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1. A primer on the history of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran
#MEK #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
2. Anyone who remembers Iran in the 1950s and 1960s can attest that it was an era marked by severe repression against the dissidents and political activists. Through his brutal secret police, the Savak, Pahlavi had established an iron-fisted rule. #MEK #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
3. It was under these circumstances that on September 6, 1965, 3 Iranian intellectuals, M.Hanifnejad, S.Mohsen and A.A.Badizadegan, founded a new opposition movement that later became the PMOI, D principal & longest-standing Iranian opposition movement. #MEK54 #MEK #WeSupportMEK
4. Staying true to these principles, which were unprecedented in the Iranian history, the founders of the #MEK embarked on a long journey to establish freedom and democracy in their country. And they paid a heavy price to defend the rights of their people. #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
5. The Savak arrested more than 80% of MEK’s members. Hanifnejad & D other leaders of the #MEK refused to turn their back on their ideals & their dreams 4freedom, 4 which they made D ultimate sacrifice. On May 25,1972, Shah’s regime executed the leaders. #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
6. Of all the leading members of the #MEK, only Massoud Rajavi was spared. He was saved from imminent death thanks to an international campaign by his brother, Kazem Rajavi. Kazem, who was a renowned jurist and politician in Switzerland. #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
7. In September 1975, the #MEK was still recovering in the after the Shah dictatorship executed most of its leadership cadre. Of the elite members of the MEK, only Massoud Rajavi remained, and he was isolated in the dungeons of the Shah. #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
8. During this period, a separatist Maoist group tried to change the ideology of the #MEK and hijack its name and emblem.
To drive its point and further its goal, the separatist group went as far as intimidating and oppressing MEK members who remained… #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
9. loyal to the organization’s true mindset and ideology. The separatists murdered Majid Sharif Vaghefi, one of the senior members of the #MEK outside of prison who refused to accept their twisted ideology. #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
10. On January 20, 1979, Massoud Rajavi and other leading members of the #MEK were released from Shah’s prisons. Merely a month later, the monarchy collapsed, and a new era began in Iran. #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
11. 1979-1981: Peaceful protest against the religious fascism of the mullahs. Less than two years after the 1979 Revolution, the #MEK become the largest political movement in Iran.
#WeSupportMEK #MEK54
12. The dark terror of the Khomeini regime and the founding of the NCRI
On the morrow of the June 20 demonstration, the Iranian regime launched a ruthless crackdown against all opposition forces, especially the supporters and members of the #MEK. #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
13. 1985: The rise of women in leadership roles in #MEK.
In the six years that had followed the 1979 revolution, the female members of the MEK had proven that women were at the forefront of the all-out resistance against the religious and misogynistic rule of Khomeini.
14. Eventually, on March 10, 1985, women found their true place in the ranks of the Mojahedin when Maryam Azdanlou (Rajavi) became the co-secretary general of the organization. #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
On March 10, 1985, Maryam Azdanlou (Rajavi) is named co-leader of the #MEK
15. On June 7, 1986,under pressure from the French government,which was deeply engaged in dealings with the Iranian regime, Mr.Rajavi left France for Iraq, where he founded the National Liberation Army on June 20, 1987. Major force against the Iranian regime. #WeSupportMEK #MEK54
16. On July,88,D regime began a mass purge of its prisons from political prisoners,executing anyone who refused 2 repent their opposition 2D rule of Khomeini.This was a genocide,a crime against humanity without precedent,which became known as D 1988 massacre.
#WeSupportMEK #MEK54
17. During D 1990s,western states engaged in a new drive of rapprochement toward D Iranian regime,hoping they could preserve their economic interests & avoid D obvious threats emanating from Tehran. Naturally,it was the Iranian ppl & D #MEK that paid D price of this failed policy
18. In 2009, EU removed the #MEK from its list of terrorist organizations. In the years that followed, US judiciary declared that the MEK had been wrongly designated as a terrorist group and in 2012, the U.S. State Department removed the label. Canada & Australia also removed..
19. 2016-2018: MEK’s relocation to Albania &
In 2016, while the Iranian regime & its Iraqi proxies were trying to exterminate the #MEK in Iraq, an international effort led by Mrs. Rajavi, succeeded in relocating all members of the organization to Albania. #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
20. What is the PMOI’s message for the younger generation? What is the PMOI's message today for the younger generation? What message does it carry for the Iranian society at large as it begins its 55th year of existence?
#MEK #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
21. The message is clearly this:
- It is possible to break the chains of repression and exploitation.
- It is possible to liberate society from gender discrimination and to create new arrangements based on gender equality and human solidarity. #MEK #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
22.Freedom & justice are mutually necessary. It's possible 2 establish freedom,justice & equality
#MEK has risen 2 realize this goal.
It is possible 2 have a genuine antithesis,based on democratic Islam,2 ignorance,superstition & reactionary thought disguised in D cloak of Islam
23. Having compensated for the shortcomings of the revolutions of the past century, the Iranian Resistance rises to the challenges of the 21st century and has flourished in the course of its struggle for freedom and equality.
#MEK #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
24. This is the movement and ideal of youths who have formed Resistance Units inside Iran, who have kept the flames of Iran’s uprising alight, & are waging resistance in every city across the country and inside the cells and wards of Khamenei’s prisons. #MEK #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
25. Neither then, nor now has there ever been even D slightest possibility that the #MEK would give up on their plan for freedom and popular sovereignty and the overthrow of the mullahs’ religious dictatorship. & this is a source of pride that illuminates the history of the MEK..
26. They have endured captivity in prison cages and coffins; during the 1988 massacre, they proudly went to the gallows by the thousands; they lied down in front of Humvees and bulldozers in Ashraf; #MEK #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
27. Their bodies were hanged from the cliff of Charzebar & from beams in half-constructed buildings in cities across Iran; but there never was even D slightest possibility that they would give up their fight. They will not do so until D day Iran is free. #MEK #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
28. In the contemporary history of Iran, the #MEK is known for their commitment to carry any burden on their bloody shoulders that is necessary for the advancement of this struggle. Yes, this is the mission and responsibility of our times. #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
29. I want to give assurances to the ppl of Iran that the #MEK is capable of overthrowing the regime by relying on their own ppl. They are capable of replacing religious tyranny with freedom, democracy, & separation of religion & state... #MEK54 #WeSupportMEK
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