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taekook au ;

to help pay for graduate school, taehyung decides to take on a part time job as a housekeeper at a mansion on the wealthy side of town; he doesn’t expect to become so attached to its cute owner & single dad, jungkook and his little son

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Taehyung double checked the address on his phone before looking up at the mansion in front of him. To say it was large would be an understatement; with its gray & tan stoned driveway and tall, swaying palm trees, this was easily one of the most beautiful houses he had ever seen.
He walked up to the ornate mahogany door, taking in the intricate patterns carved into the wood, marveling at the level of detail that went into it. He rang the doorbell once, twice before turning the doorknob, surprised that it was unlocked.

He looked down at his phone again
rereading the name before calling out into the house, “Mr Jeon?Jungkook?” His own voice echoed off the marble floors and tiled walls.

When no one answered, he quickly became distracted by the modern interior decor. As a student of interior design and architecture himself, he
was intrigued by the expensive and classy pieces that adorned the expansive first floor of the house. He was studying a sculpture on one of the side tables when he heard a small voice drifting from upstairs, he froze immediately, waiting to see where it was coming from.
He followed the sound of soft whimpers upstairs and opened the door to the room. His eyes immediately focused on the canopy bed in the center of the room, on which a young boy was sitting wrapped in multiple blankets & surrounded by tissue boxes.

Taehyung immediately went to the
side of the bed, resting a hand on the boy’s forehead. “W-where’s Dada? Who are y-you?” He cried out.

Taehyung gently rubbed his back, “Sorry for just barging in little guy, I heard you crying. My name is Taehyung, you can call me Tae. I’m your new housekeeper. Wait, Jungkook’s
your dad right?”

The boy looked up at him with watery eyes and a pout, “Yes, he’s my dad. You won’t be mean like the old housekeeper, right?”

Taehyung cooed at the words of the younger, “Of course not, I’ll take care of you and your house. Are you sick?”

The boy just nodded.
“Where’s you dad?”

“He just left to get me medicine, but my head is hurting a lot.” He brought a small hand to his temple. Taehyung massaged the spot gently, before leaning down to whisper

“How about I make you some warm soup & tell you a bed time story until you fall asleep?”
That’s how he found himself fumbling in the kitchen downstairs, digging through the stocked fridge for vegetables. His fascination with the ornate house furniture quickly forgotten as concern for the little boy took over.

Taehyung could help it. He always had a soft spot for
children, being the only child growing up. He knew once he was stable enough to adopt one of his own, he would. There was nothing more he wanted than to be a father.

He found himself spoon feeding the sick child soup little by little, until the boy exclaimed how yummy it was.
Taehyung smiled, “I’m glad you liked my cooking kiddo. Now let’s tell you you’re story so you can sleep.”

“But I don’t wanna sleep,” the boy whined, crossing his arms, “it’s not even night time yet.”

Taehyung held his hands up, “Fine, fine. You don’t have to sleep. Just listen”
He found a toy chest in the corner of the room, rummaging through it for props, a few stuffed animals, figurines, and toy cars. He gathered them and lined them up along the edge of the bed, kneeling besides the boy, as the younger eagerly looked at the toys.

“Once upon a time”
Tae marveled at his own ability to craft a story on the spot, as he concluded it a few minutes later, “And that’s how Mr Tiger ended up saving the day.” He looked over at the boy now, who’s eyelids had shut and soft snores could be heard leaving his pared mouth.

His plan had
worked. He had remembered his mother’s advice about the best remedy for colds. “A warm bowl of sleep & lots of sleep, no medicine needed.” He tucked the boy in gently, before turning to leave, closing the door behind him softly.

He figured not the boy & his dad could use the
rest of the day to rest. He’d be back tomorrow.


That night as he finished up his readings & assignments for the next day, his phone buzzed with several text messages from Jungkook.

‘Taehyung! I’m so sorry I missed you earlier, I should have let you know I was stepping out to
grab medicine for Cho Gi’s cold. Thank you for making him soup and putting him back to bed. He woke up just now feeling so much better, and he can’t stop telling me the story his ‘uncle tae’ told him. Anyways, if he feels well enough tomorrow, I’ll drop him off to school then
you can drop by again. I can’t wait to meet my son’s new superhero.”

Taehyung smiled as he scrolled through the messages. He had been really nervous about taking up this job, he was worried he’d feel humiliated or unwelcome, but having met Cho Gi and reading Jungkook’s texts, he
was content with his decision and excited even. It would be good to be around people, as Tae had left his family & friends behind in his hometown to finish up his graduate studies in the city. He missed having people around, people that he cared about & loved.

This would help.
The next morning, soon after finishing His morning classes, he hopped onto his bicycle and began peddling towards the familiar house.

This time he paused to catch his breath and pat down his disheveled hair before ringing the door bell. Soon after, the door swung open to reveal
a very young and very cute man, dressed in casual gray sweatpants and a baggy hoody. The other broke into a wide grin that made Tae’s heart flutter at the sight.

“Ah, Taehyung? Welcome, I’m Jungkook. Please come in.” He motioned for Taehyung to follow him.

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When Jungkook had put in the online ad for a housekeeper, he had expected an elderly sweet lady or man to answer the call. He definitely did not expect a handsome man his own age with perfect silver hair & smooth tan skin. But there he was, seated across from him, smiling warmly.
“Sorry again about yesterday, Taehyung” he began.

Taehyung cut him off, “Please you don’t have to apologize, and you can call me Tae.”

And then he flashed it again, that brilliant smile, that could light up even the darkest rooms. Jungkook cleared his throat, “So Tae, thank you
for answering my ad. As you might have already noticed, I’m a single dad. My own father passed down his company to me & retired recently so I’ve been struggling to keep up with all my responsibilities, especially cooking and cleaning this house. I hope you can help with that?”
Tae nodded solemnly, “Of course sir, and I’m sorry about your wife.”

Jungkook giggles, “Please call me Jungkook, we look about the same age anyway. And don’t be sorry about my wife, I don’t have one.”

Taehyung’s mouth hung open, he’d thought the other was divorced, not a widow.
“Oh Jungkook I’m sorry for your loss. She’s in a better place.”

This caused Jungkook to break into a louder fit of laughter, clutching at his stomach, leaving Taehyung confused.

“Tae! I’ve never been married, I don’t have a wife. I was just really reckless in my last year of
university, went to a lot of parties, got blacked out drunk every night, and slept around with countless guys & girls.”

Tae’s mouth formed into a small ‘o’ before he felt his cheeks warm up at the “guys & girls” part.

“Anyways, Cho Gi was probably the result of one of my one
night stands. The mother never cared to identify herself, and one day I found 10-month old Cho Gi on my doorstep, with just a small note that said ‘please take care of him’. I took one look at the cutie’s chubby cheeks and round, curious eyes & I was a goner. I took him in &
raised him myself.”

Taehyung smiled at how softly Jungkook’s voice got as he spoke about his son. You could tell how deeply he cared for him.

“Anyways taking him in was the best decision I made because he’s made me more responsible & overall a better person.”

Taehyung nodded.
“So you never tried to find out who the mother is?”

“Not really, figured she didn’t really care and maybe I was a little scared she’d take him back or something.”

Aww, Taehyung thought. So sweet.

“So how can I help, Jungkook?”

There was that picture perfect smile again.
“Well, I’m okay in the mornings since I go into work a bit later, so I make Cho Gi and I breakfast and send him off to school, it’s the afternoons and evenings that’s the issue, since I get back late. If you could take care of cooking lunch for him when he’s back, and prepare
dinner for us, I’ll be really grateful. In the meantime, if the house needs tidying up, you could do that as well. You’re welcome to stay or leave as you need, & if you don’t want to watch Cho Gi, I can hire another separate babysitter.”

“No that won’t be needed! I’ll watch him
I’m great with kids, I promise.”

Jungkook smiled fondly at the other, he liked him already.

“Great! But I don’t want this work to get in the way of your personal life, what’s your schedule like usually?”

Taehyung looked down as if embarrassed, “Not that impressive, honestly.”
“I am a graduate student & most of my classes are in the morning, I usually get done around noon. And since I don’t have friends here or anything, I just chill in my apartment alone. I took this job to help pay for school but also to pass my time.”

He said with a small shrug.
“Oh that’s so cool! What are you studying?”

