Good morning and welcome to yet another #Brexit thread

Have just woken up this morning to see that the Government in the Lords backed down at 01:30 and agreed to give the #BennBill time to go through all stages in the Lords

So I'm going to grab a coffee and try to find...

the business for today for both Houses

And indeed, today's the day that the Lords starts on the #BennBill

No firm commitment on timing just yet but I will hopefully be here to cover it live

Speaker in the Commons just noted that he's not "looking for dilation"

How the meaning of a word changes in context, eh?


1 more MP for the Liberal Democrats



That's going to make for a very awkward family Christmas Dinner

Lol. Tory MPs finally waking up to the fact that the party voted in a demagogic tyrant as leader

"Something, something, leopards eating *my* face" reaction now dawning on the ever decreasing number of Tory MPs


Forgot to mention that the court hearing over prorogation will be heard in the High Court today


Jo Johnson wasn't messing about with what message he wanted to send. No heads-up to Number 10, timed to occur during the PM lobby briefing


Well, given today's news the smart play for Labour is to keep pushing back the date of a possible General Election and continue to allow the Government and Tory Party go into nuclear meltdown

Never interrupt an enemy when they're making a mistake definitely applies here

I'm having to bite my tongue so hard not to make a "--and Zoidberg" comment

Anyway onwards and sideways with this thread as events continue to happen in a week that's every bit as chaotic and frightening as I thought it would be (and then some)


Okay, I'm back from my hospital appt and have the Lords stream up

They started debating the second reading of the #BennBill about an hour and half ago

Catching up on when we can expect votes and when we're going to get the rest of the stages (if necessary the rest of...

the stages of the Bill will be dealt with tomorrow)

And Rees-Mogg has stated that another motion for a general election will be put down tonight so it would come to the Commons on Monday

Timing interesting as it's trying to exploit the split in the Labour Party at the moment on whether to go for a General Election once...

the #BennBill enters the statute books, or to wait until after 31 October

Smart play still says wait for after 31 October. This gives more time for this government to stew in its own juices and avoids any possibility of a Johnson coalition repealing the possible #BennAct

The question is how the Speaker's ruling on not being allowed to bring back the substantially same motion twice in the same sitting applies to this specific motion


And a vice slowly being tightened around Cummings by Parliament



Just . . . damn

Johnson (B) looking even less like a functioning PM, let alone functioning Party Leader

That's not what you do to your advisers if your want to keep your advisers on-side


lol, obvious joke occurs to both of us within two minutes


Incidentally, the debate on the #BennBill in the Lords is about as expected and is essentially a replay of the debate of the Cooper/Letwin Bill early on this year

Now this is a very interesting tidbit

Does speak very well to this Government's incredibly cavalier attitude towards Northern Ireland

Or to put it another way - just how much they don't give a sh*t about NI, the Assembly, or ongoing peace

Jesus ****

There is apparently no depths that Mogg won't descend to


And Mogg just doubled down on that in the House

Seriously, Mogg just compared Dr Nicholl's very reasonable concerns about medical issues and No Deal Brexit with the anti-vaxxer crank and discredited former doctor Andrew Wakefield

And as if #Brexit and #Parliament couldn't get any weirder

At this rate Mogg's going to be selling off his children


It's at times like this that anybody looking in on British politics would have to come to the conclusion that we've lost our minds

This week has pointed out just how shabby and shambolic things are as a Johnson government plays power-posturing...


politics that are doing nothing but destroying this Government and by proxy the political system itself

"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity"…

Apparently Nina Houghton thinks she's in Parliament to only represent those constituents who voted for her. Fascinating insight into the mind of this particular Labour MPs' mind. If I was her constituent I'd be querying her on this

Now this is interesting, and yet more confusion heaped on confusion

Precis of section (Independent still not doing links to specific posts in it's live feed):

Boris Johnson could refuse to implement the 3-month Brexit extension and instead resign

in an attempt to force a General Election that will either carry through 31 October triggering an automatic UK exit from the EU with no deal, or Johnson hoping he'll be returned with a coalition majority to repeal the #BennAct


*throws hands into air*

Okay, why not

Rome is burning so it's time to play that fiddle

Or at least some kind of music


So news on the appeal on the Scottish court case challenging Johnson's prorogation of Parliament

