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1/ ICYMI: in my previous thread relating to the “mysterious Russian ogliarch” whom Ghislaine Maxwell has been frantically trying to contact.. per CDAN & Himmmm
See my previous thread for context & back story:
2/ This tip from CDAN places Ghislaine Maxwell on a yacht, somewhere in Europe... but isn’t specific as to where..
3/ now, I have narrowed the Russian ogliarch down to two “suspects”, but this one particularly glows.. for various reasons, one of them being that he is the richest Russian ogliarch of them all.. Roman Abramovich..
4/ I did a bit of investigating, and it just so happens his super yacht, the Eclipse, has been at anchor off the coast of Nice, France for over a week now.
5/ (I thought I had read this “secret meeting” took place in a Latin country, and as you can see, Spain is right there... )
But with the G7 summit happening in France, is it merely a coincidence that they might be moored there? Seems like a good “damage control” location....
6/ although I have yet to connect Abramovich directly to Robert Maxwell (or Ghislaine), he fits all of the other criteria noted in the Himmmm tip off..
“A man who has spent millions and many years trying to whitewash his reputation and hide his own past...
7/Mari has proof of many of his old dealings, going back all the way to her own father’s era. (This is a HUGE clue!) it says “going back to her fathers ERA, but does NOT say he was necessarily associated with her father at all)..
8/ here is our next hint:

“In fact, this Russian oligarch and Mari have many similar friends — in politics; Hollywood; and in sitting government positions today.”

(So the key is to find these connections, which, I have found several, especially through his 3rd wife Dasha)..
9/ “The Russian also knows that Mari is clever enough to be sure that if she meets an untimely demise? Much of that proof will certainly be made public. That would be a disaster for the Russian”
(he has some skeletons in his closet, which GM knows about, and we need to find!)
10/ This seems to insinuate the mysterious Russian ogliarch either knew, or had something himself, to do with her father Robert Maxwell’s death. This is one thing he would be afraid of her exposing. This speaks of foreign Gov. security services, most likely ref. to Mossad.. 👀
11/ interdasting.. I just did a terribly long thread yesterday tying in her fathers death to MOSSAD, why they wanted him dead, and a strange story connecting all of it to a decades old MOSSAD spy scandal in the US Government.
12/ This is suggesting that Ghislaine better hide, and hide well, because she is now hiding from Mossad agents, as well as the #ClintonCrimeFamily and probably even the #RoyalFamily .. because she knows ALL of their secrets!
13/ another crumb here:
“According to the Russian oligarch, he’s avoided this as long as possible. He has to decide what to do. So he has reached out to London and Washington to help him decide.”
I need to dig on his Washington connections but I have made connections to London..
14/ interdasting that Roman Abramovich, the owner of the Chelsea FBC, cannot even get his visa to step foot into the UK anymore.. he can’t even watch his own English football team play games in their own country! He withdrew his application after a few years of trying..
15/ This part says he DOES connect to her father..
“She has now turned to a Russian oligarch (and former associate of her father) to help her “disappear”. she’s scared of her former party guests sending someone to kill her; she’s scared of multiple governments who could kill her
16/ it will most likely be either a political connection or a partnership in one of Roman Abramovich ‘s many companies (either energy, oil or mining I’m guessing) .. time to dig!
17/ “this guy is innocent of having anything to do with the crimes & goings-on with GM, JE, or any of them. Though guilty of many things himself — he’s never been accused of even being involved in prostitution.”
“I’m a family man with kids of my own.” (Abramovich has 7 kids!)
18/ “GM is the one dragging the Russian into this. She turned to him because of his vast network of “underground” contacts. she knows of his old business deals with her father & feels she can trust him. “
(Ok, so she wouldn’t think HE had anything to do with her fathers death)
19/ “Those were old illegal deals involving hundreds of millions of dollars & money laundering. Mari has never asked the Russian if he had a hand in her dad’s demise, or if her Dad really did die.”
(Ok, definitely business related & her father was in trouble for money laundering)
20/ “A “ruling family of a nation” contacted this Russian ogliarch.. (I’m guessing England, but could also be France or Italy.. moar digs needed for moar connections besides the UK one)..
21/ and This seems to be hinting a UK/England/Israel/Mossad connection (that they think is secret)..
22/ my decode of this is that the assassination of Princess Diana was a Mossad hit.. that if ever brought to light, would create World War III... and MANY people in power know this (and Epstein knew it), and Ghislaine knows it, and they are terrified!

