“Mommy, are we there yet?” I shook my head no. This had got to be the 700th time my daughter was asking this, and this was barely a 20 minutes drive. To all the people in the comment section screaming my ovaries whenever I post her picture, Shalom.
Finally, Palms mall came into view and I drove in. I’d pluck my own eyes out if I have to hear “mommy, are we there yet?” one more time. We’ve been in Lagos for 5 days and even though the house was far from ready and I still had so much to do, we needed this.
We walked in (Well I walked really fast after my sprinting 5 year old so I don’t lose her), bought tickets, and in no time we’re seated in the dark cool cinema watching the Spider-Man spider verse thingy movie. Of course I slept through it, the movie was for her
Once again I had to hold on really tight to this fellow, where 5 year olds get their energy from never ceases to amaze me. “Ice cream mommy, you promised ice cream” her American accent always amused me. Small Naija breeze will soon blow and she’d be talking like the rest of us.
The time was 12:08am, Zara was fast asleep, tonight was one of the toughest bed times we’ve had. Apparently the spider guy must have given a speech about anybody being Spider-Man and now she wants to be too. I’m to make her costume pink and she’d be jumping off our roof tomorrow.
I looked around the sitting room. So far the only place I’ve sorted is Zara’s room. I looked around the mess of unopened boxes and shook my head. 5 days and I haven’t even reached out to my parents, will they even want to see us? Ugh, I need to do yoga.
I hate Mondays. I ought to start work today and Zara starts school today and she’s having a bitch fit. We can’t find her pink bow and Barbie here won’t budge without it. How do I find a fucking bow in this mess?! I need a drink. And yes I know it’s just 7am
Somehow the bow turned up. I got her to school on time. Barely. Now I’m at work, the worst part of the morning is over. I still need a drink though, I feel like a train ran over me. After work I’m meeting Aunty mi at her place, she’ll have Zara, we’ll have dinner and go home.
Aunty mi is my dad’s younger sister, she married a wealthy man back in the day and was widowed just after 2 years of marriage. She never remarried or had any kids. Hers is one of the names that rattle the foundations of Lagos till date. The reason Zara and I are still standing.
She’s the reason I’m back home, this energetic beautiful woman was dying. She called me that afternoon and said “Woboluwamitito, it’s time to come home” of course I argued, I mean it was her idea to leave the country in the first place. “I have cancer” was all she had to say next
And boom I packed up my life and here we were. “Bolu, you need to see your parents” I sighed and told her I would when I was ready. She hissed and told me I would never be ready (not completely false though). “Plus I have even called your mother, she knows you’re around.”
If I didn’t love this woman with my life I would have strangled her. I dropped my spoon and left the table. She and Zara should finish dinner. I stood on her balcony listening to the soft hum of the generator. “You should see Somto too while you’re at it.” She softly said.
Everything in me, went cold. “Please don’t tell me you called him too.” On God I would get on the next flight to Philadelphia right this minute. “No child, that is your call to make. But then it’s been 6 years, he deserves to know.” I sighed, I really really do hate this woman
I hated the fact that she was always right. The tears rolled down my cheeks as I stared up at the ceiling, Aunty mi was fading. She had lost so much weight and even though she tried to play it off and act normal, I was slowly losing the second most important person in my life.
It was Saturday, Zara was all dressed up and so was I. Wave after wave of nausea kept slapping me in the face. I was going to be sick. I made my way through the corners of GRA, it’s been 6 years but I would still find this place in my sleep. After all, I grew up here
“Oluwa o se ooooo” my mother was screaming and dancing around me. My father came to hug me with a huge smile on his face. “Welcome my daughter” he was saying. Mom had Zara in her arms dancing and singing, I wanted to snatch my baby from her. How dare they?!
“Neighbors come and see oooo, Bolu is back from America ooo. Woboluwamitito is back!” My mother was still screaming. My dad took us inside and everything was exactly the same. It was like I never left. The house girl was different though, Mary must have left.
Mary my trusted friend, who helped me go down the street to buy a pregnancy kit from the chemist. She held me as I cried when it showed positive. Who told me to speak to you first before telling my parents. Of course she knew you, she used to help me sneak out to see you
I snapped out of my reverie and looked around, every family picture that had me in it was gone. Lol of course. My mom was seated close to me with Zara on her laps, I wanted to yell at her. Tell her to never touch my baby, get into my car, drive away and never to look back.
