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I keep hearing a lot of #HongKongProtestors makint statements about "CHINESE GENOCIDE AGAINST THE UIGHUR MUSLIMS" if that's true, why is there a revival of #Islam in #China right now?…
Chinese laws and actually, Communist Laws in general forbid persecution of ethnic groups as well as religions.The Uighur in Prison right now are there due to committing crimes which include Jihadist activity. The group that claims it's a genocidal campaign is "Human Rights Watch"
and this organization was caught lying about Left Wing governments in the past already. Meanwhile they have been silent about actual genocide committed by American Allies or US sponsored Dictatorships. So long story short : No, there is no genocide or concentration camps. It's bs
This Editorial was written by a Chinese person. But before you dismiss what he has to say : Actually read it. The Center (not a prison) which is also active in the region where there are Uighurs also teaches valuable skills for getting job, learning Mandarin, & most importantly
what we in the West call "Cult Deprogramming" there are extremist leaders in that region who preach a perverted version of Islam. It isn't just teaching people to blow themselves up (like what happened in China in 2009) it's also about helping kids get deprogrammed from cults.
From the last part of the article
"First-hand accounts. At the Kashgar Vocational Education and Training Center, I met Aikda Arslan. She told me that she was once influenced by religious extremism. She had been taught that women were not allowed to sing or dance or show their
faces in public and that if a person laughed at a wedding or cried at a funeral, the person would go to hell.Aikda’s mind was so poisoned that she gave up dancing, which she had once loved. And at her father’s funeral, she did not even shed tears.
Aikda’s mother sent her to the Education and Training Center to study. At first, Aikda felt abandoned. But as time passed, her attitude changed. She understood her mother’s good intentions. In the training class, she rehearsed for performances and made videos. She rediscovered
her love of dancing and singing. When Aikda graduated from the center, she found a job in Kashgar Gourmet Town. And now she hopes to save enough money to open a dance studio.This brings me back to the Chinese proverb. It has a simple meaning.
Get your own house in order first before you squeal about what’s going on next door.Facing persistent racism and civil rights issues, impoverished Indian reservations and yawning gaps between rich and poor,
Americans might do well to clean the snow from its doorstep than go on about the frost on China’s roof,"

I WISH we had that here so that all of these people from poor Southern States who join the KKK and Vote Republican could go there : Get deprogramed, learn Native American languages and fuck maybe other languages too, could pick up some extra skills and education and then get
the Hell out of poverty. For God's sakes, then we wouldn't have so many mass shootings and other forms of Terrorism here.Europe & Canada should do the same as well. So again, there's no genocide or concentration camps in China.There is whoever Cultural Genocide and Concentration
Camps in North America. Anyone who says otherwise is living in privileged denial.
Now I don't particularly agree with this article 100%. However, in the desire to present something unbiased,…
This region of China was taken over centuries ago by Islamic rebels who decided that this land belonged to them. They eventually came up with the narrative that "we are Turkish people" which no, they are not. They are Chinese. Eventually the Soviet Union took the territory
and then another "islamic republic" was created before the Chinese took it back. What mant people have not said about the Uighur (pronounced Wee-Gers) conflict is that many (not all) are Racist. They hate the Han Chinese. They believe the Han are "colonizers" and that the Islamic
"republic" should come back. So imagine Daesh actually conquers Iraq one day. And fundamentally changes the society until they have let go of their roots and assimilated an entirely different culture. So now thousands of years later they don't like Iraq, don't even call it that.
They call it the Principality of the Martyrs or Daeshland or whatever name they'll come up with. Now imagine part of Iraq is unconquered and they want to reunify their country again. Except that this part of Iraq is secular and has mant different religions and viewpoints etc
So now the people of Daeshland says they're all "colonisers" despite being the same people. Get what I'm saying? These conflicts have happened way before China was Communist. Indeed, before Marx was ever born. Simply the CCP is stuck with this situation. Many extremists in this
land have killed Han Chinese who have migrated there for being Atheist or Buddhist, because their women don't cover themselves because they speak another language the conflict is based on Racism. Namely, the Extremist Uigurs hate their own Chinese brethren and want their
corner of China to be a Fundamentalist "republic". China actually discovered that many of the Terrorists here are trained in Pakistan. Which is a Hot bed for Jihadist groups (with America's blessing of course). China has bent over backwards to try and be friendly with their own
people, even going as far as letting them be autonomous and elect their own leaders. Despite this, Han Chinese migrants get tragetted and killed by Jihadist Uigurs. So in essence there is a genocide, but it's not the Uigurs being killed. It's another Chinese group. Because they
different. Because the Fundamentalists don't want a secular, pluralistic society where people can choose to believe or not believe what they want.
Also : The UN never claimed that "1 million Uigurs are in concentration camps" one American politician on a commitee in the UN who doesn't have the authority to speak, and who doesn't speak for the UN said this, and he got his information from a US sponsored anti government
Opposition group in China.…
And here we have another Times Article "China will have to get used to being a Terrorist Target" about Uigur Militants…
"China Targeted by ISIS"…
This article comes from Fucking West Point. Seems they forgot even THEY have been monitoring Uigur Militancy over there.…
I don't agree with everything here as well, but again, in the interests of being non biased, this covers how the Uigurs are fast becoming foreign fighters for Daesh.…
My problem with the above article is it claims this is due to "Chinese oppression" even though China allowed this region to be autonomous and even though the extremist conflict has been happening since the Emperors were still in power.
That's it for today, but surely this shows everyone that all of this is BS. Notice how Western Powers like Australia and the US and UK call on China to "close secret camps" what they call camps are the training centers to help Uigurs learn skills for jobs and learn Manderin.
The West talks a lot of shit about the Chinese government "brainwashing the Uigur children" really? Who is brainwashing their children and with what?
See it for yourself : This was the 2009 Terror attack in China were dozens of Uygurs/Uigurs were killing 100s of innocent people. These are the "victims of Chinese communism" the West is talking about
A Driver who was killed by them
This article claims there are two types of Terrorists : Daesh and Al-Qaeda Uygur Terrorists, a regular National "liberation" Terrorism. But both are Terrorists.…
The above site is a Military website. Supposedly they aren't specific to one armed force over the other. Though I'll still be cautious of them. But even Military acknowledge the problem of Uygur extremism in China.
An ambassor from the UN contradicts all the propaganda about "Uygur persecution"…
How China's Terrorist problem is now effecting other countries.…
A Uygur Terrorist Mass Shooting in 2014…
"Terrorism and Counterterrorism in China" by Michael Clarke also talks about this. Although he pushes the Western Narrative of "Han Chinese colonization will make Terrorism worse" still it provides some insights.…
Taking a break to post a thread on the HK protests
Since this is what sparked the debate on the Uygurs
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