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1. This will be my Thread on #LucisTrust. You’ll find that this connects multiple sources & digs already done, as well as major use of #symbolism Luciferianism, #Freemasonry, old & new age #occultism, & prominent world leaders & it‘ll go on! Will take time to drop it all. #QAnon
2. #LucisTrust - Alice Bailey, the face of LT Or is she? Alice born 6/16/1880. Alice & her husband Foster Bailey (among many others! For Later😉) Founded Lucis Trust in 1922 & “Lucifer Publishing Co”. She wrote over 24 books on theosophical subjects...
#sevenrays #UnitedNations
3. #LucisTrust - Bailey was a theosophical society member about 1917 & b/c very influential in Adyar Society founded by Helena Blavatsky (Russian Occultist) w/ HQ in Krotona Hollywood #Pedowood. Note #symbolism
@JackalsLast @paulacblades001 👉🏻1919 & #TripleEights
4. #LucisTrust - Note the symbolism, that’s quite a mix!👇🏻 Reports that have been described as anti-Semitic in their works such as The Great Invocation.
#Hierarchy #pointoflight #TheosophicalSociety
5. #LucisTrust - Alice, married Foster Bailey (born 3/16/1888 #TripleEights) & both Founded LT & Lucifer Publ. Foster was notable 33rd Degree Freemason & sponsored Alice in2 Co-Masonry where she b/c key leader. #Occult Channeling #MasterDK. Read red 👇🏻view on masonry. #Hierarchy
6. #LucisTrust - It is noted that several new age philosophers have further developed A. Bailey’s teachings incl. #JZKnight. Remember Alice is said to channel Tibetan #MasterDK #DjwalKhul as #Blavatsky stated, & JZ Knight claims she channels #Ramtha.
@paulacblades001 @JackalsLast
7. #LucisTrust - wanted to provide additional details showing Alice & Foster Bailey, Founders of LT, support of #Freemasonry as Foster was said to be 33rd Degree as well as Alice, a Key 🔑 leader as Co-Masonry. Dedicated book to it 📚.
#LucisTrust - #LuciferPublishing - irregardless whether or not the name Lucis Trust was once Lucifer Trust, (they deny it) it means Lucifer & they hold Lucifer in very high esteem, & the “sacrifice made by Lucifer.” 🤨
9. #LucisTrust -Recall note in A. Bailey’s bio her “World Goodwill” ”action included support of the United Nations” so involved from the get-go🤔 Confirm. funded entirely by donation, & “Consultive Status” & NGO w/ UN’s ECOSOC👇🏻 Lest we forget UN peacekeepers 2K+ sex abuse? 😠
10. Following #LucisTrust - #AliceBailey - #Blavatsky - #TheosophicalSociety - #VrilSociety - #MariaOrsic - #Germany #WW2 - #Thule - #Antarctica #Agartha
Dropping 1 of 2 excellent videos on the above tags so you can see the connection. 👉🏻
11. Following #LucisTrust - #AliceBailey - #Blavatsky - #TheosophicalSociety - #Vril Society - #MariaOrsic - #Germany #WW2 - #Thule - #Antarctica - #Agartha - #Tesla - #FreeEnergy Dropping 2 of 2 excellent videos on above tags to see the connection. 👉🏻
12. #LucisTrust - Last tweet on #Thule & #Vril #WW2 #Antarctica #OperationPaperclip #NewSwabia connections for now. Great article rundown of history; what is open and hidden for some time. 👉🏻black.greyfalcon.us
Note the 1919 - 19 is the 8th prime#. #dogstar #Sirius #QQQ #Gold
13. #LucisTrust - 1 of 2 external tweets about the significance of number 19,👆🏻👇🏻👉🏻reversing spells! #QQQ #Gold #Palladism

14. #LucisTrust 2 of 2 external tweet about significance of number 19 in reversing spells because it’s that important m#QQQ #Gold #Palladium #Palladism #PalladiumRite #Satanism
I need a break! I’ll be back on this later. Lots and lots more on this subject coming to you. Thank you for your patience 🙏🏻
15. I’m🤯right now! I came upon YUGE info connects #LucisTrust - #Vril #Thule Society DIRECTLY to #Greenland🎯 (I’ll drop Greenland thread next) To start Ancient Roman Empire faked its own death; 1,300 yrs added to our calendar; Capital of Greco-Roman Empire is THULE GREENLAND...