The Supreme civil court could release Downing St documents about the decision to prorogue Parliament

Judges are considering ordering unredacted docs from Downing St in...

response to Downing St supplying redacted documents in regards to the case which revealed that Johnson appeared to have approved prorogation on 15 Aug despite denials made about that

Justices considering releasing documents in the interest of open justice

And further information about condemnation of Mogg for his likening a respected doctor warning about possible deaths after no-deal Brexit to that b*stard Wakefield

And so #Brexit continues to deliver chaos and appalling behaviour by #Government #MPs in equal measure as the Government once again will seek on Monday an early #GeneralElection

And for all the new readers who've just joined the thread; welcome to today's Brexit political fallout

It's been a quiet day so far, and nothing of significance has or is expected to happen

—is not something that's remotely true

@mcashmanCBE giving a passionate speech in the Lords on the second reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill 2019 (the #BennBill)

@mcashmanCBE Broadside shot fired from across the (in this case) metaphorical floor by former Tory MP @NickBoles

Not pulling any punches there, much as Ken Clarke didn't last night in the Chamber itself


@mcashmanCBE @NickBoles So this is how democracy dies, with the giveaway of Irish Folk

...or something like that


@mcashmanCBE @NickBoles How I imagine anybody who's just started to take an interest in Westminster politics is feeling right now👇🏼

@mcashmanCBE @NickBoles Sorry, forgot the gif description

[[gif description: The Shocked Danny Glover gif where he enters an apartment carrying pizza to be greeted with a scene of complete chaos and the floor on fire]]

@mcashmanCBE @NickBoles And to pick up on the point I made yesterday about how the EU looks at the incredibly aggressive language coming from now-successive UK governments

Constant allusions to the previous wars on the continent that the UK was involved with do not...


go down well with a political union that in itself was formed as a way to ensure that such hostilities would no longer occur between European neighbours

It's a use of language that inherently tries to cast EU countries as being inferior to the UK, or in some way...

actively hostile to the UK when this very much isn't the truth

Incidentally the second reading Lords debate on the #BennBill is still going on

So far it's lasted 3 hrs and 37 minutes so it looks like a Friday sitting to deal with the rest of the stages is now a certainty (it kind of was anyway to accommodate the expected amendments...

during the Committee stage)

Mmm, actually this is interesting

In the shock of 21 Tory MPs suddenly being forcibly stripped of being Tory MPs I forgot that this has done something very interesting to a bit of Parliamentary maths

There might just now be enough now-Independent votes to get a...

Corbyn-led GNU (Government of National Unity for those gnu to this *insert George Takei laugh*) on the single-instance issue of ensuring an #A50 extension should Johnson try to resign on Monday

Admittedly I haven't heard anything from Grieve or Letwin suggesting that...

they've changed their minds on not supporting Corbyn, but the concept has to have a lot more appeal to them now that they've been cut free of the Tory Party

Think there might be some very interesting conversations between MPs going on right now and through the weekend

From the BBC

"In just 72 hours, nearly 200,000 people have applied to register to vote - and more than half of them are under 35, according to official government figures"

That's going to put the wind right up the Government


a lot of under-35 votes that will go to Remain parties, and then Labour

Relatively few will vote for the Conservatives

And the debate in the House of Lords has just reached the Roman occupation of parts of Britain

Okay then, this could be a long one

Keeping my ears open for when we reach the Norman Conquest

Interesting movement on the SNP position about whether to hold a pre or post 31 Oct election since yesterday


Aha, a call in the Lords to start to wind up the debate on the Second Reading

Although possibly occurring as a mistake of hearing or understanding

So in fact no call to start winding up the debate


On we go then

Okay, this is confirmation that the motion that the Government will bring forward on Monday calling for an early #GeneralElection is the same as last nights

Which once again leads to the question of the Speaker's ruling on Government's not...


being able to table a motion more than once in any Parliamentary session if it's substantially the same as a previously defeated motion

My instinct on this is that the over-arching constitutional nature of the consequences of the motion may allow this motion to...

be tabled, and therefore would not be to subject to the Speaker's ruling, but that's really just gut instinct