And so the conversation went, for the first time he opened up about his wildest dreams to a stranger. He told Jungkook about how he always wanted to open his own architecture firm and have an interior design business on the side but no
banks were willing to give him the loans to do so as they thought he didn’t have the expertise. Which is what led him to join a post-graduate program for his certification and hopefully he’d have saved up until then.

Jungkook was genuinely impressed.

“I can help, you know,”
Jungkook offered shyly, “With the loans & stuff, my company works with banks & finances.”

Taehyung shook his head quickly.

“That would be too easy. No dream worth having comes easy. I’ll appreciate the end goal more if I’ve worked for it.”

Jungkook smiled, he REALLY liked Tae.
“Well then it’s settled, I’ll pay you weekly, & give you a key to the house. I’m not picky with food at all, so make whatever you’d like. I’ll just be glad to come home to fresh cooked meals instead of some soggy leftovers,” he laughed.

Taehyung swore there was no sweeter sound.

The next morning, Tae could barely focus in class, thinking back to Jungkook’s sweet smile, the way he spoke about his son, it was so endearing it made his heart ache.

“Mr Kim? Care to elaborate on what I just said?”
His professor’s booming voice brought him out of his daze.
But the morning passed soon enough & Tae found himself smiling as he biked to the house, letting himself in.

He still had a few hours before Cho Gi got here so he decided to do cleaning first. After gathering supplies, he made his way around the house.

After cleaning, he decided to get started on lunch & dinner. He wanted to impress Jungkook on his first day, so he searched up a delicious recipe & began gathering the ingredients.

Soon after he finished, the driver dropped Cho Gi off, & the younger ran right into Tae’s arms.
“Uncle TaeTae I missed you.”

Tae smiled, you would think they’d known each other for years.

“I missed you too little guy, hope you’re feeling better. Let’s get you fed & ready for your nap.”

Once the boy was asleep, Tae sat on the couch reading a book until Jungkook came back.
Once he heard the familiar voice call out hello, he walked over to the kitchen to warm up the food he’d made, a special type of soba noodle with walnuts & peanuts.

Jungkook took off his coat and smiled at Tae before making his way over to the other, the scene oddly domestic.
“Wow that smells delicious.”
“Thank you,” Tae blushed, “I wanted to impress you.”

Jungkook’s smile turned into a chuckle as he realized what the dish was. “Wait does this have nuts?”
Tae nodded eagerly.

“Aw that’s too bad, I can’t eat it, I’m allergic.”

Tae’s face fell.
“Oh no! I’m so sorry. I disappointed you on my first day, what a failure, I should have asked you if you had any allergies.”

Jungkook places a comforting hand over his arm, “Don’t worry about it all. I’ll order us a pizza or something, and you can take this home for yourself.”
Jungkook noticed how sad Tae looked & he didn’t know how else to console him. As they sat at his kitchen counter eating the pizza, he decided to ask about Cho Gi.

“I put him to bed after feeding him, figured he was still tired from the fever.”

Jungkook nodded, “Thank you.”
“How was your day?” Tae asked.
“That’s the first time someone’s asked me,” Jungkook smiled, making Tae blush, the sad pout had now disappeared.

“It was okay, pretty busy as usual. We have a conference coming up that my company is sponsoring so we’ve been pretty busy with that.”
They were soon interrupted by an awake Cho Gi running into the room launching himself at Jungkook.

“Dada! You’re home!”

Jungkook picked him up & spin him around before peppering his cheeks with kisses.

“How was your day baby?”
“Good! Uncle TaeTae made the yummiest noodles.”
Jungkook turned to wink at Tae, “I’ve never regretted this damn allergy till today.” Tae smiled at the sudden affectionate and energized Jungkook.

His love & adoration for his son was so deep. Tae felt his heart ache for the second time that day.

“Alright well I think I’ll head
out,” he got up to gather the dishes.

“No! Uncle TaeTae, stay until bed time and tell me & Dada another story, please please please,” the young boy begged, holding onto Tae’s legs.

“Oh sweetheart, Tae has to get home, he already worked hard enough today. He needs to rest.”
“Nonsense,” Tae said. “Story telling isn’t hard work at all. Of course I’ll stay till your bed time.”

Jungkook blushed at Tae’s softness & felt really lucky to have gotten a housekeeper that genuinely cared, for once.

“Okay, little guy, let’s give you a bath and get you in your
PJs while Uncle Tae cleans up, then he’ll join us for bed time.”

The young boy clapped his hands with glee.

So, this is what having a family feels like, Tae thought. He didn’t want to let go of the warm feeling that seemed to envelope the three of them.

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After Taehyung had prepared the toys for his story, he watched as Jungkook brought Cho Gi in his pajamas and tucked him into bed.

He nodded to Tae to start while he used a hair towel to dry the little boy’s damp hair. As Jungkook did, he couldn’t help but feel happy at the
little laughs Cho Gi would let out hearing Tae’s words & he couldn’t help letting his mind wander to a fantasy where Tae wasn’t just a housekeeper, but a member of their family & this routine was a nightly one. But before he could get too far, he heard his son’s snores drift up.
Him and Taehyung quietly left the room, but not before Jungkook bent down to drop a gentle peck on the crown of the boy’s head.

Back downstairs, Taehyung once again began gathering his belongings to head out, but was interrupted by Jungkook’s voice.

“I usually have a glass of
wine by myself after Cho Gi falls asleep, would it be too much to ask you to stay & join me? I can pay extra for your time.”

Taehyung was glad he was faced away from Jungkook so the other couldn’t notice the creeping blush on his cheeks.

“I’ll stay. Not like I have anything
to do at home anyway, no need to pay me. Although I do have one condition, can I make us tea instead of drinking wine?” He turned around to face Jungkook, who looked surprised at the idea.

“If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love some. Let me go change out of these work clothes.”
Tae hummed quietly to himself as he poured Jungkook and himself two cups of chamomile tea. It was a special recipe he had learned that helped you relax before bed.

“Is it ready?”
For the second time that night, Jungkook had approached him from behind in the kitchen & Tae was
all too aware of their proximity, if he turned around, he calculated their faces would just be inches away from each other.

“Oh yes, yeah.”
“Great, let’s go to my study.”

Tae followed Jungkook through the massive corridors of the house making a mental note of things he
would clean tomorrow until the two reached a double doored room which opened up to reveal seating for two in front of a large fireplace. A desk sat in the corner overflowing with papers.

Jungkook sat down first, motioned to Tae to sit across from him. After taking a sip of the
tea, he sighed in satisfaction, “Wow this tea is so good.”

“It’ll definitely help you relax more than the wine would, plus you’ll sleep soundly too.” Tae chirped.

Jungkook quietly replied, “Careful Tae you’ve already spoiled Cho Gi and I enough today, we’ll get used to having
you around forever.”

Taehyung gulped visibly at the thought, before quickly changing the subject, “So Cho Gi mentioned your last housekeeper was mean?”

Jungkook let out a breathy chuckle, “Ah Yes. He was a jerk, bitter old man. I guess he just wanted to be paid without doing
anything and I didn’t realize he would verbally abuse Cho Gi until one day I came home to him crying because the man had told him his mom had left him because she didn’t want him.”

Taehyung gasped, “That’s terrible!”

Jungkook nodded, “I had sleep next to him all week because
he wouldn’t stop crying and asking about her. I got rid of the guy immediately of course, but anyways that’s why compared to him, Tae you really are a superhero.”

Tae blushed now and he was sure Jungkook could see it. “I-I really like kids. I’ve always wanted to adopt one of
my own. Soon, once I’m more stable.”

“Perfect, you can use Cho Gi as practice. I’m sure you’ll be a better parent than me.”

Jungkook set his cup down on the floor, leaned back in his chair, and closed his eyes.

“Why do you say that Jungkook? Cho Gi adores you, you’re a great
dad.” Taehyung sat up now.

“No, I’m not Tae. I’m really not.” A single tear ran down his cheek. “I was thrown into this role without any guidance, I had no clue what to do, and even now when I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years, I still feel like I’m not good. For example that
day Cho Gi was sick and you came over, I left the door unlocked, I’m glad it was just you who walked in, but what if a stranger had walked in, they could have hurt him. And then I lie to him every time he asks about his mother, because I’m too selfish.”

His voice was shaking now
Taehyung got up & bent down in front of where Jungkook was seated, his eyes still closed as he let Tae wipe his tears away, “Listen Jungkook. Someone our age could also have easily put their son up for adoption but you made the mature decision to take him in, you’ve given him a
good life, a nice home. You try your best with the little time you have & trust me Cho Gi appreciates it more than you know, so stop being so hard on yourself. Plus now you guys have me to help you out.”

