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@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O Also this whole eat local/end industrial agriculture for true "American small family owned farms" is bullshit on levels.
I'm threading until I get to negative spoons
1- EVERYONE -- candidates, their campaign teams, elected officials, the media, activists, scientists, regular.../1
@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O ...folks, everyone -- needs to stop saying the true American farm is a small family owned business. LIES.
The true American farm was ALWAYS a large scale agribusiness. Back then they just called them PLANTATIONS.
This whole single family running a farm is a fantasy created.../2
@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O ...by special interests to obfuscate the fact that the government has been propping up & protecting the majority component of agriculture in this country since its genocidal founding: large-scale agribusiness. Small-scale independent family farms have NEVER been the majority.../3
@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O ...in ag in this country.
So claiming we need to end large-scale agriculture is fine. Let's end it...how exactly would that fucking work?
We gonna have the state confiscate corporate farms and then parcel out the land to...whom exactly?
We're not an agrarian society anymore. /4
@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O Who the fuck is going to work those farms?
I know my Black ass isn't. 40 acres & a mule owed to me or not.
So if we're not going to go full communist revolution and completely disrupt the entire global food chain even worse than the racist rapist is doing right now w/ these.../5
@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O ...meshugenah tariffs, then the next step is to regulate the fuck out of them through EO while waiting for the farm bill to be negotiated for another eleventy-eight thousand yrs; beef up 😏 the fda again to ensure compliance; end up in court fighting them tooth & nail all.../6
@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O Do you think IHOP's supply chain just comes from thin air?
Or there's tiny-scale, by comparison, local family farms all across the US supplying all of these restaurants with all of the meat, cheese, fruits, & vegetables they use on a daily basis to feed 330M people?!
@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O Also increase funding, support, training, etc. for locally owned restaurants & for locally owned shipping entities that run electric vehicles & pay good union wages.
Let's build fast charging EV stations so when those batteries run low they can charge up & get back on the road/13
@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O Let's do everything else necessary on the ENTIRE supply chain to really shift our society away from large-scale dirty corporate factory farming.
But you also tell people-who haven't had a raise in how long?-those whole food prices will be the prices for everything everywhere./14
@Needle_of_Arya @FF_fanster @AnnAnnChe @NovusDivus @WolvesforKamala @LadyMenopause @Bowiegrrl1 @BravelyWriting @Ndreajess @ReginaA1981 @CaveGr @janna_bastone @PeachyKnitter62 @mitchellscomet @VeeCeeMurphy76 @WillieEverstop @michellem @saradani @Ludovicleroi @matryoskadoll @SoFearMe @BeninBiloxi @Rosiecvec @bbowers73 @pissyrabbit @mollylyons @Kamalaallday @Kacey325 @lindzlizbeth @ladyasrai @ccotenj @return_carriage @andi_general @odetteroulette @Kristina_Why @notswedish1 @DiogenesTerp @PrincessMeerk @Like_H2O But as angry & tired & depressed & freaked the fuck out I am (& everyone else with at least 1 working brain cell should be) over climate change, we ALSO need to speak truth on it.
ESPECIALLY when it comes to our food supply chain.
(& I didn't even touch imported food. 😏 )
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