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1. It means “Where we go one we go all”

It is hard to know exactly who spoke this phrase first, but it was made famous on the bell of JFK’s boat and in the movie ‘White Squall’.
2. Q first used the phrase in Post #513👇

Skip forward to today and take a moment to reflect on how evil people afflicted 8 Chan with so much heinous rubbish, including manifestos by supposed killers, whereby it was removed from the internet.

Ponder this again, slowly!
3. It is subtle, but Q Post #513 suggests we are all taking this journey together!

Consider that Q's message is for today, when 8 Chan no longer exists online.

At this time, we must understand that Q is dead.
4. I was blessed with very wise parents. They taught me that: “You can’t experience a resurrection without a death!”

What is being set up here?

Look at Q’s second use of the phrase in Post #521:

- “Not everything will be clean”
- “Protect and comfort those around you”
5. Folks, I think we are being conditioned that things are not ever going to return to exactly how they were. If they do, it will only be after an epic battle.

Q has tethered themselves to us and we are tethered to Q.

All the information surrounding Q has been captured.
6. Every board message Q answered and every twitter message they posted is recorded by the NSA.

Along with several others, I have even had the privilege of being inserted into the Q database.

I can’t undo my Q shout-out, even if I wanted to. It was recorded in that instant.
7. Whatever happens from here on, we are all tethered to Q.

Intelligence Agencies have everything, so clearly, WWG1WGA.

Now, let’s change gear for a moment.

Spiritually, I am suggesting that this "WWG1WGA" statement is far more profound than we yet understand.
8. The truth of this statement is profound in both directions:

- We will always go DOWN to help our friend who is struggling; and

- When one of us expresses the highest form of love, we will all tune UP to that frequency.
9. Why? Because we bring that frequency and that new possibility into the earth.

We place it into the grids of human consciousness. As creators, we can do this. As we become conscious that we are creators, the tempo ramps up considerably!
10. We are designed to be the expression of many energies, particularly perfect love.

This is why “nothing can stop what is coming”.

New frequencies of love are arriving and we are designed to express them.

This is the role of our sole.
11. Every narrative spoken on earth remains here. Collective consciousness is energy that our mind can access, like an antennae. It is up to us to transcend the low energy rubbish, effectively leaving it behind.

We must create the rungs on the ladder that allow us to ascend.
12. We affect human consciousness with every word and intention.

Jesus did this when he declared our oneness with himself, with God, with love and with each other.

His narrative has remained because he was conscious of placing his awareness into the grids of consciousness.
13. This is not a religious statement; it is a pronouncement of the magnificence of all mankind.

Other spiritual leaders in various cultures offered the same sentiments.

In a way, it was Jesus who first said WWG1WGA.

It is a declaration of oneness.
14. Jesus didn’t run a company or build an empire. He just created a new narrative, knowing it could never be removed.

Dark forces distorted his message, wrapping useless theology around it, but he (and they) knew it could never be removed.
15. Every word we speak and every intention creates a shift in energy. The more we awaken, the greater our power to create and influence.

Don’t fear this though, as wisdom will always accompany such power.

Consider that mankind has been maturing, like a large family.
16. Imagine that the Great Awakening is like a family driving to a holiday destination.

The early-risers are represented by the oldest teenage kids. They are already sitting in the car, eager to get to the beach-side holiday destination.
17. The younger siblings are already starting to annoy the older ones, as they talk about things they know nothing about, while pretending they are so mature. The youngest is a baby, who has pooped his nappy and has had to go back in the house to be changed and have a bath.
18. No one is going until everyone is ready. While delays may frustrate, deep down, everyone understands that the family takes this trip together.

The youngest sibling is not bad; they are not lacking talent. It is just that they are younger.

This is just the way families are.
19. Now consider the bible as a picture of the evolution of mankind’s maturing – like a huge family.

The original Hebrew law was for children (0-12 years old). This law basically prescribed that we don’t hurt others and hold our parent’s hand as we cross the road.
20. This Old Testament law was all about training and building good structures around community. It also explains why the Hebrews felt they had a father that smacked them when they were naughty, intervened to protect them from bullies and gave them food.
21. Next, mankind learned how good culture is formed by understanding the law’s purpose (13-18 years). During this stage we don’t get smacked anymore but we are called to higher-order behaviour.
22. Much of the New Testament text encourages a sense of specialness, striving, gifting, belief and morality. This represents mankind’s ‘teenage’ years. This is why they suggested that God would be upset if they still struggled to obey the childhood law, didn’t embrace family...
23. ...culture or engaged in meaningless quarrels. These teenage years are the rebellious years. They argued about right and wrong, whose culture is best, whose teaching is better and whose God is stronger.
24. Finally, we are to fulfil the intent of the law and establish our own culture and laws (18+).

We become love; we are peace; we are sanctuary; we are the expression of God. We become the expression of pure love without any need to receive it back.
25. There can be no law against love, because love now becomes the law.

Consider that consciousness will eventually be our judicial system. We will not be able to live away from it.

It is already emerging: Most don’t need a law prohibiting murder, because we could never do it!
26. The Old Testament recorded mankind’s shift from the ‘captivity of anarchy’ into civilised law.

The New Testament records the shift from the ‘captivity of the law’ into belief in freedom.

We now shift from the ‘captivity of belief’ into genuine freedom.
27. The third Testament is within each of us.

Now, let me be clear, the narrative of spiritual maturity and oneness exists throughout biblical text, but so are all the immature narratives, making it well hidden… until now.
28. The sole purpose of any revelation is to shift consciousness.

No revelation from the Spirit is designed to start a fight about truth.

These first two stages were always intended to express God’s love, but it is the third stage of maturity where it will now present itself.
29. It is surely a complex thing to raise a child called ‘mankind’.

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