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2. #QAnon New vid surfaces frm 11/15/2016: Journalist Ellen Ratner met w Julian Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy for 3 hrs and he informed her Russia had
-nothing- to do with DNC @wikileaks, the emails came frm "someone" inside the DNC or Clinton campaign.
3. #QAnon The above clip comes from the 62 minute mark of the above YT vid, but the journalists quickly change subject back to politics in general, without asking the obvious question: WHO? #SethRich #Q thestate.com/news/state/sou…
4. #QAnon An amended lawsuit filed last month states that Ellen Rattner contacted Ed Butowsky in Fall 2016 & said Assange told her that Seth Rich & brother, Aaron, were responsible for releasing the DNC emails to Wikileaks. thedcpatriot.com/bombshell-laws…
5. #QAnon "Who funds MS13?
What agency has direct ties to (2) major drug cartels?

6. #Carfentanil Obviously, it has been an epidemic, ever since the weapons-grade molecule hit the American underground.

7. #Carfentanil is 100x more potent than fentanyl. It had been limited to a secret military weapon, as evidenced by the lethally unsuccessful outcome in attempting incapacitation by gas in the 2002 Nord-Ost siege, killing ~200 not competently revived. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chechen_p…
8. These lives can be revived (at least temporarily) from an IMMEDIATE Narcan (naloxone) nasal spray administration (now available without a written prescription in most states). cdc.gov/niosh/docs/201…


9. Last evening's #QAnon thread pointed out that it was curious that NYP's Lolita Express flying reporter was quick to tell us, prior to #Epstein's corpse even yet gone cold, that there were no cameras. #Q
10. #QAnon Now we learn that it is not true. Two hallway camera outside #Epstein's cell had footage, 1 reportedly "unusable", altho other, clearer footage was captured in the area, according to 3 people briefed on the evidence gathered earlier this month. washingtonpost.com/politics/inves…
11. h/t @HowleyReporter finding "Black and White Newspaper Evidence (from 1989) that #Ghislaine Maxwell's father and the #NXIVM Bronfman family were business partners, trying to buy up media."
13. Jeffrey #Epstein's 'madam' #Ghislaine Maxwell 'sexually abused two sisters' dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7… #QAnon #MeToo #Q
14. #QAnon
"Coming to a theater near you."
15. #QAnon "This is not a game.
This will be on our timetable.

The IG reports are not the MOAB. Corruption must first be made public.

"Bigger [slam-dunk] charges coming"
"The corn [is now] ripe for harvesting."
"[Be Ready], [JC]."
[C]oming soon.
16. #QAnon and Joe DiGenova were right.

DOJ IG will release a separate report on James Comey, perhaps as soon as today.

17. Expected "in hours"? Even Laura says she didn't know there would be a separate report on James Comey, unlike those who follow #QAnon've known since last May 23 (above, 15.). #Q
18. #QAnon #ComeyLivesinWonderland

"#Comey's behavior was outrageous.....that man lied."

"It was crime(s)...e.g., FISA..false statement under oath." #Q
19. #QAnon "James 'Cardinal' #Comey, what a phony! He will have plenty of opportunities, 3-4 years in a Federal prison...a lot of time to reflect. You don't get to commit perjury and get away with it; not if you put people in jail for perjury...[let alone] false statement cases."
20. #QAnon RG: If [C]omey's not prosecuted for perjury, how could anyone else possibly be?
21. Sundance links the Dobbs interview of Victoria and Joe: theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/08/28/joe…
22. Ought we #Resist a great disappointment of what might have been, even now as Tulsi suffers #Resistance from entry to the mythic #BlueWave? Only liars need apply. Nonetheless her role on Libya's people's fate, for one, has left its indelible mark of the Leviathan nonetheless.
23. #QAnon is..
24. #QAnon John Solomon reveals a new WH transparency office that will allow the President to side step the ABC agencies' [blockade] of DECLAS. #Q Expect:

BOOM - Hussein OK's Iran's uranium enrichment
BOOM - #U1
BOOM - HRC files CLAS+
25. #ComeyIGReport is out: #Horowitz's report on James #Comey's Leaking of Sensitive Investigative Info & his handling of "Certain Memoranda" indicate Comey “violated DOJ/FBI policy, terms of his Employment Agreement." #QanonPosts #QAnons #QAnon
26. We already knew DOJ declined prosecution of #Comey for leaking of his Memos. P. 60: "Comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees--"
27. "#Comey expressed .. to President Trump..that the FBI's ability to conduct its work is compromised 'if people run around telling the press what we do'”, yet "Comey ..act[ed] unilaterally and inconsistent with Department policy." #Comeyreport #qanonposts
28. #QAnon p. 1 Andrew #McCabe referred #Comey to the OIG. Think about what that means. #qanonposts #Q
29. As with what was done to @GenFlynn, Baker and McCabe conspired with Comey to present the phony "salacious" material to the President of the United States in a manner sufficiently deceitful of purpose such that he may provide info of #RussiaHoax value to be used against him.
30. Part of the plot to deceive the President-elect as to the #CrossfireHurricane team's surveillance documentation of him is revealed on p. 18. Under the guise of a 1:1 meeting trust, President Trump is instead being surveilled.

