How Democracy Created Barriers to Freedom, Happiness, and Prosperity

🔹I read back in 2012, that Zuma earned more than David Cameron and François Hollande did, and that his salary cost #SouthAfrica five times what Obama’s did the US❗️😳…
🔹Why was that? Could we peg ourselves against America, France, or England? Hardly.
🔹Time Magazine recently showcased the abhorrent divide between the have & have nots in #SouthAfrica. So isn't it despicable? That our leaders...
... are paid above their international pay grade, in the face of their voters’ poverty and misery?
🔹The Uruguayan President, (In Uruguay GDP per capita is almost 3 times that of RSA, whereas GDP in RSA is 6 times that of Uruguay) José Mujica, lived to serve; even standing... the lines at busy public hospitals alongside his people❗️What; ethics are different in South Africa? Here presidents are kings on an international stage? Funny that. I thought public officers were “servants of the people?” Not❓🤔
🔹Interestingly, The American GDP is 5 times that of South Africa. And GDP per capita is 10 times that of RSA.
🔹Now, what a real leader would do, analysing figures like this; is identify the factors that contribute to his/her country’s poor internationally pegged performance,...
...and those issues become the big to-do-list. For the “temporarily hired MD”, which is how Democracy theoretically works? Not❓Um, how do you suppose a “temporary” fiduciary fares?
🔹Well, it's been 25 years of “free & democratic” government here; yet all we have to show for it are burning cities, rampant gender violence, and murder rates, #FarmMurders & looming #WhiteGenocide, #Xenophobia, inadequate policing, growing tin shanty squatter camps, ...
...high unemployment, a lost youth, TERROR, and governmentpreneur looting❗️
🔹WHY? EXACTLY? Well, very simply; our nascent society, shows all the signs, to me, of there being NO TRUE LEADERSHIP in this “country” (what's in a name/word, ja❓)
🔹Huh; I'm wrong? But… aren't SENSE CHECKS one of the main inputs from CEOs and others in top leadership roles? Them who look out above the horizon; into the future; to the heart of a problem; and all that? Seen much sign of that around you? Nope. What does it mean❓
🔹Well, what incentive is there to look far ahead, when you only have a 4-8 year gig? That’s one of the main contributions of committed, high-impact leaders, after all. Whereas the whole system around us, appears to mainly support knee-jerk-reactive-fire-fighting-PR-leadership,
instead of truly effecting the change needed to build a sustainable long-term future. True leaders don’t make promises that never get delivered. They make things happen. The big things. The ones that matter.
🔹And that’s how Democracy “works”, isn’t it? That despite the “voting power” to put folks in office being in peoples’ hands; their only recourse afterwards, is “protest action?” Or court action by civil rights movements. (Very few others can ever even ever afford it.)
🔹Um folks, two room houses, with water & power, was the “political promise” back then, remember? In the 90s. How many houses could've been built with the looted 500 - 700 BILLION that is claimed to be the value of corruption in the state purse procurement parties, since then❗️🔥
🔹Now that that's been forgotten about by the vulnerable & unrepresented (aka given up❗️), now “free land” is the new campaign pompom. (To keep us distracted [from the looting?] till the next Election Day?)
🔹Isn’t that the crux of #EWC after all❓🤔 To “right the wrongs” of the past? But let's not mention the trail of recent broken promises, né❗️(When do they get “righted?” Back To The Future?
🔹Well, there's no solid plan in place for #EWC. Have you read that stuff? What stood out for me was the impression that once land is expropriated (read:stolen)that it would be “held” and THEN distributed. Er, really? Ala RDP house-preneuring?...
...Where councilors were “selling” them etc? The ones that actually got built. I know all about it, ja❗️ That was my first two jobs.