I didn’t though, I wanted to but I didn’t. Instead I sat there and watched as my mom hovered over me “shey you will eat asaro? I know it is your favorite” I declined and blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “Daddy I finished school. Marketing.” He grew silent and nodded
After all, he told me I’d end up like any other prostitute, a dropout with a baby. “What is her name?” My mom asked, trying to diffuse the tension. This time I smiled. A genuine smile. “Zara Morenikejimi Okoye”. My father stiffened, I could care less, she’s her father’s daughter.
Anger was slowly consuming me whole as I sat and watched my parents act like 6 years ago they didn’t kick me out of the house and turn their backs on me when I needed them the most. Mom was mom as usual, asked if I got her anything. I did, tons of gift for her and her husband.
I got Mary’s contact and left. Promised to visit but I know I won’t. Mom begged me to let her granddaughter come spend time with her. I nearly laughed out loud. Now they want to be a part of our lives? Wow. I called Aunty mi and burst into tears, telling her all that happened
We went by Aunty mi’s and Zara as usual was happy to be with her favorite grandaunt who spoilt her rotten while I was just happy to have my guardian angel. I held unto her as I cried, “shh child, the worst is over” I sniffed “Aunty mi they acted like nothing happened”
We left my aunt’s and stopped by shoprite to get somethings. I gave up on trying to tear Zara away from the toy aisle, I decided to grab a bottle of wine alongside other stuff, with the kind of day I’ve had, I deserved it. “Bolu?” I knew that voice anywhere. Fuck my life.
Could my day get any worse?! I was contemplating how I’d get out of this and praying with everything in me that Zara would stay where she was. “Woboluwamitito Adelaja?!” I sighed and turned. Just as I was working up what to say....”mommy mommy, I want this one.” You froze.
It would seem that my guardian angel must think he’s a movie director or something. I looked down at Zara who was staring at the man whom she was the spitting replica of. “Hello Somto”. I whispered.
You just kept staring at me like you had seen a ghost, you looked speechless. “Look Somto, I can explain” (explain what?! Where do I even start from?) “I just need to drop her with my aunt and we’d go somewhere to talk.”
“You’re very tall” of course Zara would say something.
You bent down to her level, you really are very tall and kept staring like she just popped into earth from another dimension with clear bodily distinctions. “Is she mine?” You asked without looking away from her. I didn’t answer. “Let’s not do this here please”
That seemed to trigger you and you turned to face me, Ah your famous temper, “you had six fucking years Bolu, six! But yet you don’t want us to do this now?!” Before I could tell you to watch your language, Zara giggled . “Mommy the tall man said a bad word.”
And again she seemed to have you wrapped in that magical web of hers. I can’t blame you, I’m wrapped too, you bent back to her level and extended your hand in a handshake. “I’m so sorry ma’am, I won’t say anymore bad words” my daughter is giggling again, Lord give me strength.
“Zara, would you like a sleepover with big mommy? Mommy has to talk important things with her friend.” Her eyes lit up, “yes mommy yes!, big mommy always lets me have midnight ice cream parties!.....oops!” Lord knows I’ll die before anybody takes this girl from me.
“Let’s meet up somewhere to talk, I need to drop her off with my aunt first.” I had to stay in control. Lord why couldn’t I get a respite today? It’s been such a long fucking day! I dropped everything and carried Zara out of the mall, she kept waving at her “new tall friend”.
“Aunty mi, I’m so sorry to bother you, I promise-“ “oh hush child” she cut me off. “You know Zara is always a delight, plus it gets lonely being here by myself. Who’s ready to share big mommy’s bed?” She crooned. “Meeeee!” Screamed Zara. Yup she’ll be alright
“Oh and Aunty mi no midnight ice cream parties. Please” she looked way too innocent “child I don’t know what you speak of” I almost laughed. She looked at her partner in crime who was looking away guiltily. Then she sighed, “she’s my god daughter I can do as I please.”
I just rolled my eyes. I clearly can’t win this one. “Bolu, I know you dread this but he deserves to know” I nodded and left. So here I am driving towards sailors in Lekki phase 1, (it’s where we decided to meet) it hit me, why do I gotta go? You’ll find me anyway, You’re Somto
I actually got there, but stayed on the other side of the road, entered the store opposite, got my bottle of wine and drove home. For me it’ll be yoga and liquor tonight, I know I am being selfish but I honestly could care less. I need a break. So much is happening at once
There. Is. A. Maniac. Pounding. At. My. Door! Or wait is that my head? I finished the whole bottle last night and fell asleep right there on my mat after crying my eyes out. I stretched out and looked for my phone, it’s just 6:48am. The pounding continues.