16.💥💥Oh this is getting better! Watch 👀 This! “The Capital of the Roman Empire .... the true Capital was secretly moved to city of #Thule founded on the island of #Greenland 💥💥
17. #LucisTrust Thread to #Thule 👉🏻 Our beautiful @FLOTUS wore her Green Skirt on 8/18/19💥 Historical & political cover for Great White Brotherhood of Thule Greenland, The “Thule Society” was FOUNDED IN MUNICH GERMANY on 8/18/1918
💥 KABOOM 💥 #reversingspells @realDonaldTrump
18. Trust me I’ll get back to #LucisTrust there’s YUGE stuff there too but this connection to #Thule #Greenland has to be dropped!
Plopping my already created #MelaniaGreenSkirt to Greenland thread here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
19. Whoops! I dropped the wrong link there👆🏻 Here is my #MelaniaGreenSkirt To #Greenland Thread 👇🏻👇🏻
20. #Thule #Greenland
“Roman poet Silius Italicus wrote that the people of Thule were painted blue, a veiled reference to the 13 Bloodlines of Rome which are considered blue-bloods.”
#13Bloodlines #bluebloods
21. #Thule #Greenland January 5, 1919, 👉🏻1919👈🏻 Anton Drexler, w/ Thule Society's Karl Harrer, estab. Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP), or German Workers' Party. Adolf Hitler joined party in September 1919. 👉🏻1919👈🏻
Well done Mr President! 👏🏻👏🏻 Message received! @realDonaldTrump
22. #Thule #Greenland History
“By the end of Feb. 1920, DAP had been reconstituted as Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), or National Socialist German Workers' Party, generally known as the Nazi Party. The logo of the Thule Society is an “SS” or Swastika”
So much more to add, but unfortunately I have to sleep! 😴 💤
I’ll be adding more tomorrow. 🙏🏻 Good night & God Bless Patriot Army! #QAnon
23. #Greenland -Riddle me this?🧐I admit I'm not a Google Earth expert, but if we can see entire streets, homes down to shrubbery via satellite, WHY does Greenland look like this?! Does snow really change that much in a dramatic line? I don't think so.🤨
There is f<{kery afoot!
24. ThanQ @FrancoisSmc for pointing out Greenland has a notable town called Qaanaaq - Thule.
NOTE: article states Capital of Greco-Roman Empire is not the small town Thule. This must be to confuse. Throw off. Where is it then!? (See Google Earth above!)
25. #Thule #Greenland - Pointing out notable on this town Qaanaaq ~ Did you notice you can reverse the name?
👉🏻 QaanaaQ👈🏻 It’s a MIRROR😳 #AliceInWonderland #ThroughTheLookingGlass🐇🕳
Why is the population from way back 2013? 👉🏻656👈🏻 Another Mirror🤔 & 1st Contact 👉🏻1818 = 18🧐
26. More Greenland later ~ #LucisTrust - I’m over in another Illuminati find Ciara & note total Orange & #silvershoes
L👀K up color orange, knew about #symbolism, BUT what do I find? 🐇 💥#AliceBailey 💥#Concrete 💥#PhilosphersStone 🤯 Can’t make this up!
