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Thread: Elite Human Hunting Parties

WARNING: Reader discretion is advised.

1) Is there an ulterior motive behind the new Hollywood films The Hunt and Ready or Not?

Why would Hollywood attempt to glorify the hunting of human beings for sport, like animals?

2) Are these films designed purely for entertainment?

Or is the #DeepState Cabal trying to desensitize the masses to this, uh, elite pastime?

Could [they] be trying to get ahead of certain revelations?

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Dark to light.
3) Universal Pictures canceled The Hunt’s release following a public outcry after the two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Ready or Not managed to slip by with an August 21 theatrical release.

It already appears to be a critical and commercial success…
4) …with a Rotten Tomatoes critics consensus score of 87%, an audience score of 79%, and a worldwide box office total exceeding $32 million in just two weeks.

The production budget was a mere $6 million.


5) But what if these films are closer to reality than to fiction?

What if reality is even WORSE than what these films depict?

Let’s explore…
6) Check out this shocking Daily Mail article from just three years ago.

"Could Hunger Games become a reality? Hunting HUMANS may be a hobby for the rich in the next 100 years"

7) This was on the heels of a similar article published by The Mirror just a day earlier.

"Hunting HUMANS set to become big business for the super rich within next 100 years"

8) Here is a more recent story from Medium, published in December 2018.

"The Dark Future of Tourism: Hunting Humans"

9) I think you get the idea.

Here's a thought that occurred to me.

Since Snopes is such a trustworthy fact-checker and a gospel of truth, I was curious to see what they had to say on this subject.

This is what I found.

10) My general rule of thumb is this: whatever Snopes says, think the opposite.

With that in mind, I have no choice but to take Snopes’ outright False rating with a grain of salt.
11) Here's where it gets interesting.

Q has hinted at the possibility that such nefarious activities took place at the Rothschilds’ former 13,000-acre hunting estate in Langau, Austria in posts #622, #664, and #666.

In post #664, Q cryptically asks: “What went on there?”
12) The Rothschilds abruptly sold this estate in January 2018, as reported by this Bloomberg article.

This was the only major news story I could find about the sale.

13) The transaction occurred shortly after Trump signed his executive order blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption, in December 2017.

14) Obviously, no mainstream media outlet will so much as even touch this subject with a ten-foot pole, but I still found ample info on independent news sites and blogs.

The Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult is allegedly involved in such hunting parties across the globe.
15) Venturing further down this rabbit hole led me to a story about award-winning actress Nicole Kidman’s father, Antony Kidman, who died of an apparent heart attack during a visit to Singapore in 2014.

Q post #634: “:Heart attacks can be deadly.”

16) But what is the significance of Antony Kidman, you might ask?

Kidman appears to have fled Australia after being accused of “the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring” by one of his alleged victims, Fiona Barnett.

17) Apparently, the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels (ICLCJ Court) was "looking into Barnett’s allegations against Kidman in relation to their investigation of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult."

18) "Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis testified at the ICLCJ Court that as a child and like Barnett, she was badly abused and forced to witness child murders that involved global elites...and like Barnett, was a victim of Human Hunting Parties."

19) This account of a human hunting party that Barnett experienced in an Australian rainforest - when she was only six years of age - is particularly unsettling.

Feeling sick yet?

It gets worse.

20) So apparently, Kidman and other prominent Australian elites were part of an elite Australian pedophile ring connected to the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult.

It seems likely that the Ninth Circle had him killed so that they could silence him.
21) The Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult is allegedly run by the Vatican, which indicates that the Pope is also involved.

"Two adolescent women told the ICLCJ Court that Pope Francis raped them while participating in child sacrifices."

22) What about human hunting parties taking place on American soil?

Were any former U.S. presidents or high-level U.S. politicians involved in Ninth Circle activities, or something similar?

These last few allegations I will share are incredibly sickening and disturbing.
23) Former Vice President Dick Cheney is surely a psychopath, war criminal, and traitor of the highest order, considering his involvement in the 9/11 inside job as well as the deaths of over 1 million Iraqi civilians.

But what if that wasn’t the limit of Cheney’s psychopathy?
24) Let me draw your attention to this LA Times story from 2004, describing a hunting trip in Louisiana involving Cheney and former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

A young woman identified as one of Scalia's daughters accompanied them on the trip.

25) Cheney returned to the airport without Scalia after just two days and flew back to Washington.

Scalia stayed behind.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I found it odd that there was no mention of Scalia’s daughter or how she got back.

Something to keep in mind.
26) This eye-opening story from SGT Report explores the claims surrounding Cheney’s supposed fondness for playing “The Most Dangerous Game,” i.e. literally hunting humans.

It also raises questions about what happened to Scalia’s "daughter" in Louisiana.

27) Cathy O’Brien is an MK Ultra mind control programming survivor and whistleblower who recounts her horrifying MK Ultra experiences in a book called Trance Formation of America: An MK Ultra Mind Control Survivor Whistleblower’s True Story.

28) O’Brien claims that she participated in “The Most Dangerous Game” on numerous occasions as a mind-control slave.

Below is her graphic description of one such experience with Cheney in Wyoming. Her allegations are extremely disturbing and unsettling.

29) Here is an excerpt from O’Brien’s book in which she describes another instance of “The Most Dangerous Game,” this time with her daughter Kelly.

This one occurs at the Mount Shasta, California retreat compound and involves George W. Bush and Cheney.

30) Interestingly, O'Brien claims that the Mount Shasta retreat compound was the largest covert mind control slave camp she was aware of.

With Patriots now in control, let's hope all such mind control slave camps across the country - and around the world - have been neutralized.
31) Though I cannot truly verify the accuracy of all these disturbing claims of elite human hunting parties around the globe, I have no doubt that they are true.

Members of the Cabal have been very good at hiding their heinous crimes - until now.

The #GreatAwakening is upon us.
32) At this point, it's probably safe to say that there is more to these Hollywood films than meets the eye.

It could be a subtle way for the #DeepState Cabal to get ahead of what's coming.
33) I urge you to think for yourself and to do your own research. Don't take my word for anything.

Lastly, do not despair. Patriots are winning.

I will end this thread with Q post #1884, indicating the great progress Patriots have made in shutting down the global pedo networks.
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