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yoonmin abo au—

when yoongi gets the opportunity to study abroad, yoongi and jimin realize that pushing their mating was not such a good idea. jimin thought they could handle time apart but between the distance and some meddling alphas, the couple find themselves eager to mate.
commission for a mating scene in my yoonmin abo (dm for info about extras from my aus)

> if you don’t like abo, omega jm or alpha yg don’t read. strong abo dynamics. really jealous yoongi!!!
> mature content 🔞 vague sex descriptions.
> extra for this au:
It was some months after they decided not to mate that Yoongi has to go away. Not even a year.

It’s been almost half a year since they had their first mating talk and everything had been going smoothly since they decided to postpone it. But now Yoongi has to go away.
And Jimin is afraid of what will happen

It’s not that he doesn’t trust Yoongi or that he can’t handle time apart, but Jimin knows the next months are going to be horrible because they’re not mated and he will miss Yoongi, and with no mating bond there’s no way to feel the other.
They discussed the possibility of mating as soon as they got the news, but it all happened so quickly with Yoongi getting the post of someone who dropped out at last minute from the course, and the alpha having to prepare everything before going, that it stayed only in discussion
Mating at this moment would end up wrongly because they won’t have enough time together after it, and they will feel the distance more painfully and the bond wouldn't even have time to settle.

But they're not discouraged by that. They can handle time apart without mating.
They’re more than prepared for a situation like this one, they’ve gone through to two years of not being together during high school, three months is going to be easy.

Yoongi is leaving because of a short term certificate program, focused on sound engineering, so it's important.
It’s in the United States, and the alpha is really excited about that. Jimin is excited too, but a little worried because he’s going to be all alone in a foreign country. Yoongi likes talking very much, he likes to be heard, so he hopes the elder doesn’t grow bored without him.
Jimin is helping him pack but he has trouble letting go of Yoongi’s clothes. He wants to hold them longer because then he won’t have them anymore.

“We’re not teenagers anymore, we can handle not scenting each other,” Yoongi laughs as Jimin packs his own clothes in Yoongi’s bag.
“I’m still taking all these hoodies with me,” Jimin pouts. “You won’t use them there as much as I will,” he looks at them and stretches across Yoongi’s bed to retrieve the desired hoodies. He hugs them close to his body and takes a deep breath. Yoongi stands up from his desk.
“If you’re going to keep the hoodies…” Yoongi hugs him from behind. “What can I take to the States?” Yoongi is thinking. “Can I take you?” He surges forward to gently bite at Jimin’s neck.

“Yoongi!” Jimin giggles while Yoongi hugs him tighter and nibbles at Jimin’s skin.
They go quiet as Yoongi hides in Jimin’s neck, until nibbling turning into soft kisses. “I’m going to miss you,” he whispers

“I’m going to miss you too,” Jimin whispers back. He lets go of the hoodies slowly.

“Come here,” Yoongi twists Jimin around in his arms so they can kiss.
They smile more than kiss though, it’s hard to kiss with lips stretched but Jimin feels so loved, he can’t stop smiling. "Maybe you can visit me,” Yoongi pouts before Jimin slides their lips together

“I'd like that,” Jimin answers. “I’m going to save for it!" He offers excitedly
"I don’t know if I could visit you after midterms so I can stay there during the long weekend but...” he looks away, “I think I should try to go there for your rut,” Jimin says shyly. Kind of feels like he's talking about a booty call but it's nothing like that. Yoongi nods.
“Talking about that..." Yoongi says seriously. "You will call me during your heats okay?” Yoongi says lowly.

“I will,” Jimin promises. And then it's quiet, because it's going to be hard.

“I’m going to miss you so much,” Yoongi whines, pulls Jimin closer and Jimin can only nod.
Jimin tries not to cry when Yoongi leaves. It’s three months, they will manage because it's not even that long once Jimin thinks of it. He won't cry. It’s Yoongi the one that cries a little though, and Jimin teases him for being a crybaby as he squeezes his cheeks on the airport.
When Jimin gets back home he plops down on his bed and sighs. He wishes the world would stop so he could have time to get sad. He wishes they were already mated so he could feel Yoongi through their bond now that he's gone, but they’re not. So instead, he only feels empty.
“Jimin ah,” his classmate tries to get his attention. Jimin’s mind is always drifting away.

