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- my best friend’s lips 💋

Two college boys.
Taehyung’s a love and kissing expert. Jeongguk has never had his first kiss OR been in love.

So when Jeongguk finally lands his first date, Taehyung is more than happy to help.

Purely platonic, of course...right?
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25. win**

Jeongguk gently knocks on Taehyung’s door. Although being in the same apartment, the two have developed a bad habit of texting one another from across the house, too lazy to ever get out of their own rooms to communicate at times.
Taehyung quickly swings his door open, raising his eyebrows as a form greeting, and Jeongguk steps in to the all too familiar place.

Jeongguk’s far too used to setting foot in his best friend’s bed room, whether it be for a good round of gaming
or a late night out of spite conversation around any pointless topic.
“I have a question,” Jeongguk sits on his usual spot, the brown single couch to the left of Taehyung’s double bed.
“Has anyone ever caught feelings for you after you kissed them?” the younger tilts his head in curiosity.
Taehyung simply shrugs his shoulders “Not that I know of.”
“Cool,” Jeongguk isn’t quite sure why felt the need to ask, it’s just a question he had slightly itching to be answered. Nothing huge.
“How do we do this?” His palms are only humid. Not exactly sweaty, but the thought of actually kissing his best friend is only now settling.
Taehyung sits on his bed, crossing his hands. “First and foremost, have you brushed your teeth?”
Jeongguk wants to scoff at that, because Taehyung knows damn well he can’t go a day without brushing his teeth at least three times.
But Taehyung is serious, and Jeongguk gives him a thumbs up with a grin.
“All clean for you.” he says. “But hey, what if one of your ‘clients’ had like.. a disease of something? Isn’t that a risk?” Another itching question to ease the mood.
“I usually make them bring proof that they’re clean or sign a contract. No one wants to be sued so, I’ve never had that problem.” Taehyung’s expression is half-smug, one eyebrow raised and the corner of his lips pulling up in a smirk.
Jeongguk knows his best friend is proud of himself. He would be too if he were a Love-God.
“Come here,” Taehyung pats the empty spot beside him on the bed, moving slighthtly over.
“Lets get this over with.”

“Geez, Tae. Don’t sound so excited.” They laugh and Jeongguk takes a seat beside him, cracking his knuckles.
They eventually settle on the fact that Taehyung, in this situation, is playing the role of Jeongguk. Thus leading to Jeongguk playing the role of Ana, the reason for the two to be sitting here in such situation.
“Okay. So where are you taking her?” Taehyung asks and Jeongguk frowns, spread with confusion.
“To dinner, why?”
“It’s important to acknowledge the surroundings or situation you’ll be in when the kiss takes place, do you plan to kiss her at the restaurant?”
“Oh!” Jeongguk perks in understanding, “I think.. at her doorstep when I drop her off.” He flushes at the image.
He’s never experienced a relationship, date or anything of the kind. But he has seen far too many romance movies that have inevitably moulded him into the hopeless romantic he is today. Taehyung too often teases him for it, poking him lightly and repeatedly. “You’re a sap.”
He always says, and Jeongguk only flushes, slowly shaking his head with a light shrug. The sad thing is he can’t even deny it. He knows the person he ends up with will be far too spoiled and when he falls, he’ll fall all at once.
Sure he has a crush. But he knows that a crush can very well be a phase, so he doesn’t know what falling in love really feels like just yet. But what he does knows is that when he does, he’s in trouble.
“Hm... Oh! Okay, let’s go over there!” Taehyung grabs a firm hold of Jeongguk’s hand and quickly jumps up, pulling him along and out of the bedroom. The older positions them outside of the door to his own bedroom, facing each other.
“So, I’m you, you’re Ana... Action!” Jeongguk giggles, seemingly out of instinct, at Taehyung’s dedication. But Taehyung holds a straight face to which Jeongguk quickly composes himself, brushing a hand over his face. “Sorry,” he clears his throat, “I’m ready.
“First thing’s first, get the awkward conversation out of the way. You’re the cliché type of guy. And I don’t know Ana too well but, you’ll know by the end of the night whether or not she’s into clichés. You’ll know by the way she talks to you, her interests,
If she touches your arms, likes your horrible jokes-“
“- she’ll be observing the way you pull the chair for her, she may lean to wipe something at the corner of your lip or compliment your outfit with subtle touches on your arm again...”
It’s fascinating. The way Taehyung suddenly becomes this ball of knowledge when speaking of romance, it’s like Jeongguk could listen to him speak of it all day. He almost feels the need to pull out a notebook and a pen to take note of every wise word leaving Taehyung’s mouth.
“-and so you’ll find yourself in this position, right? And your heart will undoubtedly beat at an unbelievably high rate. At that point, you take a deep breath and you remember she’s probably as nervous as you, so you take control of your nerves.” Taehyung shakes his arms,
as if he were shaking the nerves away, and Jeongguk does the same in a learning manner.
“Now here’s my personal tip.” Taehyung grabs a still hold of his shoulders, looking him dead in the eye. “No matter how nervous you are, no matter how stupid you think you look or no matter what kind of absolute chaos your brain may be in, you Play. It. Cool. Got that?”
Jeongguk immediately nods, words noted.