He began to pull away but Jungkook just pulled him forward making Tae fall
right into his lap, he opened his watery eyes now to make eye contact with Tae’s wide open ones.

“Thank you Tae, for everything. You don’t know how much it means to hear those words. Every night I come here with a glass of wine & cry about what a bad father I am but today you’ve
helped me realize that I’m not that lousy, that I’m trying my best. Plus I love the little guy to death, that’s gotta count for something right.”

Tae nodded quickly, still in the other’s lap. Jungkook pulled him close for a warm hug, “Thank you thank you.”

Tae reciprocates the
hug, before finally pulling away. “You’re very welcome, Jungkook. I thought I’d failed my first day after the nuts in the noodles, but this has been a great day, overall. Thank YOU for being patient with me. Now it’s quite late, I’d better head back. I’ve never biked this far at

Jungkook immediately sprang up, “Let me drop you off, it’s probably not safe by bicycle around this time.”

For the nth time that day, Tae found himself blushing, how could someone as considerate as Jungkook ever feel like they weren’t enough to care for anyone else.
The ride back was spent in comfortable silence, Jungkook drove without a hurry & Tae would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the light breeze that grazed his face coming through the open windows.

Once they reached Tae’s apartment building, Jungkook stepped out to help unload
his bicycle from the trunk.

“Wow, you really bike all that way every single day? Have you ever thought about getting a car?”

“I have, but I haven’t learned to drive yet so what’s the point.”

Jungkook just pursed his lips, “From tomorrow I’m sending my driver to pick you up
from your college to drop you off to the house & every night I’ll drop you back home. You can’t be riding that bike for miles and miles every day, especially when the weather gets cooler.”

Tae hadn’t even thought that far ahead, but he smiled back at Jungkook. “You’re so sweet.”
Jungkook felt his cheeks warm up, he patted Tae’s arm awkwardly before turning to leave but this time Tae pulled him into a hug. “You’re a great person, Jungkook, never forget that. Good night.”

That night both went to sleep smiling recalling the night’s events.


As weeks went on, the warm sunny days of summer faded into the cooler evenings of fall, Taehyung found himself spending more time with Jungkook and Cho Gi. Sometimes he’d sleep over curled up next to Cho Gi after finishing up a bed time story, other times in the guest room.
Without realizing it, Jungkook had begun to include Tae in all their personal events, from attending parent teacher meetings together at Cho Gi’s school to doing groceries & shopping.

One particularly cold evening as the two were seated in front of the familiar fireplace after
having put Cho Gi to bed, Jungkook took a sip of the warm chamomile tea he had grown to love before turning towards Taehyung.

“Tae, you know it’s Cho Gi’s birthday this weekend?”
Tae almost spit out his tea, “What? And you’re telling me now?”
“Sorry, sorry, I know how much you
care about him, just didn’t want you to feel obliged to do anything extra? I was thinking we go to the amusement park?”

Taehyung shook his head looking disappointed, “Not on my watch. HE’S TURNING 5! We must have a party.”

Jungkook almost laughed at Tae’s serious expression.
“I knew you wouldn’t just let it go. Okay, what’s your plan then?”


Saturday morning, Jungkook woke up early, dressed Cho Gi & took him to the park to play while Taehyung snuck into the house to decorate & set up. Cho Gi was recently into the solar system, so he had made huge
models of the planets, and made all space themed foods, and party games. After a few hours, he looked down at his watch, Cho Gi’s school friends should be arriving soon.

Once they did, he texted Jungkook to head back home and helped everyone find hiding spaces.

Jungkook wished he would have photographed Cho Gi’s expression, it’s the happiest he’d seen him. He sent Tae a look of gratitude, upon seeing all his effort towards making the party a success. The smile on all three of their faces didn’t fade, even when night fell.

That night as Jungkook bathed Cho Gi and got him ready for bed, Tae snuck the huge gift box he’d been hiding and brought it to the bed.

“What’s this TaeTae?” Cho Gi cocked his head when he ran in & saw it.
Jungkook stood just as confused behind the little boy.

“It’s your gift!”
Cho Gi shrieked in delight as he tore open the gift wrap to reveal a telescope almost as big as himself.

“I love it!!” He ran to hug Tae, standing on his tip toes and stretching his arms as far as they’d go. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome little guy, now you can watch
the stars and look for the planets whenever you’d like, we can open it & try it tomorrow, since it’s already late today?”

Cho Gi nodded & jumped into bed,
“This was the best birthday ever!”
Jungkook held back tears as he watched his son’s grin grow even bigger while hugging Tae.
As Tae concluded his story, Cho Gi jumped out of bed, confusing the two men, before he went over to his backpack and retrieved a piece of paper.
“What’s this baby? Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Jungkook asked.
“Sorry Dada, I forgot the drawing I made for TaeTae,” he said handing it
to Tae. Both men looked down to see.
“See TaeTae, I drawed you me and Dada holding hands in front of our house. I wish you lived with us all the time.” He pouted.

“Aw, I’m always here for you cutie,” Tae replied placing a kiss to his head, “Also this is some great art!”
Cho Gi smiled again before falling asleep slowly.

As usual, Tae headed to the kitchen to prepare his and Jungkook’s nightly tea. Jungkook was notably quiet as Tae noticed. As they settled down in their familiar seats, Tae asked, “What happened Jungkook? You okay?”

Jungkook just nodded,
“Tae, I don’t think I can ever thank you enough, for the party, for making Cho Gi and I the happiest people every single day. You’re my superhero now too.”

Tae blushed now, bringing the teacup up to hide his flustered smile.

“And you definitely didn’t
have to spend so much money on a full sized telescope for him! He’s gonna become so spoiled,” he continued.

Tae just shook his head, “Jungkook, the smile on his face all day today was priceless, so everything else doesn’t matter.”

Jungkook just nodded and gulped, he looked
more nervous now.

“About his drawing, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Since you already spend so much time with us, would you like to move in? You’ll save money on rent & you’ll be with us all the time. What do you say?”

He let out the breath he’d been holding.

Taehyung sat rooted in his chair. It was true, him and Jungkook had been spending more & more time together as he would rush to get to the house and leave late at night, long after his actual work had finished.

He enjoyed his time with them & it didn’t feel like a burden at all.
Jungkook tapped his feet nervously, “It’s okay if you don’t I was just—“
“I will.”

Both men just stared.

“You’re right I basically only go back to my place to sleep anyways & I love hanging out with Cho Gi.”

“Just Cho Gi?” Jungkook teased, seeming somewhat offended.
Taehyung laughed, “Hm, maybe you too. A little. Although I only get to spend time with you after you get home so late, but Cho Gi and I are together longer and we’re basically best friends.”

“Just you wait until you actually move in, we’ll go on more outings, then you’ll be my
best friend too.” Jungkook huffed.

Tae almost blushed at the thought. The truth is he loved his time with Jungkook alone, who was nothing but caring & kind. They shared similar hobbies like art & photography, & for Jungkook he was finally glad to have someone his age to talk to.
For some reason he couldn’t explain yet Jungkook suddenly wanted to spend every second of his free time with Taehyung, take him out on adventures everyday. He, too, had been lonely for years now & he relished, no, craved Tae’s attention, Needless to say both of them were excited.

As promised, soon after Tae had settled into his new room which was an empty one between Jungkook’s and Cho Gi’s, Jungkook stuck to his promise of making sure their weekends & evenings were always booked and busy with fun activities.

Domestic, was the only way to describe it.
They’d moved their nightly tea times to their rooms upstairs now, it felt even more intimate, and both started feeling inexplicable flutters in their hearts, when they saw the other.

Compliments began being tossed around, gifts were purchased for each other, and feelings grew.
One day as Jungkook, Tae, & Cho Gi sat around the dining table eating dinner, Tae noticed the telltale signs of something being on Jungkook’s mind.

They had learned to read each other’s body language & could tell if something was off.

“Jungkook, are you alright?”

Jungkook just nodded motioning towards Cho Gi, as if to signal they’d talk later.

That night Tae noticed the same foot tapping as they drank their tea that he had when Jungkook had asked Tae to move in.

“Okay, now tell me! Why do you look so nervous?”

Jungkook just smiled
nervously and began to itch his nape.

“Remember that conference I told you about? The one our company’s hosting this year? Well to finish off the final day, we have a fundraising gala for the host, and everyone goes.”