At the moment he’s in the group meeting but he can only think about Yoongi. “Sorry!” Jimin apologizes. “My boyfriend’s plane must have arrived already so I’m thinking about that.”
“Where did he go?” Hyeri, the omega who called out his name, asks.

“New York,” Jimin answers quickly. “He's in Rochester… He got a scholarship there,” he says proudly.

“He’s going to be there for long?” Jinyoung, the only alpha from the group.

Silence. “Yeah,” Jimin pouts.
Yoongi calls Jimin whenever he can. The time zones are possibly what’s worse. Thirteen hours of difference is a nightmare. But they manage, they somehow make it work. Jimin wakes up earlier but it's okay. Yoongi is doing great and he’s happy, and that’s what matters the most.
As for their other needs, Jimin has a lot of Yoongi’s clothes he wears to feel the alpha closer. They chat a lot so they manage the distance. But the problem of course is not talking, or phone calls, it's not the lack of another body, the problem for Jimin, is always, the scents.
Jimin panics a little when he starts to miss Yoongi’s scent. It starts fading, the trace of it on his room barely there. “It’s fading,” Jimin complains through facetime.

“My scent?” Yoongi asks while reading a paper. Jimin nods even if Yoongi isn't looking at the camera.
Yoongi finally turns to see him. “You know, here, I got this… vanilla scented candles, they kind of smell like you.” Jimin rolls his eyes. He can't go looking for wood scented candles. And it's not any wood, it's Yoongi's own particular scent. Candles won't work, he needs Yoongi
But Yoongi isn't here, and he can't come back just like that. He's busy and studying, and Jimin should be doing that too.

Eventually Yoongi's scent fades away from Jimin. It’s weird. Everything in his room used to smell like the alpha. And now Jimin can barely catch his scent.
Jimin remembers high school and how hard it was, he remembers mailing Yoongi clothes and getting packages back, he remembers crying when hoodies would loose their scent, he remembers desperate midnight calls.

They’re older now so it’s not as bad but Jimin misses him still.
Jimin and his economy group go out for a drink after their first presentation. They deserve it. And Jimin hasn’t gone out in a long time, so he accepts his group offer to go out. He guesses he could use the distraction and Yoongi thinks so too, tells him to have fun, Jimin goes.
It's during that night out that he notices Yoongi’s scent is gone for good

Hyeri and Jinyoung order a bunch of funny colored drinks and Jimin is having fun. He's grown to like the omega and alpha a lot during the semester, they're nice and understand what Jimin is going through.
“Look at that alpha over there,” Hyeri discreetly points at a pretty girl wearing black. “I like her.” Jimin and Jinyoung not so discreetly lean over to look at her and they stare between their friend and the alpha.

"Not my type," Jimin jokes. Hyeri rolls her eyes.
"Your type is short alphas that aren't here," she bites back and Jimin growls at her playfully. The omega only laughs. They smile at each other and only turn once Jinyoung sighs.

“She’s going to come over,” Jinyoung says after settling back on his seat, confident of his guess.
“How do you know?” Jimin wonders, resting his head on the palm of his hand. Hyeri copies his movement.

“I understand alphas,” Jinyoung shrugs. Hyeri and Jimin roll their eyes. "I'm an alpha myself, I know this." Hyeri and Jimin decide to ignore him, and the conversation drifts.
Eventually the alpha Hyeri was looking at walks up to them, but she isn’t alone, she’s actually bringing a friend with her. Another tall pretty alpha. The two alphas soon stand in front of them. Jimin decides not to listen to their conversation as the girls talk to Hyeri.
Until one of them asks, “do you two want to dance? My friend is also alone like your omega friend,” the alpha Hyeri is interested in explains. And Jimin perks up. She smiles at him then and Hyeri quickly looks between the female alphas and Jimin, Jinyoung snickers quietly.
“Oh no, my friend has a boyfriend,” Hyeri quickly interjects.

Both alphas looks confused. “You?” the one that was trying to be set up with Jimin turns to Jinyoung, but the boy quickly shakes his head and lifts his hands up. “Ah… are you dating a beta?” she asks, curious.
Relationships between omegas or alphas and betas are still seen as strange so he gets the confusion and peculiar excitement. But that’s not Jimin’s case, it’s not that his boyfriend is a beta, it’s that she can’t smell Yoongi on him anymore. It's sad. “No, I’m dating an alpha.”
The girl raises an eyebrow at his answer. Jimin knows he clearly doesn’t smell like alpha anymore, not even a small trace, so she probably doesn’t believe him, but she nods nonetheless and apologies for bothering Jimin.

