Big ideas & life lessons from physics:

1) Like charges repel. Opposites attract
2) Gravity is the weakest force but affects EVERYTHING
3) Newton's laws of motion also apply to human behavior
4) Relativity: two observers can witness the same thing, disagree, and both be correct
5) If you want more energy, move faster, do more, or push yourself further
6) If two people coordinate on the same frequency, their output is much greater than the sum of the parts
7) It doesn't matter how much energy you exert--if nothing moves, there is no work done
8) Moving at the same the speed is effectively the same as sitting still. Step it up or go home.
9) Sometimes the fastest path isn't the same thing as the shortest distance.
10) Potential is useless until there's movement. If you ain't making progress, you may as well be dead.
11) 100% efficiency is impossible. But quite a lot can be accomplished if you prepare for it.
12) Necessity isn't always the mother of invention. Curiosity is responsible for many advances.
13) Most things are amoral. The same concept can power a city--or level it.

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18 May
🚨 Writing Guide Sale 🚨

Switching all of my writing guides to a membership model.
Get The Crackhead Hustle Writing Method while still available!

Normally $50!
$25 off for the next 25 orders!
24 copies left!
23 copies left!
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17 May
🚨 Sale 🚨

Running it back from yesterday.
Once my writing membership is done, guides will no longer be sold.

Engagement is the New Cocaine. The guide that started it all.

$25 off for 40 orders or 5 hours. Whichever comes first.
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🚨 Clearance Sale on Engagement Is The New Cocaine 🚨

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The sale begins. 50% off!

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3 May
A thread on self-defense:

You wanna learn self-defense? Worried that you can't fight?

With all the shit that can go wrong in a street fight (like you accidently killing him and catching a manslaughter), here's a WAY better plan:
1) Don't spend time in places where shit goes down.

Clubs, bars, the hood, the block–pretty much any place with lots of alcohol & even more ego.

Pretty much any place where someone is gonna be compelled to check you to save face.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
2) Don't be an asshole.

Just use basic manners with people and you'll avoid almost all situations that could get violent.

And if they start out with disrespect, don't react immediately. Pause, keep calm, and respond firmly but respectfully.

Do not escalate. No one wins.
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22 Dec 20
The 3 best analogies:

1) Poker gives you a real education about loss aversion bias.

You see that in the short term, outcome and process aren't necessarily correlated but in the long term, but a sound process will win.

Keep doing the right things even with the wrong outcome.
2) Combat sports teach you that anything worth having is a brutal process.

Most people don't succeed because they aren't willing to work through the pain and suffering.

Life is pain and suffering, with only small glimpses of joy. You become weak when you expect the opposite.
3) Chess teaches the value of a strategic mind and how to plan for order of effects beyond your first action.

Seeing the future is powerful, but being able to create it makes you untouchable

This power is objective and forces you to mute your subjective feelings--or get crushed
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29 Dec 19
Had an email exchange with a dude complaining how "it was impossible to get 10s" because of he's only 5'7"

Not only was he angry, it's not the first time I've got this type of email. Each time the guys are 17-21. There's also another commonality...
Each dude refused to take my advice. They just wanted to be angry and complain.

I get being frustrated, but these dudes got me fucked up if they thought I was gonna endorse complaining over improving.

Not a single one wanted to actually become attractive....
They just wanted to complain they didn't hit the genetic jackpot. These were young dudes with no value yet anyway

Before you complain about genetics, make sure you've spent AT LEAST 1-2 years

Getting jacked
Lowering your body fat
Improving style
Making money
Getting interesting
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