“So, you’ll probably want to make conversation to ease the atmosphere, right?” Taehyung asks and Jeongguk nods once again, “Okay. Then shoot, what would you say?”

He pauses, he didn’t expect to have to speak. “Uh...Okay um.”
“Play it cool.”
“Right,” He clears his throat “So,” Jeongguk’s arm leans against the door, I guess this is your stop.. thanks for tonight, I had a grea-“ He comes to a stop when he feels a sudden light slap across his cheek. “Hey!” Jeongguk frowns and Taehyung can only sigh.
“Guk, you suck.”
“Geez..” he rubs his cheek as if he were in pain, “you treat all your clients like that?”
“No, but you’re my best friend so I can.” Taehyung reaches over and straightens him up, “Don’t try to recreate a romance movie. It sounds unnatural and rehearsed.”
Jeongguk suddenly feels like he knows even less than he previously did.

“When you’re in that scene, observe her. Give her a genuine compliment. Something you haven’t yet said through the night. Her eyes, smile. Whatever stands out to you in the moment.”

Wow, Jeongguk thinks.
“And then she’ll thank you and instinctively look down at your lips. That’s your queue.”

“Okay.” Jeongguk takes a mental note. “So then.. how do I just.. go for it?”

“Allow me,” Taehyung isn’t at all hesitant, he places his hands on Jeongguk’s waist. A familiar feeling
as Taehyung has always been a clingy person, especially when it comes to his large hands and Jeongguk’s small waist. He would snake his arm around his waist at times for no reason or even to begin their constant tickle fights.

This is different though, he thinks.
Taehyung pulls him closer and the string of warmth that spreads through Jeongguk at the body contact this time is seemingly different to one he has felt before. It feels intimate, and he tries his goddamn hardest to ignore that. Purely professional.
“It’s your first kiss with her, don’t let it get steamy.” Taehyung’s voice is calm and collected. Contrary to the mess forming within Jeongguk at the idea that he’s really about to kiss his fucking best friend.

Play it cool.
“Short and sweet. Just a peck, like this.”

And Taehyung places his lips on Jeongguk’s.

They’re warm and soft, they feel like what Jeongguk would have imagined lips would feel on his for the first time. The first pair of lips he kisses.
Taehyung slowly starts to move them, placing a light finger under Jeongguk’s chin and tilting his head to the side. His lips part a little, allowing Jeongguk to feel a hint of his taste.
Watermelon? He doesn’t care. He likes the taste. It’s pleasuring, almost addicting.
So much that when Taehyung abruptly pulls way, clearing his throat, Jeongguk can’t contain the small whine that escapes his own lips.

“Yeah.” Taehyung speaks and Jeongguk could swear he hears the older’s voice crack.
Taehyung takes a small step back, clearing his throat once more.

“Okay..” He seems to compose himself, “Now.. You have to take the lead. As in you are... you,” Taehyung sounds only a little breathless, “and I am Ana.”

Jeongguk swallows, his already pounding heart speeding up.
“Okay...” He steps foward, reaching for Taehyung’s waist. His mind replaying all the older had previously showed him.
He pulls Taehyung closer to his body and leans in, connecting their lips.
Maybe he’s already half familiar with Taehyung’s lips, but he doesn’t hesitate. Beginning as taught, with a lingering peck, then grabbing a gentle hold of Taehyung’s chin and tilting his head to the side parting his lips slightly and savouring the familiar taste of watermelon.
Before he knows it Jeongguk’s arms are completely wrapped around Taehyung’s waist, holding him impossibly closer.
The kiss, somehow, has deepened.
Taehyung’s hands end up resting on Jeongguk’s biceps, they’re almost breathless for each other.
It’s a doorbell ring that stops them.
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Jeongguk doesn’t know why he’s putting on cologne.
It’s a Sunday.
Sundays are lazy days in. He goes to the Gym, he comes back, he showers and he hangs out with Taehyung in comfy clothes all day. That’s what his Sundays are like.
So why exactly is he standing, post-showered, in front of the steamed bathroom mirror and stressing over the one string of hair that’s stubbornly sticking up and he just cannot brush down?

“Jeongguk-ah, hurry up I need to pee!” He hears Taehyung yelling from the other side.
“Sorry” he opens the door.

“My God,” Taehyung eyes him, brows raised. “Where are you going?”

“No where,” Jeongguk shrugs, “Can’t a guy smell good and look good on a Sunday afternoon?”

Yeah, that’s right, he tells himself.