Whoever it is needs to know that he is awakening the mentally ill patients that take temporary residence in my head after I drink. Now they want to start a musical band, I don’t even know what year it is. Fuck!
I trudge to the door and yank it open and boom! It’s you, the one and only Somto. You’ve been my headache since the beginning, who exactly did I offend? I was beyond irritated “what?!” I snapped. “You must think I’m a joke Bolu. I was waiting at sailors till 2am!” Yaaaa you mad.
“I changed my mind okay?” I know I sound so selfish but I’m hung over and tired and oh wait? Is that horny? Fuck my life. “You changed your mind?! You changed your mind?! Everything is not about you Bolu, your actions affect other people, you-“ I honestly just droned you out here
I just dragged myself inside the house to the kitchen. I don’t need my neighbors knowing my business, I made coffee because unless God is willing to come down and have this talk for me, I’ll be needing the strength. I sat back on my yoga mat and looked up at you on the chair.
I’m sure you’re wondering why I’d pick a mat, well it’s my happy place. “Sorry about the mess, we’re still unpacking” you just kept staring at me. Sigh. “Yes Zara is yours” you did not even react, it’s like you knew. I mean to be fair she looks just like you.
“That was why you disappeared” I shrugged. “Where did you go?, I looked everywhere for you Bolu, I came by your house a few times, Mary was gone there was nobody to tell me anything. And your aunt told me to let things go, that you were safe, how could you just leave?”
“Fuck you Bolu, you said you love me and you left!” This is where I got mad, does this man want to be unfortunate?! “I was 19 Somto, I had no means of survival, my parents kicked me out when they found out. I went straight to Aunty mi. I was going through this hell while you..
were away in Abuja on one of your many luxurious holidays. My aunt decided to see your mom, if that’ll somehow help bring you home and dyu know what she said to me?! I had to leave!” I had lost the tiny grip of control I had here, I was a crying again. “You should leave Somto”
You were kneeling in front of me now, oh my God Why did God think it was okay to make you so fine? This was really unfair to me. Focus Bolu! “What did she say? Talk to me.” I stood up and walked away from you, I needed air. “She’s your mom Somto, go and ask her”
My phone rang and it was Aunty mi she sounded so tired and said Zara wanted to speak to me. Poor woman, that girl can drain anybody. “Hello angel, were you a good girl to big mommy? That’s great. I’ll come get you by noon and we’d go see a movie” I promised Aunty mi we’d talk...
later when I’m free. I turned and you were still there looking at me. “I want to know her, tell me about her. Please” how can I say no when you ask like that? I sighed and went to my room to get pictures. Yes I’m old fashion, I keep photo albums, she’s my world.
I guess my dreams of having a me time with my vibrator before I shower is shot. Ugh! I came down with her pictures and I sat on the couch next to the father of my child and showed him pictures of our baby. God it should not have to be this way.
“Before I say anything else Somto I need you to know that I would fight you with my last breath if you try to take my child away from me. I didn’t go through all these to have her yanked from me because you have the money. We disappeared before and I swear to you that we will...
again and for good this time. I would have to be in a body bag before you can take her from me. You gulped and nodded. And I mean every single word. I closed my eyes and began. “Her name is Zara Morenikeji Okoye” you looked surprised. “Yes she has your name, she’s your daughter”
“I gave birth to her in Philadelphia at 1:08am on the 27th of May, 2013. It was a long and painful labor and I was so scared. I was losing a lot of blood and I honestly do not know how I would have survived without Aunty mi. After almost 5 hours, Zara was born.
“Aunty mi held her first because I passed out not long after. It has been a crazy journey ever since, I waited till she was a year then Aunty mi got us a nanny and I applied to a community college and started classes. It was hard but Aunty mi was there through it all
“Here’s Zara on her first birthday, she was just learning to walk and she smashed her cake before we could get a decent picture of her with it. She loves going to the park because she gets to play with all the dogs there. She’s always telling me she wants one but with school..