Tae just nodded, “Okay, and?”
“Well, since I’m the host CEO
this year, I think it’d be kind of embarrassing to go without a date, as I have been for the past few years. I’m obviously not seeing anyone and I don’t want to go with a stranger so I was wondering if maybe you’d want to...it’s this weekend...if you’re free?”

Tae could feel the
familiar fuzzy feeling in his stomach & he felt the warmth creep on to his face.

“B-but why me? I’m j-just a housekeeper?” He mumbled.

“Nonsense Tae, I’ve considered you a friend since day 1, plus I think since you’re interested in starting a business yourself, this will be a
great learning opportunity for you! You’ll get to talk to some of the top businessmen & women in the nation. What do you say?”

Tae wanted to say ‘yes’ he wanted to tell Jungkook he’d been waiting to go on a date with him & this was the closest thing they would have to one, but
something stopped him, an inner wall that prevented an immediate affirmation, a moment of hesitation he lingered on.

“I-I don’t have anything to wear? I don’t own any fancy suits or tuxedos, I’ve never been to such a fancy event before, what if I embarrass you?”

“What’s gotten
into you, Tae? Why would you say that? You know I’ll take care of all of it, I’ll have my best stylists in to make sure you’re the best looking one there, though they won’t have to do too much work, since you’re perfect already.”

The words just slipped out easily.

Tae looked up
at a flustered Jungkook, he replayed the words back in his head before replying, “I’ll go with you Mr Jeon. In fact, now that you told me, I can’t wait for our date.” He winked before bidding the other a good night & leaving for his own room.

Jungkook’s cheeks were still flushed
now even more so after the last sentence of the other.

A date. He had just secured a date with Taehyung, & all he could think of was why he hadn’t done so sooner. That night he lay awake, excited for the gala. Where he’d proudly walk in with his date. His Taehyung.


When Jungkook had mentioned he’d get stylists for Taehyung, the latter hadn’t expected a whole group dressed in all black, clad with grooming tools he’d never even seen.

Temporary dye, hair straightener, gels, cufflinks(?), every type/color of dress shirts and tailored suits.
He felt overwhelmed at first, but as his look came together, he found himself excited, not for the gala specifically. But to see how Jungkook would react. He found himself doing that a lot lately. Trying to impress Jungkook.

Meanwhile, Jungkook had gotten ready and was sitting
with Cho Gi in the living room, waiting for his babysitter to show up.

“Dada where are you and TaeTae going dressed so fancy?” The boy asked, voice slightly lilted, as if teasing.

“Um an office event? Like a party?”

“You look nervous Dada, why are you tapping your feet?”
Cho Gi knew, after all he was a smart 5 yr old. He could tell Jungkook was nervous for wherever him and Tae were going tonight. Anyone could tell.

“I’m nervous because I don’t know how to dance. And I might have to...”

Cho Gi laughed, “Don’t worry TaeTae knows how to dance.”
Jungkook suddenly narrowed his eyes, “How come my son knows more about Tae than I do?”

Cho Gi just giggled in response, attempting to wink, but failing and ultimately just blinking both eyes. Jungkook cooed at the endearing action, before both turned their attention to the
staircase, from which the troupe of stylists was descending, followed closely by Tae who had temporary died his hair, blonde.

Jungkook felt his breath hitch in his throat as he took in the sight.

“Beautiful,” he whispered.

As Tae made his way over to the two below, he stopped
and gestured over his body, as a “ta da”, “How do I look?”

Jungkook cleared his throat, struggling to find the right words, “G-great, you look great.”

“He’s lying, TaeTae,” Cho Gi chimed in, getting up to hug Tae. “He said you looked beautiful.”

Tae laughed as he looked over
at a flustered Jungkook.

“Well, tell him he looks handsome.”

Jungkook’s already pink cheeks had just darkened. The tension suddenly relieved by the arrival of the babysitter, prompting Tae and Jungkook’s departure to Jungkook’s car.

Jungkook opened the passenger seat for Tae
who couldn’t help but giggle at the gesture, “Oh so it’s really a date?”

“Don’t worry Kim, I’ll make sure this night is unforgettable.” He said winking at the blonde.

Tae felt that wink somewhere in his stomach. And for the record, Jungkook was right, it would be.


Taehyung stared wide eyed at Jungkook who was addressing the room full of people. He looked so natural, so at ease. The words just cascaded from his mouth, accentuated by his charming persona and gently smile.

This was the first time Taehyung was seeing THIS side of him
He was so used to gentle and adoring father Jungkook and sweet and caring friend Jungkook, that he didn’t know he’d be THIS affected by serious and business-talk Jungkook.

From the looks of this gala and all the guests that greeted them when they got there, Jungkook was a very
important, very well-known business man. He was also clearly wealthier and smarter than some of his top CEO counterparts. Yet the entire time they’d known each other, never once did he boast about his position.

His humility, despite having every right to brag, shocked Taehyung.
Then there were the little things Jungkook did while talking that continued to add to the growing pit at the bottom of Taehyung’s stomach. Like the way he’d poke his cheek with a tongue when he was concentrating on finding the right words, the way he’d tilt his head to the side
when something frustrated him. Now giving his presentation, with all the confidence and charisma in the world, Tae knew it was no miracle Jungkook was where he was. He deserved his position.

If these people were impressed now, they should see how much better of a father he was.
After the speeches were done, and soft music began to play, the couples present found their way to the center of the large banquet hall which had been cleared to resemble a dance floor.

“Shall we?” Jungkook bent down to offer a hand to Tae who took with a smile, & followed him.
“Sorry you had to sit through all those boring talks! I bet you were falling asleep” Jungkook began as he snaked both arms to fit perfectly around Tae’s waist. Tae slid his own, painfully slow as Jungkook noted, up his torso and chest, linking them behind Jungkook’s neck.

“I’m having a great time. It was actually kind of \hot\ to see you talk business.”

Taehyung replied with a smirk, expecting the usual blushing pink Jungkook in response, but instead he felt the fingers on his waist squeeze tighter, drawing the two closer, impossibly closer.
“Oh yeah?” Jungkook leaned over to Tae’s ear, whispering now, each word initiating goosebumps up and and down Tae’s entire body. The tension had been mounting all night, it wasn’t just butterflies and heart flutters, their words were laced with lust & passion, driven by the same
fire they both felt within them. A want.

“How hot?” Tae felt the other’s lips move against the top of his ears, soft.

“Mm, as hot as you think I look today.” Tae countered, trying so hard to grapple with the confidence he’d started this conversation with, aiming for control.
Jungkook let out a short breathy laugh still against the side of Tae’s head but Tae felt it in every part of his being. “How about we get out of here & I tell you how hot you look all night?”

Taehyung pulled away, smirk forming “How about I make you wait a little longer, Jeon?”
And if Jungkook wasn’t gone already, he was gone now. So far gone for Taehyung. But he pouted at Tae’s words, the passion sizzling down to an innocent disappointment.

“Do you not like me, Tae?” He had noticed the hesitation each time he’d suggest something & Tae would hesitate.
He would ignore it, thinking he’d still need to gain his trust & learn to love on his own accord, he didn’t want to force him into anything, so why, now, after months of going on outings, which were just disguised as dates, and spending every moment together, Jungkook wondered
if he was lacking something. And despite being one of the richest men in the room at the moment, without Tae he felt like the poorest. Tae noticed immediately, feeling saddened that he’d been the cause of Jungkook’s disappointment. He immediately tightened his own arms around the
back of the other’s nape, extending one slender hand to card through his hair, while using the other to bring their faces closer. When Jungkook felt the soft pair of lips on his own, he was caught off guard, he was so into his own sulking he didn’t realize Tae was kissing him.
But when he did, he didn’t miss the opportunity. He once again tightened his grip on the blonde, bringing their bodies flush against one another, he wanted to feel every part of him. Next he angled Tae’s head with a gently finger on the other’s chin, so he could deepen the kiss.
They began to explore each other, tongues clashing to make their way around. It was intoxicating. Tae had decided to push all his insecurities & hesitations to the side, he wanted to /show/ Jungkook how much he “liked” him. They were so lost within each other Jungkook’s secretary
had to clear his throat a few times before the two separated “I’m so sorry for interrupting sir, but it’s time to close out the event, perhaps you can deliver the final address and continue with Mr Kim later.” He smiled meekly.

Jungkook rolled his eyes before turning towards Tae
“Wait for me in the car, babe. I’ll be there soon.”

