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#DisclosureOnTargeting Increasingly, in fact, moves appear to be being made by prominent activists and organizations currently to misdirect focus on 1) what the technology is, 2) who to go after or sue, 3) how to refer to or "present" targeting crimes, 4) who the "experts" are.
I am as concerned as many other leading analysts & writers among us abt. this matter currently & will write/podcast more abt it. The push to "unify," accept all self-established leaders/orgs indiscriminately is flat-out wrong in my view. Taking sides has become inevitable.
It is interesting to note that Midge Mathis @JusticeTargeted @TargetedJustice immediately blocks me on Twitter rather than respond to my repeat-posting of all my reports on Dr. Katherine Horton's Smear Campaigns, attacks on TIs, Disinfo spreading, & discrediting behavior. 2/
I'll also note that #TargetedJustice, despite being invited by me sev. times to do a Newsbreak to report their trips and protests at DC, refused to do so: my invites were sent to @Dolly_Guenthner, Susan Olsen @MissBostonTI, Midge, Richard Lighthouse.They chose @Frankthearcher. 3/
By these actions, they have established WHO they are supporting and promoting and WHAT they are supporting and promoting: the #Disinfo and flat-out wrong info that Katherine Horton puts out about the tech & the #Disinfo re. Only/Mainly Satellites from Richard Lighthouse. 4/
There are other problems associated with the focuses they recommend, as on Richard Lighthouse's interview with Katherine Horton where bankrupting @LockheedMartin was one...as a sci-tech reporter I will continue to investigate the #Truth of the tech being used, tacks to pursue. 5/
At this point, I've concluded that both @FFTI_org (#ArticleComing) & #TargetedJustice are both #ControlledOpposition & Containment Operations, supported from behind the scenes, w. someone else's agenda to pursue, #Disinfo to establish. As are Dr. Horton & app. @Frankthearcher. 6
OK. I've just learned that Midge @TargetedJustice did indeed respond on Twitter before she blocked me -- ?! What is the pt., when I didn't see her tweets? But Cassandra @NHScorrupt managed to screenshot a few. Let me first say I'm appalled at her abusive tone. #VerbalAbuse 7/
But she's also doing what Katherine Horton has done, referring to Private emails & distorting them Publicly.Contrary to these LIES, my protests of the term "Hope and Unity" for a targeting conference & my questioning of Allison's Big Pharma bkgrd were not attacks but valid qs. 8/
My questioning of Ella's weeping blue-eyed women talking about suffering in silence with "contract stalking" on billboards when I have spent years exposing the #USGOV Crimes of #FusionCenter-permitted extrajudicial targeting (on a lot more than blue-eyed women) was also valid. 9/
The blatant misdirection here is absurd. If Midge hasn't noticed, I've been Newsbreak'ing & applauding people for their efforts: varied ppl., varied TI activists, each pursuing different focuses. My website/podcasts seek to celebrate, highlight, connect with, raise up others. 10/
As she did one Thanksgiving evening when informed about Katherine Horton's nasty Smear Campaigns on Melanie, Thomas, Cassandra, Barbara, myself, Midge @TargetedJustice has responded here misdirectively and insultingly, chastising me as an "attention-seeking" "naughty child."11/
I would also like to remind Midge Mathis @TargetedJustice that I have been bringing public attention to these crimes since 2014, well before TJ, and the negative attention she and R Lighthouse garnered for TIs caused Jack, Legal Dr, and Karen, NSA whistleblower to leave TJ. 12/
Why too am I asked to stop "for the community's sake" when she avidly promotes the #Disinfo #SmearCity #AgentProvocateur ops of Katherine Horton--without once trying to address the #Truth of my reports on her? TJ's support of Horton is openly destructive to the community.13/
Here too is misdirection.Why wd. I "decide" or imagine I am "qualified to decide" who @TargetedJustice has as advisors?What I do is report, analyze, investigate, record: this is what I did w. K. Horton's misbehavior to/attacks on me, others. The selective ignoring is all TJ's.14/
"It is none of your business what we do." Really? I'm sure Jeffrey Epstein said the same to reporters questioning his dastardly actions. It is Everyone's & esp. journos' business to examine actions of groups & individuals esp. when these occur in public sphere & affect others.15/
It is blatant #Attack, Misdirection, & #VerbalAbuse to suggest wrongfully that I "like to run anyone down doing something positive for the community." Notice, Midge still is unable to defend her retaining K. Horton on @TargetedJustice's Board.She chose inst. to attack w. Lies.16/
I want to also comment on that "We don't infringe on you with demands." No, you (Midge) completely ignore my investigative reports, my journalism, my very inclusive activism, and my reports on Horton: this is clear sign of Controlled Opposition.

Nor do I make "Demands." 17/
I do however question equivocation, #Disinfo-spreading, & the support of the MSM narrative that "TIs are just Mentally Ill & not being hit with deadly weapons," as #EllaFree @FFTI_org displayed in her recent betrayals of TIs in @NeilSteinberg's ridiculous @Suntimes article. 18/
I learn that Midge @TargetedJustice, like Horton, also attacked Cassandra @NHScorrupt, whose articles, activism, positive voice for TIs, testimonial, & writing shd be well-known now to all TI activists really engaging & speaking out. everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/new… 19/
Thanks to Cassandra for speaking up on my behalf while Midge & @Frankthearcher were taking aim at us. The KEY to note here is what she underlines: our opinions of Katherine Horton are based on FACT, well-reported by both of us and by Barbara Hartwell, Melanie & @EtherDaydream 20/
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