“work and everything else it just didn’t fit into our plan. Her favorite color is pink, she loves Barbie so much, she takes ballet and I’m looking for a decent class around to take her. Oh and there’s nothing caprisun won’t fix, she can be sassy but always knows when to act right
I realized I was talking too much so I paused and left you with the albums. Go through them yourself, I need air, heck I need a blunt. “Who’s the guy with both of you in most of these pictures?” you asked from behind me. “That’s Sean, he adores Zara” “oh” was all you said back.
It was almost 10, I needed to start getting ready. I walked back inside and told you I needed to put things in order so I can go pick up my daughter. You stood up and I realized you were still in yesterday’s clothes, you probably spent the night looking for where I lived.
At the door you turned and said, “Bolu I’m not the enemy, I don’t know what transpired between you and my mom but I’m clearly the one suffering for it. I intend to be a part of Zara’s life and no I’m not taking her from you. I just want to maybe share? Please I already lost 5...
“years worth of loving, I don’t want to lose anymore. I know it’s a lot but please, I just want to know my child and be a father. Please don’t disappear again.” How does a woman stand a chance in a situation like this? I just nodded and closed the door after him.
I think it’s only fair if I let people know who Somto really is, He is not a bad guy, if anything he is the sweetest person I know. We met in secondary school. He was the new kid from the island who travels abroad regularly, but his parents sent him to stay with one of his aunts
Who stayed around Maryland, he was unserious with school and they hoped sending him away would teach him some sense. But it honestly didn’t, he was still a rascal, but one you just could not help but love. All the girls were always gushing after him and for that singular....
reason I backed off. I was in commercial class and had to be at the top of my game because Baba Bolu would skin me if I was not. By the end of SS1 he approached me to help him with his maths. I agreed, and ran home to tell Mary, we were both squealing till my dad burst in.
I honestly could not believe he noticed me at all. By SS2, we were full blown study partners and I was deeply in love, he didn’t know though. On Valentine’s Day, I got a card and gifts on my desk and nobody knew who kept it there. I was panicking, how would I take this home?
Everyone was ooohing and aahing. When we closed, he offered to walk me home and he casually asked if I liked my gifts. I turned to him shocked and I asked why he got me anything, he said he liked me. I think I died. We stopped a street before mine, and I shyly hugged him....
I couldn’t risk him walking me to my street in case my parents saw us. I got home and told Mary, she told me not to panic, she’ll tell them the gifts are hers if they ever find out. Then we hugged and squealed some more. This time my dad did not come to shun us.
The next day, he sent a junior with a note to my class. “Will you be my girlfriend?” It said. And that’s how it started. I’ll sneak off to go see him with Mary’s help of course and we’d talk, stroll and even make out. Then Mary would help me sneak back in. She was an angel
By the end of ss3, we were voted best couple. Aunty mi of course also knew of him, and she convinced my parents to let me go for my school dinner for graduating set. He was my date and that night we had sex for the first time. It was not fireworks and stars but we made those.....
in the multiple times we did it again after that. We were insatiable, always going at it like bunnies. Admission list was out and I was going to unilag, just waiting for school to resume. He was always traveling on holidays so whenever we had the chance we were fucking.
I found out I was pregnant two weeks to resuming school. I wanted to die. You could easily be anywhere between Abuja and Europe for all I know. Mary told me to calm down and wait for you. She really was my rock. But mommy found the pack of the test in the trash outside and....
Kassala burst! She was sure Mary was pregnant so they ordered her to start packing and leave their house, poor girl was ready to take the fall but I couldn’t bear it. I told mom it was mine and I was the one who was pregnant. She went mad! Started rolling on the floor screaming..
“Mo ku oooo!!!! This girl has killed me!” I was on my kneels crying with Mary till my dad came back at night. When my mom told him, he was angry, he shouted at me and slapped me. Said I was a slut and if this is how I wanted to repay him for all his hard work then I have...
to leave his house. I thought he was joking and when I tried to speak he pounced on me again. Beat me stupid I tell you then bathed into my room and brought out my things shoved in a big bag and threw it out. I looked at my mom and begged her but she would not even look at me.
She was clearly with her husband on this one. I cried and begged and clutched on my dad’s trouser. He kicked me and said he had no daughter. They literally threw me out and locked the gate. I just curled in a ball and cried. I was being anally fucked by life. Without lube.