31. Page 18 (above, 30.) reveals that tho deceiving @POTUS-elect to understand that intent of the private 1:1 meeting with Comey was to anticipate "salacious" #dossier impact in confidence, the real intent was to violate trust, & spy every word immediately to the plotters. #QAnon
32. "McCabe told the OIG that, in his view, it made sense for Comey 'to capture his…contemporaneous recollection'" of the President-elect "because there were “millions of ways that [the FBI] could get follow-up questions, or criticism…" #sedition
33. Hidden under the #RussiaHoax defense, the dimensions of this treasonous, seditious conspiracy are mind-boggling! The hoax is essential to maintain cover for the treason. #QAnon #Q
34. "At the FBI's New York field office..#Comey gave a “quick download” of his conversation with President-elect Trump to Rybicki, #McCabe, Baker, and supervisors of the FBI's #CrossfireHurricane investigative team via secure video teleconference (SVTC)." p. 18 #QAnon2019
35. #Comey DOES NOT create a memo about his call with @POTUS where POTUS is concerned about the media reports. Of course not, he engineered them. Memorializing those would help incriminate him. pp. 18-19
36. #Comey did want an investigation of #SpyGate itself, obviously not. FBI any different now? #QArmy
37. #Comey doesn’t leak memo 3 because it would reveal their FISA warrant on @GenFlynn. #QAnon #Q
38. #Comey knew Sessions would be recusing 2 weeks before he did actually recuse.
39. p. 29 Baker told the OIG that the "small group" didn't want anyone to know the Director was recording the President.
40. Lisa Page kept copies of #Comey's memos recording the President's conversations in her office safe.
41. DOJ advised Sally Yates’ counsel that Yates didn't need to reveal her DOJ ops to our United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intel. #ComeyDay #QAnon
42. Strzok made sure he had the super secret surreptitious Presidential recording memos that #Comey leaked to the NYT after being fired. #ComeyDay #QAnon #Q
43. Nobody backed #Comey's lies that they were "personal memos".
44. One of those who had all of the #Comey memos is a whistleblower. Priestap? #ComeyLies
45. #Comey thought he'd covered his tracks, but hadn't.
46. Rybicki was playing cat and mouse with the President's orders until he could speak first with fired #Comey about the memos. #QAnon
47. #Comey can break the law as long as it is for what he feels is for “the good of the country”, including attempting to undo an election he doesn't like. Vile d's support intelligence agencies overthrowing a democracy's result, support America's top dirty cop, "by any means..."
48. This Treason was purely meant to attempt to undermine the president of the United States. #Comey's spying on the President involved every word ever spoken to him. We now know, even by Comey’s admission, that POTUS didn’t even know there was an investigation into Flynn. #QAnon
49. It was #Comey who ambushed @GenFlynn, fired Feb 2017 for misleading VP Pence abt transition comms w Amb Kislyak, not charged w any wrongdoing related to their substance. #Comey "knew" from wiretapping Flynn how2 allege diffs from what Pence was saying foxnews.com/politics/house…
50. Illegally, Comey was maintaining copies of his government property memos in his safe at home.
51. #Comey et al actually used their experience from the Clinton email case to make classification determinations on the memos. Perfect. #QAnon
52. Classification no big deal: Strzok tells OIG that documentation of surveillance upon an elected President is just "low level" material. #QAnon #Comey
53. Page was working with the #OIG at the time she was making copies of the memos. #Mueller asked for the personal memos Comey had in his safe, even though NO ONE at the #FBI knew that #Comey had these in his safe, but somehow the SC did. #QAnon
54. The FBI worked directly with the attorneys to remove the -classified- information from Fitzgerald, Kelley and Richman's computers. Classified? Which is it? Classified or not classified that #Comey gave them!? #QAnon #Q foxnews.com/politics/comey…
55. #QAnon [C] before [D].
[C]oats before [D]eclas.
The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.
You have more than you know.
56. Epilogue: VDH brilliantly sums this all up in a nutshell. #ComeyIGReport #QAnon

"The particular memos #Comey has in his home, we [Strzok, Page, Rybicki, Preistap] have determined are not classified, whereas...
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