🔹I came across numerous cases of folk renting their new brick house out, as they needed an income; then moving back to the squatter camp❗️
🔹IF this “expropriated” land ever gets distributed FAIRLY, what then? Upkeep, development, & progress: how is that going to unfold, & be paid for? What will it mean for our economy? Isn't ensuring the growth, stability, & sustainability of a country the president’s main job❓🤷🏻‍♀️
Huh, EMPLOYERS of the state? Oh. You didn't know that was YOU? Well, read on❗️
🔹I wrote a thread on barriers to law & justice in RSA recently, opining that there is no real policing in this country. & why? Who might be invested in criminal chaos run rampant? Oh.Gangsters & thugs
🔹I mean, all these epsteinish-wing-men-types might fly into South Africa daily; to party it up on Long Street and at the high-buck digs at the harbor, before they get to the real purpose of their visit, ja? And even real tourists used to love #CapeTown ...
...(a female murder capital of the world❗️), till a few years ago, when it was still the island of brat town, and the food was still good; the scenery pretty.)
🔹Well, crime stats aren't reliable. Is it by design? We know women and children are going missing daily! Ala the global #HumanTrafficking #Pedogate #Pizzagate #MolochWorshipper mafia; blackening the soul of the earth at present❗️
🔹Who knows how big the problem even is? With so many cases going unreported, or mislaid. Let's not even start on the silent voices of the poor mothers who have lost their children, and without much help from anyone❗️
🔹Nope. “THEY” don't much care about “the extras” down in Khayelitsha or the Flats, awwe. I mean, them, like most people, don't even have rights; nor even know it❗️ As they were born into it. (As was written about before.)
🔹I guess this ever deteriorating, dumbed down education system; with kids drowning in toilets, is just a coincidence, né?
🔹#BBEEE or #BEE (who can keep track?) was introduced to “right the wrongs of the past.” As I recall, at the time it was expected to be a 10yr program. It set out to give black people (including coloureds and indians, who also suffered under apartheid) 1st preference in jobs,... give more South Africans more options to become economically active citizens.
🔹Um, well that ten year mark came and went. Is it because the initiative morphed into cronyism, and “middle men” tenderpreneurs; their economic contribution being little more than INVOICING❗️...
... And don’t forget the hefty undeserved cuts. (Funds that could be going into economic development, and not high rollers’ opportunistic pockets❗️)
🔹Did BEE achieve much of what it planned? Well, I still see the endless suffering of the poor everywhere. Don’t “THEY” ❓🤷🏻‍♀️ Well, I’d say many of the attitudes of wealthy Blacks, towards poor & destitute Blacks, are akin to those of #Apartheid❗️ As many can attest to.
🔹Well, are all these statements by the “leaders”, who rev up, and basically advertise racial hatred, based on anything real? Substantial? Like, not about PR tweet propaganda?
🔹Mense❗️ Have y’all FORGOTTEN where this (honestly recent) flurry of revived racial fury came from? Remember how UK Bell Pottinger were found guilty of those race-war-tweet-farm campaigns i nRSA❓ Around Gupta-Gate? To stir up racial tensions? But many are still hanging on, ja?
🔹And funny that. How Ma Baker’s Sons just got away scott free; unhindered in their escape to Guptastan heaven? Ostensibly. With a fair sized bag of loot, too; probably.
🔹Angry citizens: how about raising your voice more effectively; like to find out why the authorities ...
... have done nothing much further about these criminals? Why not ask your MEDIA why they’re not updating you on the “hot pursuit?” Or why there’s so little true journalism now, and just uncopyedited press releases telling us what’s “going on” in the world ❓
🔹You know; like real, good journalism is meant to be. Analysed and investigated. Looked at from various angles. Researched; including whether what you’re reporting on, is even legal.
🔹That an “investigative mag” like Noseweek can report (in sympathy) on the latest blows in the share-baron-wars at SARB, when share-baronship is bloody illegal, ja, is astounding!
🔹& not only are they clueless to this criminality; no one else even notices; few consequences.
🔹Family-owned businesses are often the most successful, if the family are running it. Folks are incentivised for it to succeed. Like a true monarchy. Where they don’t win, if you don’t. Honestly. Think about it.
🔹Is it likely that those exquisite French palaces and extraordinary cathedrals would even exist, if people were toiling in mud on the side of the road with nothing to eat? Like “his-story” would have us believe? Well our “democracies” can’t afford that quality anymore!