Tae stood frozen, had Jungkook just called him /that/. More importantly, why did he like it so much?

He fixed his suit and walked to their car, sliding into the seat. He was suddenly overwhelmed by emotion and began to cry.
By the time Jungkook returned, Tae had stopped and was now just leaning against the back of his seat. They both didn’t want to sound awkward so they stayed quiet until they were back at the house. The lights were off, meaning Cho Gi was asleep, and Jungkook paid the babysitter.
When it was just the two of them, alone again. Jungkook just stared at Tae, “So...you never answered my question, Tae? Do you like me?”

Tae just slid both his hands upwards to cup Jungkook’s cheeks and left a kiss on his lips once again.

“I do Jungkook, so much it scares me.”
“Good, because I like you too, more than I’ve liked anyone. And I can’t imagine my life—“

He was cut off by another kiss on his lips and a smirking Tae, “Stop being sappy now. Will I have to start all the kisses?” Jungkook didn’t have to be told twice. He hoisted Taehyung up
to place him on the kitchen counter, their lips still attached, but their hands, more curious. Taehyung shivered as his palms felt the outline of Jungkooks abs from underneath the thin fabric of his dress shirt.

Jungkook began placing open mouthed kissed along Tae’s neck & jaw.
In response Tae slid off Jungkook’s jacket and began undoing the buttons of his shirt, fingers fumbling. Jungkook began to do the same for Tae. He let out a muted whine as Taehyung’s fingers slipped under the waistband of his pants, dancing along the top of his briefs.

Both men froze at the sound of the familiar voice, as the sound of soft footsteps drew closer.

“TaeTae? What are you guys doing?”
Jungkook & Tae just started laughing, resting their foreheads against each other. Jungkook groaned, “Chooo, I thought you were asleep.”


After they put Cho Gi to sleep for real this time, Tae headed to the kitchen to make their nightly tea. When he entered Jungkook’s room, he saw the other sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. He offered the cup to which Jungkook just smiled,

“Tonight’s been the only
time I regretted having a kid.”

“Shut up,” Tae laughed. “I’m glad he stopped us when he did.”
“Why?” Jungkook asked.
Tae sat himself down next to Jungkook, before leaning over to whisper.

“Because I would have been too loud anyways.” Now it was Jungkook’s turn to get chills.
“Mm remind me to sound proof this room.” Jungkook joked, as the two men fell into their comfort once again, smiling to themselves. “I’m glad he stopped us too,” Jungkook whispered later, as the two had curled up next to each to sleep.

“I want to take my time with you.”
Tae slid closer to bury his nose in the crook of Jungkook’s neck, resting against his chest.

“I want to take you on hundreds of dates. I want to shower you with lots of presents, I want to prove to you how much I love you.” He stopped talking when he felt tears against his neck
“Tae? Baby? Why are you crying?”

“Because I don’t deserve you. You’re too kind. You’re too caring. You’re so much more successful and wealthy, I’m nothing next to you. Why do you even like me anyways?” There it was. Tae had finally managed to let it out.

“Because you loved me
even before you knew. Even before you knew the extent of my success. Even before you’d even met me, you took care of Cho like he was your own child. Every single day you show me you care just as much. I don’t deserve /you/. Now please give us a chance.”

Tae just nodded & the two
fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s warm thoughts and comforting promise.


The next morning, Tae woke up first and headed down to prepare breakfast. As he cooked he noticed Jungkook’s phone, which had been discarded on the counter last night, rung several times.
He grabbed it and headed upstairs with the tray of food, sliding back into bed next to Jungkook, he swung his arm over the other, and began to drop little pecks all over his face and cheeks.

“Wake up, cutie.”
“I’m awake, but I’m going to continue to prentend sleep you can keep
kissing me.” The two laughed before Jungkook turned around to tower over Tae. He couldn’t believe how beautiful the other looked, even this early in the morning. The way the sunlight danced along his golden locks, the way his eyes turned into crescents and his cheeks lifted up
with each smile. That wonderful smile that Jungkook was sure could cure any illness in the world.

Tae pushes him back down, reaching over to hand him his phone, before lying down on Jungkook’s chest again. “Who’s been hitting you up so early in the morning?”

Jungkook smirked,
“Jealous, baby?”
“Shut up,” Tae playfully hit him.

Jungkook sat up now, pulling Tae to rest on his lap as he looked at his phone, groaning. “It’s my dad. He must have seen the news reports and pictures of the event yesterday. He’s probably calling to tell me what I did wrong.”
“You are perfect, just see what he’s saying!” Tae encouraged. Jungkook put the phone on speaker before hitting the play button on the voicemail. An action he’d regret immensely.

Both men listened to a gravely voice over the phone as Jungkook’s dad delivered his message.
“Jungkookah, I’m proud of you son. Another great conference in the books, I’m sure you’ve impressed all our future investors. But I’m calling to ask about the little boy toy you had in your arms last night...” Jungkook jolted up, lifting the hand he had stroking Tae’s hair to
switch the voicemail off, but Tae’s hand was even quicker to stop him, letting the it go on, “Son, you’re at the height of your career, you already have one child to take care of, you can’t afford any more distractions. Any more mistakes. Gold diggers like that boy come & go.”
Jungkook didn’t even wait to finish the rest, he threw his phone at the wall in a fit of rage. Tae had sprung out of the bed, gathering his clothes and his bag and heading towards the door.

“Tae, baby where are you going? I’m going to teach that old man a lesson for speaking
about you like that. Please don’t go.” Jungkook followed him downstairs as Tae swung the front door open. He felt Jungkook’s arm reach out to grab him. “Please baby, I love you. Please don’t go.”

Tae’s own tears stung his eyes, “Your dad is right, Jungkookie. I don’t want to be
another mistake in your life. But I love you too much to leave you, so I’m going to visit home for a while. I miss my family. Give me some time and space, and if it feels right I’ll be back. All my stuff is here anyways and I haven’t said goodbye to Cho Gi. It’s not forever.”
Jungkook broke down, pleading, “Please don’t go Tae. I need you.”

Tae turned to go, each cry of the other echoing in his ears. He didn’t want to hurt Jungkook, but he knew in the long term this was better. He didn’t want to hold him back. From his success. Maybe time away would
give both of them a chance to clear their heads. He rationalized with himself as he headed towards the closest bus station. If they were meant for each other, they’d find their way back, he thought. But the image of a crying Jungkook wouldn’t stop swimming in front of his eyes.

At first Taehyung thought he’d be okay. After all he’d been craving the presence of his friends and family all these years, but now despite being surrounded by them day and night, he felt lonelier than ever.

Each night he’d find his mind drifting to Jungkook and Cho Gi.
What would they be doing? Had Jungkook gone back to drinking wine instead of tea? Were they eating properly?

It hurt him every time he’d read Jungkook’s messages or hit decline on every call. God knows he wanted nothing more than to hear his voice. Than to hear they were okay.
Meanwhile Jungkook wasn’t sure what else he could do. He had no other way of getting to Tae, as he knew nothing about his whereabouts. He just hoped one day Tae would reply to him or answer his calls.

He felt the emptiness of the nights he spent alone again. He noticed Cho Gi’s
smile had since faded and he stopped asking where Tae was. It had just been a few weeks but it felt like years. Until one day.

Tae was seated on his bed trying to catch up with assignments he had missed, he’d have a lot of explaining to do to his professors when he returned.
His cell phone rang and he answered,

“Mr Kim, this is the school nurse at your child Cho Gi’s school. Your son got into a fight today with a classmate and he got a large cut on his face. I’ve bandaged it for now, but I recommend you let him rest at home for a few days, and maybe
bring him into a child psychologist. I’m worried about him. He’s been getting into trouble a lot lately.”

Tae’s throat was dry. He had forgotten Jungkook had added him as an emergency contact for Cho Gi at his school.

“I, uh, I will do that. Thank you. Um, I can’t come get him
right now. I’m out of town. Can you try calling my, uh, Cho Gi’s dad, Jungkook to pick him up?”

“Will do Mr Kim, take care. Let me know if you need suggestions for psychologists. I know some good ones.”

Tae hung up and immediately began packing to head back. He had to now.
It seems like Tae and a Jungkook weren’t the only ones hurting. It was beginning to hurt Cho, and Tae wasn’t that heartless. He’d give up anything, including his own reservations to make sure the little guy was alright. And it seems like he need to be there now more than ever.
As Tae headed back, he let go of his hesitations about his & Jungkook’s relationship. He knew he wasn’t at the same “level.” But one thing he did know is that they both needed each other & Cho Gi needed both of them. He hoped Jungkook would forgive him & give them another chance.


