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Comey... HSBC connections to Browder’s Hermitage Capital ...

It was founded by Browder and Safra.
“In 2013, Hermitage closed its Russian fund which in 2005, had over $4 billion in assets under management. 2013, the fund was evaluated as having less than $60 million in assets. Closing the fund led to a dispute between investors and HSBC which was a manager and trustee /fund”
“DEEP MYSTERY is surrounding the murder of one of the world's wealthiest men, the banker Edmond Safra who died from smoke inhalation after two masked men set fire to his penthouse flat in Monaco.”
“Sources in the City of London said the Beirut-born Mr Safra, 67, knew there was a "contract on his life" and pointed to a possible "Russian connection". Mr Safra's American bank unmasked the embezzlement of international aid to Moscow last year.”
1999 article ...
“The Republic National Bank of New York - later the Republic New York Corporation - was founded by Mr Safra 33 years ago and the deal selling the bank to the international banking conglomerate HSBC was due to be finalised around 3 January”
“It was Republic New York which blew the whistle last year on the alleged embezzlement and money-laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars of international aid to Russia through the Bank of New York.”

HSBC / Republic Bank ( SAFRA)
Armstrong / PONZI SCHEME }#PrincetonAFFAIR
Martin Armstrong ... the man named in the ’Affair’... has some opinions
Armstrong ( On Princeton Affair ) armstrongeconomics.com/uncategorized/…
armstrongeconomics.com/uncategorized/… NSA CIA BANKERS BLACKMAIL YELTSIN
So Armstrong was framed ...
So what else does he know about COMEY HSBC SAFRA BROWDER MONEY LAUNDERING ?

Seems he knows a bit about ? #Epstein #GhislaineMaxwell
He seems to think of Ghislaine much the way I do.. [note : article written Aug 13... my opinion of Ghislaine was formed long before then ]
#Epstein #Ghislaine
Now ... an op-ed : wallstreetonparade.com/2019/08/jeffre… BANKER DEATHS ... Epstein JP MORGAN CHASE CONNECTIONS
# Epstein JP Morgan Chase / BEAR STEARNS #LiquidFundingLTD

[ this article was written Aug 12, again I posted my findings on Liquid July 25 ... I’ll drop my thread on that below ]
And Epstein ? Suicide in MCC ... Comey’s daughter as his prosecutor ...

“At yesterday's press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Bill Browder made a $400 million contribution to the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President.

President Putin also said paid Browder paid no taxes on $1.5 billion to either Russia or the U.S”
forbes.com/sites/francine… IT’s LIKE RAINNNNN ..,
“HSBC HOLDINGS partnered with Clinton Foundation And DeustscheBank “
“HSBC, which was both banker and joint manager to Mr Browder’s Hermitage Fund, held private discussions with the Russian authorities last month to reach a settlement on the case, the original ruling on which was made in October. “ Closed Hearing
Which will link you to Hamilton68, New Knowledge ... Which will link you to AL election interference and Reid Hoffman ... who was associate of Epstein who was in all the scientific pursuits we read about ... ( He co founded Pay PAL with Thiel )
“Bill Browder is named in the leaked "Integrity Initiative" (US/UK/NATO-funded, Atlantic Council-partnered) documents as one of the propaganda and disinformation stooges in their formerly-covert network of propaganda and disinformation stooges.”
“The docs also showed that the Integrity Initiative's costs for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2019 were estimated at 1.96 million pounds ($2.51 million). Apart from the UK government and NATO, the program is founded by Facebook, the US State Department and other gov’t ...”
Kristol ...
“least $100,000 from Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, although Hoffman has said he gave $750,000 to Mickey Dickerson’s American Engagement Technologies. AET paid for the Alabama false flag campaign”
My my my
77th BRIGADE ... notice the SEVENS;)

“She declined to comment, but David Miller, a professor of political sociology at Bristol University, said: “The 77th Brigade is involved in manipulation of the media including using fake online profiles.”
“Using marketing jargon, the Army says that the 77th conducts “audience, actor and adversary analysis”, “supporting counter-adversarial information activity”.
the 77th Brigade collects, creates and disseminates “digital and wider media content in support of designated tasks”
“Explaining their work, the soldiers used phrases I had heard countless times from digital marketers: “key influencers", “reach", “traction".

Remember GCHQ, also has a unit dedicated to fighting wars with information, the “Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group” – or JTRIG –
Storyboards and NARRATIVES ... Video and Social Media ...

....ands 7s...
My purpose of this post is to show connections between Comey/HSBC/Browder & then bring that full circle to Epstein and Epstein associates. Next, to expose the connections recently between Browder, Reid Hoffman And Hamilton 68 , Integrity Initiative and New Knowledge. We have seen
Epstein And #Ghislaine interest in science l, AI, machine learning and Transhumanism. Established their pull in political and journalist circles, as well as their Society friends. We are aware of the criminal activity. I’ve attempted to show you the history and tie-ins to Bratva
Israeli Intelligence, all forms of trafficking, money laundering, Intel agencies...

I am pointing out the scope of it and how far back through the years it reaches.Long before Marc Rich and the Iran Contra Scandal. In the past I’ve shared threads linking the Bronfmans (2016/17)
We’ve pointed out Mega Group ( And The Club ). We’ve looked at Ghislaine’s family, their tech skills and power positions. I hope I’ve shown you SHE was more than a “pimp”.

I also decided to build on info I’ve provided you before concerning Integrity Initiative / New Knowledge.
I want to emphasize how these powerful people reinvent themselves and hold sway over your reality. Is it a simple coincidence that these ppl associated with Epstein? Or are you beginning to realize that these people finance the chaos we are seeing on social platforms?
So many speak of 5Eyes on Twitter these days. Yet, don’t apply logic and consider that the whistleblowers have been silenced. That forums are being de-platformed and people are being weaponized Against one another. People are shouting they are awake while blindly following others
My point is this :

Psyops abound... and you cannot “bring down a cabal” using platforms created by tech gurus who are the VERY ELITISTS you rail against.

Information IS valuable. Preventing accurate information is just as valuable to some. And the very ppl you say you fight
AGAINST know that. They’ve set ppl in play for quite awhile now. So while you are researching, open your vision and approach topics from viewpoints you are uncomfortable with... stop the echo chamber and make sure you look into everything available. Truth doesn’t have a party.
I’ll end this thread with a quote. You may make of it what you will. But, for some I hope it resonates... the date of the quote... the group behind the quote... and their intentions.
“to subdue an enemy without fighting”

Sun Tzu

“Sun Tzu for the Digital Era”: New Army brigade to fight conflicts on Facebook and Twitter”
[article The Dun Project , 2013]
Excuse me, her quote is from 2015...
The Dun Project
77 Brigade

amazon.co.uk/Churchills-Wiz… CHURCHILL’S WIZARDS
““All Warfare is based on deception” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Just realize WHO the deceivers are ... 🎩
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