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So because I made a mistake in tagging people ahaha, I will start a new thread here for #AuthorAMACelestineTrinidad! Sorry for all the inconvenience to the people being notified for things they're not supposed to😅
Q3, still from @theresecsy!

This is related to the previous question, actually. I get writer's block every now and then (regularly irregular, to compare to a heart rate haha), and right now I may be having the longest period of writer's block (a year, almost).
@theresecsy Because I'm dealing with a lot of things (grief, over the passing of a loved one, as well as two heartbreaks I'm getting too long to get over), but well. As I said, you cannot force yourself to write. So what I do during this time is to read.
@theresecsy Particularly, read the kinds of books I *want* to write. For example, since one of my current WIPs is a YA romance, I'm reading YA romances. (Need more recs, btw!) And that gives me ideas which I can put in the back burner, so to speak, until I am out of this block.
@theresecsy Also, while waiting for the inspiration to actually write, I do research! For example, since my other WIP features a character who originated from Spain, I'm researching on the country and their culture, which is also fascinating.
@theresecsy Adding to this thread because Q4 comes from@theresecsy too!

I answered this question in an earlier panel, and yes, I do! My writing playlist is the same as my studying playlist: open.spotify.com/playlist/1UqSg…
@theresecsy I prefer music I cannot sing to, because I tend to get distracted when I do, ehehe. So I listen to pop classical music instead, meaning classical versions of pop music (artists that do this are The Piano Guys, Bond, etc).
@theresecsy And Q5, last question from @theresecsy!

Ohohoho. I was waiting for someone to ask this. And yes, I do! 😆
@theresecsy I've written fanfiction of my favorite anime (Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, etc) and even books (Chronicles of Prydain, Lord of the Rings). It shaped me into the writer I am because I learned a lot from writing tips I got from not just my readers, but other writers too.
@theresecsy And I learned really useful things on Fanfiction Net writing advice, "Fear not said", "Show not tell". Also, it helped me realize that character development is just as important as your plot and your writing style.
@theresecsy I started out writing fanfiction because there were things about characters in the books/series I liked that I felt were still worth exploring. And eventually, that turned to me caring about my *own* characters, the ones I made myself, and that's what kept me writing, really.
@theresecsy So don't dismiss fan fiction, because really, these are ORIGINAL fiction, too. They may have come from another story, yes, but are told from a different perspective, from another person's eyes. And these may resonate with another reader, maybe someone who needs it.
Okay, Q6 from @angelidumatol!

Well, apart from usually having characters who are in the field of medicine, I also take a bit of time making sure my stories are medically accurate -- yes, even the fantasy ones!
@angelidumatol I have this series of fantasy crime stories, Sinukuan and Tikbalang: sinukuantikbalang.wordpress.com, and even though this is fantasy, I try to keep the, erm, murders, as medically accurate as I can make them, ehehe.
@angelidumatol As for the #romanceclass novels, I *do* try to depict the medical field as accurately as I can, including the not-so-good parts I mentioned earlier, but also the things that make it worth it, still.
@angelidumatol Making your patients' lives a little bit better, or watching them get cured. Having them grateful for what you did for them. Working harmoniously with colleagues for the good of your patients. Maybe even finding love (hehe).
@angelidumatol Doctors are only human, and this is also what I want to show in my stories. And medical life is equal parts good and bad, just as with everything, but it really is worth it, in the end. 😁
So now let me answer questions phoned in (LOL), I mean, tweeted now! Q7 from @Soleika14: Do you have other genre that you would love (if given a chance) to write other than romance? And the answer is Yes! I write in many other genres, actually.
@Soleika14 My first love is actually fantasy, and my first ever story that ever got published was a fantasy one, "Beneath the Acacia Tree" which is also part of the Sinukuan and Tikbalang series.
@Soleika14 Someday, I hope to publish a full-length novel featuring these two, but that's a long way off, because there are some things about their relationship that I feel that I need to correct (since I wrote it when I was younger, and less aware of things ehehe).
Q8, which is actually related to the last question! From @anneplaza: "Anything in the pipeline for paranormal romance? Because I am a fan of your spec fic works, and goodness knows we need more Pinoy paranormal romances." And oh yes, we do need this! ❤️
@anneplaza At the moment, though, I don't have any concrete plans for a paranormal romance book yet, but I do want to, eventually! I might set it in the same universe as the YA spec fic novel I'm also planning to write, so let's see, let's see.
@anneplaza And Q9 from @anneplaza! "What else do you want to accomplish in your writing?" Well generally, get more people to read, not just my own books, but other Filipino writers as well. And also encourage other people to write.
@anneplaza Especially people in fields who people don't expect would actually go into writing. Like medicine, or science. And maybe let people know that it's okay to have many dreams and work on ALL of them, because yes, we can. It IS possible.
So, I think that's all for tonight! Whew, exceeded an hour, but will go through the responses to my answers in a bit. Also, will pick a winner in a bit!
And the winner is -- *drumroll*, @theresecsy! Thank you for your questions (four of them, and very interesting questions too!) You get a #romanceclass book of your choice, DM me! ^_^
Thank you for giving me the chance to speak to all of you! Good night, all, and please pray for my actual voice to come back ahaha (huhu). Again, this panel was brought to you by #romanceclass for #BuwanNgMgaAkdangPinoy. For more romance books, check out romanceclassbooks.com!
@theresecsy Oh and adding because this turned up in a later discussion: writing fan fiction also taught me that writing can be FUN, and something you can actually LOVE doing. Something that sparks joy, so to speak. 😁
@theresecsy Hi @threadreaderapp! Help unroll the thread please? Thank you!
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