27. I need to add addtnl threads b/c it’s ALL coming up related 😲 It’s getting extremely intense the amount of research cross-over. Trusting the plan. Please save this work & I hope the “good” powers that be are seeing it all & #QArmy #QAnon! #Orange
28. Next external thread done with @JackalsLast & @paulacblades001 in there too. IT’S ALL RELATED💥
Like I said above there is so much info & details pouring in it’s a bit overwhelming. Anyway dig into these external threads or ask me 😉
29. Back to #Thule #QaanaaQ #Greenland #Denmark
Save this info in your 🧠 & 💻. It WILL come up again. Mark my words. REMEMBER:💥#GreenlandIsNotForSale💥
1910 explorer Knud Rasmussen = Thule QaanaaQ [Mirror] to present day Lars Rasmussen “Leader of the Opposition”...
30. I had that info above about Rasmussen👆🏻, remember I need time to get it all up. So when @JackalsLast made this connect I just about 🤯 This is why there is QArmy😉
More confirmation💥#GreenlandIsNotForSale💥 & it’s “Bigger than you realize”
31. #LucisTrust So now let’s look into “The Temple of Understanding”. Why would I add this here you’re wondering? Let’s see if it intersects w/ Lucis Trust.
NGO 👉🏻United Nations👈🏻 “We advocate... in the secular setting of the UN” 🤔💭

32. #LucisTrust - now recall back in #9 of UN support of Alice Bailey & LT from beginning of inception.
Make mental note of term 👉🏻 “The Hierarchy, the inner government of the planet.“
Also “Triangles” & “Seven Rays” & recall her Channeling of Master Djwal Khul aka DK...
33. #LucisTrust -👇🏻 2pics from Alice Bailey’s book dedicated to Master Djwhal Khul (DK) whom she claims to have channeled understanding of 7 Rays.
Other 2 pics👉🏻”Meditation & the United Nations”. Do you see it? Master DK, Alice Bailey & “Hierarchies” 👀
A philosophy marriage!
34. #LucisTrust, The Temple of Understanding and the United Nations. Please note the paragraph outlined: “... may it be that the Christ will return through the United Nations”? 😳
Remember that LT has NGO “World Goodwill” & complete UN support. 💥These orgs are webbed together!
35. One of the key consistencies b/w #LucisTrust & “The Temple of Understanding” is a name you might know. A man by the name of “Albert Schweitzer.”
36. #LucisTrust - Who is Albert Schweitzer? There is much. Born in Holy Roman Empire, (France, then Germany, then France again in 👉🏻1919👈🏻) You can read below. Theologian, philosopher, organist, writer, humanitarian, and physician. Even a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
37. #LucisTrust to #AlbertSchweitzer
In 1947 LIFE Mag gave him the title of “Greatest Man In the World.”
In 1965 LIFE Mag called him “The Great White Wizard”😳🤔💭 💥Did we just find a Wizard??!!💥🧙‍♂️
QAnon mentions the Wizards & Warlocks in 12 drops that I pulled up.
38. Do you know who else holds Albert Schweitzer in very high regard? Hillary Clinton. Been known to quote him, and have a little notebook of sayings including his works with her to add to speeches & read.
39.💥#LucisTrust #Thule #Greenland💥
@paulacblades001 & I have a YUGE💥
Recall in my #5 & 6👆🏻mention of #AliceBailey channels ancient teachers (#occult), #JZKnight does it w/ #Ramtha #necromancy
Is #HRC Channeling ALICE BAILEY?! 🧨
💥HRC = ALICE💥 🐇 🕳
40. Apparently @realDonaldTrump happened to tweet “ALICE” yesterday... “ Keep up the good work” 🎯
Just a coincidence right? 😳😱 No such thing!
💥“At what point does it become mathematically impossible?” ~ Q💥
ThanQ @paulacblades001 for catching it! 👉🏻
41.👏🏻 @Babyl0nNTing for Bill Clinton vid. stating thanking “...Roosevelt family who are here & the 1 who is not, Eleanor. As all of you famously learned...my wife, now the Secretary of State was known to commune w/ Eleanor on a regular basis.”

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