Those of us who have been keeping an eye on so-called “#GCRFs”, and other assorted #transphobes, have noticed that over the course of this year the conspiracy theories that these bigots are spinning out have become more and more convoluted as they seize upon...

more and more fanciful notions trying to explain why, in the UK, trans people exist, get to use single sex services matching our gender identity, and do actually have the protections in law that we do

The latest concept that’s been stolen, twisted, and shoe-horned into their ever-growing mountain of lies is that of ‘regulatory capture’ – the claim that bodies that are responsible for producing guidelines, or enforcing them or the law have been overtaken...

by the sinister shadowy forces of the Trans Lobby™ and that we’re forcing these organisations to all say the same “lie” about trans people - that we have the right to have our expressed gender identity recognised as being valid...

that we have all the rights that we currently have, and that #GRAReform is necessary, and that the #GRA itself can’t just repealed without it being replaced by a mechanism that allows trans people to have our gender identity recognised in law

So why does this happen? What is it that motivates this twisting and ever-schisming mob of fanatics into wilder and wilder claims about trans people?

It all starts with one simple concept. They believe they are Right. Not just right, but Right. There is no room in their minds for the thought they might be wrong. They are Right. It is the core of their personal philosophy

Which inevitably means that they think that anything or anyone that disagrees with them must be Wrong. That they are a very tiny minority of people and most other people disagree with them?

Well it can’t be because the bigots are wrong, because they’re firmly convinced they’re Right. So they explain it away by claiming that men who disagree with them are doing so because "misogyny", and they claim that the women who disagree with them are witless handmaidens

But then how to explain away how entire organisations also follow the law and—in doing so—show all the lies that TERF are claiming to be true really are lies after all and that TERFs are wrong?

Well there is no room in their minds for the concept that they’re wrong. TERFs are Right is their mantra and so therefore all these organisations must be Wrong.

And so you see the same claims repeated by TERFs over and over again – these organisations don’t understand the law, these organisations are lying about the law, these organisations are deliberately misleading people about what the law is

And to try and back it up TERFs make up all kinds of claims about the law is, all of them founded in the belief that TERFs are the only ones capable of seeing The Truth and so therefore their words must be treated as Gospel

Of course that approach hit something of a massive snag when it was repeatedly shown over and over again that the body responsible for explaining what equality law is—the Equality and Human Rights Commission—said the complete opposite to what TERFs were trying to claim

TERFs did try the same approach as they had with private organisations, trying to claim that the EHRC didn’t know what the law was, but that fell a bit flat as TERFs realised that nobody was ever going to believe that

But TERFs are convinced they’re Right, so they had to show that the EHRC was Wrong, but how to do that. So they hatched a cunning plan—

They’d force the EHRC to declare that Girlguiding were a mixed-sex organisation because they accepted trans women and trans girls! Aha, the perfect plan!!

And so they carefully crafted a response full of their usual legal illiteracy and magical word fallacies, and sent it off to the EHRC, and then proudly announced to the world that the EHRC had caved...

and were writing to Girlguiding to tell them they had to describe themselves as a mixed-sex organisation!!!—

—only for the EHRC to reply with a single tweet saying that it was perfectly lawful for Girlguiding to include trans girls and women, and that Girlguiding was still very much a single sex organisation for doing so


So they decided on a different tact. If they couldn’t get the EHRC to say their guidelines supported TERF Freeman-on-the-Land legal posturing they’d get the EHRC to admit that their guidelines were wrong

Because TERFs are Right, and therefore anything that disagrees with them must be Wrong

And after a course of time the EHRC made a small alteration to their published guidelines on how single sex service providers should approach providing services for trans users

And up and down the land TERFs rejoiced, for they had achieved their goal and had been proven to be Right after all!!!—

—until it was pointed out that all the EHRC had done was remove the visual test clause from the guidelines and had made it easier for trans people to access single-sex services

Oh dear

And what was a TERF to do? They are Right. There is no question they are Right. They are Right. But nobody will admit it. They assumed that the vast majority of the public was onside because, after all, TERFs are Right—

—only to find out that the public mostly wasn’t. But that can be hand-waved away, because what do the public know?

But that’s okay, organisations know what’s Right, don’t they? Except that organisations flatly disagreed with them. Oh, well . . . um . . . it’s those terrible trans people, they’ve got into the minds of these organisations, filled them with lies, that’s what it is!!!

But that’s okay, TERFs said, the law’s on our side because we’re Right!!! Only to find that the body tasked in explaining what the law was not only saying TERFs were wrong, they also refused to budge from their position and did insist on exposing TERF lies for what they were

And then the Government—a Tory Government no less—came out with the consultation on #GRAReform which said this:

“The consultation focuses on the Gender Recognition Act 2004. We are not proposing any amendments to the Equality Act 2010.

This consultation does not consider the question of whether trans people exist, whether they have the right to legally change their gender, or whether it is right for a person of any age to identify with another gender, or with no gender.

Trans and non-binary people are members of our society and should be treated with respect. Trans people already have the right to legally change their gender, and there is no suggestion of this right being removed”

And since then numerous statements and reports from both the Government Equality Office and House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee have also been released that reaffirm both that position, as well as the legal right for trans people to access single sex services

And so here we have the situation. We have TERFs who, having convinced themselves they are Right, being faced with a reality that—from top to bottom—shows them to be wrong

Any ordinary person, when faced with such evidence, will accept that they were wrong. But a fanatic won’t. A fanatic can’t. The clue's in the name. They are Right. They have to be Right. And when faced with the reality that they have to

accept that they’re wrong they’ll double-down instead, concocting ever-increasingly bizarre theories to try and explain away all the inconsistencies with their belief and reality

And this is dangerous. Because fanatics have very few redlines when it comes down to trying to prove they’re right, and that includes trying to change other peoples’ perception of reality

A fanatic will always attempt to paint the target of their hate as being dangerous, as being a predator, as being somebody who must be removed or suppressed for the good of society

And there will be fanatics who will try and act on that perception. There always are

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