Unfortunately for Hyeri, it's the two alphas who walk away.
“I’m sorry Jiminie, I was looking at that alpha but I didn’t expect her to bring her friend,” Hyeri quickly apologizes.

Jimin shakes his head. “It’s fine, they weren’t rude about it at all… I’m actually sorry your alpha left!” Hyeri shakes her head, trying to brush it off.
But after a guilty smile from Jimin she slumps on her seat. “I’m not interested in other alpha from this bar though,” Hyeri sighs. “They're not my type at all.”

Jimin laughs. “I get that, but maybe she’ll come back,” Jimin tries to support his friend. Jinyoung chuckles.
Another couple of alphas approaches them though, since they can tell neither Hyeri nor Jimin are Jinyoung’s omegas they come and once again they have to reject them. Jimin wishes it’d be more obvious that Yoongi is his alpha because he's honestly tired of this dumb situation.
“Alphas are a mess,” Jimin complains after he has to tell another alpha that he’s really not interested. Hyeri agrees, drinking from her cocktail. "We say no, they leave and instead of taking hint, another one comes?" Jimin hasn't experienced this ever. Hyeri sighs.
"I think they are seeing it as a competition," Jinyoung explains. "Since you keep rejecting everyone," he shrughs.

"Well I don't like it," Jimin says annoyed. He checks his phone. It's midnight already, Yoongi must be out of class.

“I could scent you,” Jinyoung offers.
Hyeri and Jimin look at each other quickly, a little scandalized. “Only so they back off,” Jinyoung adds, nervously. "I don't mean anything else from it."

Jimin knows better than to trust alphas with something intimate as scenting but Jimin likes Jinyoung, he's a good friend.
Jimin looks down at his phone. It's lunch time for Yoongi, he should be getting a text any time, but Yoongi had a presentation today so he must be busy.

Then Jimin thinks it’s like Jin scenting him, or Yoongi scenting Namjoon’s little sister to protect her. It’s just instinct.
So Jinyoung quickly scents him, he doesn’t even touch Jimin that much, only the wrists. And he does so, to make alphas back off. It's weird, Jimin quickly notices, his scent too strong but naturally he feels less anxious. Wolf logic, Hoseok would say.

And alphas back off.
Jimin wakes up early on Saturday after going out, to facetime with Yoongi when the elder gets back from classes. It’s around 7pm to Yoongi now so it’s 8am for Jimin. He’s wearing pajamas and is a bit tired from going out yesterday but he wants to see Yoongi more than anything.
The elder was out of that presentation he was nervous about and told Jimin to log in around this hour so Jimin does. The call gets through punctual as always, and Jimin quickly picks up.

Yoongi is wearing a suit, and he looks really good. “You look handsome,” Jimin notices.
“Good morning to you too,” Yoongi greets, Jimin blushes. “And thank you, I had to wear this for presentation today,” he sighs, loosening the knot of his tie.

“How did it go?”

“It went great, but I’m still stressed,” Yoongi starts. “I miss you…”

Jimin keens, “I miss you too.”
“I wish I could see you,” Yoongi admits.

“You are seeing me,” Jimin says playfully, he gets impossibly close to the camera, until Yoongi can only see his eyes.

Yoongi is chuckling. “I wish I could touch you,” and Yoongi’s voice is low so Jimin takes a step away from the camera.
When he settles, he catches the alpha is checking him out. “You look beautiful right now,” Yoongi says seriously.

“Yoon,” Jimin rolls his eyes. He can’t be serious. “I’m wearing an old hoodie.”

“Exactly, and you look gorgeous.” Jimin looks away, shy even after years of dating.
And Jimin can tell the exact moment the call is going to take a different turnf. “But why don’t you get rid of that?” Yoongi asks from where he seats, watching Jimin.

“This?” Jimin lifts the hoodie. Yoongi nods. “Or this?” Jimin pulls at the end of his boxer shorts.