Going to be a case of wait-and-see on that one

And the supreme Scottish civil court has released the redacted government documents discussing prorogation


Aha, finally

Shadow Minister on his feet in the Lords

Looks like we're heading to wrap up on the debate of the Second Reading and something approaching a vote

And confirmation that Committee, Report, and Third Reading stages will be done tomorrow

Shadow minister asking for assurance that the Bill will be given Royal Assent in a timely manner without tricks or shifting

Meanwhile, Christmas Dinner in the Johnson household

"That gravy boat isn't a Government motion, Boris. You can pass it you know"

Government minister rounding up the debate in the Lords on the #BennBill

If something is notable about the debate in the Lords today on the #BennBill it's the number of times that the problems of special advisers *cough* Cummings *cough* have been brought up, along with the Government losing control of both the Commons and its own MPs

The question is that this Bill now be etc, and the Contents have it on a voice vote... is the custom of the House of Lords. They don't vote against the end of the second reading and the move to the Committee stage of any Bill

Literally today was the airing-of-grievances day in the Lords and it's hardly the first time

So then, that's the business of both Houses taken care of in terms of #Brexit but, of course, there's likely to be events happening outside Parliament so I'll be keeping this thread open to keep it updated

Which is the Johnson statement

Which isn't going well


BBC correspondents live are saying it seems like Johnson dropped his speech on his way to the podium and just made something up

Didn't hit the briefed lines

Interesting his statement about "I'd rather be dead in a ditch"

That sounds like somebody who still thinks he has something up his sleeve

I believe he has a window to prorogue Parliament from Monday to Thursday next week

We already know there's a motion for an early election tabled under the Fixed Terms Parliament Act for Monday

Tuesday - Johnson forcing a vote of No Confidence in his own confidence?

Wednesday - A Johnson resignation as PM?

Watch the pound tumble I think is the...

only certainty here

Yes, all the punditry is now punting around a Johnson resignation as the likely scenario

Oh Goddess

According to reports the UK went into EU negotiations wanting the backstop "radically reduced"

Word coming back is that the words being used on the EU side is "exasperating" and "disastrous"
And remember the Rees-Mogg controversy about how he compared the doctor to Wakefield?

The doctor's outside Parliament calling Mogg out and challenging him to say that outside the bounds of Parliamentary privilege with an open threat to sue

And what would one my #Brexit threads be without today's Brexit Thread Bread roll?

*from the sidelines* "Sensible!"

Yeah, sensible isn't happening. This is about Brexit after all

*adopts Futurama voice*

Interesting, if true


So, a quick catch up on things that have happened on a very turbulent day

Independent MP Luciana Berger joined the Liberal Democrats to become Liberal Democrat MP Luciana Berger - a notably better fit than a certain other somebody

Jo Johnson resigned both as a Minister...

and is chucking it in as an MP

Timed it to coincide with the PM Lobby briefing *but* interestingly did tell his brother (the PM) last night about it, and Johnson (B) didn't let his advisers know

Either Johnson couldn't believe that his brother really would resign, or he didn't trust his advisers with this news. Either way a staggeringly incompetent move from a person who's legacy as PM is just one long string of incompetent moves, speeches, and PMQs

The Lords jaw-jawed their way through the Second Reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill 2019 (the #BennBill) which finally passed through this stage on a voice vote after what felt like a small eternity

Outgoing MP Stephen Pound decided that the debacle that is #Brexit could only be enhanced by his giving away his CD collection


Labour MPs settled on having a General Election after 31 October. The leadership apparently didn't notice this and instead seems to be leaning towards an early election just as soon as the #BennBill becomes law. Meanwhile...

the SNP, who had been signalling yesterday that they wanted an early general election just as soon as the #BennBill becomes law are now apparently signalling that they want an election after 31 October

You'd be forgiven for feeling that there's an awful lot of...

people marching up, down, and back up hills, passing each other as they go

And Johnson decided to cap the evening off by throwing away his planned speech that journalists had been briefed on, and rambling through an unplanned disaster that saw a police officer faint behind him as he kept the lot of them waiting an hour in the heat before starting

Johnson claimed he'd "rather be dead in a ditch" than seek an #Article50 extension—

—and did so with an expression on his face like a man who just felt the world fall out his bottom

Or indeed a man who just realised that maybe - just maybe - he has nothing because...

his one and only tactic of trying to bully people has netted him a loss of 21 MPs, and then his brother, and then news that more Tory MPs are now likely to openly defy the Government on any vote if not cross the floor entirely

Exciting? Chaotic? A sense of things spiralling even more out of control?