Jungkook opened the door to find the other man at his doorstep, bags in hand and a solemn expression on his face.

“Jungkook. I’m back.” Tae stayed, noticing the dark circles around Jungkook’s eyes. The puffy blotched face, the disheveled hair and the messy clothes.
He looked like he hadn’t slept or taken care of himself in a while, & just the thought stung Tae.

“I’m so so sorry for leaving, Jungkook. I—“ he started, but Jungkook had already lunged at him, pulling him into a tight hug.

“I missed you so so much. Don’t ever do that again.”
“Do you know how hard it’s been without you?” Jungkook was whispering into Tae’s shoulder as he held him tight, afraid he’d disappear again if he let go.

“Cho’s been getting into fights daily. I’m struggling at work. I’ve lost my appetite & my sleep,” he continued.

“I’m so sorry Jungkook. I was scared. That I wasn’t good enough, going to that gala and seeing you go up there in front of all those important people, it terrified me, because at the end of the day, your father was right, I am just a housekeeper. But I realized I don’t care what
he or anyone else thinks, because when it’s just us, our little family, that’s my happiness right there. I realized we all need each other, and...it might be a bit soon, but I think these past few weeks, I’ve come to realize that...

..I love you.”

Jungkook stepped back to look
at Tae, as if wondering if he were dreaming.

“Tae, I love you too. I thought it was obvious before, but if not I’m sorry. Those important people that you’re talking about mean nothing to me, no one takes more importance than you and Cho in my life, please always remember that.”
Through streaming tears and glistening eyes, the two held each other’s faces before coming together for a kiss. This one was slower, more deliberate than their first. Someone more meaningful and permanent. It held in it apologies and promises. And most of all, hope.


A few days, Tae and Jungkook held hands as they walked into Cho’s psychologist’s office, awaiting his assessment results. Jungkook was nervous, Tae could tell & he squeezed his hand tighter to reassure him.

“Whatever happens we’re in this together. I’m right here with you.”
The psychologist greeted the two as he carded through his notes before speaking,

“Mr Jeon and Mr Kim, I’m glad you brought your son in for the assessment and consultation. It seems that Cho is finding it hard to grapple with everchanging family dynamics, coming & leaving.”
Tae looked down at his lap, that was his fault.

“But what’s more concerning is his fixation on his mother’s identity, he kept bringing it up in our session. Apparently other children in school talk about it a lot and he’s at the age now where he’s curious about these things.”
Jungkook squeezes Tae’s hand subconsciously and Tae patted him back.

“If it’s at all possible, I suggest you find out the identity of his mother as soon as possible and if she’s okay with it, allow Cho Gi to meet her. I think that will calm him down and reduce his aggression and
frustration significantly. I’m sure you two give him a lot of love, but until this gets resolved, I’m not sure if his behavior in school or with his peers will improve.”


That night as Tae & Jungkook sat drinking tea Tae wrapped one arm around Jungkook’s shoulder.

“Tae, I think I’m ready to do it now. I think Cho deserves to know his mother and if she asks to share custody so be it, but I can’t be selfish anymore. It’s hurting him.”

Tae nodded.

“I’m proud of you, Kookie. I’ll be there every step of the way.”

“Good, I’ll make the
doctor’s appointment tomorrow then. They’ll probably run tests on him. I looked into the process when I first took him.”

Tae hugged him gently, “You’re doing the right thing, baby.”

& Jungkook still blushed at the nickname. The truth is, with Tae by his side again, he felt
like his strength was back. He was ready to face anything. He was sure that no matter what, he was now more determined than ever to keep his family together.

No matter what the results of the test would be.

#taekookau #taekook

Taehyung and Jungkook stood on either side of Cho Gi, trying to console the little boy who was crying.

“It’s okay baby, this is not going to hurt at all. The doctors will just get a small sample from you and then we’ll go to find your mommy.” Jungkook explained.

Tae rubbed
the boy’s back, as the nurse got items ready. Once the samples were taken and Cho Gi was brought to the play area, Jungkook & Tae waited with their breaths held in the doctor’s office.

“Tae, baby. I want you to know this won’t chance anything between us. It was a meaningless
hook up then & whoever she is, I promise you I don’t care.” Jungkook said.

Tae laughed, “I know that Kookie. Plus I don’t care what happens I’m not leaving you or Cho. Even if I have to fight his mom.”

The two broke into laughter as Tae fake punched the air in front of them.
They were quickly interrupted by the doctor walking in with the results, scratching his head.

“Is everything alright doctor?” Jungkook asked, suddenly overcome with a sense of panic. Tae held him down, holding his breath as well.

“Yes, yes Cho Gi is quite healthy,” the
doctor began, “We identified his mother through hospital records, but when we matched your DNA with his, we got negative results, which means, you’re not his biological father. It’s someone else.”

Taehyung & Jungkook’s jaws dropped open.

This, they definitely did not expect.
Jungkook felt the ground below him had opened up & was about to swallow him whole if he didn’t cling on to Tae. And that he did, so much so that his fingernails dug into his arm & his knuckles shown white.

“Doctor, are you sure, could there be a mistake?” Tae asked, desperate.
The doctor shook his head no and explained how they’d retested just to make sure. In fact they’d identified both the mother and the father which city records confirmed were a couple in their late 30s that lived on the edge of town. Tae took the file of information, thanked the
doctor and helped Jungkook & Cho into his car. Jungkook was grateful then for Tae, because he felt like the wind had been knocked out of him and he was just floating. He floated as Tae put Cho to bed, he floated as he changed into his pajamas and he was still in his headspace
as Tae held his teacup up to his lips.

“Babe, aren’t you going to say something?” Tae whispered. He put the cup down on the side table and joined Jungkook in bed, bring his head to his chest and stroking his hair in comfort.

The truth was, Jungkook didn’t know what to say or
what to feel. Since the day he’d brought Cho Gi inside his house, never once did he doubt that it wasn’t his son, every time Cho reaches out to him for a hug or called him “Dada” he had felt like his dad. Jungkook had sacrificed many things over the past few years, he became more
responsible, took the scoldings from his dad, and never once did he regret or question it.

And now, knowing Cho Gi wasn’t his to begin in and there was a chance that his real parents would take him away, forever, terrified Jungkook.

“Tae...” his voice caught in his throat.
“Shh it’s okay Kookie. You don’t have to say or do anything right now. You can take as much time to process this as you want.”

Jungkook shook his head no.

“It wouldn’t be fair to his parents. If I put myself in their shoes and I had a child out there that I didn’t know where
he was, who he was with, what he looked like, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. If Cho Gi isn’t always in front of me, I start to panic so imagine what his parents must be going through all these years. I already know I have to bring Cho to meet them, I just...I’m not sure
I’m ready to say goodbye, though.”

Taehyung drew circles on Jungkook’s shoulder, smiling at the sweet words. It was this care and love that had made him fall for Jungkook in the first place and Tae had promised himself to protect it.

“Jungkook. Cho lives you, you know that. So
even if his parents take him back, there’s no way we won’t be a part of his life, maybe we can work something out where they let us babysit him every weekend. We won’t be saying goodbye to him forever.”

“You think his parents will be okay with that?”

“They better be. It’s the
least they can do for the man that raised their son with unconditional love.”

Taehyung couldn’t see his face but he knew Jungkook was smiling now. He wrapped his arm around him and dropped a kiss on the crown of his head.

“Parents aren’t always defined by biology you know.
You’re never going to be any less of a dad to Cho, relationships are defined by the love we put into them, and you’ve put nothing but love into this one.”

Jungkook nodded, sitting up now to hug Taehyung back and that’s exactly how they fell asleep.


The next morning, a Sunday
Taehyung got up early to get Cho dressed. They had told him about his parents and how they were going to meet them, but the little boy hadn’t quite understood. What he did understand was the subtle look of sorrow on Tae’s face.

“TaeTae what’s wrong?”
“Nothing baby. You’ve just
grown up too fast.” Tae let out with a sigh, combing the boy’s hair. Jungkook meanwhile was setting up the navigation in the car to lead to the address of the couple the doctor had given them. His fingers shook as he pressed the buttons.

He knew he was doing the right thing but
that certainly didn’t make it any easier.