I finally got up and began to slowly walk away, my entire body was a mass of pain. I heard the gate open and Mary snuck out and squeezed some naira notes in my hand and hugged me tight. “Go to your Aunty Bolu, God keep you.” She was crying so I knew they had beaten her too.
That was the last time I saw Mary. Okay that’s it for now, back to the present. I drive to Aunty mi’s gate and there’s a car outside. Who could it be? Turns out it was you. I was genuinely drained and I just want to have a nice time with my girls. I told the gateman to let you in
“Why are you here?” I asked irritatedly. “I called your aunt before coming and she said I should. I don’t mean to impose but I want to see Zara”. I was not even going try to understand why you had my aunt’s number, I just shrugged and walked inside the house. You followed.
I walked inside the house and zoom came Zara. I was already preparing myself for the human canon ball coming my way when she passed me and ran into your arms. I was mad. Look at this traitor! “Big mommy come see, this is my tall friend I told you about” oh wow what a betrayed
“Carry me carry me” she was yelling and you did. And then she was smiling right in your face. Yeah you’re a goner. I was mad jealous though, I mean she didn’t see me all night. “I wonder if Zara saw mommy” I said as I walked away. “Mommy mommy!” She started squealing”
I smiled and took her from you and hugged her so tight. Lord please keep this child for me. She smelt of fresh bath and baby wipes, Aunty mi came to join us and we sat in the parlor. She crawled over to somto again and was trying to explain which Bare Bear was her favorite.
Aunty mi laughed and said “yes baby, I know your tall friend.” Then she looked meaningfully at us “have you told her?” And we both shook our heads. This was harder than I thought. “Mommy mommy when do we see our movie?, I want to see the grinch” I smiled, “soon baby”
Before you go anywhere I want to show you something. I was curious so I followed her, we went into one of her guest rooms and there sat Mary on the bed. I could not believe it, I ran to her and hugged her. “I knew you would be looking for her since you got back and when I told
“her you were back she readily came.” I went to my aunt and hugged her. “Now go out with your daughter,” She shooed me off. “You and her can catch up later, I presume you’ll be going home with her?” We both nodded not knowing who the question was really meant for.
Then we went back to the sitting area and Aunty mi said she wanted to nap, she was tired. I was worried again, asked her if I should stay with her instead. She hissed and asked me to leave her house. God this woman! I picked up Zara and she asked “can My Somto come too?”
My Somto? Since when did you become-never mind. “He hasn’t seen the grinch either” she pressed. I sighed and agreed, I’ll let you spend time with her. We got into the car and you got in yours and we drove off. They ought to know Zara and I in palms by now.
We got to the mall and you parked next to us. She got down and ran off to you. You picked her up and put her over your shoulders. She always wanted me to do that but after the one time she pulled off my wig in the process, never again. “You always wanted mommy to do that Zara”
I couldn’t help but say. Jealousy was eating me raw, does she prefer you now? “My Somto is taller mommy” she said and shrugged. You almost laughed and I knew you would have if not for the look I gave you. The discrimination against vertically challenged people though.
She must have seen my face and told you something cuz next thing you were bending before me so Zara and I were eye level. “I still love you okay.” Then she had the guts to pat my cheek. Right now I just want to throw the entire child and you away! I had to laugh
We saw the grinch and she was super excited after. Then we went back to Aunty mi’s after playing a bit. Well they played and I watched. My mood was soured the minute someone called us a cute family earlier on. Like no ma’am he only just knew he was a father this morning
We got to Aunty mi’s and she was still resting so I got Mary and her things and I left a message with the housekeeper and we left. Outside Somto called me aside “I know this is hard for you but thank you for letting me be a part of this. She’s everything to me as it is.”
I just nodded and left. I’m being a bitch but I don’t know how to be around him anymore.
By the time we got home, my head was aching. I had to get her in bed, she has school tomorrow. She and Mary talked my ear off. Telling her tales of being her mommy’s nanny. When I went in to kiss her goodnight, I told her.
It went rather well.
“Err Zara, your tall friend and I were very good friends when we were younger. Err he’s also sort of your daddy” I know I know, I could have handled it better. But I honestly didn’t know what to say. She just grinned at me. “So my Somto is also my daddy?”
