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Do you wanna know who killed Kappy? THOSE WHO SCREAM THE LOUDEST. Of course, more players could have been involved but these are the main ones. I will be coming out against the ITNJ, RDS and Sacha Stone as a whistleblower next week on one of the biggest YouTube channels out there
Elahi Priest can be described as a fake humanitarian who in reality is a merchant of death currently based in Congo & Zimbabwe. Blood diamonds, Uranium, drugs, weapons, humans... you name it; he can get it for you. He fronts his crimes from his Priest Jewellers front. Obama fan?
Why Elahi target Kappy? His ex roommate Sacha Stone had a score to settle with Fiona Barnett. Sacha got Elahi to go after Fiona, Elahi got Kappy to entrap Fiona; Kappy repented, came clean & lost $20K to Elahi in the process, who at the same time boasted about purchasing Uranium.
Sacha Stone (Simon Adams Rockefeller) acts as the head of the ITNJ commission "against human trafficking", but in reality he is an MI6 asset who pretends to be a new age guru who entraps victims & volunteers alike for intel & further his counterintelligence psyop. A traitor.
Sacha Stone (Simon Adams), his father Sir Walter Adams CMG OBE History Lecturer UC, London (1926-1934), Rockefeller Fellow knighted in 1970. Deputy director of the Political Intelligence Department (1945) & Director of the London School of Economics (1967-1974).
I volunteered for the ITNJ for months, left upon discovery my efforts of exposing elite human traffickers were being silenced from within. Their mission is to gather intel on the victims, control the testimonies & sabotage their intentions to work with others. Signed w/blood.
Do you think its by chance Fiona got sabotaged by the ITNJ and THEN Sacha sends his bestie Elahi after her. Elahi intended to use Isaac as a patsy, blood diamonds business gone wrong (Kappy betrayed the order & protected Fiona). HE DIED OVER IT. Steven Seagal? LOL, hypocrites.
Sacha (MI6 patsy) endorses Steven Seagal, a known liar & sexual predator denounced by several actresses, but he also feels he can throw the Masonic/Luciferian symbols in the ITNJ logos and his "art" as displayed on sachastone.com

ITNJ uses the thyrsus as their symbol. The thyrsus, associated with Dionysus/Bacchus & his followers, the Satyrs & Maenads/Bacchants), is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, hedonism, and pleasure/enjoyment in general.

Sounds like Crowley's "Thou as you wilt", new age version.
The ITNJ also uses other fronts to brainwash, scam, silence & basically further Globalist/NWO agendas. If you don't believe me please go ahead & read the ITNJ constitution. Their new age horseshit retirement in Bali is just another cult-like idolatry.
Sacha personally bragged to us about finding the key for eternal youth with help from his "collaborators", "Inmortalis" is just another name for Adrenochrome & if you are familiar with SRA and cannibalism, then you know what I'm talking about. More Luciferian horseshit.
Sacha DIDN'T PLAN Kappy's murder, the Kabal did & Elahi Priest+Vegan Mikey were the executioners. His murder was a humiliation ritual, that's why he was forced to delete his IG data, post a lunatic letter & upload that video in which he says he's Judas while VM & Elahi supervised
But Sacha's vendetta vs Fiona is what derailed in Kappy being set up by Elahi & ultimately his death. Elahi & Sacha are brothers through the order of the Knights Templar, one of many factions of the Illuminati. The Templars worship Baphomet.
Another Luciferian faction of the Illuminati which include freemasonry, the Jesuit 9th circle, the council of Rome, the Ordo Templis Orientis, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Club, and politically, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations & the Bilderberg Group.
Enter Robert David Steele, ONCE C.I.A. ALWAYS C.I.A., another traitor who was planted along with Sacha to divert from the horrors of SRA & Human Trafficking. Damage control set by the crown around 2015/16 as they knew exposure was close, especially over Prince Andrew + Epstein.
The CIA, MI6 and the US/UK Media serve the crown. Larry Celona is an Anagram for Royal Lancer. The same Larry Celona from The NY Post was the 1st to report the death of Epstein, Kubrick, JFK Jr., and the recent NYPD "suicides".

Who is the Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Lancers?
RIP Isaac Kappy, in the end your humanity & good will won over the disgraceful antics of the elites who used you (and use us) as pawns in a very complex & polluted chess game. You didn't betray Fiona, you betrayed "them", and so they named you Judas, "a recipient of humility".
Your "friends" Eliahi Priest, Vegan Mikey, Seth Green, Claire Grant, Khayla "Truth-of-a-Flower" & Michelle Trefethen set you up as Tom Hanks & Steven Spielberg rejoiced. The Mossad Media Matrix you warned us about is real & active planting agents via Robert David Spook.
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