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This made me tear up. The disabled corner of the #KHive went through an emotional rollercoaster today. People on the left and right told us how to feel. Then Kamala told us it was ok to be hurt, and that she was sorry. She exceeded expectations, she restored and validated faith.
Holding your breath to see if someone walks the walk as well as talking the talk is a horrible feeling. Especially when people try to invalidate you or use you as pawns. I couldn't be more proud of her right now. She was Presidential. The contrast between her and others is clear
Holding someone to high standards isn't an attack, it's a byproduct of believing they are the best candidate for the job of leader of the free world. It's part of believing they are a good and decent person, who doesn't want to harm others, even accidentally or unintentionally.
Using disabled people as a pawn to prove a point, or using whattaboutism to silence their feelings is unhelpful. Don't think we don't notice when you only use us as a weapon against others. Don't think we don't notice when you only care about us in theory.
We don't need your pity or your manufactured outrage. We need what Kamala gave us - a clear message, an apology for the unintended hurt, reassurance and a vision for the future in her plans. Just my personal opinion, but that's what Twitter's about, right? #CripTheVote
p.s. The amazing thing is that, really, I came away from today feeling MORE confident in Kamala's commitment to the disabled community. I feel reassured. I feel like she gave us a virtual hug and made it better. It was healing. I am in awe and inspired.
Citing My Sources: my first reaction (she did this)
Me saying it wasn't enough to just clarify to reporters (she went further)
She did two out of three of these things within half an hour of my tweet
And the non-negotiable points in this one
About this time I started getting whattaboutism attacks
And of course, being told that criticising anyone is playing into the hands of 45
Oh, and the personal attacks from people who went looking through my profile
And of course, there were people who pointed out that other people get away with worse things without addressing them
But this is what matters - firstly, her response to @VaughnHillyard
If I'm honest, I'm almost hoping someone tries to bring this up to use against her, because I'd put this up as an example of how to make things right, and I haven't seen anyone else in the 2020 field do this well in a comparable situation.
Obviously, I could be accused of bias - I want to believe the best of someone I support. We live in a cynical world, and we are jaded, especially when it comes to politicians. We've been hurt, we've watched the world change. We are scared to hope. We're scared to believe.
But some people are worth believing in. Some people earn the benefit of the doubt. Some people have excellent proven track records and plans and proposals which earn them that trust. Kamala has my trust for these reasons. I believe in her.
Still, I was ready to call her out, and take the heat. If I'd been behind another candidate, it might have been days or weeks, or forever. It was less than an hour. This is the person who can resurrect the Obama coalition. This is the next Leader of the Free World.
We don't need to win anyone. We need a Nominee who people will run through walls for. Register to vote for. Stand in the rain for. Give everything to. Because she rewards that faith, and gives us permission to hope again. It's been too damn long since I've believed like this.
@adamslily Final point - yes Kamala has a dedicated team of disability advisors and excellent staff who could presumably manage any crisis the race or Russian bots could throw at them. (Seriously, I am in awe of @IanSams and @adamslily ) but every candidate has access to good advice...
... The thing is, you can tell when a candidate has had to have the "right" answer drilled into them, or are avoiding the question. Kamala took it head on, because she already knew it. She rectified it in a Presidential way. She is a leader, and she's building a coalition...
Anyway, on a lighter note, I'm going to go daydream about 8 years in the White House, a few years travelling the world with @douglasemhoff and maybe doing a recipe book (because wow @mayaharris_ has me sold on that), and then SCOTUS (there's a precedent, just sayin') [FIN]
NB This should have been we don't need to win anyone 'back'.
@douglasemhoff @mayaharris_ Wait, I'm sorry, I got that mixed up. @meenaharris sold me on the idea of a whole show of Kamala cooking, @mayaharris_ sold me on the leader of the free world part. Shouldn't be tweeting about disability theory and political analysis while dyslexic at 4am, but she's worth it!
@douglasemhoff @mayaharris_ @meenaharris I got some sleep, and had more thoughts. Mostly about how, really, the next POTUS needs to be someone who can heal like this. 45 has left marks on so many communities, unstitched wounds which hadn't healed, undone or undermined progress, and created new problems.
Fixing what 45 did and turning the page is a huge task. It requires someone who will embrace us when we're worried or scared, who will say sorry even if they didn't do anything wrong, who will shoulder those burdens for us and fight for us. Who will be our joyful warrior leader.
Shouldering all of those responsibilities, listening and making it right (instead of getting defensive), responding promptly and thoughtfully is exactly what we need. There are many reasons why my head was with Kamala, but I admit I was scared to really believe.
When your heart has been broken, learning to trust again is hard. I think we all have a little 2016 PTSD. Because yes, it was traumatic. But I'm not scared to believe anymore. This shows you what a President Harris looks like. Someone who listens, hears and acts. Who sees us all.
Healing the scars and fixing the mess 45 made is a huge task, but Kamala is capable of it, and I will admit, this head voter's heart is in her hands now, because I know she'll look after it.
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