“Err yes and we both love you very much”. She smiled and said “good”. Good? What?? This girl 😩. “I told God he should give me a daddy in Nigeria and He did, I’m happy mommy” I had to laugh. “Go to bed now angel” “I’ll tell all my friends that I have a daddy too now”
I went downstairs to Mary, and we had a lot of catching up to do. There were tears that night and lots of hugs. She was not fired, she left because she hated my parents for what they did but she kept in touch with my aunt. I gave her a job because honestly, I need the help.
Her pay was outrageous but she deserved it and I know she adored Zara already.
Every weekend you would come around and hang out with your daughter. You always tried to talk to me but I kept our relation as civil and cold as possible. I even started letting Zara out with you alone
You were in a relationship with someone your mother approved of and soon there’d be a high profile society wedding. I’m not getting tangled into any mess. Then the day I was dreading but knew was coming came. My whole world turned upside down that day.
I was about leaving work when I got the call. Mary had picked Zara from school and went to Aunty mi’s for their daily lunch and tea party, except Aunty mi didn’t wake from her nap that day. Aunty mi had peacefully slipped from the world. My rock, my best friend, gone.
She loved me more than my own biological mother did. I drove like a maniac to her place and the paramedics were already there. They had moved her. Mary had Zara in a room and I rushed in to hug her, she kept asking what happened to big mommy and I just cried.
She fought cancer for 3 long years, did not tell anyone until she knew she would not survive it. I always wanted to spoil this woman not that I have a quarter of her wealth. But she’s gone. My phone was going off, all the major blogs were carrying the news.
I locked myself in her room and just cried. I trusted Mary to take care of my baby. I need to feel her one last time before her essence fades away. I hugged her pillow and cried so hard. She had so much love to give. God why?
The door was being banged and I heard your voice behind it. Did they not teach you to knock like a human being? I opened it and you didn’t even let me speak, just crushed me in your arms and held me really tight. The dam burst again and I cried harder. “She’s gone” I sobbed out.
I spent the rest of the day/evening dealing with press and media. I was overwhelmed. How rich is this woman?! People that I only read about have called, thank God Zara was in another part of the house watching cartoons, away from all these mess. You silently stood by me through..
it all and for that I was grateful. When it was 9pm, I had cried myself stupid and my eyes hurt. You dragged my hand and said we should go for a drive. I agreed. I still don’t know why. We drove for hours and even got roadside suya which brought back memories.
How Mary would help me sneak out and I’d come see you and we’d take long walks if your aunt was home. We’d end up buying suya and eating then find a dark corner to kiss and makeout, onion breath and all. One night a security guard caught us and we had to bribe him
I mentioned this and we both began to laugh. We ended up in your place, I still don’t know how but you had whiskey. I started to talk, told you how I was kicked out and made my way to Aunty mi’s house. “She didn’t ask questions, just got her car and took me to the hospital....
“She had me checked for major injuries and I deemed okay, then we went back to her house. She fed me and told me I was always welcome here, then she went to sleep. The next morning we talked and we decided to go see your mom since you were unreachable and she was in town”
“Your mom was happy to see her but when we finally told her what was wrong, her mood changed. She called me a slut and said I was I trying to tie you down” the tears were back in earnest. “Then she told me to go away because if she ever saw me around you that nobody else would...
“ever see me again. And she would show me what happened to worthless gold diggers like me. You had a wife already picked out for you and you knew it. Aunty mi took the threat seriously and decided it was best I left town. She said Sylvia Okoye is not a woman to be toyed with....
especially when it comes to her only son, I also had to think of my parents, Aunty mi might protect me but what about them? The part that hurt most was that you knew you had someone all along yet you strung me on. I didn’t know what to do. Aunty mi started processing my visa,
I was only two months pregnant, barely visible. She has a house i could stay in upon arrival.
“I stayed there and she visited as often as she could. She was with me when I had Zara, stayed with us for 6 months after she was born. Came back for her 1st birthday and every birthday after that. She gave us all we could ever want or need. I don’t know who I’ll be without her”
She encouraged me go to back to school, I got a degree and a job. She was my confidante, my everything and she’s gone” I was a whole mess by now and you just held me and kept whispering “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” after a while I moved away and just stared into space. I should go.