About an hour later, the three stood awkwardly outside a run down apartment building, waiting for the tenants of Apt. 2C to let them in. Cho smiled eagerly oblivious of the situation as Tae gave Jungkook one final nod.

Jungkook at the edge of his sofa, too mentally exhausted by the events of the day to even change, as Tae prepares dinner for him.

To say he was at a loss of words was an understatement. The only thing keeping him from breaking down and crying was the couple’s smiles upon
seeing Cho Gi. They had immediately recognized him and pulled him in for a long hug. His mother had kept kissing the top of his head.

When realization hit his small little body, that the man and woman standing in front of him were his parents, Cho Gi eventually hugged back.
His mother explained through years eyes, how they had Cho Gi by accident and didn’t have any money at the time to raise him. Scared and worried for his future, she had dropped him off at a random house in the wealthy side of town. “I was hoping someone could take care of him, I
couldn’t stand to see him cry of hunger anymore, and I didn’t have enough to even feed him.” She explained. His parents thanked Jungkook profusely as he sat stone still in their living room, while Tae responded for him.

He knew what was coming next. He’d have to say goodbye.
When Jungkook and Tae got up to leave, Cho Gi had started to follow, but Tae stopped down with tears in his eyes to his explain, “Cho baby. You just met your mommy and daddy, why don’t you stay with them a while and tell them your stories? Can you do that?”

Cho has nodded, but
then asked, “But where are you and Dada going?”

Jungkook couldn’t do it anymore, he walked out of the apartment, straight in to his car, and wept.

Tae sighed as he watched the other go, signaling to Cho’s mother and father to take him in.

“Dada’s not feeling well, I’m gonna
take care of him now. Sleep well, baby.”

He, himself couldn’t hold back tears upon the realization that they’d be returning home without the little boy.

“Will you be back to get me?”

Tae just nodded. “I love you.”

“Love you too TaeTae. Tell Dada I love him too.”

Now back at the house, the emptiness hung in the air. When they got ready for bed that night, the emptiness of Cho’s room seemed greatest, or when they woke up the next morning and the lack of his footsteps became evident. The mornings felt duller.

The silence was deafening.
Taehyung knew Jungkook was suffering quietly. Although he still managed to smile and show his love, he knew how attached the man had gotten with the child.

How desperately he had wanted the three of them to be a family. And just when that had started, it had come crashing down.
“Jungkook, baby? Do you want to go see Cho today?” Taehyung asked the following Sunday. It had only been a week but it had felt like years.

But before he could answer, a dull knocking came from the front door. Tae went to open it only to find Cho’s father & the little boy there.
Once inside, Cho ran to where Jungkook was sitting, hopping on to his lap and smothering his face with kisses. Tae’s heart warmed up after seeing Jungkook’s familiar smile return genuinely for the first time since they’d dropped him off.

Cho’s father let out a sigh of defeat.
“I’m here to return your child back to you.” He said quietly, dropping the bag of Cho’s stuff on the ground.

Tae and Jungkook looked surprised.

“The truth is even though his mother and I may be his parents, you guys are his true guardians. He’s been miserable all week, he’s
barely eaten or slept. He refuses to go to school and he cried almost every night for his Dada and TaeTae. We don’t want to see him suffer anymore. He belongs with you.”

Cho got off of Jungkook and went to go hug Tae.

“TaeTae I’m back with you and Dada!”

#taekookau #taekook

And so the three of them quickly fell back into their routine. Cho’s parents came to see him every week and he returned back to school, happy and content.

Tae returned back to college and Jungkook was finally able to focus on work again. Although one thought kept creeping in
to his head. And as the days went on it only became more persistent, so much so he began to have trouble falling asleep.

He didn’t want to worry Tae, so he’d wait to hear the soft snores next to him before getting out of bed and going to his study to think.

Except one night.
“Jungkook? Are you okay?” Tae whispered, half asleep as he saw Jungkook’s dark silhouette begin to get off the bed.

“Yes babe, I’m just, I’m getting water.” He lied.

Taehyung sat up now, rubbing his eyes open then patting the spot next to him, inviting Jungkook to sit by him.
Jungkook let out a sigh. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hide it for long. He slid back into the bed until he was right next to Taehyung, opting to lean his head on the other’s shoulder.

“What are you thinking about?”

Jungkook isn’t even sure where to start.

“Tae, we’ve been
through a lot this past year.” He pauses, as he hears the low hum of agreement from Tae, and a soft hand coming up to caress his hair.

“We have.”
“And I’ve felt what it’s like to lose everything. First when you left, then when we had to drop Cho Gi off.”
“We’re past that now.”
Tae responded. “Neither of us are going anywhere.”

“I know, but still. The thought just scares me. So I’ve been thinking about making my dream of us three being an official family come true. A dream I’ve had since the first night I watched you telling Cho Gi his bedtime story.”
Tae was quiet now and his hand had stilled. He knew about this dream of Jungkook’s. It was one he’d heard the other talk about a lot.

“So...what are you thinking?”
“...Tae” Jungkook breathed out, his voice shaking, ever so slightly.
“You know I love you, right? More than any
words in the universe could ever describe.”

Taehyung nodded, smiling.

“And I love you just as much Kookie, if not more.”

“So then why don’t we make it official.”

Taehyung choked on his breath, “Y-you mean like...”

“Yeah. I mean marriage.”

Jungkook couldn’t see him but he
knew Tae was blushing, he felt the slight heat radiating off the other’s body, so he continued.

“I mean I want to marry you. And then I want us two to officially adopt Cho, like on paper. I know we’re a family already, but that would make me the happiest.”

Tae understood.
“Wait are you proposing to me right now?”

Jungkook got off his shoulder and hit Tae’s chest, “You think I’d propose to you panicked and sleepy in the middle of the night? No you’ll get an official proposal, when you least expect it, but I didn’t want to catch you off guard, so I
just wanted to give you a heads up.”

“So it’s not a question then?” Tae reached out to hold Jungkook’s hand, a slight lilt in his voice.

“You’re stuck with me for life, Kim.”

“Of course, there’s nothing I’d love more. But what about your father? What are people going to say?”
Jungkook pulled Tae into his arms, pulling him in for a hug.

“When have I ever cared what people think? I only care about you.”

Tae hugged him back, suddenly feeling shy.

“Hey, hey save the blushing groom agenda for the big day. I haven’t even asked you yet, loser.”

The two
laughed and continued to plan out what the next few months would look like, before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

That night was the most peaceful sleep they’d both had in their entire lives, excited for what lay ahead.

#taekookau #taekook

After much arguing and debate, Jungkook and Taehyung had come to the consensus that they’d have a small wedding, probably by the beach, and then treat themselves to a nice honeymoon. After all neither really had an extensive guest list and Jungkook surely didn’t want to invite
his co-workers. They’d use the money they’d save and put it towards funding an all-care facility foster home for children like Cho, who’s parents couldn’t afford to raise them but wanted them to grow up safe and healthy.

This had been Tae’s idea and Jungkook had loved it.
So with solid plans set for the actual wedding which would be in a month, and the ground was broken and construction had begun on the foster home, Jungkook knew he’d want to atleast spoil Taehyung with the actual proposal. Which hadn’t happened yet, by the way.

“Are you ever
going to ask me to marry you?” Tae would tease home each day.

“I’ll see.” Jungkook would joke back.
But the truth was he didn’t know what to do. Someone like Taehyung deserved the world and then some, so nothing seemed sufficient.

One day as Taehyung was finalizing the interior
decor and architecture plans for the foster home, Jungkook ran into his room in his long coat and sunglasses.

“Come on Taehyung, I have to show you something! Follow me.”
“Okay where are we going detective?” Tae smirked.
“Shut up! It’s fashion okay?” Jungkook whined.

relationship had become much more friendly and familiar. They no longer needed to prove anything and through little conversations like this they expressed their love and adoration for each other.

Taehyung grabbed his coat and held Jungkook’s hand, as the other led him to the car
They drove in silence for a while, Jungkook’s nervous foot tapping not going unnoticed by Taehyung. When they arrived in an empty airfield, Jungkook tugged Tae towards a single airplane in the center of the tarmac. It had the initials “JJK” on it.

“Wait...Jungkook...you have a
...private jet?” Tae mumbled.

“Oh yeah, my dad bought it for me when I was 16, I use it for business trips mostly. But anyways, come on, the pilot’s waiting.”