“That too.”
Jimin moves away from the camera to settle in the bed, and starts to take his boxer shorts off. He catches the moment Yoongi palms himself, he looks good in a suit and Jimin feels himself getting hard. He starts to lift the hoodie up but suddenly it smells wrong. He goes still.
“What is it?” Yoongi sounds worried. He’s closer to the camera, like trying to see Jimin’s expression carefully.
Jimin turns around and finds the jacket he wore yesterday on the end of his bed, it smells of alpha but not of Yoongi. He scrunches his nose and pushes it away.
He doesn’t like the smell, especially now that he was getting turned on, he really doesn’t like the smell. “What is it?” Yoongi repeats, noticing Jimin's distress. Jimin shakes his head, he’s wet and it smells like Jinyoung, it makes him sick. He turns to Yoongi, needy for him.
Jimin whines, “a friend scented my clothes too much and I can feel their scent too strongly right now, and it’s making me feel weird…” Jimin admits, bringing his knees to his chest.

Yoongi is quiet. “How did they scent it too much?” he asks carefully.

“Well, he scented me…”
Yoongi is quiet again, Jimin brings his pillows closer, at least they don't smell like alpha. “And why did your friend scent you?" Yoongi wonders.

Jimin blinks and looks up to the screen again, Yoongi is supporting his elbows on his thighs, closer to the camera. Jaw clenched.
“We went to a bar with my friends from my economy group, I told you about it, right? And well umh… alphas were trying to hit on me and my friend—” Jimin feels so distressed, he can barely explain. It smells so bad and he's hard.

“You didn’t tell me that,” Yoongi cuts him off.
“About the alphas in the bar,” Yoongi adds quickly. Because Jimin did tell him he was going out with his friends.

“You wouldn’t have liked it and you were preparing for your presentation,” Jimin explains.

“You’re right, I don’t like it. But you could have told me either way.”
Jimin gets squirmy at how low Yoongi’s voice gets, it’s equally low as before but there’s no trace of lust left. “What else happened, baby?”

“Jinyoung offered to scent me so they’d stop bothering me.”

“So he scented you…” Yoongi’s expression changes quickly. “He’s an alpha.”
Jimin nods. “But he’s a friend Yoongi.” Yoongi is quiet. “You believe me, right?”

Yoongi doesn’t seem to like it but he nods slowly. He’s quiet and Jimin wonders what will happen. “Jiminie, baby, I get it,” Yoongi sighs. "If my friend was being bothered, I'd do that too."
Jimin doesn't want to think of Yoongi scenting another omega, he pouts. It’s quiet between them, until Yoongi sighs again. “Fuck. I wish I could be there with you”

Jimin touches his neck, if he had Yoongi’s bite then none alpha would have bothered him. “I wish you were here too”
But Yoongi can’t be here, and Jimin can’t be there either. It’s like the world plays against him and suddenly, there’s no time for Jimin to go and even less for Yoongi to come.

“One more month and then I’m coming to get you,” Yoongi whispers through the phone. And Jimin waits.
In two more weeks, three months are going to be finally over and Jimin is counting the days. It has been hard but somehow they've managed, however he can't wait to have Yoongi again, just having him next so they can talk about their days and cuddle together, he misses his warmth.
As for their other, more wolf needs (as Hoseok would say) Jimin is at ease because even if Yoongi couldn’t make it back for Jimin’s heat, he will arrive in time for his rut. He really wouldn't have stand knowing Yoongi was spending it alone in the other side of the world.
Truth be told, Yoongi hadn't been the biggest fan not being present for Jimin's heats, especially since lately Yoongi started to tease Jimin about the crush Jinyoung has on him. Jimin knows there's no crush, and he also knows Yoongi's teasing has some real bite to it.
Jimin knew Yoongi had been tense during the three days Jimin spent alone, but he kept the alpha informed of everything. He even had to remind the alpha, Jimin would never touch another alpha, he reacts badly to other scents! Yoongi had said he trusts Jimin, but not other alphas.
Other alphas being Jimin’s economy group alpha. But Jimin told Yoongi there was nothing to worry about.

It's during midterms that Hyeri and Jinyoung go to Jimin's apartment to finish their project and they spend the whole day there, only leave his and Tae’s apartment around 6pm.
Jungkook and Taehyung had been experimenting with cooking in the kitchen all along and once Jimin's friends are gone they join Jimin in the living room to share some strange looking muffins. Jungkook is quickly scrunching his nose as soon as he walks out of the kitchen.
“It’s smells.” Jungkook flops down on his favorite armchair. He makes a funny face before spitting, “like alpha.”