“You’re so weird.”
Luckily, Taehyung knows Jeongguk well enough to not question his sanity. So he lets it go and when he gets out of the bathroom, he heads for his chapstick, offering it to Jeongguk upon applying it on himself.
Jeongguk nods.
They’re now sitting on their couch, side by side.
Their front room is small. It’s what you’d expect two average college students to be renting. It holds space, though, because they don’t own much other than a coffee table, a couch and a TV with some bookshelves here and there.
“So how you feeling?”
“Like, about the date last night?” Taehyung asks.
“Oh, yeah it was good. Um, she’s really cute and fun like I imagined. Super adorable, but I think my crush was just a little infatuation, maybe?”
Jeongguk looks up at Taehyung who very evidently is suppressing his dying urge to giggle, “Maybe you’re just gay, Guk.”
Jeongguk lets out a breathily chuckle, “Like you said, I’m gonna explore more.”
“Mmmkay, perfect. I’ll set you up.” The older nods, as if making a mental note.
“Please find me someone nice I’m not about to pull a Jimin and Hoseok.” The two love their friends, they really do. But the memory of them jumping at the sounds of Taehyung’s phone blowing up with panicked texts from the two, will never fail to make them break into laughter.
“Nooo, I’m gonna find you someone nice, I promise.”
Taehyung’s words are supposed to make Jeongguk feel good, excited, fill him with anticipation of what’s to come in the near future.
However, he certainly doesn’t seem to feel any of the above. It’s unsettling, the feeling.
It’s as if those are not the exact words he wants to hear.
But “Thanks.” he says, brushing it off.

“Don’t mention it. Okay so,” Taehyung straightens up and Jeongguk doesn’t know why but it makes his stomach turn for a only mili-second, before it’s back in place.
“Today, since you’re not sure about a second date with Ana, we’ll just do what I call the ‘kiss with the flow’.” Taehyung uses air quotes, looking far too proud of himself for the name he created for the exercise, Jeongguk shakes his head at boy’s goofiness showing itself.
“What’s that?” he finally asks.

“Well!” Taehyung begins, “It’s where we kiss, using the same techniques from our previous lessons, except you fully lead and go with the flow.”

Jeongguk raises a brow at that, his lip quirking up at the idea of being fully in-charge.
Taehyung, reading Jeongguk’s facial expressions, playfully hits the boy lightly across the arm.
”No biting, avoid teeth and don’t get inappropriate.” he says.

They’ve always been this way. Their friends call them ‘plantonic’. Jeongguk being the shameless flirt he is,
despite having absolutely zero experience, it comes scarily naturally when it comes to Taehyung.
He throws a cheeky remark and Taehyung rolls his eyes, mumbling a simple ‘shut up.’

Right now, however, as Taehyung positions himself, turning only a little more to face Jeongguk,
the younger is having trouble figuring out why his heart is beginning to speed up this way. Why his palms suddenly feel slightly clamy and his throat almost dry.
“Alright Guk,” Taehyung’s calm voice holds encouragement, “in your own time.” he says.
Jeongguk doesn’t want to wait. He knows they have the whole afternoon to themselves, not that it matters, but he’s suddenly feeling like this right here, kissing Taehyung, is kind of important. For whatever reason, he thinks.

He raises a hand up, cupping Taehyung’s cheek.
He’s surprisingly satisfied at the way Taehyung’s eyes flutter closed instinctively at this simple action. Lips already slightly parted.

He takes a deep breath, not realising he had been holding one in for quite some time, and begins to lean forward.
It’s his best friend, he thinks.
Taehyung’s used to this.
He’s done this with many.
He’s experienced.
It’s professional

Their lips touch, and there is it again. That feeling. Whatever it is, the one that he didn’t have with Ana last night. It’s here now.
Jeongguk leaves a sweet kiss on his lips, the taste being so familiar it’s almost as if they hadn’t only done this one other time.
He doesn’t pull away for long before he puzzles their lips together again, this time parting Taehyung’s lips with his own and savouring him, slower.
He can feel himself wanting more each time the sound of their wet lips hits his ears and he brings his arm to snake slowly around Taehyung’s waist, moving foward.
Taehyung leans back, his arms make their way up Jeongguk’s chest and rest around the his neck, wanting him closer.
The kiss deepens, both of them beginning to become breathless. The feeling becoming one of slight hunger for each other’s lips as Jeongguk now lays Taehyung down, the latter’s head resting on the armrest of the couch.
Jeongguk is too busy to wonder what has taken over him when he feels Taehyung hum against his lips. A soft sound he discovers he enjoys... far too much. They part away for a few uncounted seconds, breathing at one another’s lips.
Taehyung’s hand caresses the back of Jeongguk’s neck, trailing its way forward resting at his cheek. “Wow, Guk.” he breathes, Jeongguk can only stare at his lips.
“You’re..” Jeongguk starts, but he can’t seem to finish before he’s placing another soft kiss on Taehyung.
This time slower, lingering and still.
He finally parts away, their wet lips creating a sound.

They still, staring at one another until their breathing evens.
A smile makes its way onto Jeongguk’s red lips, “You think I’m good at this kissing thing?” He asks, voice low.
Taehyung can only laugh and lightly push him off. They begin standing up, clearing their throats and composing themselves from what was just the best make out session of their life, to say the least. But they won’t tell each other that. Not with how flushed their faces are.
“I’m gonna,” Taehyung straightens up, clearing his throat upon his voice cracking ”get some water.”

It’s not settling. Jeongguk sits there, rubbing his palms and attempting to do some sort of stretch here and there, composing himself, or rather, recovering.
Because what the fuck just happened? And why is this feeling like the best day of his fucking life all of a sudden?
He feels like he’s sitting on that couch for God knows how long before Taehyung walks back in. He wants to make fun of how absolutely flushed the boys looks,
until he realises he probably looks just as ridiculous, if not worse.