Taehyung knew not to question Jungkook, and that things like would be standard in his life now. He loved the thought of

“But where are we going?” Tae jogged to catch up to the other.

“You’ll see when we get there? Also don’t yell at me. Or get mad.”

“Why would I get mad?” Tae said.

But Jungkook just took off his shades and winked at him.

“I said, you’ll see.”

#taekookau #taekook
That’s when Tae knew.

As they took off, Jungkook kept looking everywhere but at Tae.

“Kookie, it’s been almost 2 years now and you still get shy around me. How is the rest of our lives going to go then?”

“Sorry sorry it’s just my resolve starts to weaken when I make eye
contact, because you’re so perfect and I’m so “bleh.” Know what I mean? Still don’t know why you agreed to marry me?”

“YOU HAVEN’T ASKED ME YET!” Tae shouted, trying to suppress a laugh.

Jungkook looked at his phone then finally nodded towards Tae, “Look outside.”

The sight
before him left him stunned. The plane had started its descent below the clouds and parallel to them were 4 hot air balloons, each with the words “Will” “You” “Marry” “Me?” written on their fabric.

Their baskets were filled with roses and flowers of every color, Tae admired the
sight as his mouth hung open. When the plane finally landed and so did the 4 hot air balloons, Jungkook took Tae’s hand and led him outside, where a picnic had been layed out on the hill they’d landed on.

It was all so meticulously planned, Tae couldn’t hold back his tears.
“So...what do you say?” Jungkook got down on one knee and held up a beautiful silver ring, with their initials engraved on it.

Tae just bent down next to him to hug him tightly. “Kookie, you didn’t have to do all this.”

“Hey you said you would get mad? I just wanted to spoil
you this once since you’ve spoiled Cho and I since your first day with us.”

“As if I would ever say anything else, of course I’ll marry you baby.”

They kissed & took their time, eating, enjoying the view of the city below them, when Jungkook said,

“We’ve done everything
backwards, you know? Like we had a kid first, then became friends, then fell in love.”

“And we already planned our entire wedding and honeymoon before you even proposed. Our own way.” Tae added.

They reached out to hold hands as they watched the sunset in front of them.
“I must have been a really good person in another life to be blessed by you.” Tae said quietly.

Jungkook nuzzled closer & held his /fiancé/ in his arms as the sky darkened and they lay on their backs to watch the twinkling stars above them, that held in them beautiful promises.

A few days later as they sat Cho Gi down to explain how they’d be getting married, the little boy looked at them with equal confusion and awe.

“But TaeTae is already my dad! Who’s Mary? I don’t want Mary.”

He pouted as they explained (with pictures of course), and soon
enough he was on board and so /so/ excited for the big day.


The night before the wedding as Tae and Jungkook sat in their individual rooms, as they weren’t supposed to see each other the day before, Jungkook sat reading the vows he had prepared. So far it was already two
pages long and he felt like he was just getting started.

He shook his head and grabbed the papers, heading towards Tae’s room.

“Jungkook?” Tae asked from behind the closed door once he heard the knocking. “What are you doing here baby? We can’t see each other!”

He heard
Jungkook sigh and then in a muffled voice say, “But I want to tell you something.”

“Fine,” Tae said, “How about I open the door a tiny bit and you face away from it and I face away from it but that way we can hear each other?”

And so they stood, back to back. It took every bit
of restraint to not just turn around and hold the other.

“Tae...” Jungkook began, shuffling the papers around in his hands. “I began writing the vows but I realized I don’t want to say them tomorrow in front of some stranger judge in a empty court room. These words are meant for
you, so can I read them to you now? Then write a more general one for tomorrow.”

Tae smiled to himself, reaching backwards until he felt Jungkook’s empty hand and intertwined their fingers. “Of course, baby.”

And so Jungkook began telling their story, starting from their very
first meeting. As he read the words aloud, Tae closed his eyes and remembered each and every memory vividly. How he thought he’d messed up the first day when he’d put nuts in the noodles, how Jungkook had dropped him home and he hadn’t needed to ride his bicycle since then.
He remembered the happy moments like when they’d planned the space themed birthday for Cho, how happy the three had seemed. He remembered the sad moments when he’d felt insecure or when they’d thought they would lose Cho forever.

He didn’t know he’d started crying until Jungkook
stopped talking and squeezed his hands.

“How was it? Did you like them?”
“I-I loved them.” Tae managed through his tears.
“Ah don’t cry baby, tomorrow’s supposed to be the best day of our lives. I wish I could just turn around and hold you.”

Tae let go of his hands and tapped
Jungkook on the shoulder until he turned too.

“Your hair? It’s mint colo-“ Jungkook gasped, interrupted by Tae’s arms holding him close.

“Every day we spend together is the best day of our lives, and I love you so so much.”

He rested his head on Jungkook’s chest.

rubbed his back, chuckling.

“What happened to not seeing each other the night before?”

Tae looked up at Jungkook’s face before dropping a quick kiss on his lips, with a soft pout of his own.

“Since when have we ever followed the rules or done things the right way?”

nodded before pulling Tae back to admire his new dye job, to say he got weak every time Tae changed his usually dark hair to anything else would be an understatement.

“You look gorgeous baby.”

Tae laughed and started pushing him out the door again, “Okay, okay that’s enough if
you stay here longer and make me cry again, my face will be all puffy tomorrow. I need to look by best. Good night future husband!”


And the next morning they’d go on to become official husbands in a sweet ceremony followed by a small reception at the house. In between looking
after guests, the two would steal shy glances towards each other, the idea of being husbands not quite hitting them just yet.

But if they could read each other’s minds they’d hear the same question over an over, ‘how did I get so lucky?’


As they lay together one morning of
their honeymoon, Tae drawing lazy circles with his fingers on Jungkook’s bare chest, the other started speaking.

“Mm” Tae hummed. These days a permanent smile was always on his face.
“You made my dream of having a family come true. And now I want to help make yours come
true. I want to offer you a Chair position on my company’s board, you’d be in charge of our architectural business unit, it’s been in the works for a while and now you can head it!”

Tae sat up, immediately.

“Babe, you know I appreciate that. But you also know that’s not my
dream. I told you the very first day that I would be happiest if I started at the bottom and worked and earned my way to the top. Easy success is not worth having.”

Jungkook sat up too, but Tae didn’t miss the slight pout on his face. He didn’t want to seem ungrateful for the
offer, so he decided to compromise.

“How about this? You just help me secure an interview for an entry level position at your company and then with my amazing brain and hard work I’ll make it to that Chair position by myself in no time?”

Jungkook’s smile returned as he nodded
enthusiastically, “I can do that! But wait does this mean we’ll be sneaking around the office, stealing kisses and giving each other little notes throughout the day?”

“Ahh Kookie! You’re such a sap.” Tae laughed as he reached forward and grabbed the back of Jungkook’s head
bringing it forward for a passionate kiss.


And so that’s exactly what happened, Tae interviewed for a position at Jungkook’s company and got it. As for Cho, he got to see his parents once a week and the weekends the three of them would spend volunteering at the foster home
Jungkook and Tae had gotten set up.

And every single night, just as they had the first day, the three would snuggle on Cho’s bed as Tae would tell them a bedtime story, like this one. And they lived happily ever after, the end.

Cho clapped his hands with joy as Tae finished up
“Wow TaeTae, is that really the whole story of how you and Dada met?”

Taehyung just nodded, smiling at the boy.

“Then that’s my favorite story ever!” He said, reaching out to hug Tae with one arm and Jungkook with the other.

The two looked at each other with pure happiness.
“It’s my favorite story too.” Jungkook laughed, winking at Tae.

After Cho had gone to bed, Tae and Jungkook were back in their room sipping their customary bed time tea. Jungkook said, “I can’t believe you remember it all.”

Tae leaned over to drop a kiss on his husband’s
cheek. “Of course how could I forget the best thing to happen to me.”

Jungkook turned around so they were facing each other, “Okay now tell me the whole thing, including the /parts/ you left out.” He smirked, as Tae’s face got red.

“Ahh! We’re parents now, stop this!”
And they
laughed and laughed, before eventually falling asleep together.

There was no way Jungkook would have known his ad for a housekeeper would land him an angel of a husband.

But then again, love works in mysterious ways.

-the end

#taekookau #taekook
[a/n]: ty for reading & interacting if you did! 🥺💘 I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. A special thanks to those who sent me ideas, suggestions, and feedback throughout. Love you all ♥️😊 you can check out more in my pinned!

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