“Ah, it’s Jinyoung,” Jimin explains.

Jungkook frowns. “The tall boy?” Jimin nods. And after a small moment, Jungkook speaks, “I don’t like him,” he decides.
Taehyung sits down on the floor in front of Jungkook and rests his head on Jungkook’s thigh, “why babe?”

“Because I know alphas,” Jungkook says easily. Jimin snorts, alphas are idiots. Except for Yoongi. Jungkook explains either way, “he’s unnecessarily leaving his scent.”
Jimin and Taehyung look at each other confused by Jungkook’s words. “I usually sit here, right?” Jungkook flops down on the armchair. “By that alone I’m leaving some scent in this armchair, which is why I kind of like it better, but it’s a small scent… just from sitting here.”
“But I’m not scenting it on purpose, like I could if I wanted to but this is your house and that’s impolite.” Jimin nods. He remembers when he was in high school and he would scent Yoongi without knowing because he wanted to mark him. “Now, your room,” Jungkook looks at Taehyung,
“I try to scent it, leave a more obvious trace because even if you, as a beta, don’t perceive it someone else can. I’m marking you.” Jungkook explains, flustered.

“Someone else can perceive it?”

“If an alpha goes into your room, they should be able to tell it’s marked by me.”
“You jealous cute alpha,” Taehyung teases him, smiling widely, “who do you have to chase off my room? why would I let an alpha inside my room?”

“I'd have to chase off an alpha that’s interested.” Jungkook gulps at Taehyung, but then he looks up at Jimin, who sits still across.
Jungkook glances away from Jimin. “An alpha that’s interested could scent you if you didn’t smell like me,” Jungkook explains to Taehyung. Jimin knows.

Taehyung looks between his alpha boyfriend and omega best friend. "Wait... so that Jinyoung boy thinks Jimin's single?"
"I think he knows very well Jimin is not," Jungkook explains. Taehyung gasps, like he's watching a family drama, but Jimin is not as entertained. "I think he's scenting Jimin this much, to... acclimatize him?" Jungkook scrunches his nose.

"That's a peculiar word," Jimin speaks.
"We do it during courting," Jungkook starts and Jimin rolls his eyes. "Kind of like prepare the omega." Taehyung gasps in awe, Jungkook is threading his fingers through Taehyung's hair as he speaks. "Mark them and their spaces a lot so they grow used to our scent to the point..."
"His scent has no effect on me, it's not Yoongi's," Jimin says seriously. He's annoyed and he searches for his phone. 6pm, Yoongi is still sleeping

Taehyung ignores him "To the point of what, Kook?"

"Until they like our scents the most. It's natural, omegas are drawn to alphas"
"It's not Yoongi," Jimin repeats. As if he would grow used to another scent, Jungkook is ridiculous.

"Well, you don't seem very bothered by his scent," Jungkook mumbles. He's annoyed, and Jimin wonders if he and Yoongi had been talking, because this conversation was sudden.
Jimin knows he's not bothered by it, honestly he hadn't felt as strong as Jungkook was playing it to be. Jimin shakes his head. "He's my friend, he wouldn't do that, maybe he can't control himself, when I was younger-"

"He's an alpha," Jungkook says curtly. Taehyung tenses.
"You're an alpha too, don't put your whole kind down," Jimin looks away.

"That's why I'm saying it. Because if Yoongi hyung is worried is because he knows he should have been more careful." Taehyung glances towards Jimin. "But he's too nice to say so." So they had been talking.
Jimin thinks about Jungkook’s words. Thinks about Yoongi talking to him, jealous, worried. He hates their wolf side so much sometimes, acting like animals, basically peeing on something to mark it if they want it

He cleans the apartment, Yoongi is getting back soon and it stinks
Jimin won't get mad about it, he takes a safe distance from Jinyoung, because it's true his scent was starting to seem common for Jimin and that's worrisome if his intentions are somewhat similar to what Jungkook thought. And Jimin has more important things to worry about.
Like Yoongi coming back soon