Taehyung hands him a glass of water, which he eagerly takes and thanks him for before taking a huge sip.

They now sit side by side, both staring down at their fidgeting hands.
Taehyung is first to break the deafening silence, “That was nice.” he says.

“Yeah..” Jeongguk agrees wholeheartedly, “yeah it was.”

Silence again.

“You wanna watch a movie?”

Taehyung shoots up, “I’ll go and make the popcorn.”
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Jeongguk isn’t the type to shake out of nerves. He’s what he calls ‘a pretty chill guy’. So, needless to say, the trembling hand attempting to line the key with the lock of his front door is perhaps making him question his sanity.
He thinks he’s nervous because he has a date in just over an hour. He thinks perhaps Jin-goo won’t like him, or that it could potentially turn out great and he’ll catch feelings. Or perhaps he thinks he’ll completely blow it and not do all Taehyung has so diligent taught him.
At this moment though, he knows it certainly isn’t any of the above. He knows as he enters and lays his eyes on a cross-legged Kim Taehyung sitting, emerged in whatever drama is playing on the lot up screen. As his stomach becomes a party of cartwheels and his heart
refuses to keep steady, he knows the exact cause of his nerves.
He doesn’t know how to encounter Taehyung. What is he supposed to do when literally the single thing he can focus on is the one feeling that overtakes him whilst kissing the older?
He has to get over it, find a way. After all, he does live with him.
And after all these years of growing up with Taehyung by his side, it can’t and it certainly won’t be THIS that changes their relationship. Nope. Jeongguk is going to suck it up and act normal. Yes, normal.
His inner self-debate is interrupted when Taehyung notices him standing there, “What? Did someone hit your pause button or?”

“Huh? Oh—“ Jeongguk notices how absolutely insane he must look statued at the doorway, “Sorry. I just, h-hi.” —
great, he mentally scolds himself.
“Are you ready for your date?” Right, the date.

“Mmhm.” Jeongguk heads to his room, a skippy Taehyung trailing behind him.

“Show me what you’re gonna wear.”
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“Are you gonna have that?”
Jeongguk had practically forgotten all about his ‘date’, if he can even call it that. Taehyung and him sit side by side, cross-legged on their living room floor with their backs resting against the front of their couch.
He enjoys moments like these, far more than fancy outings or crowded parties. He enjoys spending time with his best friend, the person he cares for the most, simply eating pizza and talking about everything as well as nothing.
Taehyung doesn’t eat the crust on the pizza, Jeongguk does.
Taehyung doesn’t eat the crust on the bread, Jeongguk does.
Taehyung likes his apples pealed, Jeongguk doesn’t.
These are only small and simple things about Taehyung that, for some reason, make Jeongguk smile.
Taehyung shakes his head as a response to Jeongguk’s question and the latter reaches for the bitten pizza crusts on Taehyung’s plate, setting them on his own.

“You know,” Jeongguk starts, “it’s odd.” he says.
Taehyung looks up at him with a mouth stuffed with pizza and a questioning look in his wide eyes.

“You’re this dating expert... and yet, you’ve been single for like... Wait, when was the last time you dated?” Jeongguk looks down as if calculating using his own fingers.
“Hm,” Taehyung swallows, “Simple, I don’t wanna date.”
Jeongguk has never sat to ponder on this particular thought. He’s usually so caught up in what Taehyung does, how he helps others find ‘love’ so to speak, that he’s never very much wondered how the older’s love life’s going.
“Okay but, have you been asked out lately? Has anyone made a move on you? Any casual numbers been slipped into your pocket? Come on, Tae.. at least a flirt here and there..?” Jeongguk’s eyes linger on Taehyung expectantly who shakes his head in response.
“Nope.” he shrugs.
A simple word certainly isn’t supposed to upset a person this much, right?
Jeongguk, however, is irritated. Only a little. “What the hell is wrong with these people?”

“Oh God, Jeongguk no” Taehyung releases a sigh, “Don’t get all pitiful on me I told you I don’t wanna date.”
“Nah, you’re this smart guy. Handsome as hell. Also, the best personality I’ve ever come across. Your smile is literally a blessing. Not to mention your voice, attractive as fuck. And then we have your ability to switch from the most adorable human to the sexiest man alive why-”

Jeongguk stops himself. Only now realising how much he was beginning to get carried away, if not already.

Taehyung’s voice is low.
The kind of low that, if Jeongguk weren’t simply his best BRO, he would certainly get unhealthily turned on.
He looks up, only to now realise how insanely close the two are sitting.
The proximity of their faces allow Jeongguk’s eyes to instinctively flicker down to Taehyung’s lips. He watches them, the sweet feeling of kissing them suddenly making its way back and burning his thoughts.
“Why..” Taehyung’s voice drastically changes from the previous low vibration of Jeongguk’s name leaving his lips. It’s now small, unsteady.
“Why are you saying all tha-“
“Can I kiss you?” Jeongguk interrupts before he can stop himself. His eyes still on the boy’s lips.
Of course, Taehyung is completely and visibly thrown off guard at Jeongguk’s bold outburst.
“Guk wh-“
“Not like, as a lesson just... one uh. one kiss.”
“Please.” he adds when he notices Taehyung’s expression, the older looking as if he’s having a life changing debate within himself.

