳”The very word, SECRECY is repugnant...”

@OrtaineDevian @worldgoneweirde @charliekirk11 @ZNEWSNET @tribunal_watch @Bluepopcorn8 @Lied2B2point0 @FashionabAnon @Maca691 @SpaCare @mclaren_roberts @QBlueSkyQ
🔲The Constitution

🔳The Apostle Paul saw our day

🔳He warned that “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” (2 Tim. 3:13.)

@OrtaineDevian @DevinNunes @Jim_Jordan @tedcruz @SecPompeo @NSAGov @realDonaldTrump @Cordicon @Telford_Russian
🔲The Constitution

🔳Evil men~LOVERS of MONEY learned that WAR was GOOD for BUSINESS

🔳Enter the Illuminati, The Elite, The Cabal, #Globalists

@OrtaineDevian @GenFlynn @SecPompeo @NSAGov @Lied2B2point0 @Bluepopcorn8 @Bella_deOlivera @CylantJustice @SpaCare @slugabuny
@OrtaineDevian @GenFlynn @SecPompeo @NSAGov @Lied2B2point0 @Bluepopcorn8 @Bella_deOlivera @CylantJustice @SpaCare @slugabuny @gholland04 @Kevin_Shipp @sxdoc @MxMarineMom @emmity_gauged @GaryVedder @StudioGarvin @GatesRobin @ELGATO01083923 @go4itbas 🔲The Constitution

🔳As terrible as the 1st WW was, bankers like J.P. Morgan &Bank of America wanted another one

🔳The DuPonts, Carnegie’s, Sinclair, a guy named Preston Bush wanted war

🔳The European Royal Families were in on it too. “Riches for Everyone”

🔲The Constitution

🔳A terrible secret was brought back to life~Money & Power trumps any human suffering

🔳”Let the #Patriots give up their lives~as long as we make money.”

🔳Worse yet, the Elite’s end goal was to end America~no matter how many people die

@OrtaineDevian @Storm_fa_Q @Germantownrunne @slugabuny @almostjingo @QBlueSkyQ @yojudenz @ExposingCorrup7 @trixirilla @Lied2B2point0 @jameco01 🔲The Constitution

🔳Dr. John Lord, referring to the discovery of America, said:

🔳 “The world has witnessed many powerful empires which have passed away & left ‘not a track behind’

🔳What remains of the antediluvian world? …

@OrtaineDevian @Bluepopcorn8 @SpaCare @Qanon76
@OrtaineDevian @Storm_fa_Q @Germantownrunne @slugabuny @almostjingo @QBlueSkyQ @yojudenz @ExposingCorrup7 @trixirilla @Lied2B2point0 @jameco01 @Bluepopcorn8 @SpaCare @Qanon76 @Eudoxia73996321 @HB04920973 @celtgunn @ChristinePolon1 @YouMustOvercome @1Howiedubz @grabaroot @AmericanVotesUS 🔲The Constitution

🔳What remains of Nineveh, of Babylon, of Thebes, of Tyre, of Carthage—those great centers of wealth & power?

🔳What remains of Roman greatness even, except in laws and literature and renovated statues?

@OrtaineDevian @TWITMO_INMATE @SpaCare @GenFlynn
🔲The Constitution

🔳”...Wealth, Corruption, Decay, and Ruin” ⁉️

🔳America? Corrupt?

🔳But look at our #Patriots~Our love of country~Our Constitution‼️

🛑The next few posts will contain intel that the govt kept hidden. It is upsetting~buckle up, or pass

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