Jimin is going to pick Yoongi up from the airport. And from days before he’s restless. Jimin thought of throwing a party for Yoongi but the elder had told him before boarding the plane that he was feeling feverish, so they're only going to stay home.
Seeing Yoongi again is something Jimin doesn’t know how to put in words. It feels like home but it's more intense than that, it's the familiar warmth of his hug but also the deep want of each other, it's Yoongi's smile, Yoongi's voice, his embrace, Jimin had missed him so much.
He hugs Yoongi and it hits him hard, how much he had missed Yoongi’s presence. The alpha can’t really stop kissing Jimin. Mumbling about missing him, "look at you," he says but why would Jimin do that when Yoongi is standing right in front? Three months was too much time apart.
Yoongi is clingy all the way to Jimin's apartment and Jimin is not complaining. He just wants to keep it appropriate in front of the taxi driver, but he can't help but nuzzle back everytime Yoongi feels like settling on Jimin's neck. Yoongi is all mushy, blushing and smiling.
Yoongi’s expression changes as soon as they arrive at Jimin’s. He stops backhugging Jimin, he stops walking. “Why does it smell like that?” he asks.

“Like what?” Jimin knows it doesn’t smell like Jinyoung anymore, he can’t smell him at all.

“Like alpha,” Yoongi explains.
Yoongi is about to get his rut, he might be more sensitive to smells than usual. More alert than Jimin is for sure. “Well Jungkook is always around...”

“It doesn’t smell like Jungkook,” Yoongi growls suddenly. Jimin goes quiet because he knows what Yoongi is going to say.
“Is it the economy alpha?” Jimin looks away, he thought it didn’t smell like him anymore. “Did you let him inside your apartment?”

“I let all of my group inside my apartment.” Jimin answers smartly, Yoongi is not going to pull a jealousy scene right now. He just got back.
Yoongi walks up to Jimin then, pulls him closer by the waist, buries himself on Jimin’s neck, like he's trying to find something. “Did he scent you again?”

“He didn’t,” Jimin says seriously. “He didn’t,” Jimin repeats. “You would have sensed it already if he had.” Yoongi sighs.
“My group came over some days ago, and Jungkook said he… scents too much,” Jimin says carefully. "But I cleaned up, I don't like his scent, Yoon."

"You don't catch it right now? It's still strong," Yoongi hisses.

"I don't... it's your scent and mine, nothing else," he admits.
Yoongi seems done. “You... I have to scent this whole place up.” He looks around, frowning.

“You’re close to your rut, it won’t be so hard to do it,” Jimin shrughs. Yoongi doesn’t speak, only seizes Jimin up.

"What does that mean?" He asks, noticing Jimin's snarky tone.
Jimin crosses his arms. "You’re acting all territorial, and this is supposed to be a sweet moment but you're mostly worried about some other alpha. Alphas are idiots." He looks away, tired from everything. "It's your rut so just mark the whole place… and me too...” he pouts.
Now Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “Does it bother you?” Jimin turns to see him and Yoongi walks closer, circles his arms around Jimin's waist. "Does it bother you that I want to scent you and mark you and let him know that you're mine?" Jimin shakes his head.

He whines, “not really"
“Jiminie, you like it,” Yoongi pulls him towards his chest. “You know it pisses me off.”

“How so?”

“Jimin ah, you shouldn’t make an alpha about to go into rut upset.” Jimin gulps, he squirms against Yoongi. “Another alpha scenting my omega, is he fucking crazy,” Yoongi growls.
He remembers his back hitting the couch, and Yoongi on top of him. Taehyung is going to be so mad when Jimin tells him but that doesn't matter, what matters is Yoongi on top of him, leaving hickeys, touching everywhere, what matters is how hard he is and how much he needs Yoongi.
Yoongi is rougher than ever, he's usually rougher during his ruts but this one is more desperate, he needs to claim. It’s not bad. In fact, Jimin likes it a lot: how his thighs burn, how Yoongi marks him up, spreads his cum over Jimin’s chest, his stomach, trying to mark him up.
Jimin is smart enough to drag Yoongi to his room before he gets hit fully by his rut, and they don't leave the room for the rest of the day. There's no way Yoongi didn't drown it in his scent, because that's all Jimin can feel at the moment, he feels Yoongi, all around him.
Only when he's so sore that he asks Yoongi to fuck his thighs instead is that the alpha cums all over Jimin and then flops down on the mattress, finally tired. It's like he had been contained for three months, which he probably was. Jimin can barely move but he doesn't plan to.
“Smelling him here got me a little crazy,” Yoongi admits after catching his breath

“Oh really?” Jimin asks in a sarcastic tone. He feels cum drying on his skin. “I didn’t notice.”