Taehyung hesitantly looks away, avoiding Jeongguk’s expectant stare.
“Uh- um.” his voice cracks, “I don’t see why not.” The answer is barely voiced, his cheeks dusted pink and Jeongguk enjoys the sight far too much. But again, just like last time, he has no time to waste before he leans forward,
planting a gentle kiss at the corner of Taehyung’s lips feeling the latter’s fair skin barely brushing the tip of his nose.

He lingers there, until Taehyung finally turns his face, slowly, until their lips are lightly pressed together.
It isn’t long, it’s a savouring peck, but Jeongguk could write poems about it.
When they pull away, they keep their eyes shut for a few short seconds before Taehyung breaks into a quiet giggle, “You really like kissing now, huh?” he whispers.
Jeongguk’s leans his head back against the seat of the couch, releasing a breathily chuckle, and after a string of silence, he whispers back, “Sure.”

Sure, sure he does.
He won’t admit, however, that he likes kissing Taehyung only. Not right now.
They sit there for the rest of the night, watching the movie and talking without a topic until they eventually move to the couch and drift to sleep.
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Taehyung is half right, but Jeongguk won’t tell him that.
“You gave me this while I wasn’t paying attention, it was on purpose!”
“I didn’t know it would burn you!!”
“You didn’t even blow it or warn me!”
The bickering continues for another two minutes, both not noticing their friends walk in.
“First you burn my finger and now my mouth, what is WITH you, Guk?” Taehyung huffs, applying ice on his red lips.
It isn’t seriously burnt at all, Taehyung is surely making
it a tad more dramatic purely for the sake of bickering with Jeongguk, it’s what they do. Jeongguk made sure the sauce wasn’t burning hot and that it wouldn’t hurt Taehyung, only hot enough that he would begin to shout at Jeongguk.
And so now, Jeongguk can say this:
“Here, I’ll kiss it better.”
Their friends watch.
They watch wide-eyed, as Jeongguk leans forward and naturally places a kiss on Taehyung’s lips. Their gaze following Taehyung’s expressions change from mad, to taken by surprise, to semi-melting, and to turning the other way upon Jeongguk getting
back to watch he was doing, and Taehyung’s cheeks inevitably becoming a dust of crimson, attempting to compose himself and get back to cutting carrots.
in case yall are confused this was seokjin @ namjoon ft jimin yoongi and hoseok in the bg
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“It isn’t that hard, you know?”

It’s around 5:30pm. Taehyung and Jeongguk step off the bus, the October breeze hitting their skin as the two make their way back to their apartment.
“I just don’t think it’s a good idea, other people might think we’re like... together. You know?” Taehyung voices. Jeongguk doesn’t expect to feel affected by the words, it’s logic. Taehyung has a point, of course.
But something in him tightens when hearing that and he wishes Taehyung would take it back.

“Right.. but. Why is that a problem?”
Jeongguk asks, calm and genuine.
“It’s not.. It’s just that, I don’t wanna hold you back from meeting people. If others see us go to the Gala together, they’ll think you’re taken.” Taehyung responds, matter-of-factly.


“Does it make sense?”

Sure, Jeongguk thinks. He doesn’t like it though.
But he simply hums in response, acknowledging Taehyung answer.

They arrive at their place and settle back in, removing their jackets.
“What do you want for dinner?”
They eventually settle for Pizza, a shameless third day in a row.

Days like these, the seven would usually go somewhere together after classes. Bowling, the movies, another’s house, to eat out. Or even a park to sit around and laugh at each badly told joke.
Today is a little different to say the least. Something is plainly in the air in the house. So when Taehyung waddles to his room after dinner, Jeongguk stays put beside their coffee table, his mind contemplating what he should do with himself.
Eventually, however, upon having a highly perplexing battle with himself he decides on getting up, stretches his legs and arms, cracks his neck (or at least pretends to do so), and marches his way over to Taehyung’s door.
“Taetae, can I come in?” Jeongguk gently peeks through to see his best friend seated at his computer desk focused on his Macbook, he’s editing a video for what Jeongguk assumes is an assignment for his film class. Glasses on, dark hair messy.
Taehyung hums in response, and Jeongguk takes it as a ‘yes’, so he slowly makes his way in, sitting at the corner of the older’s bed.

Jeongguk watches Taehyung. He holds a light frown “What are you doing?” Jeongguk asks, attempting to make small talk.
“Just finalising my project.”

It’s silent again. Silence is never a problem with the pair, however, now it’s almost deafening.

“Tae... Can we talk?”
Taehyung doesn’t respond. He simply huffs, presses his lips together as if holding his words in, and pulls his chair forward, only getting closer to the screen to concentrate harder.

Jeongguk takes the hint. He sighs, Taehyung doesn’t want to talk.
But of course, Jeongguk is too persistent to simply give up that easily, so he presses on.
“Taetae. Please?”