Oh Goddess, yes

But the problem is that it's far too easy to think that this is a game. Certainly Johnson, Cummings, and Rees-Mogg think so and no time was wasted last night in the Commons to ream them all out for that

But it goes deeper than that

For the past three years the Tory Party has tied itself and the country in knots in a self-masturbatory and self-destructive act designed only to appease itself whilst in the real world👇🏼


Right now the only priority in Government Budgets and spending is for fighting internal party battles, selling propaganda to the public, and wasting money on contingencies that would not be needed if the people so desperate to be the ones at the top of the ziggurat just...


Stopped with the personal ambition of being The One

Stopped with the ambitions of getting good headlines

Stopped with the ambitions of getting a legacy that will last a hundred years

Stopped thinking that this is a f*cking game


This is people's lives and needs being left behind whilst the funding that could have sorted out massive problems in the UK is instead being p*ssed away by the vainglorious enterprise of a bunch of selfish pricks who long for the "glory days of the Empire"

And the Northern Ireland minister has announced that he won't be seeking re-election

For all that his declaration that this is a personal decision he is name-checking Brexit dominating politics as being part of that reason


And the Johnson/Cummings missteps keep on piling up

Somebody mentioned that Cummings knows and uses game theory

Cummings knows game theory the way a banana knows Bohemian Rhapsody


More on Dr David Nicholls and Rees-Mogg


Going to have to back up Clarke's claim here

I remember the pound being forced from the ERM and the political situation wasn't anywhere near as fraught or chaotic as this

And make no mistake, Black Wednesday was a fraught and chaotic situation


And tomorrow should see the ruling from the High Court over the legal challenge to Johnson's proroguing of Parliament next week

Now, I'm still expecting stuff to happen, and so I'm going to keep the thread open

But in the meantime I'm going to have a soak in the bath

And while my bath is running

If you like what I do I have a GoFundMe raising money to help pay for all the parts of my transition that the NHS doesn't cover, which is nearly all of my transition

Thank you❣️

The way that this Johnson Government keeps on screwing around an already stressed Parliament, the more I can see somebody snapping in the Chamber and lunging across to lamp Johnson or Mogg


*begins pounding head against keyboard at what seems like brewing trouble again between the Labour Leader's Office and almost the whole of the Labour Parliamentary Party*

Hopefully Labour will realise the benefits of sticking to the long game

Hopefully they'll realise the benefits of continuing to make Johnson react to what they're doing

That's what's undoing Johnson. He's got very little understanding of leadership or control so can be baited very easily

It's why he's looked so bad at PMQs and at the despatch box
Keep that going

Don't give him room to breathe or set the agenda

Just keep on producing stuff that baits him and keeps him off balance

If you pitched what's currently happened with the Government and Brexit this week as a plot nobody would use it because it would be considered too unrealistic

As in this


When the Government's own Chief Medical Officer is leaning in to slap Mogg down you'd think that at some point an adult in Downing St would step in to take charge

Hell, Larry would be a good choice at the moment


(Sat here in my jammies with a bowl of Lidl's version of Angel Delight—cunningly called Heavenly Delight and in all ways a far superior product, especially at 29p a sachet—and still trying to keep up with Brexit news)

My, my, Mogg, trying to bury your f*ck-up, eh?


It's all gone a bit pear-shaped for Johnson

3 working days of Parliament with Johnson as the PM and this is what he's achieved

You've got to wonder how Johnson will make things worse next week

It's a certainty that he will though


And it's being mooted around the BBC that Johnson is going for a Vote of No Confidence in his own Government if his motion for an early election fails under FTPA

Nice to see the BBC has reached the "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday" part of my thread


Right, if any more #Brexit news happens, like an invasion of giant ants, it's going to have to happen without me

Hail our Insect Overlords—I'm going to bed


[gif description: Simpsons Kent Brockman captioned as saying, "And I for one, welcome our new insect overlords"]
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