Yoongi shakes his head and decides not to comment on Jimin’s irony. “Blame it on the fucking rut.”
Yoongi stands up when he notices Jimin is squirming, there's cum and slick everywhere and they should clean up before it gets too disgusting. “I blame how this place now reeks of you to your rut,” Jimin fake complains when Yoongi disappears to the bathroom. He’s actually grateful
Jimin feels so at ease surrounded by Yoongi. “I’ll have to apologize to Jungkook about it,” Yoongi smiles tiredly when he walks back inside. Knowing the baby alpha will probably freak out once he comes visit Taehyung and it's hit by such strong scent. Jimin hums.
Yoongi is gentle when he cleans Jimin's stomach, his chest, he pokes Jimin's hickeys on his inner thighs to make him squirm and then tickles him when he passes the towel on his ribs. “You can talk to Kook tomorrow, first let’s sleep,” Jimin kisses him and brings him down to bed.
They’re in silence and in darkness, cuddling. And Jimin finds himself slowly drifting away to sleep. He can hear Yoongi breathing in and out slowly, calm. Next to him, he feels safe and he feels loved and sleep comes easy.

However, Yoongi's words wake him up in a whiplash.
“I want us to mate,” Yoongi whispers to the silence.

Jimin sits up, he turns to see Yoongi but it's all very dark so he leans over to turn the lamp on his bedside on. Now he turns to see him, his tired face, beautiful face under the yellow glow of the light.

“Me too.”
Ah, he had been waiting for Yoongi to say those words. “I need to.” Jimin says more firmly.

Yoongi looks at him, he lifts himself up on his elbows and moves closet to Jimin, his eyes shining with intensity. “Do you want to?” he mumbles before leaning down to kiss Jimin’s neck.
“Yes! Of course I do!” Jimin pulls him away from his neck to be able to kiss him. His hands holding Yoongi's face close to his, so their foreheads touch. Jimin is in front of the lamp so only a small light reaches Yoongi, half his face bright. "These months, I needed that bond."
"Having you so far away these months, the hours apart, I felt so sad and I knew that if we were mated then I would have been able to feel your happiness, and your presence everyday, and you, feel you everywhere as I feel you right now, I need that, Yoongi," Jimin whispers.
"And I know we don't need the mating mark to survive hardships, we can do it on our own, our relationship can work without it but, being mates would have helped," Jimin confesses, letting go of Yoongi to only hold his hands. "It would have been easier."

Yoongi nods, squeezes.
"When I was there," Yoongi starts. "I was afraid something could happen to you, I felt like a bad alpha, for leaving you here unmarked, unmated, and I didn't know what could happen to you and I didn't know if someone could try to take advantage of you, it was killing me."
"And if we had been mates, then I could have felt through our bond that you were safe, because that's all I needed, to know you were safe," Yoongi's voice is thin, soon to break. "The bite, it's a way of taking care of you always, even when I'm not there, it's all I need."
"I know it's forever, and that's even better because I want to keep you safe forever and I want to share everything with you forever, want you to feel all I feel, want you to know how I am, want to feel you around me," he leans closer. "Like right now, want to feel this always."
"I want that," Jimin nods. "I want you only, it feels wrong when I can't feel you on me, it feels wrong... my my space, my own skin, it feels wrong without you. I love you, Yoongi and I want us-" Yoongi kisses him.

His bed, his room, his nest reeks of Yoongi. And he loves it.
They should take advantage of Yoongi staying in Jimin's room and Taehyung staying away from their apartment for the weekend. They have the place to themselves, and they will be together to make the bond strong. And, also, they can't wait any longer, but they take their time.
It's kissing and gentle touches, almost shy, until Yoongi is deep inside Jimin again. Yoongi finds his place on Jimin’s scent gland and he sucks, like he usually does, trying to leave a mark, he licks it, like he usually does to make Jimin feel like he’s close to bite but,
But this time, he finally sinks his teeth in. For all those times they've wished for Yoongi to do it, this time he bites him and it's going to leave a mark forever. It hurts, only for a moment, when the skin breaks but then, it feels good, like everything good all at once.
Jimin rolls his hips harder, to feel Yoongi's knot deeper inside him. It feels good everywhere because of the bite and he's almost about to start babbling incoherently when Yoongi speaks “you need to bite me too,” the alpha reminds him. Jimin nods rapidly, feeling eager to do it.
Somehow he manages to collect himself to bite Yoongi, sink his teeth on Yoongi’s neck, on his mark, to leave an identical one on his skin, so they match. Because they're made the one for the other. And if he thought Yoongi's bite felt amazing he wasn't prepared for his own.
The moment he feels a drop of Yoongi's blood on his tongue, after breaking trough the skin he feels something he can't describe, he feels Yoongi’s love for him in that moment, intense, unmeasurable, basic and complex all at once, he senses how strongly the alpha feels about him.
He imagines it's the same for Yoongi, the alpha can feel Jimin's sensations too, his thoughts, his desires, he can feel them, and judging by the small broken whimper he lets out, he's touched by all the love Jimin feels, that he can't even explain, but he knows it's massive.
When Yoongi is tied with him, unable to pull because of his knot, Jimin speaks. "It... it feel strange," he decides to say, looking up at Yoongi with wide eyes. "It's you. I feel you everywhere"