Still no response.
Jeongguk begins to get moderately impatient. He doesn’t understand why. Why Taehyung is suddenly acting this cold.
He does the only thing that comes to mind. Gets up, makes his way over to Taehyung’s chair.
Jeongguk gets a hold of the back, spinning him around and without hesitation he leans down, kissing him.
Jeongguk isn’t in any way sure of what he’s doing. His actions are ahead of his mind upon a gasp escaping Taehyung’s lips. He reaches to cup the boy’s face, only to notice the latter responding to the kiss, moving his familiar tasting lips in synch with Jeongguk’s.
Taehyung breathes against Jeongguk’s lips when the younger lowers his hand to Taehyung’s waist, slowly raising him up, levelling their lips, not separating and pressing their warm bodies together.
As the nature of being wrapped around one another kicks in, Jeongguk feels a sudden pressure on his chest, and soon enough he’s being pushed off. Their lips part, the sudden warmth of Taehyung’s body is gone and the atmosphere stiffens when they’re brought back to reality.
Jeongguk looks at Taehyung, his best friend’s head lowered and his hair covering his eyes.
“I’m..sorry.” Is all Jeongguk can make out before Taehyung storms out, head still down, hurriedly making his way out of his own room and into the bathroom.
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In the entire lifetime of Jeon Jeongguk knowing his best friend, never did he imagine that the simple sound of Kim Taehyung’s voice shouting “I’m home!” would be the cause of his almost-immediate-death.
He’s trying to appear causal, with his feet kicked up over the centre table and an old newspaper - one he snatched from the between the couch seats - opened up in front of him. He’s definitely not reading it.
Jeongguk can hear Taehyung behind him. He can hear the sound of the older’s keys being set on the table by the entrance, he can hear Taehyung remove his shoes, jacket and the little sighs that leave him as he settles in.
But of course, he has to maintain his cool. The last thing Jeongguk wants is to have Taehyung regret ever falling in love with someone who’s a complete mess. What would Taehyung think if Jeongguk were to have a total meltdown at his presence? He can’t have that.
He’s sure he’s fine. He’s sure he looks absolutely chill. Not even a hint of panic in his expression. Not even in the slightest.
That is until Taehyung comes into view.
Jeongguk sees it all from the corner of his eye. The way the other slowly walks to the centre,
sits on the floor, facing Jeongguk and disappears out of his view from behind the newspaper raised up to his face.

It’s quiet for around half a minute, and it’s only broken when the gentle sound of Taehyung’s breathly cackle fills the room for a quick second.
He finally lowers the pointless paper, closing it when his eyes land on Taehyung sitting there on the floor, opposite to Jeongguk with his legs crossed and an amused grin on his face.

“W-what?” Jeongguk dares to ask. Taehyung shrugs, now crossing his arms. “You look hilarious.”
“Hey!” Jeongguk frowns. After all the effort he’s putting in to look THIS nonchalant, how dare Taehyung tell him he looks ‘ridiculous.’
“I was just reading the paper.” Jeongguk presses on, there is no way he’s dropping the act now.
“And how’s that going for you?”

“Incredibly well, thank you very much.”
He’s well aware of Taehyung’s sarcastic tone, but again, he will not give in, so he opens up the paper and raises it up to his face once more.
It’s quiet for another couple of seconds, then Taehyung speaks once again.
“Hm. And...Is that a new skill of yours?”

“What?” Jeongguk looks over the paper at the older.

“Reading upside down.”

There is no longer a point in trying, Jeongguk feels stupid, and he knows he probably looks a lot more stupid than he feels so he drops it, sinking into his seat under the gaze of an almost-tearing-up-in-laughter Taehyung.
It takes the older about one minute before he’s composing himself and getting up, making his way into their attached kitchen and casually opening up the fridge.
Jeongguk can only follow his moves.
He wonders how Taehyung can be so natural, only to remember how well he knows his best friend. Taehyung has always been admirably composed when in extreme situations, holding a unique casualty and simply going about his day.
“So,” The older starts, taking a gulp of his water bottle, “have you picked your suit for the Gala yet?” he asks.

“No..” Jeongguk is trying. He certainly is. But he’s not like Taehyung. He can’t hide his nervous fidgeting and the way his leg cannot seem to keep still.
And he knows Taehyung notices because the latter’s eyes travel down to Jeongguk’s unsettling fingers and leg but he quickly looks away, closing the bottle and grabbing what looks like is a covered up suit on a hanger.
“This is mine,” Taehyung grins,
proudly. “But I’m not showing it to you yet.”
“Why not?!” Jeongguk whines before he can stop himself. After all, they always show each other the clothes they buy immediately after buying them.
Of course, circumstances now are a little different, to say the least, and didn’t allow that to be the case. So Jeongguk expected to receive a whole runway show from his best friend when he got home. So yes, he feels slightly betrayed, sue him.
“I don’t wan’t you to see it until the Gala.” With that, Taehyung sticks his tongue out and makes his way into his room, closing the door behind him.
Jeongguk sits there for about thirty minutes, a blend of emotions dancing within before he gets up and he too, makes his way into his own room.

This was not how he had expected the encounter to go.

