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How Fascist based
is being used by Trump
to Divide the United States and install
itself as
#KochBrothers preferred government.
It is easier to Divide and conquer than it is
to take on everyone at one time.
Subdue and remove one group at a time.
Trump is using Immigration as his first assault instead of Hitler's "Jew blaming and Hatred".
First divide, then attack the first group
you want to destroy.
Hitler chose the Jews. Put them in 'work camps' made into 'concentration camps'.
Then used his 'holocaust' to destroy them.
Also sent innocent Polish citizens there, wanted their homes & property for Germans.
Trump gaslights the total population.
Reveals no plan for what he is doing.
Just makes up zippy chants to further his plan to divide Americans and set them against each other.
Regardless of what he promotes, he uses Hatred &
to recruit his
Once in a cult, people seem to accept and unquestioning follow their beloved leader.

Remember #jimJones and #CharlesManson
They drink the Kool-aide without questioning it.
"Hate" & Emotions fuel obedience.

Even when they are delivered the
'Blessings' from their New God.
Trump stumbled into the
1933 Business Plot that Republicans
have been working on ever since they were stopped
by #FDR.
Reagan was the first opening after he adopted #GeorgeWallace #Racism and added it to their platform.
#KarlRove and #DickCheney trained others to destroy.
During Bush1 and Bush2 s administration, they carried a disease:
#Rove & #Cheney
Rove wanted a #PermanentRepublicanMajority so they could create a #RepublicanDictatorship
Cheney wanted #CorporateNazism to fund Military-Industrial Complex
A reward was paid during the Trump administration with their continual goal of corrupting the Judiciary and making it Partisan instead of "Justice is Blind"
#Cavanaugh received his reward for working in both Bush's presidency.
Appointed to @USSupremeCourt
A partisan corrupted Judiciary was important to make rulings favoring the #KochBrothers and other wealthy companies.
By misapplying laws and rules protecting Citizens rights to vote, election $ contributions, working conditions, health care, water & clean air & union membership
These are all sponsored by and worked for by many giants in our economy.
They are not averse to using hypocrisy (or just plain lies) to gain their goals and advantages.
History, when studied, reveals the truth.
A few memes follow.
A picture is still worth 1,000 words;
Another look
Where it all began:

Expand the meme and read the perpetrators listed in red at the bottom.
Dwight Eisenhower knew about these plots.
He left a warning in his Presidential farewell address.

Very concerned about the Military-Industrial Complex and its use of Tax Payers Money.

Many wars later started to protect Capitalists investments.
President Eisenhower on how the military-industrial complex steals from
the hungry and the homeless

in 1953, US President Eisenhower said, "Modern weapons take food
from the hungry and shelter from the homeless: Every gun that is
made, every warship launched,
every rocket fired signifies, in the final
sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are
cold and are not clothed.
This world in arms is not spending

money alone.

It is spending;

the sweat of its laborers,

the genius of its scientists,

the hopes of its children."
This ignorance of our history that must be addressed.

Fascism and Nazism aren't just words.

They are powerful words that can turn into those
"sticks and stones' that can break our
This isn't about Capitalism, Socialism or Democracy.
#EconomicSlavery is a prison
You must make a choice.

Today, not later.

Are you willing to cede your Inalienable rights as a citizen of the United States to:


and #CorporateNazism and

#Russiagate along with the rights of the rest of the world?
There was a plan left for you.

to complete the job he started.

Unfortunately, because of delays caused by WWII and his early death this did not get completed.
#SocialSecurity still survives but Trump vows to end it when he wins.
We need to bond together. Citizens all. Country above party.
The only choice left is live in slavery under a tyrannical dictatorship.
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