I stood up and you did too then you hugged me again from behind and I melted, I’m tired of fighting. Then you bent your head and kissed my neck. God that feels good. More neck kisses and I mewled, you took that as a cue and turned me around to kiss me. I have been dying to do....
this since I saw you again at the mall. You weren’t the first boy I kissed but you were my favorite. Your tongue slid over the seams of my mouth and I opened up, our tongues met and started an age long dance. “Hello old friend” I bet they whispered at each other
You suddenly stopped, “Listen Bolu, I want this more than anything in the world rn but the last thing I want to do is take advantage of you in such a vulnerable moment. Tell me if you don’t want this and I swear we’d just sleep” you were panting, oh God I still loved this man.
I just went back to kissing you. That was my answer and you lifted me, my legs wrapping around you as we made our way to your room. Right now anywhere will do. Clothes went flying and soon my nipples were grazing his chest, I was so wet I could make a kiddy pool.
My body knew you, she recognized you. Your mouth was everywhere, you grabbed one of my babies and squeezed then you pinched my nipple, I arched into you as I felt your other hand slide down and you didn’t hesitate, you plunged a finger in. Ugh just as I liked
I was moaning, your mouth swallowed up my cries. I wasn’t going to last, I never did with you. With your fingers still deep in me you slid down and latched your lips to my clit. I can’t win this battle so I let loose and came. I’m sure your neighbors must think you’re....
committing a homicide or something. I was still having spasms when I felt you. I spread my legs wider, yoga has its perks. I laughed, this was how we made Zara. You slowly eased in, “ohhhh fuck” you groaned when you bottomed out. Then you started to move
Me was not ready fi this! You put my legs over your shoulder and really started to fuck me. I was weeping for real, go harder, no slower, faster I was a heaping mass of contradiction. Then your hands came around my throat and tightened. Fuck he still knows my weakness....
“Has there been anyone else after me?” You whispered mid thrusts, “no babe, nobody.” Your thrusts got harder “not even Sean?” You asked with a sneer. “Who the fuck is Sean?!” I wailed? “Oh, oh no no he’s just a friend for real” you smiled and went back to fucking full time....
“You’re mine Bolu, always have been” normally this caveman behavior would piss me off but it’s so hot. Or maybe because I’m just trying to get this nut. “Yes yes, I’m yours, Somto please” I begged and you brought your hand to my clit while the other was rolling my nipples
You were steady rearranging my guts with that beautiful dick and I was your helpless prisoner. You reached down to bite my neck and lost it. Bucked and screamed and I came. You didn’t stop though you kept fucking me till I felt your warmth fill up me up. That triggered another..
orgasm for me. You just laid on me and I loved your weight on me so I hugged and held you there. With your head buried in my neck, your dick laying limply on my thigh and your cum slipping out of me. Even though I was sticky and I did not want to move from this moment so we slept
What the heck did I do? As last night came rushing back, I can’t even call it a mistake cuz at some point I woke up to give you head. Who tf am I?! I was thinking of how to get out of here without waking you, when you rolled over and straddled me. “No. Don’t do that last night..
“was perfect and it happened because we both wanted it. It’s been coming since we saw each other again so don’t do that thing you do in your head.” You were hard again, like right now? Do you even know how serious this was?! “Somto look we got carried-“ you didn’t let me finish
You smashed your lips against mine and I saw all my sense scatter and fly out the window. Your knee nudged my thighs apart and you slid in. This time it was slow and I cried, confessing a lot of nonsense I don’t even want to think about. But it was more than fucking
You kissed away my tears and gave me my nut. A king. I stan! We made it to Aunty mi’s house by 10. I had completely forgotten my reality. My parents were here too and so were her lawyers. You held your daughter throughout and did not let my mom near her as I sat beside you.
My aunt left everything and I mean everything to Zara and I. She had nobody else to give it to but still...I was in shock when the lawyer finished reading the will. I almost fainted, even in death Aunty mi still dealt us one dirty hand. Fuck my life. That scheming ugh!
“You and Zara only only get what’s in this will if you and Somto Okoye get married and become a proper family for my little angel to grow up in. If you don’t, Zara gets her share when she turns 21 regardless and I’m sure you’ll be happy you have let all I’ve worked for.....
“go to waste because what will happen if nobody takes over. I spoke to Somto and yes he would marry you. Stop wasting time child and make me have something to brag to the angels about.” The will goes on but yeah that’s the tea. I mean is this even how a will should be written?!
