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time for she-ra season 3 babey!!
oh thank goodness, picking up right where we left off, i see
???? hello??? (i mean makes sense i guess, she was just in prison for A While, but still)
god i love glimmer
bruh okay the way the shadow is like... /seeping/ out of her? hate that (but like. in a good way)
"i have vital information for defeating the horde. ...but i will 𝓸𝓷𝓵𝔂 speak to adora." who could possibly have foreseen this
okay for a hot second i forgot hordak fucking suffocated her at the end of the last one so i was Quite confused, but anyway. still very not great
oh 𝔥𝔢𝔩𝔩 yeah
"very high-level, dangerous stuff" oh yes of course
"gosh, these buttons are so tiny. just, so small" 𝘨𝘰𝘥 i love her so much
"[shadow-weaver]'s not right!" ... "of course i believe in you! you're catra! you're our leader! you're.... my friend" i'm 5 minutes into the first episode and i am THRIVING
"you're my friend. you're everything to me" 𝘺𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨
/no comment just look at them/
why are guards so fucking incompetent
we love a failed heists montage
holy /shit/ adora
"you're.... /dying/, aren't you?" huh. i guess so, yeah
"angela, can i speak with you for a moment?" hi has anyone actually said her name before because i do NOT remember that
"you guys go in, i'll distract them. ... heeeeey! who wants to see a magic trick!" bow i love you but you can't think this is gonna go well
glimmer i 100% feel you please fuck her up
/g o o d/
"we're past that. try again" /yes very good/
Glimmer Is Me
"i don't know why you're here, but i won't let you suffer like this" hm. cool stance but if you break that force field i swear to god
"adora! you don't /know/ how to heal!" yeah hello what are you doing
"quit lying for once, and trust me with the truth" that's pretty good but again, if you let her out i /swear/ to god
also how the hell are bow's card tricks giving this much time to talk
"the overall productivity of the horde has gone up 400% since /catra/ has been your second-in-command. and look at this chart!" ooh ja, gotta love charts
"come closer, and allow me to help you" y'know, it's gonna be a no from me on that plan
"you are afraid of your power, of it spiraling out of control" can probably blame light hope for that one, huh? (but also shadow weaver, probably)
/yeah babey/
"WHAT are you doing??" yeah totally called that one, good job for keepin em for that long though bow
"i'M sOrRy, I tRieD" oh bud i know, you did great
oh wow, nice job adora (don't know if i trust shadow weaver enough to say it was a good call, but that's probably a little harsh, huh)
"we on etherea have no concept of a universe beyond our reach. and yet, the evidence stands before us" oh you KNOW i love a sci-fi twist on fantasy now give me that lore you know i NEED
"hordak succeeded once before. /years/ ago he opened a portal. 'twas only for a moment, and in /that/ moment, a child came through. that child was /you/, adora. /you/ were brought through a portal from another world" /that's kind of what i'd assumed but the portal's new, huh/
oh shit that makes sense why she's seen stars before then i guess, since she's from a different.... galaxy? i fucking guess? oh i REALLY love me some space shit
because listen, my.... theory, i guess, was sort of subconsciously that like, adora was taken (okay not "taken", just like, aang-in-an-iceberg) from a Long Time Ago, but that doesn't super make sense because it would take Billions of years for all those stars to fuckin die
and THAT'S just unreasonable. but anyway i should've just make a post on pillowfort sorry folks (might still do that later but anyways i'm still only like 2/3 through the episode whoops)
"i think you would've preferred the comfort of lies" hey hey hey none of that, i'll throw you under a bridge
/oh man adoraaaa/
like bud i feel you bc like of course you're not gonna believe shadow weaver, all she ever does is lie, but !! light hope ain't great either fam!!
"it is true. you are not of etherea" cool elaborate please but also you're on fucking thin ice
"i'm a first one?" okay yeah actually /that's/ another reason i was thinking adora was actually super fuckin old, i figured she was a first one, but wrongly assumed that meant like.... a first one from when they originally came to etherea, not just. alien.
"wHeN mArA cUt Us OfF fRoM tHe ReSt Of ThE uNiVeRsE" yeah shut up i know you're not telling the whole truth about that, we all know
"attempting to open one now would have ĐɆV₳₴₮₳₮ł₦₲consequences" oh i do NOT like the glitching for emphasis, please never do that again (also though props to the sfx crew, the like half-second buildup to that was /nice/)
"don't i get a choice?" "no. this is your destiny" yeah fuck that actually
"adora. adora. where are you going?? ... it is happening again" okay listen maybe it's not your fault the way you were coded/the information you were given but fuck right off
oh yeah hi i also just remembered that hordak said some WACK word describing what catra's punishment would be and i Don't like it One Bit
"/you're/ the failure" OH /FUCK/, CATRA
"maybe that's why you can't defeat a group of /teenagers/" /catra/
"hi catra😀! i saved your life✌️! you're welcome😄!" /jesus, entrapta/
well. that was a VERY good start to the season, i'd say. i definitely see what folks meant when they said the writing got better this season
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