Ok not time to dig moar!
23/ should say
NOW time to dig moar!
24/ link to beginning of this dig & Himmmm drop that started it all! Time to play catch up Anons and help dig!

25/ ICYMI: I managed to dig up a connection between Roman Abramovich and the nasty devil worshipping witch, Marina Abramovich...
26/ wowza! look what I managed to dig up! A photo of Roman Abramovich’s third wife, Dasha Zukhova, with... RACHEL CHANDLER! (FYI: I have actually met Dasha in person, know a bit about her, as she used to date a former Russian tennis star I had a webpage for & know personally ..)
27/ forgot the pic! Kek!
28/ I used to be a professional photographer on the world tennis tour, and knew this Russian player well... (he was a party boy haha).. this is how I know a good bit about Dasha.. Abramovich’s 3rd wife. She married him right after Safin dumped her.. this dig just got personal!
Surely it’s a coincidence.. that they all happen to be in the area right now.. (including Abramovich’s second 50 ft. boat) can’t wait to hear who was in that helicopter & on the plane. 5 ppl on heli, 2 on plane (inc. pilot).. 2 kids (on heli).. many super yachts w/heli pads there
30/ BTW... Abramovich & his x wife Dasha know a lot of Hollywood pedos due partly to their art galleries (which now belong to Dasha), and partly because she grew up in LA..
Not to mention SHE knows Rachel Chandler! The CHILD HANDLER! Can’t wait to see more from her gallery & mag.
31/ some strange “artwork” & magazine covers.. (her magazine was bought out by Vice Media.. should say it all!)
32/ nice chair.. 😳
33/ I like art & all.. but it amazes me what some people call art..
34/ well looky here.. ! I knew if I dug deep enough I would find it! This was taken in 2010.. Dasha was still married to Roman Abramovich at that time.. they were separated in 2017 & divorced in 2018.. so this shows us that Ghislaine is in there orbit! Roman is moar camera shy!
35/ “their” orbit.. as well as many others connected to the peso network as well as spirit cooking Marina Abramovic, Oprah, Gayle, Geffen, Wendy Deng, Rupert Murdoch..
36/ our ogliarch Roman is much better at staying out of the spotlight than his X..
37/ oh and here she is with Naomi.. and Wendy Deng..
38/ Wendy Deng & Murdoch... David Geffen, Oprah..
39/ moar.. they’re ALL connected through her to Roman.. & Ghislaine..
40/ it’s easy to get into a rabbit hole here.. with past digs linked in.. but it helps to have the whole story so it makes sense! I think I have found enough to link Roman as being the mysterious ogliarch.. seeing Dasha with Ghislaine & Marina Abramovich was enough for me....
41/ I’m going to assume Ghislaine is somewhere in the French Riviera laying low... I don’t think anyone wants to touch her or be seen with her right now... my thought is either she escaped by yacht from either NYC or LA right after JE’s death (or right before).. maybe I will...
42/ find the boat that picked her up by searching who was around.. there was also a big #Blackout at the airports the day after JE died related to customs, so its possible she got away then, or, via private jet/helicopter.. she’s long gone though. Doubt we will ever see her again
43/ ok for anyone helping out here w/suggestions.. if you’ve read all the threads you know we are looking for a 2nd location for their evil.. Latin American country. That got me thinking that the Clintons must be involved, so I went back to look at the CF to see where they were..
44/ considering Epstein was a part of starting the Clinton Global Initiative, I looked there first. Brazil popped up.. Rio.. LMK what y’all think & if this fits the tip from Himmmmm..
(I’ll rr-post that here too)
45/ although idk if it really fits... but look at their page & see where all they (CGI) went & where the speakers were from.. maybe something will stand out.
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