Jeongguk has a habit many have pointed out on various occasions, and that is to crack his neck and hop on the stop when he’s either nervous or finding it hard to concentrate. Although, on most of those occasions, the neck doesn’t exactly make any particular sound,
it’s just the habit of doing the gesture.

So that is exactly what he’s been finding himself doing for the past thirty minutes previous to Taehyung’s arrival. Along with rubbing his sweaty palms together and releasing long, audible and outstretched breaths from time to time.
There’s a quick knock at the door and Jeongguk stills, knowing damn well it’s Taehyung and that he’s expecting him, yet reacting as if, on the other side of that door, stood either potential destruction or complete restoration.

He’d believe the latter.
“Jeongguk-ah!” Taehyung’s voice brings sudden sense back into Jeongguk, realising he’d been staring at the door and not actually making any effort to move and open it.
“Jeongguk-ah, hurry up I need to pee!”
Jeongguk’s hand stops before reaching the door handle, the situation being all too familiar. He sees himself standing in-front of the bathroom mirror, getting himself ready for the second kissing leason he’d had with Taehyung
and the latter knocking on the bathroom door saying the exact same words. Not the most flattering nor moving sentence to engrave in one’s mind, but it surely leads him to shake his head at how oblivious he was then, not that long ago.

He’s here now however, fully confessed.
He breathes, Taehyung repeatedly knocking, and he realises Taehyung needs to use the toilet. Meaning this whole thing is probably not gonna start off as he had planned.
Nonetheless, he opens the door for the older, who rushes in, past Jeongguk, dropping his shopping bags and takeout on the table and heading straight into the bathroom, completely unaware of his surroundings before closing the door behind him.
Jeongguk stands there, arms on either side and feet shoulder length apart, unsure of what to do with himself.
He stares at the bathroom door, then at the corner of the living room set up with the fairy lights and their guitar. He looks at the sign facing down beside the stereo
and then at the television, white letters lit up on a black background, written: “Take your seat and enjoy the show.”
He wonders if it’s too much, but not for long when the bathroom door clicks open. Taehyung steps out, sighing and removing his jacket before he looks up and stops
looking at Jeongguk up and down, wide eyed. That familiar look on his face that Jeongguk can’t help but giggle at. The one that makes Taehyung look like a small, lost. precious puppy.
The boy removes his glasses and squints at the TV screen and the section decorated in lights.
“Guk.. what is..” Taehyung’s voice is small and almost inaudible. “Are you expecting someone...?” he trails off and Jeongguk can’t help but let out another giggle, louder this time, slightly throwing his head back before shaking it in disbelief at his best friend’s words.
He finds it funnier than he should, really. The two of them now knowing full well how they feel about each other, having confessed without holding back, but Taehyung still thinking Jeongguk is going to get suited up and set up the living room for a date with /some other/ person.
“Here,” Jeongguk doesn’t answer him. Instead, he grabs Taehyung’s hand, leading him to the couch, sitting him down and heading to pick up the guitar.
He notices from the corner of his eye Taehyung following his every move. From picking up the stall, to turning off the main lights
and to sitting down, one knee holding up the guitar.
He takes a deep breath. Remembering when they were just teenagers, talking about their dreams and their futures. What being in love would feel like and what romance could be.
Jeongguk remembers the day the pair sat in Jeongguk’s room, the radio playing in the background as their back leaned against the headboard. They spoke about many aspects of life that day,
and when their favourite song sounded they immediately sung their hearts out, getting most lyrics to I Won’t Give Up, wrong, yet living in the moment between laughs.
“Whoever the love of my life is,” Taehyung had began saying after the pair recomposed themselves, “I imagine them sitting in a fairy-lit room, on a single stool, guitar in hand and getting ready to sing this song.”

“Hm. Aren’t fairy lights too weak to light up a room?”
Jeongguk responded in thought.
“I’ll just like.. hold up a lighter so I can stand out from the crowd or something....Oh! And throw a guitar pick with my initials, yep. That way I’ll be remembered.”
“You’re a cheese.”
“Shut up. I bet you’ll be one too.”
“Never.” they laughed.
Now, Jeongguk watches Taehyung, realisation spreading over his face as he looks at the setting, eyes slightly welling up, then reaches into the pocket of his jacket that’s set next to him on the couch, getting out the guitar pick and the box Jimin had handed him earlier.
Jeongguk continues watching as Taehyung opens the box, an amused chuckle and a bright smile spreads over his features, shaking his head in disbelief when he finds a lighter inside. He takes a hold of it, “It.. doesn’t actually light up. I didn’t want you to like, burn yourself.”
Taehyung looks laughs at Jeongguk’s words and so does Jeongguk, suddenly feeling warm.
He remembers the last detail and reaches into the pocket of his jacket, getting out a permanent marker and handing it to Taehyung.
The latter looks at his hand with confusion for a split second
but it isn’t long before he catches on and takes it.