I could not even look you in the face. I was beyond embarrassed. I made plans with the funeral home. No cost would be spared. She would have the grandest burial Lagos has ever seen, not a senseless Yoruba party o. Just simple yet grand, I was going to go all out
My parents cornered me in the kitchen where I was making plans, “err Bolu, Who is this Somto fellow and when can we start marriage plans so that everything ma settle. Also he should sign contract o, so that he won’t get anything out of the will. It’s ours” OURS?? Is this a joke?!
My mom chipped in with “ehn and I will need some money so I can go pick clothes in Lagos market. You know the calibre of guests that are coming so it’s expensive lace we will pick.” How am I even related to these two? Somto came in with Zara in his arms. “Babe you good?”
No I’m not fucking good! Maami, daddy this is Somto, Zara’s father. And there will be no aso ebi because Aunty mi made it known the type of burial she wanted. Even her guest list was planned,” I turned to Somto, “please take us home” I couldn’t stand here anymore
We called Mary and I gave the staff instruction to shut down everywhere and the house is to remain closed to outsiders till they heard from me. We got lunch and dropped Mary at mine. Then you took us to your apartment again. Zara started watching Cartoon Network...
We go to your room to talk and the minute the door closed I start to rant. “Listen, please don’t listen to Aunty mi, I know you’ll feel bound by all she said in the will but you really don’t have to do anything, I know you are with someone else and last night and this.....
morning shouldn’t have happened. I’m not trying to ruin anything you have going on-“ “shut up Bolu” you snapped, “for once shut up and listen to others, you’ve been calling the shots since you got back and I let you because I know I have failed you. As a boyfriend and as a father
“but I do want to marry you. I always have, I hate that your aunt’s will is coming out now because you need to believe i want this because I do not for anything else. We made promises to each other, how if we ever had a girl we’d name her Zara because we both loved the name....
“how we’ll see the world together and leave our kids with Mary and your aunt whenever we can and take mini vacations.” I was crying now. “I didn’t have anybody planned for me to marry, my mother lied, we were young yes but we knew what we wanted. I wanted you then and I still....
“do now, I’m sorry for all you to go through. I’m sorry you had to do it alone. I’m sorry I failed you. But I want to be a part of my daughter’s life, your life, that night I ran into you, she called me out of the blues and told me to go there immediately. A part of me knew...
I knew something was up. Imagine my shock hearing from her after so long. She refused to speak to me about you and trust me I tried, and suddenly she’s asking me to go to Shoprite. “You might like it” she hinted. And then boom you’re there and there’s this gorgeous angel.
“My whole life tilted that night. You were back. I spent years looking for you. Nobody would tell me anything and your father chased me with cutlass when I had the balls to go and see them. Look you can forfeit the will if you want, I don’t give a damn, I just want you....
“Look I’d sign papers, I’d do anything I don’t care about the bloody will. Everything goes to Zara anyways, you know I don’t need the money, I just want to be a part of both your lives.” I was so lost, I sniffled, “what about your mom?” I whispered. “Fuck her” you growled back.
“She already made me miss 6 years. I didn’t feel Zara’s first kick in the womb, or kiss your bump every morning, I didn’t witness Zara’s first word or her first steps. I missed out of all of these because of her small mindedness, you think I give a fuck about her now?!”
I laid my hands on your chest, a small move to calm you down. “I want to give you another bump and actually be a part of it this time,” you continued “kiss it every morning and night, feel the kick, witness the first steps, love you, worship your body every chance I get.”
You held my hands and knelt before me, “Woboluwamitito, I don’t have a ring here but I’d out of here rn and get you one. The biggest rock I can find, and yes I am asking you to marry me, let me make it up to you. Please.” I couldn’t see past my tears, it was that bad
I was just nodding my head and smiling and crying at the same time. “Yes Somto, yes I would marry you” I blubbered, you jumped up and wrapped me in your arms, washing my face with kisses. “So will you and my Somto be mommy and daddy for real now?” A tiny voice whispered
We both spun around and you picked up our daughter. “I want a pink Barbie dress daddy” she continued. “With lottssssss of glitters” you were grinning like an idiot and nodding. Yup she has you wrapped around her fingers. This 5 year old has taken your sense for vanishing 😩❤️
The end ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Okay I think I need to add that “Mommy are we there yet?” Is completely fictional. I’m not married neither do I have a daughter (I hope to someday though). Zara is the name my ex and I were going to call our daughter if we had one. I’m 21 and the Somtos I know are acquaintances
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