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#Kashmir , A thread based on whats happening currently,Reaction of the world,intl media,kashmiris,india and pakistan,a likely possible standoff between india and pakistan and what could happen if things move on like the way they are 🇵🇰🇮🇳👇
This thread will be based on my personal views,analysis and assesment,i do not work or represent any organisation and is writing this thread by my own will.The thread will be based on 3 parts

1)What is kashmir?what is happening in the valley? plus the recent developments,5th Aug
2)Kashmiris,india pakistan,and the whole world involving their reaction and why is kashmir so important to all parties

3)A possible standoff between india and pakistan,including nuclear threats and diplomacy by both sides to tackle the issue
When we talk about PAKISTAN AND INDIA we know the citizens over there as pakistanis and Indians.When we talk about kashmir what do we call them? KASHMIRIS but we have witnessed in the last 70 years they have never been given the rights to call themselves a true patriotic KASHMIRI
We as humans,What have we been doing our whole lives?Sometimes in this Blame game we have our mind and heart interfering with our EGO which results in the hinderance of acceptance,the acceptance of truth,justice,humanity
and most importantly to accept the fact that oppression in any form is wrong and should be condenmed.

While It all started with a mere desire of heart which was attracted by a mere piece of paper,it left consequences for the most important Creature of the area known as KASHMIRIS
Maharaja hari singh annexed kashmir to india threatning a conflict not only between pakistan and India but also between Muslims and Hindus,when this issue comes forward everyone needs to realise this issue is now not only on political ground but on religious grounds too.
5th August 2019,this date supports the claim as the world saw A new hitler born in Indian Pm narendra modi,since his party's election manifesto they wanted to remove the special rights of Kashmir and Kashmiris,more then a politcial theatre wanting genocide of muslims
Backed by RSS and its goons,modi wanted to show his NAZISM and FACISM,this time to a new level,India scrapped the special rights of kashmir in removal of Article 370 and 35A
In all of this,known as the factory of propoganda India was quick to claim this as an internal matter yet staging a propoganda to the world that Kashmir is a bilatrel issue and would be solved only between india and Pakistan
nevertheless top Brass of pakistan invited Indian Hiearchy not once,twice but 4 times to come and solve this issue on the table,what happened? as i said BLAME game,EGO,and no desire to solve the issue
Comes the second part of the thread