He carefully writes his initials on the guitar pick, a semi-shy smile still on his face, before looking up and throwing it at Jeongguk who immediately catches it.
They laugh again, until the room falls into silence once more and Jeongguk finally clears his throat, reaching down and clicking on the stereo’s play button.
The track begins playing and soon enough Jeongguk joins in on the guitar.
When the last string is played and the last lyric is sang, Jeongguk opens his eyes to a red-cheeked Taehyung holding a look of fond adoration. Tear trails on his cheeks.
Jeongguk smiles at the boy who he has quickly become so deeply connected to in the most extraordinary of ways.
He looks down, unable to hide the expression caused by the mess that’s twisting and turning in him.
He proceeds to pick up the sign, holding it up with sudden enthusiasm as it reads
‘Out of of the stars in the /GALA/xy, you’ll shine the brightest of them all. Please be my date?’
Jeongguk’s not even ashamed in the slightest when Taehyung laughs, hiding his face and shaking his head in disbelief.
He too laughs, and when they fall back into the silence Taehyung gets up, waddling to Jeongguk and taking the sign into his hands, proceeding to set it down.
“You’re a sap.” The older almost whispers with a smile, wrapping his arms gently around Jeongguk’s neck.
“Of course I will.”
Jeongguk can swear his smile widens from ear to ear, his heart immediately swelling up before Taehyung leans down and kisses him gently.
just ..
for those who don’t know, i don’t write smut


Taehyung reads over the text on phone screen, fighting the immediate mess taking over his insides upton reading the four words written from — he doesn’t even know what to refer to Jeongguk as anymore. But what he does know is that trying not to show how
absolutely flustered the boy makes him has become especially hard.

Taehyung, who would often dose off at night imagining a world where Jeongguk and him would skip into the sunset, hand in hand and bubbled in laughter.
Taehyung, who would think of all the impossibilities of what a romantic life with a Jeongguk would bring.

Taehyung. Taehyung who told himself Jeongguk would never—not in a million and ten years—ever see him as more than his brother, more than his friend, homie, ‘ride or die’.
And here he is, stupidly blushing at the equally as flustered boy who he stares at from across the hallway, looking down at the floor in a foolish smile.

Taehyung approaches Jeongguk attempting to hide his urge to smile widely by biting his bottom lip.
“Why are you texting me?” He says in a gentle tone, so gentle he’s sure only Jeongguk hears him within the loud voices of their friends.

The younger looks up, barely managing to align his eyes with Taehyung’s before he’s scrunching that nose of his Taehyung adores.
Trying — and failing terribly — to hide the deep evident fluster that’s caused that smile to be plastered on his now round red face.
“You were- you just look so good I don’t know if-“
Taehyung can only laugh, slightly proud of the effect he has, but he won’t admit that.

“You look just as incredible, Guk.”
Jeongguk smiles — wider if possible —like an idiot at this, finally looking dead into Taehyung’s equally smiling gaze, reaching to tug at his suit.
They stand there, two whipped idiots smiling at each other, exchanging compliments as if no one else is around although all are now with their attention on the two, jokingly rolling their eyes at how cliché the pair are when together.
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Taehyung isn’t one to toss and turn. Once he hits the pillow after a long day, holds his cuddling plushie close to his chest, covers his fresh sheets up to his chin, usually, he’s out right away.
That is, however, not the case when a lingering thought or feeling bugs him.
When something — or someone — is constantly on his mind.

He has, in the not-so-distant past,
spent a few counted sleepless nights inventing scenarios of reciprocal relationships with Jeongguk before
ever imagining he’d one day have confessed and been in this position.

But laying there, eyes wide open and not able to keep still, his thoughts are far from running off into the sunset with the younger.

Instead he counts the dreading seconds, minutes and eventually hours.
He waits. He waits and waits some more. No sign of Jeongguk. He tries not to let himself worry.

Jeongguk is a grown man. Independent. He’s out with other friends living his life. Having fun.
Yeah, he has other friends, he isn’t handcuffed to Taehyung.
He’s fine.
Taehyung doesn’t worry.
He doesn’t worry until he’s been calling and texting the boy for just over thirty minutes straight and there is no answer.
It’s late now. three fifteen AM, and Taehyung knows full well that Jeongguk isn’t one to stay out this late.
He begins doing what he was trying his darn hardest to avoid, panicking.

He’s leaped out of bed now, pacing around his bedroom, sitting on the bed and standing, not knowing what to do with himself as he consistently calls Jeongguk’s phone. He doesn’t have the number of any of
his classmates, he can’t contact them.

He begins to think the worst of the worst when a fumbling of keys is heard from the front entrance and Taehyung is sure he’s never moved faster in his entire life.
He runs out to the living room to be met with an extremely unstable Jeongguk, struggling to hold himself up using the front door.
“God, oh God Jeongguk..” Taehyung rushes to hold the woozy younger up right, dropping his phone on the couch on the way.
“Look at you.”
The older knows Jeongguk is heavy, he also doesn’t work out as much as Jeongguk does so boy, is carrying him a struggle.
Taehyung, not being able to make it very far with Jeongguk putting all of his weight on the older, sets the boy on the couch carefully.
Taehyung runs into Jeongguk’s room, grabbing his bed sheets, pillows and sleeping clothes.

Taehyung sighs as he gets his very-knocked-out-best-friend ready for bed.

“Why did you this, Guk..” he whispers, laying, or squeezing, next to Jeongguk.
“What put you in such a state..”
Somewhere in there, deep in there, Taehyung knows the answer.
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