Yoongi nods, burying his face on Jimin's skin, around his neck. "Strange but right?"
"It's right," Jimin whispers. "You and I, we feel right."

"Meant to be," Yoongi adds lowly. They stay under the dim light of the lamp on his bedside table, that barely reaches them, barely outlines them, but it's enough. With the bond, they don't even need that light. It's them.
Jimin isn’t the biggest fan of kissing in public, it’s embarrassing and he doesn’t like it when other couples do it but right now he can’t let go of Yoongi. They’re in a coffee shop and at least their table is a little hidden so Jimin lets the kiss grow deeper and wetter.
He feels a hand around his waist, crumpling his shirt and lifting it up a little. “Yoon,” Jimin whispers, “my friends are going to be here soon...”

Yoongi moves to Jimin’s neck, he’s doing it on purpose. He licks Jimin’s mate bite, still a little red and fresh. “Good,” he says.
Jimin rolls his eyes to mock Yoongi’s possessiveness but he doesn’t do anything to push the alpha away. Instead he searches for his lips to feel them on his again. Jimin is wearing a low cut shirt and his bite is visible, which is why Yoongi says he couldn’t control himself.
Obviously when they’re kissing they hear a loud screech and it’s Hyeri, they had a group meeting and decided a coffee shop would work because Jimin explained his apartment wasn’t in good conditions (meaning he didn’t want foreign scents on his nest, only Yoongi and Taehyung)
Jimin detaches from Yoongi, making the alpha grumble, to greet his friends. Both Hyeri and Jinyoung stand in front of the couple. “Ah, come sit, sit,” Jimin gestures to the table, “this is my—“

“Your mate!” Hyeri says excitedly. Jimin was going to say boyfriend, but yes.
Yoongi quickly introduces himself and Jimin can feel through their recent bond that the alpha is upset, jealous dummy. “Jimin ah!” Hyeri acts like the tension between the alphas goes unnoticed. “Does it feel as good as they say?” she whispers, like trying to keep it from Yoongi.
Since Hyeri and Jimin are talking, Jinyoung silently takes the seat in front of Yoongi. Jimin can feel his alpha growing annoyed so he wraps up the conversation with Hyeri, promises he’ll tell her more later and pulls his laptop out to work. He presses himself against Yoongi.
“Calm down,” Jimin whispers to Yoongi through the middle of the meeting. He doesn’t know if his friends can feel Yoongi’s annoyance or only Jimin can because of the bond, but either way, Yoongi has nothing to worry about.

“I’m calm,” Yoongi says quickly before kissing Jimin.
Jimin finishes the kiss quickly and turns back to his laptop, but after a second he pulls Yoongi closer and grabs the elder’s arms to wrap around himself. Yoongi takes the hint and somehow hugs Jimin from a side in the booth. He hides in Jimin’s neck and lasts the whole meeting.
“You deserve an award for not picking up a fight,” Jimin teases when he climbs Yoongi’s lap back in his room, later that night.

Yoongi scoffs. “I know how to pick my fights, he’s too big.” Jimin rolls his eyes and leans down to kiss Yoongi. “But now he knows,” Yoongi mumbles.
“You’re mine,” Yoongi says, slowly, like he’s treasuring the words. Jimin also loves them, loves how serious Yoongi is about them, how much he means them. Jimin nods and kisses him, he doesn’t say anything else because Jimin feels through their bond, that Yoongi is his too.
💖 the end 💖
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