🔹 How do people think finance and income works, huh? 😃
🔹Well, they ARE so confused by fake usury based finance & accounting, that they don’t see what’s right in front of them. Like, that the wealth of a country comes from people creating it. More individual income, means more country income. Not?
🔹A true kingdom should organise the resources, security, law, alliances, advances, and culture of it’s kingdom; which then support the prosperity of the Kingdoms’ Peoples’ industry: mainly family owned & run businesses, (no unemployed youth then, ja❓Moms involved, but ...
... with more flexibility to give the kids the care they need too!) farms, etc, as well as the other kingdom run services and organisations. And of course, kings don’t need to loot. They’re invested in the long play! Like the family who ruled over the Orient for 650 years.
🔹Which should then also tie in to the leadership contribution of churches; who should also oversee social & community care needs. Such as receiving budgets for social work initiatives; like setting up warm tented camps, with soup kitchens, & ablution facilities, for the homeless
Helping them get back on their feet; like working in the church veggie garden that supplies the kitchen, etc. Those kinds of non-instagram-benefitting projects, that actually matter, ja!
🔹Well, you do know that it was because of the patronage of the Royals (The Ladies, mainly) that the art from those great “Italian” (See my other threads in the series) artists, sculptors, and stone masons was ever able to thrive, as it did.
🔹And how about the work and income they created for their people - all those beautiful constructions; cathedrals; gorgeous parks, infrastructure?
🔹Was that perhaps how monarchies ran a few hundred years ago? Beyond modern memory? Well, they left the buildings behind that hint of it; exquisite masterpieces, every one of them. (Doesn’t 60s architecture make you nauseous? It does, me.)
🔹So what might’ve gone wrong then? To our great ancestors, whose achievements we hardly mimic today, for all that “modernity.”
🔹Well; enter SATAN, let’s say .. Maybe after belts needed to be tightened, or something, and times may have been tough. Oh, after a massive world war, or something, perhaps?
🔹Might The Evil (see my #ThoughtInjection thread) have tempted God’s Adams and Eves with some poison apple, perhaps? Might that be a clue to this unfolding fairytale? Well, keep reading.
🔹So are these calls for #WhiteGenocide, to stop “the oppressors” (fascism always requires “an enemy”) based on anything substantial? Um, you have had a “free” government for a quarter of a century, ja? Who exactly is oppressing at present, then❓🤷🏻‍♀️
🔹Perhaps if I called up Orwell, he’d agree that the pigs are now in the beds up at the farmhouse, ja❗️
🔹Seeing how these SOEs & corporates flagrantly advertise for BEE ONLY positions. Just that now, Indians & Coloureds aren’t “black enough” anymore. Despite what the law says.Foreign blacks neither❗️Under BEE they're basically like whites, essentially. (Hmmm, #XenophobicAttacks 🤔
🔹Actually, at present, desperate foreigners are just marched in from Zimbabwe, (How did that #EWC work out for them❓🤷🏻‍♀️ Where's the SENSE CHECK, South Africa⁉️ #Leadership101)...
...which I hear some of the banks had “special” accounts and services for; but which only applies to these zimbos, along with efficient rubber stamped visas and residence permits.
🔹Whereas, someone professional, (but not black) who arrived legally on a visa, close to 20 yrs ago, cannot, after years and years of following; resending, and redoing his application, for permanent residence, get it done. And could even (as a “law breaker”) then face deportation
... for being an “illegal”; and even be banned from re-entering the country. Can’t access his bank account because of it. And why? With all the proof of the above?
🔹When “the law” states that you are eligible for permanent residence after five years. Who is actually breaking the law, without consequence? Where’s the SENSE CHECK❓
🔹Why is it so difficult for foreigners, besides unemployable asylum-seeking Zimbabweans, to apply for work and residence visas in South Africa? Is there a reason we’re turning away innovative, international minds who could help build our economy? Why is that?
