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Someone asked me about a thread on #Flatearth. So I will go over with you how I became to believe the area we inhabit is flat.
A year ago someone told me it was and I thought it was nonsense.
Those pizza box pics of water running off the edge.
I started to view some videos of people trying to measure the curve that should absolutely be measureable, after all, we can only see so far and it curves, right? Wrong. Here is one, not the one I watched but it works.
Nat Geo did a similar measurement type video. Obviously not done correctly, no measurements of height of laser, water the boat was on was rolling with waves and horizon was altered.
Then I started to watch high altitude balloon videos (notice no satellites visible anywhere)
Here is little piggy video at 115000 feet, no curve, no edge visible
This one is cool shows how the sun's light is limited to a certain area its 22 miles up. Like a flashlight does not have infinite illumination, neither does the sun.
Yet here is a ridiculous one trying to show at less than 55000 feet there is a pronounced curve
Boy, Earth sure is small!
Red Bull jump, I think it was around 80 000 feet, boy this one is even more curved, you would think he was on the moon.
So within a few minutes you can see they have not even agreed on what the curve should look like at various heights. Its a shitshow.
The most interesting thing I found which I had never been taught about were the Analemma of the sun and moon. That thing on the side of the spinning globe in your school. What is it?
Its the pattern the celestial body makes in the sky if you take a pic the same time each day
Top of the analemma is the summer solstice June 21. Bottom is December 21.
That's the sun's height and position each day of the year.
As you can see, the bottom winter portion is around 4 times larger than the summer portion.
Round ballers say the Earth's tilt causes the difference. There is no way. It would be equal size for summer and winter.
In the southern hemisphere the analemma is the opposite because the point of view is different which shows the sun in not going around a ball.
Other things that are huge clues are the obvious faked NASA pics, and footage of the actors flipping around on harnesses, with wires and cables loose and looking ridiculous all around them. I worked in a car wiring factory years ago and no way it would be like that.
If you were floating about and all those loose wires were out your feet would become entangled and you would unhook important systems.
When I started to look into the aquifer systems I quickly learned that the water table has natural points of discharge. It does not go by the earth's curve it goes by the elevation of the land. For example, my property is second highest elevation in the area and I can see its
Edge of the what is called the Watershed area. Anything on my hill and west runs to the lake. Anything on the other side runs to the next lake.
Water level. Not water curve. No curve possible on a level. Which is why we use a level to make straight lines.
If I lined up 2000 builder's levels in a row they would not be able to keep the bubble in the middle unless it was on a flat surface. If it curved the bubble would be off to the side. Yet science is telling me I am supposed to be able to do this.
Elevation maps too show that the land is on a flat plane.
You can clearly see the land by the water is lower and the land by the hills is higher, no curving area in between. Here is a 500 mile cross section of the great lakes. Obviously no curve. A slope, yes, curve, no.
Once you look into this you can quickly find out that of course, rockets can not fly in a vacuum. They will scream it at you that they can, but its impossible. No rockets can go past our atmosphere. No Satellites either. Satellites ride on big balloons. No orbit.
Rockets can not fly because there is no surface (air or ground) to push off of. Its like lifting a bicycle and pedaling. Its not going anywhere.
Satellites to not "catch" onto the orbit of the earth. The earth is not turning.
They use towers to transmit all TV and radio.
Now I wonder where did all the tax $ go that they pretended was going to these super duper satellites that ride on balloons?
What a farce we live in.
I will continue this later! I must work on #Flatearth
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