before 5th August india started deploying Troops in Kashmir,every corner of the house,every street saw dozens of armed terrorists,For what?TO Suppress the reaction of Humans when they have done nothing,to suppress their voice
Pakistan was quick to notice all this,As usual pakistan condemned the oppression and recent events with full support to kashmiris,but the qs still remained intact,on ground level can Pakistan and will pakistan ever be aggressive to india in regards to innocent Kashmiris?
an immediate reaction came from islamabad citing concerns in Kashmir
Pakistan highly lodged protest with India and sent back india's high commissioner back to India,Bilatrel trade was immediatelly suspended,train services was halted but could this really hurt india? was the qs
Then and there voices started in Pakistan,attack india and help the kashmiris,of course in this whole thread i mention about EGO and emotions,thats what came into play,Pakistani were quick to be emotional without knowing the consequences,without understanding the meaning of WAR
Meanwhile in India,the narrative they had built that Kashmir is an internal matter of india,we have only changed our constitution,Pak is disrupting peace in the valley,The narrative they had built since years,they were always sticking to it,anyways They played on both sides
They tried to show the world that Kashmir is peaceful,Kashmir is a beautiful valley sorrounding Top hilly mountains,what they never told was that they banned voices speaking for Basic Humanitarian rights
India immediatelly imposed CURFEW to ban and stop the voices in the valley,Snapped internet in the valley,left mothers crying who could not talk to their sons and family
Tear Gas and sticks beating were a routine,but this time Modi regime with a full blackout went Havoc
Even JUSTICE is not free today said someone under the comments,well said,today you have to bow down to Nazism and Facism and lick the boots to make him feel superior in his own world
Internationally the Kashmir issue was always Ignored,Why would the world care of kashmir and
its people? Since india was stubborn on its stance,pakistan having weak Govts with their own agendas never cared of Kashmir
Comes the govt of Imran khan,A new process was set to tackle the kashmir issue,with diplomacy and succesfull diplomacy,the world recognised the FACIST modi regime with Big names like Reuters,CNN,Al Jazeera,Washington post and many more exposing the Brutallity of India
They also highlighted Imran khan's view of his comments regarding Modi's vision of hitler,never the less Imran khan knew the world feared Hitler and his policies and making such a comment would bring world attention to Kashmir and Modi
We talked about succesfull diplomacy,voices from both sides always claim what could this bring? This brought attention of UNSC on kashmir issue after 50 years,one could always claim UN brings nothing YET it brings "Attention" which was badly ignored by the world on this issue
But what did India do?
We talk about diplomacy but India out of frustration and believing it is superior never goes on basic diplomatic channels
what did it do?👇
A) It violated the SIMLA agreement
B)it always played double games with Pakistan and never talked about the issue
C) Most importantly out of anger,frustration and the guilt not to humilate Pak it released Huge amount of water into Pakistani rivers
What could be expected from a nation which does not care of Humans in their own nation,let alone in any other Nation,Pakistan still carried on its peace agenda and with successfull diplomacy organised Protests in different countries and also got a huge turnout
comes the third part of the thread, India and pakistan
Two nuclear armed nations,two nations with totally opposite Theories yet conflicting on what is merely a Land known as kashmir
Pakistan and India have fought 3 Wars on kashmir
As i said,emotions come quickly into play,Pakistanis wanted war,but they had to understand as Fawad chaudry said War are fought for honors,Sometimes Silence is the key to success,and the Best of the Trump card is kept for the Last
India was quick to mobilise troops in the valley,since the recent Dogfight on 27 Feb,india knew the consequences of what can Pakistan do and on what Scale,every move of india was responded with equal mobilisation
Pakistan and State of pakistan always had a clear cut agenda,Peace in the region,as always when India saw pakistan in its good times with other countries,it immediately played its Trump card to increase tensions
Line of control,or as one should say Cease fire line was actively engaged from 25th July till date
Millitary Carriers were seen mobilising to IB aswell,in all of this one could ask,WHY? why it is that India always wants to go a point where both parties are 👌 this close to a WAR
In simple words,it wants a conflict,the only way to hide FACISM,NAZISM and OPPRESSION is diverting attention of the world to another major Event,Pakistan's Pm imran khan was quick to tell the public about a False flag which india has been preparing to divert attention
Without any doubts,The nation which can Threat to change its nuclear policy can do anything,In this world can any Sane human imagine a nuclear war which would kill Thousands and will create such effects which could not be even named
What does India expect from pak? Expecting a 1971?this Pakistan has beaten you just months before,it will again beat you,This time with More pride and Honor,Pakistan citing a threat to the reigion mobilised everything in responde to India
Massive PAF DCA(defensive counter air combat) Excerises are held till date,Pakistan's General Bajwa given a 3 year extension,all of Pakistan's naval assets mobilised in any case of aggression
All of this rasied voices from both sides about a conflict being,imminent, A conflict is never imminent, Conflict on issues like these takes time,months,Its a simple process,Both sides have gone too far now to back off and thus a War is now inevitable
Conflict is good for no one even at the worst times Generals tend to avoid WAR
not because they are afraid,but because it creates Bloodshed,voilence,and what not,this is not about STATES fighting for their pride,this is about an issue which will only be solved through a process
we are in that process,a slow process,weather a conflict takes place today or tomorrow, Pakistan's stance on Kashmir will never ever change,Quaid e Azam said Kashmir is our shehrag and without any doubt a sword has been placed on it today
As i write this even today Pm of Pak has stated not to induldge in talks with India,Many countries have been taken into confidence,All aspects are being looked into and its only About time we will see justice being prevailed
I would end this thread with a messege to my Pakistani's that , Oppression is never succesfull,not only rejected by Truthfullness,Justice but even by the Almighty,and whatever is happening by His Will and he has planned what you dont know
India can never sustain this Curfew for long,cant stop jounralists and snatch freedom of speech for long,The biggest democracy as they claim is on its knees to ban voices which CRY loud for Justice,Correspondents of Int media exposing india is utter shame to them and THEM only
India needs to understand this is now not only a political war,it is a war of rights,more then ever before a religious war,reaction will come from who is being suppressed,you will be defeated,Freedom is destined and you can never snatch what is destined. 🇵🇰
"we shall surprise you,but you can never surprise us" Thread ends.
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