🔹Well, neither they nor the zimbos qualify for all these BEE only positions. So why are they letting them in ❓Without prospects for work? Is that ethical? Where’s the SENSE CHECK❓
🔹Is South Africa saying that this land is only for its surrounding tribes, then❓🤔
🔹Is this even a “democracy?” (Actually, it isn’t. But we’ll get there.) Are all these actions just building new “e wekkas” for a new empire, or something? Once only Blacks are in residence? And the agendas can’t be blamed on racism anymore❓
🔹 Well; would a new country, fresh out of constitution finishing school, be serving the interests of its LORDS AND MASTERS: The People, that way❓
🔹 Isn’t that who a country belongs to? It’s inhabitants? Equally? Or some other historical fairytale story? That ‘em very first “politicians” promised them, at some socialist event, or something❗️Oh, who could even know when? Not this century; nor the last. That's for sure.
🔹Some yarn along the lines of, “Why should they rule over you? Look now, everyone is lacking. You can own this land, you know? Everyone equally. Don’t worry, you can trust us. We’ll give you MPs and local ward councillors to represent your interests. You’re the boss! ...
You have all the power! It’s only you who can ever vote in your leaders … after all …”
Well, they left out the punchline, didn’t they? Tough joke.
🔹And that is an an archaic term, “Socialist.” Nowadays, down in Babylon, it’s called “democratic bureaucracy”, ya know❓ That “red🇦🇱 tape”, which somehow mainly covers peoples’ mouths and liberties, instead of audits, admin, or accountability.
🔹What was that? I don’t know what I’m talking about? Then why do your “democratically elected” leaders refer to one another as “COMRADES?” 🤔
🔹Jeez, that MD shoulda been interviewed by @realdonaldtrump on The Apprentice, back in the bad old good old days, ja❓ When a lack of common sense got you fired on three strikes; like; especially when you have a pretty serious job; like...
... making sure your state-run hospitals aren’t burning beautiful healthy newborns to death in warmers, because serving boss corporate and pharma is where your rainbow ends❗️💷
🔹Which is probably why your ANC government of 1997 gave unconstitutional rights & privileges to inadequately tested GMO companies - in legislation; in other words, sold them out to those very indirect employers of many world leaders; setting up in a medical-chop-shop-mecca ❗️...
...Without telling you. Well, the IFP did question this; though I doubt much came of it. Democracy, hey?…
🔹Which is perhaps also why, from the time of our 70s/80s generation, till now, we went from “Oh my God! Did you hear that Janey’s friend from school’s mom’s friend’s sister got cancer! Can you believe it?”
To, “Oh, International HEALTH organisations tell us to expect 1 in 4, or 5, to now GET it.” Er, WHY? What changed? 🤔
🔹And man oh man, is that government gig a sweet meal ticket; ‘cause not only is there no real accountability to KPIs in this flicker-blue-disco-ball-drive-by “democracy”, but then the “government” that The People “elected” (um:hired) in a “free and fair election” ...
...then basically go on to live like Royal Chiefs, ja? Just without the required responsibility.
🔹And then after that hour in the line to “vote” every four years, we just head back to the salt mine for another term. Hardly much changing for the better. Many people disengaged; unproductive. Or jobless. This is democracy, then?
🔹And back to ‘em “democratic comrades”. Um, people of South Africa; a republic isn’t the same as a red tape democracy, is it? So why are we called a “democracy?” When our name is The Republic of South Africa❓🤷🏻‍♀️ They’re not the same.
Have a look at this rundown; for America, admittedly, but highlights the important distinctions to consider.
🔹You never wondered about that before? Oh. Right. 🙄 #ThoughtInjections still got you plugged into the main frame there, Trinity? Well, there’s a pill for that out there now, I’m sure. In The Matrix; isn’t it?
(Epic, allegorical movie, ja! Just not at all about what you think it is; ALL conspiracy theories notwithstanding.)
🔹And then this perpetually misfiring judicial and political system that comes from where, exactly? Oh yes; back to those scammers; who told you undereducated orphan kids (who didn’t get no holiday at all in your day, as ya told those “lucky” grandbabies of yours, ...
...when you was all grey, an’ they was all grown up an’ spending two weeks in the sun each summer) that “you” held the power. You got to vote in representatives after all. Innit? And never knew any better.
🔹So seems to me, that the main right #Democracy affords us, is the right to vote. (I’d prefer just rights, frankly.) But from a predetermined list; with many hoops to jump through to even get on it.
