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I hate second guessing cops. I am not a trained LEO.

But watching this video, knowing what happened afterwards, what explanation is there for this office not SHOOTING this guy after the taser failed?

If you're in a hurry, skip to 5:27 of the video. The guy is ALREADY inside the police cruiser and is attempting to drive off with it.

At 5:39, it's clear the taser has failed. Instead of drawing his handgun & shooting, the officer goes for his radio.
To everybody saying this video has been removed....

It's still playing for me.
At 5:27 of the video, the criminal is already in the car. The officer has deployed his taser already.

It failed.
By 5:36, it's VERY clear the taser failed. The goon is now trying to put the car in gear.

Right HERE is where the officer needs to draw his sidearm and light this guy up.

He doesn't do it.
Instead, this officer stands there for 2 seconds, wondering what to do next, then looks to his right at an approaching squad car, then moves to use his shoulder-mounted radio.

This is a 6 second window here after the taser fails.

He had SIX SECONDS to move to lethal force.
The officer essentially gives up just a few seconds after using his radio. HE BACKS AWAY as the suspect puts the car in reverse and the vehicle begins moving.

Unbelievable. This is almost TWENTY SECONDS after the taser failed, this officer still hasn't drawn his sidearm.
Here's how a tragic story ended that never would have started if a violent felon hadn't been allowed to flee the scene of a crime in a police SUV:
Even if you're NOT going to shoot, draw the gun and point it and THREATEN the motherf**ker with it.

I still can't get over watching this officer back off and stand there and just watch this guy drive off.

Of course it'll turn out this guy has a rap sheet longer than my arm and he shouldn't have been out on the streets anyway, to suddenly go on a tirade, stab his own father, steal his truck and then seize control of a police SUV and kill two little kids with it.
A vehicle is a lethal weapon.

Cops shoot unarmed people who have no guns or knives who threaten to drive into them with a vehicle all the time, and they are 100% right to do so.

If you don't understand a VEHICLE itself is a deadly weapon, I can't help you.
Also the earlier part of the video makes this clear: the officer knows this guy is violent & armed with a knife.

He's just stabbed his father & stolen a truck from him, which he crashed.

So this officer knows this guy is 1) armed 2) violent 3) a carjacker
Even if for some reason he can't shoot the guy himself, nothing prevents him from drawing his weapon and THREATENING to do so.

Cops do that all the time. A lot of people, looking down the barrel of a handgun, will give up.

He can also shoot out the tires.
I guess I'm the only one right now who can actually see what this officer decided not to do.

He had time to do something. Pull his gun, threaten him, dive headfirst in there, fight this guy tooth & claw for control of the car...

Instead he backs away and gives up.
Yeah, this is second guessing and I know I'm doing it, but we can learn from what happened here.

1/2 of dealing with a stressful situation is preparing yourself mentally to just not GIVE UP.

"Well shit, fine. If it means THAT much to you, great, you can have it!"
I would hope the police in my community would fight like a mofo tooth and claw to the point of exhaustion to keep some goon from taking their cruiser away from them, if for some good reason they're not allowed to shoot.

ADDENDUM: Oh, of course. 🤷‍♂️

"Lloyd Walters said he was trying to take his son, Raymond Walters Jr., for mental health treatment, but his son stabbed him and took off in his truck, police said."

And another thing somebody just pointed out to me: it's highly likely that police SUV had weapons in it, shotguns, etc.

If you let him go, you're not only surrendering the vehicle, you're surrendering the weapons.
I had an emotional reaction watching that video because I already knew how the story was going to end.

Let me replay what ran through my mind watching it for the first time, from 5:27 to 5:45, which is when the vehicle finally starts to move.
"OK, you tased him, it didn't work. You have to escalate force.

Dive in there, fight him for the car....ok you're deciding to keep your distance...all right. Draw your gun then, show him you're going to shoot him...

Why are you backing off? You're going to the radio?!"
"Dude, he's about to drive off....DO SOMETHING....

OMG he's off down the street now and you're left standing there with your taser in your hand. Wow...."

Draw baton, jab him in the face? Draw your mace, blind him?

What were the options? Did it HAVE to play out this way?
Just about the only positive thing that will come out of this is that this is on video and PD's can now use it to train their officers to make sure this NEVER happens again.
And people tweeting at me this LEO would've faced MURDER CHARGES if he's shot this guy don't know how anything works.

There would've been an investigation, like there always is, but most DA's would have found this to be a justified use of lethal force, had it happened.
And for those who think the Obama race thing with cops was a factor here, I kinda doubt that:
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