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Here is the IG Report: oig.justice.gov/reports/2019/o… Keep eyes here for my thread.
First: this is a point I often make and it largely goes ignored. A lot of times you see amazing FOIA groups such as Judicial Watch staying that “Trumps DOJ” is stonewalling the release of documents. It’s always wise to consider reasons. As IG states here, memos withheld (cont)
because of ongoing criminal investigation. Please put this in perspective as we move along and docs are withheld.
Again to highlight the point from my earlier thread about the disdain when it comes to McCabe. Andrew McCabe referred this matter to the OIG. Think about what that means.
Don’t quote me on this yet - but the OIG mentions here the forwarding of email done by one of Comey’s attorneys. The OIG can speak to people outside of the government if they choose to cooperate, but I highly doubt (I could be wrong) that these attorneys are voluntarily (cont)
sending over their email records. To me, at this early stage of reading, this confirms cooperation between IG and DOJ in the investigation. A subpoena could produce these results. I may be wrong - but it makes the most sense right now. Feedback from legal pros welcome.
Another quasi “entrapment”. “Hey guys! When we brief POTUS about this salacious sex stuff, he may give us something we can use in our other investigation!!” Reminiscent of what they did to Flynn.
They were basically setting Trump up by informing him about this - no two ways about it. These people are sick, horrible people. I’m not surprised by this but it makes me cringe.
Note that Comey DOESN’T create a memo about his call with POTUS where POTUS is concerned about the media reports. Of course not, he engineered them, and to memorialize that would be wrong. Because it would incriminate him. They really believed they would get away with it
Guilty men don’t ask for investigations.
Comey doesn’t leak memo 3 because it contains damning information FOR HIM and others at the FBI regarding a FISA warrant on @GenFlynn. Are we seeing a trend?
I’m starting to briefly hypothesize that Flynn stepping down wasn’t all because he “lied” to Pence, and more because they knew there was an active FISA🤔
Comey knew Sessions would be recusing two weeks before he did actually recuse.
“Protect myself, and protect the FBI”. There’s a trend here.
Translation: “We really shouldn’t be doing this because it’s shady AF, so we are going to keep it a big secret. Because, if we want to “get” Trump? He’s gonna need to think he can trust us”
Confirmation of the above “entrapment” regarding the dossier - the single most important thing, because the FISA warrant was based on the dossier.
A quick aside: the left has found my thread! While I hope to educate them a bit while they are here, I doubt that’s possible. Therefore, I advise that we ignore them. 😇
As if you needed more proof of @benjaminwittes loyalties and where his true motivations lie, look no further:
The Office of Inspector General is giving us “hints” IMO
This is indicative of lots of people who don’t trust one another - secret copies, people acting outside of one another and doing things others don’t know about - people answering unsure of what others are saying- also indicative of people trying to protect themselves.
And just like that, in the next paragraph, everyone flips on Comey:
This is interesting. If Comey retained his group of attorneys “very shortly thereafter” his termination, and then states that the article in The NY Times regarding loyalty wasn’t sanctioned by him, isn’t this a breach of privilege?
There is a whistleblower who had all of the memos. It could be anyone, but Preiestap comes to mind. He received them from Page - interesting and done without others knowing 🤔
Important to remember.
When deleting evidence so that you can cover your tracks, it helps to also be sure the people - all of the people - you send the email to do the same.
Here’s where things get mucky. Originally they find no memos in Comey’s office. Even though Comey states he put them in a locked drawer.
Then, the SSA inventorying the office declares no memos found in the drawer, and that no one entered the room after it was to be locked for entry as per the PRESIDENT.
And then? OOO! Rybicki speaks to Comey on the phone, and magically the memos appear in the possession of his CoS. Who entered the office to remove them, and when? And why was Rybicki holding them from the SSA until speaking with Comey?
“Silly me!” said Rybicki. “I thought you only wanted what was IN the office.” Keep in mind - these people are disobeying the PRESIDENT.
Comey is staying he thought he’d spur a SC investigation into the supposed “tapes”. I call BS.
This man thinks he can break the law as long as it’s for what HE PERCEIVES as “the good of the country”. I’m literally seething right now. My goodness I am angry.
We now know, even by Comey’s admission, that POTUS didn’t even know there was an investigation into Flynn. So this is nonsense. This was purely meant to attempt to undermine the president of the United States.
Here they state they relied on their classification experience from the Clinton email case to make determinations on the memos. Lolololol. Wow. I’m sure that worked out perfectly.
What about the rule of law and protecting the country??? Not the institutions?
As the group deliberated how much they wanted to protect Comey in terms of classification, they also declined to take notes on their meetings....
Note: I still need to do another pass where I place these happenings into a timeline of other happenings, because that too tells a HUGE story. In the library on Telegram, Finch made a great point about Page making copies of the memos. She was working with the OIG at the time.
Robert Mueller asked for the personal memos Comey had in his safe. Please remember, at the time, NO ONE at the FBI knew that Comey had these in his safe, but somehow the SC did.
Going back to earlier tweet regarding cooperation between the OIG and the DOJ- scratch that. The FBI worked directly with the attorneys to remove the information from the computers.
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