🔹And then, like I said, all that red tape prevents so many things from happening. Nevermind SENSE CHECKS, there aren’t even good old KPIs, like even an SME understands, and utilizes. Successfully; even.
🔹 So then, granddad; if they were telling you the truth; that a country belongs to its inhabitants, (what might a mostly leaderless world look like? Hmmm🤔)
And why is Our Boards’ (King? Were you joking, pal?👩🏻‍🦱 #kopkryp) temporarily hired managing director; meant to be SERVANT, getting away with apparent unaccountability?
🔹And, if it did really belong to us, would we be approving these bloated salaries for SERVANTS of state; without KPIs or high accountability? And if it doesn’t belong to us, who does own it? 🤔
🔹Well, some may say I’m cutting deep. Not really. Does it make sense that most SOEs are epic financial failures, in the gabillions, and yet there are no performance measurement enforcement measures in place (SENSE CHECKS) to pull the brake ...
...on this hugely criticised (with cause) #NHI proposal, which looks to me to be more like #HumanGenocide by injection, than anything more noble.
🔹And why haven’t we viewed Zimbabwe as a management & leadership lesson? Why are we just setting sail for repeating their (failed) history.
🔹And then the Brit “leadership” claim to be “backing” these kak decisions!? Sounds more like that kid back in the day, that coerced you into your first cigarette, really. Where are the SENSE CHECKS⁉️
🔹#SouthAfrica is not functioning! Municipalities even send huge bills for sewer services, backdated for years❗️ as they “just never” invoiced you for it, nor said it was an item you’d be billed for. When even any SME will raise their eyebrows and ask to see the audits. 🙄
🔹When at a presentation by the incoming mayor, he just states, casually, that he arrived to a system that keeps billing half the city incorrectly; as a mechanism for citypreneuring pros to fund their international holidays. (I’m adding creative flair in that last bit, okay.)
🔹Did you hear much about that criminal activity; in the press? Besides yearly platitudes about how it still isn’t working, but is being worked on? (Er, how many years have you still got left to give this problem a bash, then?) And I know that he said it. Because I was there.
And even spoke to him afterward. Where’s the accountability? Nevermind at fixing the problem, but what about prosecutions of the exiting looters, office of the public protector?
🔹Or is “protecting the public” not in the Public Protectors portfolio? Well, I prayed about it; but was told it didn’t warrant an answer. Where are the SENSE CHECKS?
🔹And can any legal eagles tell me, how it is possible that one can “win an appeal?” Without major new input? What are the consequences for the first crowd?
🔹Ag, I could keep waxing on about #FarmMurders, #FlagDepthMorality, #BlackRacism, the unconstitutionality of the RSA judiciary & SAHRC, #Xenophobia, #ThoughInjections, the theft of Africa’s capital through a secret financial monarchy
#GenderViolence, #Pedogate, #HumanTrafficking #FetusRituals, #CombinedReligions #MolochWorshippers #StolenHistory, #GreatTartary, or the fact that in a “Christian country” it is near to impossible to find men’s wrist rosarys anywhere, 🤷🏻‍♀️if it would ...
...convince you that #Evil 👹had ovverun the Earth! But I’m so tired of talking about all that stuff, endlessly. It’s on my page, when Twitter stops deleting my best old tweets, and hiding them from #searches.
🔹Well, chaos breeds chaos they say, which is why amongst all the pouties in the mirror; those essential persian cat eyelashes, plus the hypnosis of the men who are meant to be protecting their famillies, as well as the interests that enable that;
🔹Like safety for girls, if you want your little angel to stay one; and respect, and protection of women, if you want your wife to not get raped. (Growing ever more likely.)
🔹All those basic religious values that used to get taught in churches; when people still attended mass. (But admittedly, when mass held a bit more, er, mass.)
🔹Well, I’ll tell you what’s missing; in this horrific world; besides GOD. KINGS ARE❗️ To provide the SENSE CHECKS; as the people, nature, economy, and lands’ interests are their primary responsibility, and duty. Not “some job.”
🔹And that’s who the MD’s who run operations, go to, Ja? For the Sense Checks. 🙏🏼
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