♥️The Constitution (part 2~buckle up)

🚨Warning:💥What you are about to read is the result of years of painstaking research on the part of dedicated Americans GRAVELY CONCERNED for this nation’s FUTURE

💥9 March 1933, the Constitution changed

@OrtaineDevian @DevinNunes
♥️The Constitution

💥It’s when our nation struggled for survival

💥The CONSTITUTION of the USA was effectively CANCELLED

💥We are in a state of EMERGENCY 🚨

@OrtaineDevian @Bella_deOlivera @PWeepingAngel @Telford_Russian @NSAGov @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @SpaCare
@OrtaineDevian @Bella_deOlivera @PWeepingAngel @Telford_Russian @NSAGov @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @SpaCare @volarconalas @CylantJustice @AnnSull64586858 @GeneZurawski1 @MagaSpud @KimberlyM1M @TexasDeplorabl4 @MaeWest52499669 @TexPatriotGirl @TexasLo4Ever ♥️Constitution ~ Cause & Effect Doct.of Emergency

💥Why is our Constitution cancelled?
💥Because FDR declared that we are in a state of emergency
💥What does that mean?
💥It means that POTUS can do anything he wants~AND, WE THE PEOPLE, are enemies of the state

♥️The Constitution

💥Through a series of amendments, our Constitution gradually changed
💥We are still living under state of emergency which means we basically have no say
💥No wonder the govt does whatever it wants
💥We are actually enemies of the state

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @sparkleloung @PWeepingAngel @Qanon76 @BerryDivine77 @AnqelSeqret @aDeo_creata_est @MissesJ3 @FanninRyan ♥️The Constitution ~ Doctrine of Emergency

💥Senate Report 93-549 in 1973 states: “The majority of the people of the US have lived all their lives under emergency rule”

💥FDR declared emergency rule the day he was sworn in


♥️The Constitution

💥9 March 1933~the day #Globalists took over~The day we lost our country

💥Wars & rumors of wars, false flags, plagues, deception, secret societies, indoctrination, MindControl & Nazism ruled the day

💥America! What happened?

@OrtaineDevian @NSAGov
@OrtaineDevian @NSAGov @Lied2B2point0 @Eudoxia73996321 @FanninRyan @HB04920973 @ZNEWSNET @mntcol @lafleurjmmyp @GogolLafit @TWITMO_INMATE @T_WWG1WGA ♥️The Constitution ~ Dark to Light

*We’re going to visit DARK times in history. Don’t lose ♥️ We’re the chosen GENERATION to RE-INSTILL Our CONSTITUTION~with the help of DJT

💥Because of evil men & women, we’re still slaves to the system plotting our demise
♥️The Constitution

*Let’s go back to G.Washington’s prophetic prayer for us:

💥”Save us from violence, discord and confusion; from pride and arrogancy, and from every evil way”

💥Evil way~murder for gain~JFK’s Secret Service, FBI, CIA, LBJ, etc #Globalist

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @grabaroot @SmartiPants83 @CylantJustice @MxMarineMom @lafleurjmmyp @charliekirk11 @AnqelSeqret @1Howiedubz ♥️The Constitution~Washington’s Prayer cont

💥”Defend our LIBERTIES, & fashion into ONE UNITED PEOPLE..”

🚨When JFK was killed, we were already ‘enemies of the state’
🚨We were SHUT out
🚨Dulles, GHWB, FBI, CIA, MSM took over while we watched

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0
♥️The Constitution~Washington’s Prayer cont

💥“ENDUE with the SPIRIT of WISDOM those whom in Thy name WE entrust the AUTHORITY of GOVERNMENT

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0 @Bluepopcorn8 @TWITMO_INMATE @PWeepingAngel @tribunal_watch @SpaCare

🚨The speech that got JFK killed
@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0 @Bluepopcorn8 @TWITMO_INMATE @PWeepingAngel @tribunal_watch @SpaCare @ROCKINGANGELBMI @Eudoxia73996321 @celtgunn @HB04920973 @volarconalas @EducateYourse18 @SmartiPants83 @MissesJ3 @FanninRyan @aDeo_creata_est ♥️The Constitution

“It’s the nature & disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion”

💥And so it started~again...

@OrtaineDevian @TWITMO_INMATE @SpaCare @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973
♥️The Constitution

💥The FOUNDERS knew that our ELECTED leaders should be BOUND by certain FIXED principles

💥Jefferson: “In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution”

Too late 😥
@OrtaineDevian @carmindabrendel @dmon4ever @Eudoxia73996321 @signa777 @EuphoricShawn7 @gatoreric1 @1SweetTexan @KirolosSam @lacerci65 ♥️The Constitution

💥Unfortunately, we as a nation have apostatized
in various degrees from Constitutional principles as proclaimed by the inspired founders

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0 @Bluepopcorn8 @carmindabrendel @celtgunn @GenFlynn @TWITMO_INMATE @SpaCare
♥️The Constitution

💥”This nation will be on the very verge of crumbling to pieces & tumbling to the ground...”

@OrtaineDevian @carmindabrendel @ROCKINGANGELBMI @LalaFlorida94 @lafleurjmmyp @GogolLafit @SmartiPants83 @TWITMO_INMATE @T_WWG1WGA @celtgunn @GatesRobin ♥️The Constitution

💥When the Constitution is upon the brink of ruin, WE will be the STAFF upon which the NATION shall lean

💥And WE shall BEAR the CONSTITUTION away from the very verge of DESTRUCTION

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0 @PWeepingAngel @We_Have_Risen @SpaCare
♥️The Constitution

@OrtaineDevian @GenFlynn @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973

💥Will be saved by the RIGHTEOUS citizens of this nation who LOVE & CHERISH FREEDOM.

💥It will be SAVED by men and women who UNDERSTAND & ABIDE the PRINCIPLES of the CONSTITUTION

💥Saved for this day
@OrtaineDevian @GenFlynn @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @LynnFrierson @Lightworker2012 @thelacowboy @LoyalToSpeakOut @lafleurjmmyp @JosephJFlynn1 @BarbaraRedgate @FanninRyan @fcfootsteps @GarBear4Trump ♥️The Constitution

💥The Lord said that “the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” (Luke 16:8)

💥Our wise founders seemed to understand, better than most of us

@OrtaineDevian @Bluepopcorn8 @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @TWITMO_INMATE
♥️The Constitution

💥Our forefathers suffered & sacrificed that we might be the recipients of the blessings of freedom

💥If they were willing to sacrifice so much to establish us as a free people, should we not be willing to do the same to RESTORE our freedom?

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @FanninRyan @PWeepingAngel @LoriRhae @yojudenz @PATROITREBEL9 @Unsilent17 @UsernameDawn3 @exposeeverylie ♥️The Constitution

💥Deadly Ravening WOLVES are now AMONGST us

💥If our LIBERTIES are LOST, we’ll never regain them EXCEPT at the PRICE of BLOOD

💥This is our last CHANCE to RESTORE those FREEDOMS for ourselves and our FUTURE generations/end

@OrtaineDevian @POTUS
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